Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.162, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Environmental risk index: A tool to assess the safety of dams for leachate
Mendoza FJC, Izquierdo AG
10 - 16 Effects of operational conditions on sludge degradation and organic acids formation in low-critical wet air oxidation
Chung J, Lee M, Ahn J, Bae W, Lee YW, Shim H
17 - 22 Effects of dissolved low molecular weight organic acids on oxidation of ferrous iron by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Ren WX, Li PJ, Zheng L, Fan SX, Verhozina VA
23 - 28 Adsorption, desorption and condensation of nitrobenzene solution from active carbon: A comparison of two cyclodextrins and two surfactants
Chen M, Cui L, Li CH, Diao GW
29 - 43 Development of environmental consequence index (ECI) using fuzzy composite programming
Arunraj NS, Maiti J
44 - 49 Study on solid phase extraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of nickel, silver, cobalt, copper, cadmium and lead with MCI GEL CHP 20Y as sorbent
Yang GY, Fen WB, Lei C, Xiao WL, Sun HD
50 - 56 Isolation and characterization of the heavy metal resistant bacteria CCNWRS33-2 isolated from root nodule of Lespedeza cuneata in gold mine tailings in China
Wei GH, Fan LM, Zhu WF, Fu YY, Yu JF, Tang M
57 - 65 Assessing the airborne titanium dioxide nanoparticle-related exposure hazard at workplace
Liao CM, Chiang YH, Chio CP
66 - 73 Effect of nonionic surfactants on biodegradation of phenanthrene by a marine bacteria of Neptunomonas naphthovorans
Li JL, Chen BH
74 - 79 Biodegradation of cyanide containing effluents by Scenedesmus oblipus
Gurbuz F, Ciftci H, Akcil A
80 - 91 Long-term leaching from MSWI air-pollution-control residues: Leaching characterization and modeling
Hyks J, Astrup T, Christensen TH
92 - 98 Adsorption of phosphorus on sediments from the Three-Gorges Reservoir (China) and the relation with sediment compositions
Wang Y, Shen ZY, Niu JF, Liu RM
99 - 102 Experimental determination of equilibrium constant for the complexing reaction of nitric oxide with hexamminecobalt(II) in aqueous solution
Mao YP, Chen H, Long XL, Xiao WD, Li W, Yuan WK
103 - 110 A seasonality study of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in ambient air in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) clustered with metallurgical industries
Wang JB, Chang-Chien GP, Lin WY, Yeh JH, Hung CH
111 - 119 Photodecomposition of dyes on Fe-C-TiO2 photocatalysts under UV radiation supported by photo-Fenton process
Tryba B, Piszcz M, Grzmil B, Pattek-Janczyk A, Morawski AW
120 - 132 Decolorization and COD reduction of UASB pretreated poultry manure wastewater by electrocoagulation process: A post-treatment study
Yetilmezsoy K, Ilhan F, Sapci-Zengin Z, Sakar S, Gonullu MT
133 - 139 Adsorption of anionic dyes on ammonium-functionalized MCM-41
Qin QD, Ma J, Liu K
140 - 145 Evaluation of disinfection by-products formation during chlorination and chloramination of dissolved natural organic matter fractions isolated from a filtered river water
Lu JF, Zhang T, Ma J, Chen ZL
146 - 153 Natural and artificial radioactivity measurements in Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey
Celik N, Cevik U, Celik A, Koz B
154 - 160 Modeling electrowinning process in an expanded bed electrode
Thilakavathi R, Balasubramanian N, Basha CA
161 - 173 SEM/EDS and XRD characterization of raw and washed MSWI fly ash sintered at different temperatures
Liu YS, Zheng LT, Li XD, Xie SD
174 - 179 Characteristic of a novel composite inorganic polymer coagulant-PFAC prepared by hydrochloric pickle liquor
Lan W, Qiu HQ, Zhang J, Yu YJ, Yang KL, Liu ZZ, Ding GJ
180 - 185 Removal of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans by three coagulants in simulated coagulation processes for drinking water treatment
