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1263 - 1270 Adsorption of zinc on natural sediment of Tafna River (Algeria)
Dali-Youcef N, Ouddane B, Derriche Z
1271 - 1276 The application and properties of composite sorbents of inorganic ion exchangers and polyacrylonitrile binding matrix
Nilchi A, Khanchi A, Atashi H, Bagheri A, Nematollahi L
1277 - 1283 Distribution of extractable fractions of heavy metals in sludge during the wastewater treatment process
Wang C, Li XC, Ma HT, Qian J, Zhai JB
1284 - 1292 Antimony leaching from uncarbonated and carbonated MSWI bottom ash
Cornelis G, Van Gerven T, Vandecasteele C
1293 - 1302 Experimental study of thin-layer boilover in large-scale pool fires
Ferrero F, Munoz M, Kozanoglu B, Casal J, Arnaldos J
1303 - 1308 Detonation temperature of high explosives from structural parameters
Keshavarz MH
1309 - 1320 Safety and reliability analysis in a polyvinyl chloride batch process using dynamic simulator-case study: Loss of containment incident
Rizal D, Tani S, Nishiyama K, Suzuki K
1321 - 1327 Using liquid superheating energy for a quick estimation of overpressure in BLEVEs and similar explosions
Casal J, Salla JM
1328 - 1332 Velocity of detonation at any initial density without using heat of formation of explosives
Keshavarz MH, Mofrad RT, Alamdari RF, Moghadas MH, Mostofizadeh AR, Sadeghi H
1333 - 1344 Quantum chemical study on 5-nitro-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazol-3-one (NTO) and some of its constitutional isomers
Turker L, Atalar T
1345 - 1351 Decomposition of some polynitro arenes initiated by heat and shock -Part II: Several N-(2,4,6-trinitrophenyl)-substituted amino derivatives
Varga R, Zeman S, Kouba M
1352 - 1356 The effect of different propolis harvest methods on its lead contents determined by ET AAS and UV-visS
Sales A, Alvarez A, Areal MR, Maldonado L, Marchisio P, Rodriguez M, Bedascarrasbure E
1357 - 1361 An on-line pre-concentration system for determination of cadmium in drinking water using FAAS
dos Santos WNL, Costa JLO, Araujo RGO, de Jesus DS, Costa ACS
1362 - 1370 Exploring the interparticle electron transfer process in the photocatalytic oxidation of 4-chlorophenol
Ou HH, Lo SL, Wu CH
1371 - 1376 Solar assisted photocatalytic and photochemical degradation of Reactive Black 5
Muruganandham M, Sobana N, Swaminathan M
1377 - 1384 Column study on Cr(VI)-reduction using the brown seaweed Ecklonia biomass
Park D, Yun YS, Lee DS, Lim SR, Park JM
1385 - 1394 In situ distributions and characteristics of heavy metals in full-scale landfill layers
He PJ, Xiao Z, Shao LM, Yu JY, Lee DJ
1395 - 1401 Measurement of 2,4-toluene diisocyanate concentrations by different samplers
Tsai CJ, Lin HC, Shih TS, Chang KC, Hung IF, Deshpande CG
1402 - 1409 Removal of ammonium from aqueous solutions with volcanic tuff
Maranon E, Ulmanu M, Fernandez Y, Anger I, Castrillon L
1410 - 1416 Preparation and application of organo-modified zeolitic material in the removal of chromates and iodides
Warchol J, Misaelides P, Petrus R, Zamboulis D
1417 - 1423 Uptake, metabolism, and toxicity of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in weeping willows
Yu XZ, Gu JD
1424 - 1429 Mechanism of the enhanced degradation of pentachlorophenol by ultrasound in the presence of elemental iron
Dai YZ, Li FF, Ge F, Zhu F, Wu LY, Yang XZ
1430 - 1437 Copper(II)-EDTA sorption onto chitosan and its regeneration applying electrolysis
Gyliene O, Nivinskiene O, Razmute I
1438 - 1452 Formation of metal agglomerates during carbonisation of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood waste: Comparison between a lab scale and an industrial plant
Helsen L, Hacala A
1453 - 1457 Effects of operating parameters on sonochemical decomposition of phenol
Kidak R, Ince NH
1458 - 1465 A kinetic study of chelant-assisted remediation of contaminated dredged sediment
