Separation and Purification Technology

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1 - 11 Harvesting Nannochloropsis sp. using PES/MWCNT/LiBr membrane with good antifouling properties
Khairuddin NFM, Idris A, Hock LW
12 - 20 Effect of seawater-coolant feed arrangement in a waste heat driven multistage vacuum membrane distillation system
Lee JG, Bak CU, Thu K, Ghaffour N, Kim YD
21 - 29 Novel electrospun TPU/PDMS/PMMA membrane for phenol separation from saline wastewater via membrane aromatic recovery system
Ren LF, Al Yousif E, Xia F, Wang YM, Guo L, Tu YH, Zhang XF, Shao JH, He YL
30 - 39 Understanding the impact of poly(allylamine) plasma grafting on the filtration performances of a commercial polymeric membrane
Deon S, Koubaa Z, Korzhova E, Airoudj A, Fievet P, Roucoules V
40 - 50 Preparation of magnetic superhydrophobic melamine sponges for effective oil-water separation
Li ZT, Wu HT, Chen WY, He FA, Li DH
51 - 56 An indium-based ethane-trapping MOF for efficient selective separation of C2H6/C2H4 mixture
Wu HX, Chen YW, Lv DF, Shi RF, Chen Y, Li Z, Xia QB
57 - 64 Integration of silver nanoparticles and microcurrent for water filtration
Maharubin S, Zhou YG, Tan GZ
65 - 74 Removing specific extracellular organic matter from algal bloom water by Tanfloc flocculation: Performance and mechanisms
Yang ZJ, Hou J, Miao LZ, Yang YY, You GX, Jia D, Gao M
75 - 83 Effect of relative humidity on loading characteristics of cellulose filter media by submicrometer potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium nitrate particles
Pei CX, Ou QS, Pui DYH
84 - 88 Influence of air and nitrogen sparging on flux during ultrafiltration of hemicelluloses extracted from wheat bran
Thuvander J, Jonsson AS
89 - 100 The intensified leaching behavior of potassium from phosphorus-potassium associated ore in HCl-CaF2 system with surfactant: Part I kinetics and modelling
Liu CC, Liu SC, Qin YH, Ma JY, Wu ZK, Zhou JF, Lyu RL, Wang CW
101 - 109 A novel positively charged nanofiltration membrane formed via simultaneous cross-linking/quaternization of poly(m-phenylene 5 isophthalamide)/polyethyleneimine blend membrane
Lin CE, Fang LF, Du SY, Yao ZK, Zhu BK
110 - 118 Photocatalytic degradation of Ibuprofen, Naproxen, and Cetirizine using PAN-MWCNT nanofibers crosslinked TiO2-NH2 nanoparticles under visible light irradiation
Uheida A, Mohamed A, Belaqziz M, Nasser WS
119 - 125 Preparation of calcium stannate from lead refining slag by alkaline leaching-purification-causticization process
Liu W, Li WH, Han JW, Wu DX, Li ZH, Gu KH, Qin WQ
126 - 134 Numerical investigation of pressure and flow characteristics of pleated air filter system for automotive engine intake application
Maddineni AK, Das D, Damodaran RM
135 - 141 Facile synthesized low-cost MoS2/CdS nanodots-on-nanorods heterostructures for highly efficient pollution degradation under visible-light irradiation
Li LL, Yin XL, Sun YQ
142 - 149 N-doped carbon dots/CdS hybrid photocatalyst that responds to visible/near-infrared light irradiation for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Shi WL, Guo F, Li MY, Shi Y, Tang YB
150 - 160 Leaching kinetics, separation, and recovery of rhenium and component metals from CMSX-4 superalloys using hydrometallurgical processes
Mamo SK, Elie M, Baron MG, Simons AM, Gonzalez-Rodriguez J
161 - 170 Multimodal chromatography of supercoiled minicircles: A closer look into DNA-ligand interactions
Silva-Santos AR, Alves CPA, Monteiro G, Azevedo AM, Prazeres DMF
171 - 179 Rejection of pharmaceutical compounds from surface water by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
Foureaux AFS, Reis EO, Lebron Y, Moreira V, Santos LV, Amaral MS, Lange LC
180 - 190 Recovery of sulphuric acid and added value metals (Zn, Cu and rare earths) from acidic mine waters using nanofiltration membranes
Lopez J, Reig M, Gibert O, Cortina JL
191 - 204 Cu2O photocatalyst modified antifouling polysulfone mixed matrix membrane for ultrafiltration of protein and visible light driven photocatalytic pharmaceutical removal
Singh R, Yadav VSK, Purkait MK
205 - 214 Fabrication of polyethersulfone electrospun nanofibrous membranes incorporated with hydrous manganese dioxide for enhanced ultrafiltration of oily solution