Li XM, Peng PA, Zhang SK, Man R, Sheng GY, Fu JM
186 - 192 Emission characteristics of volatile compounds during sludges drying process
Deng WY, Yan JH, Li XD, Wang F, Zhu XW, Lu SY, Cen KF
193 - 203 Computational studies on nitratoethylnitramine (NENA), its tautomers and charged forms
Turker L, Atalar T
204 - 211 Adsorption of As(V) on surfactant-modified natural zeolites
Chutia P, Kato S, Kojima T, Satokawa S
212 - 221 Permeability optimization and performance evaluation of hot aerosol filters made using foam incorporated alumina suspension
Innocentini MDM, Rodrigues VP, Romano RCO, Pileggi RG, Silva GMC, Coury JR
222 - 229 Directed site exploration for permeable reactive barrier design
Lee J, Graettinger AJ, Moylan J, Reeves HW
230 - 236 A statistical experiment design approach for advanced oxidation of Direct Red azo-dye by photo-Fenton treatment
Ay F, Catalkaya EC, Kargi F
237 - 248 Analyzing a liquid-solid phase countercurrent two- and three-stage adsorption process with the Freundlich equation
Tsenga RL, Wu FC
249 - 253 Determination of decabromodiphenyl ether in backcoated textile preparation
Ghanem R, Baker H
254 - 263 Chlorobenzene, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride adsorption on undoped and metal-doped sol-gel substrates NO2, Ag/SiO2, Cu/SiO2 and Fe/SiO2)
Hernandez MA, Gonzalez AL, Corona L, Hernandez F, Rojas F, Asornoza M, Solis S, Portillo R, Salgado MA
264 - 269 Impact of nocturnal planetary boundary layer on urban air pollutants: Measurements from a 250-m tower over Tianjin, China
Han SQ, Bian H, Tie XX, Xie YY, Sun ML, Liu AX
270 - 280 Pecan nutshell as biosorbent to remove Cu(II), Mn(II) and Pb(II) from aqueous solutions
Vaghetti JCP, Lima EC, Royer B, da Cunha BM, Cardoso NF, Brasil JL, Dias SLP
281 - 291 Kinetics of the degradation of sulfur mustard on ambient and moist concrete
Brevett CAS, Sumpter KB, Nickol RG
292 - 299 Simultaneous preconcentration of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Cd(II) from environmental samples on Amberlite XAD-2000 column and determination by FAAS
Duran C, Senturk HB, Elci L, Soylak M, Tufekci M
300 - 304 Effect of Aeolosoma hemprichi on excess activated sludge reduction
Song BY, Chen XF
305 - 311 A novel agricultural waste adsorbent for the removal of cationic dye from aqueous solutions
Hameed BH, Krishni RR, Sata SA
312 - 320 Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions using pre-consumer processing agricultural waste: A case study of rice husk
Bansal M, Garg U, Singh D, Garg VK
321 - 327 Stabilization treatment of soft subgrade soil by sewage sludge ash and cement
Chen L, Lin DF
328 - 332 Estimation of the biodegradation rate of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin by using dioxin-degrading fungus, Pseudallescheria boydii
Ishii K, Furuichi T, Tanikawa N, Kuboshima M
333 - 337 Efficient preconcentration and determination of traces of aluminum ion using silica-bonded glycerol sorbent
Safavi A, Momeni S, Saghir N
338 - 343 Melting of municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash by waste-derived thermite reaction
Wang KS, Lin KL, Lee CH
344 - 350 Removal of cationic dye from aqueous solution using jackfruit peel as non-conventional low-cost adsorbent
Hameed BH
351 - 355 Adsorption and aggregation of Fe(III)-hydroxy complexes during the photodegradation of phenol using the iron-added-TiO2 combined system
Nahar MS, Hasegawa K, Kagaya S, Kuroda S
356 - 364 Leaching of the fine fraction of the argon oxygen decarburization with lance (AOD-L) sludge for the preferential removal of iron
Majuste D, Mansur MB
365 - 372 Chromium(VI) removal from aqueous system using Helianthus annuus (sunflower) stem waste
Jain M, Garg VK, Kadirvelu K