Polettini A, Pomi R, Rolle E, Ceremigna D, De Propris L, Gabellini M, Tornato A
1466 - 1478 Assessment of the multi-scale leaching behaviour of compacted coal fly ash
Tiruta-Barna L, Rakotoarisoa Z, Mehu J
1479 - 1487 Adsorption dynamics of chlorinated hydrocarbons from multi-component aqueous solution onto activated carbon
Pelech R, Milchert E, Wrobel R
1488 - 1495 Anaerobic biogranulation in a hybrid reactor treating phenolic waste
Ramakrishnan A, Gupta SK
1496 - 1501 Diaion SP-850 resin as a new solid phase extractor for preconcentration-separation of trace metal ions in environmental samples
Soylak M, Tuzen M
1502 - 1513 Apply appropriate statistic methods in analyzing ambient air particulate and metallic elements concentrations at a traffic sampling site
Fang GC, Wen CC, Lee WJ
1514 - 1522 Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in transformer oils from Korea
Shin SK, Kim TS
1523 - 1531 Trials of bioremediation on a beach affected by the heavy oil spill of the Prestige
Fernandez-Alvarez P, Vila J, Garrido-Fernandez JM, Grifoll M, Lema JM
1532 - 1537 Electrochemical treatment of anionic surfactants in synthetic wastewater with three-dimensional electrodes
Kong WP, Wang B, Ma HZ, Gu L
1538 - 1544 Linear and non-linear regression analysis for the sorption kinetics of methylene blue onto activated carbon
Kumar KV
1545 - 1553 Removal and recovery of metal ions from acid mine drainage using lignite - A low cost sorbent
Mohan D, Chander S
1554 - 1559 Surface ozone measurements at urban coastal site Chennai, in India
Pulikesi M, Baskaralingam P, Rayudu VN, Elango D, Ramamurthi V, Sivanesan S
1560 - 1568 Kinetics of the removal of mono-chlorobenzene vapour from waste gases using a trickle bed air biofilter
Mathur AK, Sundaramurthy J, Balomajumder C
1569 - 1576 Biosorption of copper and lead ions by waste beer yeast
Han RP, Li HK, Li YH, Zhang JH, Xiao HJ, Shi J
1577 - 1582 Evaluation of the influences of solution path length and additives concentrations on the solar photo-Fenton degradation of 4-chlorophenol using multivariate analysis
Trovo AG, Paterlini WC, Nogueira RFP
1583 - 1588 Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in an aged coal-tar-contaminated soil using different in-vessel composting approaches
Antizar-Ladislao B, Lopez-Real J, Beck AJ
1589 - 1599 Hazardous jarosite use in developing non-hazardous product for engineering application
Asokan P, Saxena M, Asolekar SR
1600 - 1607 Photooxidative N-de-ethylation of anionic triarylmethane dye (sulfan blue) in titanium dioxide dispersions under UV irradiation
Chen CC, Lu CS, Mai FD, Weng CS
1608 - 1617 Efficiency of fly ash belite cement and zeolite matrices for immobilizing cesium
Goni S, Guerrero A, Lorenzo MP
1618 - 1623 Heavy metals removal from automobile shredder residues (ASR)
Kurose K, Okuda T, Nishijima W, Okada M
1624 - 1630 Characterization of the phosphate adsorption and morphology of sediment particles under simulative disturbing conditions
Li T, Wang DS, Zhang B, Liu HJ, Tang HX
1631 - 1635 Spectrofluorimetric determination of tin in canned foods
Manzoori JL, Amjadi M, Abolhasani D
1636 - 1642 Experimental research on heavy metal wastewater treatment with dipropyl dithiophosphate
Ying X, Fang Z
1643 - 1648 Hydrothermal decomposition of yeast cells for production of proteins and amino acids
Lamoolphak W, Goto M, Sasaki M, Suphantharika M, Wangnapoh C, Prommuag C, Shotipruk A
1649 - 1655 Batch desorption studies and multiple sorption-regeneration cycles in a fixed-bed column for Cd(II) elimination by protonated Sargassum muticum
Lodeiro P, Herrero R, de Vicente MES
1656 - 1663 Stabilization/solidification of hazardous and radioactive wastes with alkali-activated cements
Shi CJ, Fernandez-Jimenez A
1664 - 1673 Ozonation of textile effluents and dye solutions under continuous operation: Influence of operating parameters
Soares OSGP, Orfao JJM, Portela D, Vieira A, Pereira MFR