Al-Husaini IS, Yusoff ARM, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Al-Abri MZ, Al-Ghafri BN, Wirzal MDH
215 - 222 Impact of combined oil-in-water emulsions and particulate suspensions on ceramic membrane fouling and permeability recovery
Abdalla M, Nasser M, Fard AK, Qiblawey H, Benamor A, Judd S
223 - 232 Efficient degradation of tetracycline by heterogeneous cobalt oxide/cerium oxide composites mediated with persulfate
Guan RP, Yuan XZ, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Zhang J, Li YF, Zeng GM, Mo D
233 - 244 Effect of impeller clearance on floc growth behaviors in a baffled square stirred-tank reactor: Flocculation-test and CFD-aided studies
He WP, Xie ZL, Zhao ZY, Huang ML, Pan MM
245 - 254 Fabrication and evaluation of GO/TiO2-based molecularly imprinted nanocomposite membranes by developing a reformative filtering strategy: Application to selective adsorption and separation membrane
Wu YL, Li CX, Meng MJ, Lv P, Liu XL, Yan YS
255 - 261 High-efficient and selective extraction of Hf over Zr with DIBK-P350 synergistic extraction system
Wu M, He HY, Xu F, Xu ZG, Zhang WJ, He ZY, Qu J, Chi R, Huang LY
262 - 272 Ultrafiltration with intermittent relaxation using colloidal silica and humic acid as model foulants
Taheri AH, Sim LN, Krantz WB, Fane AG
273 - 279 Improving lignin removal from pre-hydrolysis liquor by horseradish peroxidase-catalyzed polymerization
Li ZQ, Qiu CL, Gao JJ, Wang HW, Fu YJ, Qin MH
280 - 288 Solar photolytic ozonation for the removal of recalcitrant herbicides in river water
Solis RR, Medina S, Gimeno O, Beltran FJ
289 - 298 The effect of pH adjustment on the properties and pressure filtration characteristics of bauxite residue slurries
Kinnarinen T, Theliander H, Hakkinen A, Mattsson T
299 - 306 Influences of multi influent matrices on the retention of PPCPs by nanofiltration membranes
Xu R, Zhang P, Wang Q, Wang XM, Yu KC, Xue T, Wen XH
307 - 315 Synthesis and characterization of antibacterial poly ionic liquid membranes with tunable performance
Sengupta A, Ethirajan SK, Kamaz M, Jebur M, Wickramasinghe R
316 - 325 Zwitterion augmented polyamide membrane for improved forward osmosis performance with significant antifouling characteristics
Chiao YH, Sengupta A, Chen ST, Huang SH, Hu CC, Hung WS, Chang Y, Qian XH, Wickramasinghe SR, Lee KR, Lai JY
326 - 336 Nature-inspired polyphenol chemistry to fabricate halloysite nanotubes decorated PVDF membrane for the removal of wastewater
Chen X, He Y, Fan Y, Zeng GY, Zhang LY
337 - 343 Roles of magnetic particles in magnetic seeding coagulation-flocculation process for surface water treatment
Lv M, Zhang ZH, Zeng JY, Liu JF, Sun MC, Yadav RS, Feng YJ
344 - 346 Synthesis and characterization of samarium and nitrogen doped TiO2 photocatalysts for photo-degradation of 4-acetamidophenol in combination with hydrodynamic and acoustic cavitation (vol 209, pg 254, 2019)
Rajoriya S, Bargole S, George S, Saharan VK, Gogate PR, Pandit AB
347 - 354 Facile preparation of grass-like hierarchical structured gamma-AlOOH coated stainless steel mesh with superhydrophobic and superoleophilic for highly efficient oil-water separation
Zhang M, Wu ZL, Meng FC, Lin HX
355 - 367 Filtration of the catalyst suspension in hydrogenated oil through the woven cloth: Mathematical model of the process accounting for dynamics of the cake growth and filter pore blockage
Vernikovskaya NV, Chumachenko VA, Romanenko AV, Dobrynkin NM
368 - 375 Optimisation of a forward osmosis and membrane distillation hybrid system for the treatment of source-separated urine
Volpin F, Chekli L, Phuntsho S, Ghaffour N, Vrouwenvelder JS, Shon HK
376 - 387 Calcite buffer effects in electrokinetic remediation of clopyralid-polluted soils
Lopez-Vizcaino R, dos Santos EV, Yustres A, Rodrigo MA, Navarro V, Martinez-Huitle CA
388 - 395 Oil-water emulsion separation using intrinsically superoleophilic and superhydrophobic PVDF membrane
Hai A, Durrani AA, Selvaraj M, Banat F, Abu Haija M
396 - 404 How to cope with NOB activity and pig manure inhibition in a partial nitritation-anammox process?
