Separation and Purification Technology

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.217 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Humidity swing adsorption of H2S by fibrous polymeric ionic liquids (PILs)
Ge K, Wu YS, Wang T, Wu J
8 - 16 Ammonia-based CO2 capture parameters optimization and analysis of lean and rich vapor compression processes
Ullah A, Soomro MI, Kim WS
17 - 23 Identifying pore wetting thresholds of surfactants in direct contact membrane distillation
Taylor CR, Ahmadiannamini P, Hiibel SR
24 - 30 Role of initial moisture content on the leaching process of weathered crust elution-deposited rare earth ores
Zhou F, Liu Q, Feng J, Su JX, Liu X, Chi R
31 - 39 Influence of wettability on pressure-driven bubble nucleation: A potential method for dissolved gas separation
Pradhan S, Qader RJ, Sedai BR, Bikkina PK
40 - 47 Effect of reverse sodium flux and pH on ammoniacal nitrogen transport through biomimetic membranes
Kedwell KC, Christensen ML, Quist-Jensen CA, Jorgensen MK
48 - 61 Model development for the separation of a strongly adsorbing gas mixture on a semi-pilot scale adsorber
Schmitz JV, Kriesten M, Hartmann M, Kaspereit M
62 - 70 Experimental evidence and quantum chemical insights into extraction and third phase aggregation trends in Ce(IV) organophosphates
Chandrasekar A, Sivaraman N, Ghanty TK, Suresh A
71 - 84 Hydrophobic ceramic membrane for membrane distillation: A mini review on preparation, characterization, and applications
Hubadillah SK, Tai ZS, Othman MHD, Harun Z, Jamalludin MR, Rahman MA, Jaafar J, Ismail AF
85 - 85 Electrocoagulation as a green technology for phosphate removal from river water
Emamjomeh MM
86 - 94 Improved desulfurization performance of polydimethylsiloxane membrane by incorporating metal organic framework CPO-27-Ni
Han XL, Sun HX, Liu LL, Wang YQ, He GH, Li JD
95 - 107 Separation of organic compounds from gaseous mixtures by vapor permeation
Petrusova Z, Machanova K, Stanovsky P, Izak P
108 - 117 Adsorption of vanillic and syringic acids onto a macroporous polymeric resin and recovery with ethanol:water (90:10 %V/V) solution
Mota MIF, Barbosa S, Pinto PCR, Ribeiro AM, Ferreira A, Loureiro JM, Rodrigues AE
118 - 127 A comparative study of ferrous, ferric and ferrate pretreatment for ceramic membrane fouling alleviation in reclaimed water treatment
Liu J, He KY, Tang SY, Wang T, Zhang ZH
128 - 136 Multi-meshes coupled cathodes enhanced performance of electrochemical water softening system
Luan JX, Wang LD, Sun W, Li XH, Zhu TZ, Zhou YZ, Deng HT, Chen S, He SH, Liu GC
137 - 146 Novel rugby-ball-like Zn-3(PO4)(2)@C3N4 photocatalyst with highly enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Yu CL, He HB, Zhou WQ, Liu Z, Wei LF
147 - 153 Tuning the porosity of asymmetric membranes via simple post-synthesis solvent-treatment for non-aqueous applications
Li Y, Nulens I, Verbeke R, Marien H, Koschine T, Dickmann M, Egger W, Vankelecom IFJ
154 - 163 Effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and integrated MWCNTs/SiO2 nano-additives on PVDF polymeric membranes for vacuum membrane distillation
Zhou RF, Rana D, Matsuura T, Lan CQ
164 - 173 Morphology, surface properties and photocatalytic activity of the bismuth oxyhalides semiconductors prepared by ionic liquid assisted solvothermal method
Bielicka-Gieldon A, Wilczewska P, Malankowska A, Szczodrowski K, Ryl J, Zielinska-Jurek A, Siedlecka EM
174 - 182 Numerical simulation of continuous extraction of highly concentrated Li+ from high Mg2+/Li+ ratio brines in an ion concentration polarization-based microfluidic system
Gong LY, Li ZR, Han OYO
183 - 194 New poly(ether imide)s with pendant di-tert-butyl groups: Synthesis, characterization and gas transport properties
Belov N, Chatterjee R, Nikiforov R, Ryzhikh V, Bisoi S, Kumar AG, Banerjee S, Yampolskii Y
195 - 205 Constructing novel ternary composites of carbon quantum dots/Bi2MoO6/graphitic nanofibers with tunable band structure and boosted photocatalytic activity
Huang WY, Wang SH, Zhou Q, Liu X, Chen XR, Yang K, Yu CL, Li D
206 - 214 Pervaporation and vapour permeation of methanol - dimethyl carbonate mixtures through PIM-1 membranes
Cihal P, Vopicka O, Durdakova TM, Budd PM, Harrison W, Friess K
215 - 220 Ultraviolet/persulfate pre-treatment for organic fouling mitigation of forward osmosis membrane: Possible application in nutrient mining from dairy wastewater
Pramanik BK, Hai FI, Roddick FA
221 - 228 An SF6 purification process utilizing gas hydrate formation developed for electric power industry
Ahn CK, Kim GH, Lee JE, Kim KS, Kim K
229 - 239 MOF-801 incorporated PEBA mixed-matrix composite membranes for CO2 capture
Sun JJ, Li QQ, Chen GN, Duan JG, Liu GP, Jin WQ
240 - 246 Experimental and modeling of CO2 removal from gas mixtures using membrane contactors packed with glass beads
Abu Hatab F, Abdullatif N, Marzouk SAM, Al-Marzouqi MH
247 - 257 Feasibility study of CAU-1 deposited on alumina hollow fiber for desalination applications
Pauzi MZM, Mahpoz NM, Abdullah N, Rahman MA, Abas KH, Abd Aziz A, Padzillan MH, Othman MHD, Jaafara J, Ismail AF
258 - 264 Extraction kinetics of uranium(VI) and thorium(IV) with di(1-methyl-heptyl)methyl phosphonate from nitric acid medium using a Lewis cell
Song LJ, Liu Y, Ding SD, Tan ML, Li QN, Zhang L, Liu CX
265 - 273 Strength assessment of Al-Humic and Al-Kaolin aggregates by intrusive and non-intrusive methods
Moruzzi RB, da Silva PG, Sharifi S, Campos LC, Gregory J
274 - 283 Electrodialysis of aqueous NaCl-glycerol solutions: A phenomenological comparison of various ion exchange membranes
De Schepper W, Moraru MD, Jacobs B, Oudshoorn M, Helsen J
284 - 293 The effect of Schiff base network on the separation performance of thin film nanocomposite forward osmosis membranes
Akther N, Lim S, Tran V, Phuntsho S, Yang YQ, Bae TH, Ghaffour N, Shon HK
294 - 298 Separation of Pr(III) and Fe(III) by unsymmetrical diglycolamides from nitric acid media
Peng XJ, Han JX, Yuan GZ, Zhao JL, Cui Y, Sun GX
299 - 306 Open-cocoon zeolitic imidazolate framework nanoparticles introduce low-resistance path for CO2 transport in crosslinked poly(ethylene oxide) membrane
Hu LQ, Cheng J, Wang YL, Liu N, Zhou JH, Cen KF