1674 - 1680 Pb(II) biosorption using anaerobically digested sludge
Tokcaer E, Yetis U
1681 - 1688 Study of the aerobic biodegradation of coke wastewater in a two and three-step activated sludge process
Vazquez I, Rodriguez J, Maranon E, Castrillon L, Fernandez Y
1689 - 1697 Biosorption of Reactive Blue 4 dye by native and treated fungus Phanerocheate chrysosporium: Batch and continuous flow system studies
Bayramoglu G, Celik G, Arica MY
1698 - 1703 Partitioning behavior of trace elements during pilot-scale fluidized bed combustion of high ash content lignite
Selcuk N, Gogebakan Y, Gogebakan Z
1704 - 1709 Recovery of copper from printed circuit boards scraps by mechanical processing and electrometallurgy
Veit HM, Bernardes AM, Ferreira JZ, Tenorio JAS, Malfatti CD
1710 - 1718 The influence of EDTA application on the interactions of cadmium, zinc, and lead and their uptake of rainbow pink (Dianthus chinensis)
Lai HY, Chen ZS
1719 - 1728 Kinetics of adsorption of dyes from aqueous solution using activated carbon prepared from waste apricot
Onal Y
1729 - 1741 Decolourization of azo dyes using magnesium-palladium system
Patel R, Suresh S
1742 - 1749 Physical and environmental properties of asphalt mixtures containing incinerator bottom ash
Huang CM, Chiu CT, Li KC, Yang WF
1750 - 1757 Effect of mycorrhizal fungi on the phytoextraction of weathered p,p-DDE by Cucurbita pepo
White JC, Ross DW, Gent MPN, Eitzer BD, Mattina MI
1758 - 1764 Stabilization/solidification of lead-contaminated soil using cement and rice husk ash
Yin CY, Bin Mahmud H, Shaaban MG
1765 - 1772 Heavy metal sorption by calcium alginate beads from Laminaria digitata
Papageorgiou SK, Katsaros FK, Kouvelos EP, Nolan JW, Le Deit H, Kanellopoulos NK
1773 - 1780 Simultaneous removal of phenol, ammonium and thiocyanate from coke wastewater by aerobic biodegradation
Vazquez I, Rodriguez J, Maranon E, Castrillon L, Fernandez Y
1781 - 1787 Mechanism for sludge acidification in aerobic treatment of coking wastewater
Chao YM, Tseng IC, Chang JS
1788 - 1795 The use of artificial neural networks (ANN) for modeling of decolorization of textile dye solution containing C. I. Basic Yellow 28 by electrocoagulation process
Daneshvar N, Khataee AR, Djafarzadeh N
1796 - 1802 Kinetic studies of copper ion adsorption on palm kernel fibre
Ho YS, Ofomaja AE
1803 - 1809 Comparison of treatment potential of electrocoagulation of distillery effluent with and without activated Areca catechu nut carbon
Kannan N, Karthikeyan G, Tamilselvan N
1810 - 1816 Feasibility study of using brick made from municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash slag
Lin KL
1817 - 1830 Comparisons of levels of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/dibenzofurans in the surrounding environment and workplace of two municipal solid waste incinerators
Shih SI, Wang YF, Chang JE, Jang JS, Kuo FL, Wang LC, Chang-Chien GP
1831 - 1837 Use of biosurfactant to remediate phenanthrene-contaminated soil by the combined solubilization-biodegradation process
Shin KH, Kim KW, Ahn Y
1838 - 1847 Effects of Fe-doping on the photocatalytic activity of mesoporous TiO2 powders prepared by an ultrasonic method
Zhou MH, Yu JG, Cheng B
1848 - 1852 Method for preparation of fine TATB (2-5 mu m) and its evaluation in plastic bonded explosive (PBX) formulations
Talawar MB, Agarwal AP, Anniyappan A, Gore GM, Asthana SN, Venugopalan S
1853 - 1858 Electrochemical catalytic treatment of wastewater by metal ion supported on cation exchange resin
Wang Y, Wang B, Ma HZ
1859 - 1865 Ozone direct oxidation kinetics of Cationic Red X-GRL in aqueous solution
Zhao WR, Wu ZB, Wang DH
1866 - 1869 Competitive immobilization of multiple component chlorinated solvents by cyclodextrin derivatives
Yang JS, Baek K, Kwon TS, Yang JW
1870 - 1874 Wet electrolytic oxidation of cationic red X-GRL
Dai QZ, Zhou MH, Lei LC