Separation and Purification Technology

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ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 9 One-step fabrication of cobalt-embedded carbon nitride as a magnetic and efficient heterogeneous catalyst for activating oxone to degrade pollutants in water
Yang MT, Zhang ZY, Lin KYA
10 - 19 Efficient cationic flocculant MHCS-g-P(AM-DAC) synthesized by UV-induced polymerization for algae removal
Chen L, Sun YJ, Sun WQ, Shah KJ, Xu YH, Zheng HL
20 - 28 Hybrid organic-inorganic functionalized polyethersulfone membrane for hyper-saline feed with humic acid in direct contact membrane distillation
Khan AA, Siyal MI, Lee CK, Park C, Kim JO
29 - 37 Mixed matrix membranes incorporated with three-dimensionally ordered mesopore imprinted (3DOm-i) zeolite
Lee PS, Hong DY, Cha GY, An H, Moon SY, Seong M, Chang BJ, Lee JS, Kim JH
38 - 47 Influence of pleat geometry on the filtration and cleaning characteristics of filter media
Li SH, Hu SD, Xie B, Jin H, Xin J, Wang F, Zhou FB
48 - 59 Effect of surface profiling of a cation-exchange membrane on the phenylalanine and NaCl separation performances in diffusion dialysis
Vasil'eva V, Goleva E, Pismenskaya N, Kozmai A, Nikonenko V
60 - 68 Three-dimensional electro-Fenton degradation of Rhodamine B with efficient Fe-Cu/kaolin particle electrodes: Electrodes optimization, kinetics, influencing factors and mechanism
Zhang BG, Hou YP, Yu ZB, Liu YX, Huang J, Qian L, Xiong JH
69 - 79 Effect of electrolytes as adjuvants in GFP and LPS partitioning on aqueous two-phase systems: 2. Nonionic micellar systems
Teixeira-Pinto RGR, Molino JVD, Santos-Ebinuma VC, Pessoa A, Valentini SR, Pereira JFB, Lopes AM
80 - 92 Biogas cleaning: Trace compounds removal with model validation
Papurello D, Silvestri S, Lanzini A
93 - 99 Preparation and performance of a novel starch-based inorganic/organic composite coagulant for textile wastewater treatment
Zhou L, Zhou HJ, Yang XY
100 - 106 Efficient preparation of a novel PVDF antifouling membrane based on the solvent-responsive cleaning properties
Zhao XZ, Liu CK
107 - 116 Non-heterocyclic N-donor ligands of nitrilotriacetamide for Am3+/Eu3+ separation
Wang ZP, Wang JR, Ding SD, Liu Y, Zhang LR, Song LJ, Chen ZL, Yang XY, Wang XY
117 - 124 Deoiling of oil-coated catalyst using high-speed suspending self-rotation in cyclone
Shi D, Huang Y, Wang HL, Yuan W, Fu PB
125 - 134 Construction of BiOCOOH/g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst and its enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of amido black 10B
Cui YQ, Zhang XY, Zhang HX, Cheng QF, Cheng XW
135 - 144 Electrocoagulation as a green technology for phosphate removal from river water
Hashim KS, Al Khaddar R, Jasim N, Shaw A, Phipps D, Kot P, Pedrola MO, Alattabi AW, Abdulredha M, Alawsh R
145 - 151 Degradation of metronidazole antibiotic in aqueous medium using activated carbon as a persulfate activator
Forouzesh M, Ebadi A, Aghaeinejad-Meybodi A
152 - 158 Pre-purification by membrane filtration of paralytic shellfish toxins from Alexandrium minutum dinoflagellate
Balti R, Brodu N, Zhang JX, Amzil Z, Drouin D, Sechet V, Masse A
159 - 166 An effective approach towards endowing membranes with tunable charge characteristics and large nanopores
Sun CC, Zhou MY, Wang NC, Yin X, Yuan JJ, Song YZ, Zhu LP, Zhu BK
167 - 174 Influencing investigation of metal ions on heterogeneous catalytic ozonation by ceramic honeycomb for the degradation of nitrobenzene in aqueous solution with neutral pH
Zhao L, Ma WC, Lu S, Ma J
175 - 181 A facile and efficient method to fabricate high-resolution immobilized cellulose-based chiral stationary phases via thiol-ene click chemistry
Yin CC, Chen WW, Zhang JM, Zhang M, Zhang J
182 - 194 Highly selective separations of U(VI) from a Th(IV) matrix by branched butyl phosphates: Insights from solvent extraction, chromatography and quantum chemical calculations