373 - 377 Separation and preconcentration of cadmium ions using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by methyltrioctylammonium chloride
Shabani AMH, Dadfarnia S, Motavaseliana F, Ahmadi SH
378 - 385 Adsorption of Supranol Yellow 4 GL from aqueous solution by surfactant-treated aluminum/chromium-intercalated bentonite
Bouberka Z, Khenifi A, Mahamed HA, Haddou B, Belkaid N, Bettahar N, Derriche Z
386 - 390 Treatment of water-based printing ink wastewater by Fenton process combined with coagulation
Ma XJ, Xia HL
391 - 401 Competitive adsorption of copper(II), cadmium(II), lead(II) and zinc(II) onto basic oxygen furnace slag
Xue YJ, Hou HB, Zhu SJ
402 - 409 Biological activity during co-composting of sludge issued from the OMW evaporation ponds with poultry manure-Physico-chemical characterization of the processed organic matter
Hachicha S, Sellami F, Cegarra J, Hachicha R, Drira N, Medhioub K, Ammar E
410 - 415 Oily water treatment using a new steady-state fiber-bed coalescer
Sokolovic RS, Sokolovic S, Sevic S
416 - 422 Human health risk screening due to consumption of fish contaminated with chemical warfare agents in the Baltic Sea
Sanderson H, Fauser P, Thomsen M, Sorensen PB
423 - 429 Selective elimination of lead(II) ions by alginate/polyurethane composite foams
Sone H, Fugetsu B, Tanaka S
430 - 439 Vermiremediation and nutrient recovery of non-recyclable paper waste employing Eisenia fetida
Gupta R, Garg VK
440 - 447 Arsenic adsorption from aqueous solution on synthetic zeolites
Chutia P, Kato S, Kojima T, Satokawa S
448 - 454 Combined electrocoagulation and TiO2 photoassisted treatment applied to wastewater effluents from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
Boroski M, Rodrigues AC, Garcia JC, Sampaio LC, Nozaki J, Hioka N
455 - 462 Electrochemical degradation of phenol using electrodes of Ti/RuO2-Pt and Ti/IrO2-Pt
Li M, Feng CP, Hu WW, Zhang ZY, Sugiura N
463 - 468 Studies on the sources of benzo[a]pyrene in grain and aboveground tissues of rice plants
Li PJ, Li XJ, Stagnitti F, Zhang HR, Lin X, Zang SY, Zhuo JC, Xiong XZ
469 - 475 Chemical and physical properties of plasma slags containing various amorphous volume fractions
Kuo YM, Wang CT, Tsai CH, Wang LC
476 - 481 Batch growth kinetics of an indigenous mixed microbial culture utilizing m-cresol as the sole carbon source
Saravanan P, Pakshirajan K, Saha P
482 - 489 Biosorption of phenol and o-chlorophenol from aqueous solutions on to chitosan-calcium alginate blended beads
Nadavala SK, Swayampakula K, Boddu VM, Abburi K
490 - 497 Electrokinetic remediation of wood preservative contaminated soil containing copper, chromium, and arsenic
Buchireddy PR, Bricka RM, Gent DB
498 - 502 Effect of soda ash industry effluent on agarophytes, alginophytes and carrageenophyte of west coast of India
Jadeja RN, Tewari A
503 - 511 Chitosan selectivity for removing cadmium (II), copper (II), and lead (II) from aqueous phase: pH and organic matter effect
Rangel-Mendez JR, Monroy-Zepeda R, Leyva-Ramos E, Diaz-Flores PE, Shirai K
512 - 520 Novel approach to zinc removal from circum-neutral mine waters using pelletised recovered hydrous ferric oxide
Mayes WM, Potter HAB, Jarvis AP
521 - 529 Atmospheric dry deposition of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the vicinity of municipal solid waste incinerators
Wu YL, Lin LF, Hsieh LT, Wang LC, Chang-Chien GP
530 - 535 Experimental and numerical investigations of effect of column length on retardation factor determination: A case study of cesium transport in crushed granite
Li MH, Wang TH, Teng SP
536 - 538 BBQ charcoal as an important source of mercury emission
Pandey SK, Kim KH, Kang CH, Jung MC, Yoon H
539 - 539 Comment on "Thermodynamics and kinetics of adsorption of Cu(II) onto waste iron oxide"