Pichel A, Moreno R, Figueroa M, Campos JL, Mendez R, Mosquera-Corral A, del Rio AV
405 - 415 Preparation of novel iron-loaded microfibers entrapped carbon-nanotube composites for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of m-cresol in a fixed bed reactor
Yang Y, Zhang HP, Yan Y
416 - 426 Li1-xNi0.5Mn1.5O4/Ag for electrochemical lithium recovery from brine and its optimized performance via response surface methodology
Lawagon CP, Nisola GM, Cuevas RAI, Torrejos REC, Kim H, Lee SP, Chung WJ
427 - 437 One-pot ultrasonic assisted sol-gel synthesis of spindle-like Nd and V codoped ZnO for efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Alam U, Shah TA, Khan A, Muneer M
438 - 448 Interfacially polymerized thin-film composite membranes: Impact of support layer pore size on active layer polymerization and seawater desalination performance
Sharabati JA, Guclu S, Erkoc-Ilter S, Koseoglu-Imer DY, Unal S, Menceloglu YZ, Ozturk I, Koyuncu I
449 - 457 High performance polyacrylonitrile-supported forward osmosis membranes prepared via aromatic solvent-based interfacial polymerization
Kwon HE, Kwon SJ, Park SJ, Shin MG, Park SH, Park MS, Park H, Lee JH
458 - 464 Photoelectrochemical removal of chlorfenvinphos by using WO3 nanorods: Influence of annealing temperature and operation pH
Fernandez-Domene RM, Rosello-Marquez G, Sanchez-Tovar R, Lucas-Granados B, Garcia-Anton J
465 - 473 From ultrafiltration to nanofiltration: Nanofiltration membrane fabricated by a combined process of chemical crosslinking and thermal annealing
Liu CL, Sun YX, Chen ZB, Zhang SB
474 - 482 Modification of polyetherimide membranes with ZIFs fillers for CO2 separation
Vega J, Andrio A, Lemus AA, Diaz JAI, del Castillo LF, Gavara R, Compan V
483 - 489 Removal of pharmaceuticals in water by introduction of ozonated microbubbles
Azuma T, Otomo K, Kunitou M, Shimizu M, Hosomaru K, Mikata S, Mino Y, Hayashi T
490 - 496 A new recyclable sulfurizing reagent for Mo-S complexes and separation of molybdenum from tungstate solutions
Li J, Cao ZY, Zeng L, Xu MY, Zhang GQ, Li QG, Guan WJ
497 - 504 Synthesis and characterization of graphene acid membrane with ultrafast and selective water transport channels
Khorramdel H, Dabiri E, Tabrizi FF, Galehdari M
505 - 514 Desulfurization of benzothiophene from model diesel fuel using experimental (dynamic electroreduction) and theoretical (DFT) approaches
Shamsaee BH, Mehri F, Rowshanzamir S, Ghamati M, Behrouzifar A
515 - 519 A study of transfer rates of phenols from caustic to crude oil
Hoffmann AC, Pletten SS, Mania M
520 - 527 Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) technique visualizes and characterizes concentration polarization and fouling layer in the cross-flow nanofiltration
Shang WT, Wang R, Dong WY, Li XY, Li M, Zhao LY, Yang SW, Sun FY
528 - 535 Transformation of antibacterial agent roxithromycin in sodium hypochlorite disinfection process of different water matrices
Zhang YY, Pan ZH, Rong C, Shao YA, Wang YH, Yu KF
536 - 544 Nanoscaled magnetic CuFe2O4 as an activator of peroxymonosulfate for the degradation of antibiotics norfloxacin
Wang YR, Tian DF, Chu W, Li MR, Lu XW
545 - 554 Mixed matrix membranes based on MIL-101 metal-organic frameworks in polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-1
Khdhayyer M, Bushell AF, Budd PM, Attfield MP, Jiang DM, Burrows AD, Esposito E, Bernardo P, Monteleone M, Fuoco A, Clarizia G, Bazzarelli F, Gordano A, Jansen JC
555 - 562 Pre-magnetized Fe-0 activated persulphate for the degradation of nitrobenzene in groundwater
Zhang Y, Xu X, Pan YW, Xu LT, Zhou MH
563 - 571 Selective recovery of indium via continuous counter-current foam separation from sulfuric acid solutions I - Application of anionic organophosphate surfactant as metal collector
Kinoshita T, Ishigaki Y, Shibata N
572 - 579 Prediction of breakthrough behaviors using logistic, hyperbolic tangent and double exponential models in the fixed-bed column