Chandrasekar A, Suresh A, Joshi M, Sundararajan M, Ghanty TK, Sivaraman N
195 - 208 Control of an energy-saving side-stream extractive distillation process with different disturbance conditions
Ma K, Yu MX, Dai Y, Ma YX, Gao J, Cui PZ, Wang YL
209 - 218 Samarium/cobalt separation by solvent extraction with undiluted quaternary ammonium ionic liquids
Foltova SS, Vander Hoogerstraete T, Banerjee D, Binnemans K
219 - 230 Influence of ethanol and temperature on adsorption of flavor-active esters on hydrophobic resins
Saffarionpour S, Tam SYS, Van der Wielen LAM, Brouwer E, Ottens M
231 - 235 Experimental evaluation of separation performance of fine particles of circulatory circumfluent cyclone separator system
Zhang P, Chen GH, Duan JH, Wang WW
236 - 241 Electrochemical behaviors and electrolytic separation of Th(IV) and Ce(III) in ThF4-CeF3-LiCl-KCl quaternary melt
Wang XB, Zheng HY, Xu QH, Zhu TJ, Jiang F, She CF, Wang CY, Cong HX, Gong Y, Huang W, Li QN
242 - 250 The role of ortho-, meta- and para-substitutions in the main-chain structure of poly(etherimide)s and the effects on CO2/CH4 gas separation performance
Madzarevic ZP, Shahid S, Nijmeijer K, Dingemans TJ
251 - 257 Recycling lanthanum from effluents of elektrokinetic treatment of FCC spent catalyst, using a selective precipitation technique
Maidel M, Ponte MJJD, Ponte HD
258 - 267 Hybrid membranes with Cu(II) loaded metal organic frameworks for enhanced desulfurization performance
Song YM, Yang DH, Yu SN, Teng XS, Chang Z, Pan FS, Bu XH, Jiang ZY, Wang BY, Wang S, Cao XZ
268 - 275 Membrane-assisted enrichment of zinc(II) from and into ammoniacal media through non-dispersive synergistic extraction
Lin X, Tang J, Liu YQ, Ding KX, Zhang D, Hu HP, Hu JG
276 - 280 Helium3 isotope separation and lambda front observation
Kempinski W, Los S, Trybula Z, Chorowski M, Polinski J, Niechcial J, Jaskolski T, Cholast K, Kociemba A
281 - 291 Fabrication of UV-Vis-NIR-driven photocatalysts Ag/Bi/BiOCl0.8Br0.2 with high catalytic activity
Xu H, Huang YF, Luo D, Yang XM, Jin S, Guo QY, Zhao YZ, Fang Y, Wei YL, Wu JH
292 - 303 Recent advances in metal extraction improvement: Mixture systems consisting of ionic liquid and molecular extractant
Wang LY, Guo QJ, Lee MS
304 - 319 Column chromatography for separation and fractionation of flavor-active esters on hydrophobic resins and simulation of breakthrough behavior
Saffarionpour S, de Jong TF, Van der Wielen LAM, Brouwer E, Ottens M
320 - 326 Metalloid phosphorus cation doping: An effective strategy to improve permeability and stability through the hydrogen permeable membranes
Zhuang LB, Li JQ, Chen L, Xue J, Chen XZ, Wang HH
327 - 334 Hydrometallurgical recovery of Zn(II) and Mn(II) from alkaline batteries waste employing aqueous two-phase system
Leite DD, Carvalho PLG, de Lemos LR, Mageste AB, Rodrigues GD
335 - 342 Persulfate activation by magnetic gamma-Fe2O3/Mn3O4 nanocomposites for degradation of organic pollutants
Ma QL, Zhang XY, Guo RN, Zhang HX, Cheng QF, Xie MZ, Cheng XW
343 - 354 Thorough conversion of CO2 through two-step accelerated mineral carbonation in the MgCl2-CaCl2-H2O system
Zhao YY, Wu MF, Guo XF, Zhang Y, Ji ZY, Wang J, Liu J, Liu JL, Wang ZR, Chi QF, Yuan JS
355 - 363 Synthesis of a novel tunable lignin-based star copolymer and its flocculation performance in the treatment of kaolin suspension
Liu ZG, Lu X, Xie JK, Feng B, Han QN
364 - 370 PDMS modified membranes by 1-dodecanol and its effect on ethanol removal by pervaporation
Leon JA, Fontalvo J
371 - 381 Ultrafiltration membranes modified by PSS deposition and plasma treatment for Cr(VI) removal
Sandoval-Olvera IG, Gonzalez-Munoz P, Palacio L, Hernandez A, Avila-Rodriguez M, Pradanos P
382 - 389 Fabrication of GO/CDots/BiOI nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic 4-chlorophenol degradation and mechanism insight
