Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.137, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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649 - 653 Distribution of vanadium(V) species between soil and plants in the vicinity of vanadium mine
Panichev N, Mandiwana K, Moema D, Molatlhegi R, Ngobeni P
654 - 665 CFD analysis of gas explosions vented through relief pipes
Ferrara G, Di Benedetto A, Salzano E, Russo G
666 - 671 Auto-ignition and upper explosion limit of rich propane-air mixtures at elevated pressures
Norman F, Van Den Schoor F, Verplaetsen F
672 - 680 Synthesis, characterization and thermolysis studies on triazole and tetrazole based high nitrogen content high energy materials
Sivabalan R, Anniyappan M, Pawar SJ, Talawar MB, Gore GM, Venugopalan S, Gandhe BR
681 - 691 Barrier and operational risk analysis of hydrocarbon releases (BORA-Release) Part I. Method description
Aven T, Sklet S, Vinnem JE
692 - 708 Barrier and operational risk analysis of hydrocarbon releases (BORA-Release) Part II: Results from a case study
Sklet S, Vinnem JE, Aven T
709 - 715 Permeation of a straight oil metalworking fluid through a disposable and a chemically protective nitrile glove
Xu WH, Hee SSQ
716 - 722 Arsenic inhibits induction of cytochrome P450 1A1 by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in human hepatoma cells
Chao HR, Tsou TC, Li LA, Tsai FY, Wang YF, Tsai CH, Chang EE, Miao ZF, Wu CH, Lee WJ
723 - 733 An aggregate fuzzy hazardous index for composite wastes
Musee N, Lorenzen L, Aldrich C
734 - 741 Characteristic overpressure-impulse-distance curves for vapour cloud explosions using the TNO multi-energy model
Alonso FD, Ferradas EG, Perez JFS, Aznar AM, Gimeno JR, Alonso JM
742 - 751 Particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and n-alkanes in recycled paper processing operations
Chalbot MC, Vei I, Lykoudis S, Kavouras IG
752 - 761 An investigation of the consequences of primary dust explosions in interconnected vessels
Kosinski P, Hoffmann AC
762 - 811 Activated carbons and low cost adsorbents for remediation of tri- and hexavalent chromium from water
Mohan D, Pittman CU
812 - 819 Synthesis, characterization and thermolysis of 1,1-diamino-2,2-dinitroethylene (FOX-7) and its salts
Anniyappan M, Talawar MB, Gore GM, Venugopalan S, Gandhe BR
820 - 826 In situ oil/water separation using hydrophobic-oleophilic fibrous wall: A lab-scale feasibility stud for aroundwater cleanup
Lim TT, Huang XF
827 - 835 Performance of TX-100 and TX-114 for the separation of chrysoidine dye using cloud point extraction
Purkait MK, DasGupta S, De S
836 - 841 Detoxification of chromium slag by chromate resistant bacteria
Quan XJ, Tan HQ, Zhao YC, Hu Y
842 - 848 Catalytic oxidation of anionic surfactants by electrochemical oxidation with CuO-Co2O3-PO43- modified kaolin
Gu L, Wang B, Ma HZ, Kong WP
849 - 855 The adsorption of Cd(II) ions on sulphuric acid-treated wheat bran
Ozer A, Pirincci HB
856 - 864 Oxidation of pesticides by in situ electrogenerated hydrogen peroxide: Study for the degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Badellino C, Rodrigues CA, Bertazzoli R
865 - 870 Enhanced malachite green removal from aqueous solution by citric acid modified rice straw
Gong RM, Jin YB, Chen FY, Chen J, Liu ZL
871 - 877 Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of remazol turquoise blue and toxicological assessment of its oxidation products
Osugi ME, Umbuzeiro GA, De Castro FJV, Zanoni MVB
878 - 885 Microwave remediation of soil contaminated with hexachlorobenzene
Yuan SH, Tian M, Lu XH
886 - 892 Use of EAF dust as heterogeneous catalyst in Fenton oxidation of PCP contaminated wastewaters