Hu QL, Xie YH, Feng CP, Zhang Z
580 - 585 Effect of electrolytes on stable permeation of submicron silica particles through microfiltration membranes
Makabe R, Akamatsu K, Nakao S
586 - 596 Preparation of air-stable magnetic g-C3N4@Fe-0-graphene composite by new reduction method for simultaneous and synergistic conversion of organic dyes and heavy metal ions in aqueous solution
Wang XY, Lu MY, Ma J, Ning P
597 - 604 Ultra-hydrophobic and mesoporous silica aerogel membranes for efficient separation of surfactant-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion separation
Wang JT, Wang HF
605 - 610 Batch dialysis of phosphoric acid. Quantification of acid and water transport through Fumasep-FAD membrane
Palaty Z, Bendova H
611 - 618 Selective lithium and magnesium adsorption by phosphonate metal-organic framework-incorporated alginate hydrogel inspired from lithium adsorption characteristics of brown algae
Park SH, Kim K, Lim JH, Lee SJ
619 - 631 The effects of fluorocarbon special surfactant (FS-30) additive on the phase inversion, morphology and separation performance of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes
Liu HL, Liao X
632 - 640 Competitive adsorption equilibrium modeling of volatile organic compound (VOC) and water vapor onto activated carbon
Laskar II, Hashisho Z, Phillips JH, Anderson JE, Nichols M
641 - 649 Modification of hydrophobic commercial PVDF microfiltration membranes into superhydrophilic membranes by the mussel-inspired method with dopamine and polyethyleneimine
Zin G, Wu JJ, Rezzadori K, Petrus JCC, Di Luccio M, Li QL
650 - 659 High-Gradient Magnetic Separator (HGMS) combined with adsorption for nitrate removal from aqueous solution
Kheshti Z, Ghajar KA, Altaee A, Kheshti MR
660 - 669 Streaming potential properties of ceramic nanofiltration membranes - Importance of surface charge on the ion rejection
Arki P, Hecker C, Tomandl G, Joseph Y
670 - 675 Impedance characterization of elevated temperature carbon dioxide adsorption process on potassium-modified hydrotalcite
Chen YB, Shi YX, Zhu XC, Cai NS
676 - 683 Effects of water quality changes on performance of biological activated carbon (BAC) filtration
Ross PS, van der Aa LTJ, van Dijk T, Rietveld LC
684 - 691 Critical flux and fouling mechanism in cross flow microfiltration of oil emulsion: Effect of viscosity and bidispersity
Tanudjaja HJ, Chew JW
692 - 698 Azeotropic distillation for 1-propanol dehydration with diisopropyl ether as entrainer: Equilibrium data and process simulation
Pla-Franco J, Lladosa E, Loras S, Monton JB
699 - 708 Development of composite filters with high efficiency, low pressure drop, and high holding capacity PM2.5 filtration
Chang DQ, Tien CY, Peng CY, Tang M, Chen SC
709 - 722 Comparative performance assessment of flat sheet and hollow fiber DCMD processes using CFD modeling
Yazgan-Birgi P, Ali MIH, Arafat HA
723 - 727 Improved CO2 flux by dissolution of oxide ions into the molten carbonate phase of dual-phase CO2 separation membranes
Xing W, Li ZA, Peters T, Fontaine ML, McCann M, Evans A, Norby T, Bredesen R
728 - 736 Selective removal of nitrate ion using a novel activated carbon composite carbon electrode in capacitive deionization
Gan L, Wu YF, Song HO, Zhang SP, Lu C, Yang S, Wang Z, Jiang BC, Wang CM, Li AM
737 - 746 Ceramic membranes with mussel-inspired and nanostructured coatings for water-in-oil emulsions separation
Gao NW, Xu ZK
747 - 756 Separation and recovery of Pd and Fe as nanosized metal sulphides by combining solvent extraction with biological strategies based on the use of sulphate-reducing bacteria
Nanusha MY, Carlier JD, Carvalho GI, Costa MC, Paiva AP
757 - 766 Exploration of the formation of self-forming dynamic membrane in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
Siddiqui MA, Dai J, Guan D, Chen GH
767 - 773 Experimental investigation of the ideal selectivity of MFI-ZSM-5 zeolite-type membranes for a first evaluation of the separation of hydrogen isotopologues from helium