Mecozzi R, Di Palma L, Pilone D, Cerboni L
893 - 898 Dynamic determination of the concentration of volatile alcohols in a fixed bed of zeolite 13X by FT-IR
Wu CY, Chung TW, Yang TCK, Chen MT
899 - 908 Ni(II) removal from aqueous solutions using cone biomass of Thuja orientalis
Malkoc E
909 - 914 Removal of Cu(II) ions by activated poplar sawdust (Samsun Clone) from aqueous solutions
Acar FN, Eren Z
915 - 924 Kinetic and isotherm studies of cadmium adsorption on manganese nodule residue
Agrawal A, Sahu KK
925 - 933 Recovery of nickel and cobalt from organic acid complexes: Adsorption mechanisms of metal-organic complexes onto aminophosphonate chelating resin
Deepatana A, Valix M
934 - 942 Copper(II) and lead(II) removal from aqueous solution in fixed-bed columns by manganese oxide coated zeolite
Han RP, Zou WH, Li HK, Li YH, Shi J
943 - 946 Determination of trace nickel in water samples by cloud point extraction preconcentration coupled with graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
Sun ZM, Liang P, Ding Q, Cao J
947 - 951 Improved photocatalytic activity of zeolite- and silica-incorporated TiO2 film
Tanaka K, Fukuyoshi J, Segawa H, Yoshida K
952 - 958 Synthesis of nano titania particles embedded in mesoporous SBA-15: Characterization and photocatalytic activity
Yang J, Zhang J, Zhu LW, Chen SY, Zhang YM, Tang Y, Zhu YL, Li YW
959 - 964 Sono-sorption as a new method for the removal of lead ion from aqueous solution
Entezari MH, Bastami TR
965 - 971 Destruction of an industrial wastewater by supercritical water oxidation in a transpiring wall reactor
Bermejo MD, Cocero MJ
972 - 980 Investigation on the sonocatalytic degradation of parathion in the presence of nanometer rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalyst
Wang J, Ma T, Zhang ZH, Zhang XD, Jiang YF, Dong DB, Zhang P, Li Y
981 - 989 Thermal treatment of the fly ash from municipal solid waste incinerator with rotary kiln
Wey MY, Liu KY, Tsai TH, Chou JT
990 - 997 An investigation of heavy metal biosorption in relation to C/N ratio of activated sludge
Yuncu B, Sanin FD, Yetis U
998 - 1007 Electrochemical treatment of textile dyes and dyehouse effluents
Chatzisymeon E, Xekoukoulotakis NP, Coz A, Kalogerakis N, Mantzavinos D
1008 - 1015 Indicating the parameters of the state of degradation of municipal solid waste
Francois V, Feuillade G, Skhiri N, Lagier T, Matejka G
1016 - 1024 Photodegradation of orange I in the heterogeneous iron oxide-oxalate complex system under UVA irradiation
Lei J, Liu CS, Li FB, Li XM, Zhou SG, Liu TX, Gu MH, Wu QT
1025 - 1034 Degradation of chemical warfare agent simulants using gas-liquid pulsed streamer discharges
Sahni M, Locke BR
1035 - 1041 Copper(II)-rubeanic acid coprecipitation system for separation-preconcentration of trace metal ions in environmental samples for their flame atomic absorption spectrometric determinations
Soylak M, Erdogan ND
1042 - 1048 Ozonation of benzothiazole saturated-activated carbons: Influence of carbon chemical surface properties
Valdes H, Zaror CA
1049 - 1055 Synthesis of a quaternary amine anion exchange resin and study its adsorption behaviour for chromate oxyanions
Atia AA
1056 - 1064 Study of the removal of dichlorvos and dimethoate in a titanium dioxide mediated photocatalytic process through the examination of intermediates and the reaction mechanism
Evgenidou E, Konstantinou I, Fytianos K, Albanis T
1065 - 1073 Pyrolysis of scrap tyres with zeolite USY
Shen BX, Wu CF, Wang R, Guo BB, Liang C
1074 - 1078 Primary explosives: Electrostatic discharge initiation, additive effect and its relation to thermal and explosive characteristics