Antunes R, Bohmlander A, Bukki-Deme A, Krasch B, Cruz MM, Frances L
774 - 782 Visible-light photocatalytic fuel cell with Z-scheme g-C3N4/Fe-0/TiO2 anode and WO3 cathode efficiently degrades berberine chloride and stably generates electricity
Rabe K, Liu LF, Nahyoon NA, Zhang YZ, Idris AM
783 - 790 Optimum recovery of phosphate from simulated wastewater by unseeded fluidized-bed crystallization process
Pahunang RR, Ballesteros FC, de Luna MDG, Vilando AC, Lu MC
791 - 801 Separation of Pt(IV), Pd(II), Ru(III) and Rh(III) from model chloride solutions by liquid-liquid extraction with phosphonium ionic liquids
Rzelewska-Piekut M, Regel-Rosocka M
802 - 821 Recent developments and advances in boron-doped diamond electrodes for electrochemical oxidation of organic pollutants
He YP, Lin HB, Guo ZC, Zhang WL, Li HD, Huang WM
822 - 833 Effect of heat-stable salts on absorption/desorption performance of aqueous monoethanolamine (MEA) solution during carbon dioxide capture process
Ling H, Liu S, Gao HX, Liang ZW
834 - 842 Synthesis and characterization of a plat sheet potassium ion sieve membrane and its performances for separation potassium
An SS, Liu J, Wang JH, Wang MC, Ji ZY, Qi SS, Yuan JS
843 - 853 Selective recovery of indium from iron-rich solutions using an Aliquat 336 iodide supported ionic liquid phase (SILP)
Van Roosendael S, Regadio M, Roosen J, Binnemans K
854 - 876 Charged PVDF multi-layer filters with enhanced filtration performance for filtering nano-aerosols
Sun QQ, Leung WWF
877 - 886 Non-additive separation selectivity enhancement in poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne) in relation to C-1-C-4-alkanes
Zhmakin V, Shalygin M, Khotimskiy V, Matson S, Teplyakov V
887 - 900 Fabrication of Ag3VO4 decorated phosphorus and sulphur co-doped graphitic carbon nitride as a high-dispersed photocatalyst for phenol mineralization and E-coli disinfection
Raizada P, Sudhaik A, Singh P, Shandilya P, Saini AK, Gupta VK, Lim JH, Jung H, Hosseini-Bandegharaei A
901 - 912 Enhancing CO2 separation performance of Pebax (R) MH-1657 with aromatic carboxylic acids
Meshkat S, Kaliaguine S, Rodrigue D
913 - 919 Chlorination of bromacil: Kinetics and disinfection by-products
Hu CY, Deng YG, Lin YL, Hou YZ
920 - 928 Effect of humic acid concentration on pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) rejection by direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD)
Couto CF, Amaral MCS, Lange LC, Santos LVD
929 - 940 Conversion of water-organic solution of sodium naphtenates into naphtenic acids and alkali by electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
Achoh A, Zabolotsky V, Melnikov S
941 - 951 Swelling reduction of polyvinylidenefluoride hollow fiber membrane incorporated with silicoaluminophosphate-34 zeotype filler for membrane gas absorption
Ahmad NA, Leo CP, Ahmad AL, Izwanne MN
952 - 964 Adsorption equilibria and kinetics of CO2, CO, and N-2 on carbon molecular sieve
Park Y, Moon DK, Park D, Mofarahi M, Lee CH
965 - 973 Reduced thermal rearrangement temperature via formation of zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF)-8-based nanocomposites for hydrogen purification
Japip S, Erifin S, Chung TS
974 - 979 An extended standard blocking filtration law for exploring membrane pore internal fouling due to rate-determining adsorption
Xiao K, Mo YH, Sun JY, Wang MY, Liang S, Wang XM, Huang X, Waite TD
980 - 985 Seeking the most powerful and practical real-world sorbents for gaseous benzene as a representative volatile organic compound based on performance metrics
Szulejko JE, Kim KH, Parise J
986 - 1000 Preparation and characterization of an antifouling poly (phenyl sulfone) ultrafiltration membrane by vapor-induced phase separation technique
Dehban A, Kargari A, Ashtiani FZ
1001 - 1012 Hydrothermal stability and permeation properties of TiO2-ZrO2 (5/5) nanofiltration membranes at high temperatures
Anisah S, Kanezashi M, Nagasawa H, Tsuru T