Talawar MB, Agrawal AP, Anniyappan M, Wani DS, Bansode MK, Gore GM
1079 - 1088 The investigation on cationic exchange capacity of zeolites: The use as selective ion trappers in the electrokinetic soil technique
Ursini O, Lilla E, Montanari R
1089 - 1095 Production of aggregate from non-metallic automotive shredder residues
Rossetti VA, Di Palma L, Medici F
1096 - 1101 Organic carbon leaching behavior from incinerator bottom ash
Guimaraes AL, Okuda T, Nishijima W, Okada M
1102 - 1114 Effect of quaternary ammonium cation loading and pH on heavy metal sorption to Ca bentonite and two organobentonites
Oyanedel-Craver VA, Smith JA
1115 - 1122 Adsorption of dyes and phenol from water on resin adsorbents: Effect of adsorbate size and pore size distribution
Zhang X, Li AM, Jiang ZM, Zhang QX
1123 - 1129 Degradation of di-n-butyl phthalate using photoreactor packed with TiO2 immobilized on glass beads
Chiou CS, Shie JL, Chang CY, Liu CC, Chang CT
1130 - 1134 Determination of trace metals by atomic absorption spectrometry after coprecipitation with europium hydroxide
Soylak M, Onal G
1135 - 1148 Synthesis of MCM-41 from coal fly ash by a green approach: Influence of synthesis pH
Hui KS, Chao CYH
1149 - 1155 Adsorption of copper and lead in aqueous solution onto bentonite modified by 4'-methylbenzo-15-crown-5
Liu Y, Shen X, Xian QM, Chen HD, Zou HX, Gao SX
1156 - 1164 Production of materials with alumina and ashes from incineration of chromium tanned leather shavings: Environmental and technical aspects
Basegio T, Haas C, Pokorny A, Bernardes AM, Bergmann CP
1165 - 1174 Estimation of future outflows and infrastructure needed to recycle personal computer systems in California
Kang HY, Schoenung JM
1175 - 1181 Pentachlorophenol removal from aqueous matrices by sorption with almond shell residues
Estevinho BN, Ratola N, Alves A, Santos L
1182 - 1188 Electrochemical degradation of Amaranth aqueous solution on ACF
Fan L, Zhou YW, Yang WS, Chen GH, Yang FL
1189 - 1196 Photocatalytical degradation of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol aqueous solutions by using an immobilized TiO2 photoreactor
Nikolaki MD, Malamis D, Poulopoulos SG, Philippopoulos CJ
1197 - 1205 Treatment of dairy wastewaters by electrocoagulation using mild steel electrodes
Sengil IA, Ozacar M
1206 - 1210 Safe immobilization of Cr(III) in heat-treated zeolite tuff compacts
Liguori B, Cassese A, Colella C
1211 - 1217 Equilibrium and kinetic studies for the biosorption system of copper(II) ion from aqueous solution using Tectona grandis L.f. leaves powder
Kumar YP, King P, Prasad VSRK
1218 - 1225 Electrokinetic movement of hexachlorobenzene in clayed soils enhanced by Tween 80 and beta-cyclodextrin
Yuan SH, Tian M, Lu XH
1226 - 1230 Mechanochemical decomposition of PVC by using La2O3 as additive
Tongamp W, Zhang QW, Saito F
1231 - 1235 The effects of pH on phosphate removal from wastewater by electrocoagulation with iron plate electrodes
Irdemez S, Demircioglu N, Yildiz YS
1236 - 1240 Preparation of an aminated macroreticular resin adsorbent and its adsorption of p-nitrophenol from water
Pan BC, Chen XQ, Pan BJ, Zhang WM, Zhang X, Zhang QX
1241 - 1245 The application of tree bark as bio-indicator for the assessment of Cr(VI) in air pollution
Mandiwana KL, Resane T, Panichev N, Ngobeni P
1246 - 1251 Comparison for adsorption modelling of copper and zinc from aqueous solution by Ulva fasciata sp.
Kumar YP, King P, Prasad VSRK
1252 - 1253 Comments on "Equilibrium studies for the adsorption of acid dye onto modified hectorite"
Kumar KV
1254 - 1257 Mechanisms of the removal of hexavalent chromium by biomaterials or biomaterial-based activated carbons
Park D, Park JM, Yun YS