Qu SY, Xiong YH, Zhang J
390 - 401 Toward highly effective and easily separable halloysite-containing adsorbents: The effect of iron oxide particles impregnation and new insight into As(V) removal mechanisms
Maziarz P, Matusik J, Leiviska T, Strazek T, Kapusta C, Woch WM, Tokarz W, Gorniak K
402 - 408 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic wood slice for effective water-in-oil emulsion separation
Bai XG, Shen YQ, Tian HF, Yang YX, Feng H, Li J
409 - 416 Effective separation, recovery and recycling of deep eutectic solvent after biomass fractionation with membrane-based methodology
Liang XC, Fu Y, Chang J
417 - 430 Rational design of Z-scheme LaFeO3/SnS2 hybrid with boosted visible light photocatalytic activity towards tetracycline degradation
Luo J, Li R, Chen YQ, Zhou XS, Ning XM, Zhan L, Ma L, Xu XY, Xu LM, Zhang LL
431 - 441 Simultaneous double cationic and anionic molecule separation from herring milt hydrolysate and impact on resulting fraction bioactivities
Durand R, Fraboulet E, Marette A, Bazinet L
442 - 451 Mixed matrix membranes comprising of polysulfone and microporous Bio-MOF-1: Preparation and gas separation properties
Ishaq S, Tamime R, Bilad MR, Khan AL
452 - 462 Insight into heterogeneous Fenton-sonophotocatalytic degradation of nitrobenzene using metal oxychlorides
ElMetwally AE, Eshaq G, Al-Sabagh AM, Yehia FZ, Philip CA, Moussa NA, ElShafei GMS
463 - 472 Treatment of oily wastewater from drilling site using electrocoagulation followed by microfiltration
Changmai M, Pasawan M, Purkait MK
473 - 478 Influence of surfactant for improving dewatering of brown coal: A comparative experimental and MD simulation study
You XF, He M, Zhu XC, Wei HB, Cao XQ, Wang P, Li L
479 - 490 Metal substituted sulfonated poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) hybrid membranes with magnetic fillers for gas separation
Rybak A, Rybak A, Kaszuwara W, Nyc M, Auguscik M
491 - 496 Tailored synthesis of SBA-15 rods using different types of acids and its application in adsorption of uranium
Dan H, Chen LY, Xian Q, Yi FC, Ding Y
497 - 503 Oxygen impurity in nitrogen desorption purge gas can increase heel buildup on activated carbon
Hashemi SM, Lashaki MJ, Hashisho Z, Phillips JH, Anderson JE, Nichols M
504 - 510 Comparison of toxicity of Fe/Ni and starch-stabilized Fe/Ni nanoparticles toward Escherichia coli
Dong HR, Cheng YJ, Lu Y, Hou KJ, Zhang LH, Li L, Wang B, Wang YY, Ning Q, Zeng GM
511 - 520 One step co-sintering process for low-cost fly ash based ceramic microfiltration membrane in oil-in-water emulsion treatment
Zou D, Qiu MH, Chen XF, Drioli E, Fan YQ
521 - 529 Performance and antifouling behavior of thin-film nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes with embedded silica spheres
Ang MBMY, Pereira JM, Trilles CA, Aquino RR, Huang SH, Lee KR, Lai JY
530 - 540 Numerical simulation of counter-current liquid liquid extraction for recovering Co, Ni and Li from lithium-ion battery leachates of varying composition
Vasilyev F, Virolainen S, Sainio T
541 - 552 Dynamics and mass transfer characteristics of CO2 absorption into MEA/[Bmim] [BF4] aqueous solutions in a microchannel
Yin YR, Fu TT, Zhu CY, Guo RW, Ma YG, Li HZ
553 - 562 Enhanced CO2 permeability in Matrimid (R) 5218 mixed matrix membranes for separating binary CO2/CH4 mixtures
Castro-Munoz R, Fila V, Martin-Gil V, Muller C
563 - 573 Degradation of methylene blue and congo-red dyes using Fenton, photo-Fenton, sono-Fenton, and sonophoto-Fenton methods in the presence of iron (II,III) oxide/zinc oxide/graphene (Fe3O4/ZnO/graphene) composites
Saleh R, Taufik A
574 - 586 Heat-pump assisted distillation versus double-effect distillation for bioethanol recovery followed by pressure swing adsorption for bioethanol dehydration
Singh A, da Cunha S, Rangaiah GP
587 - 599 Bio-inspired superhydrophobic and superoleophilic nanofibrous membranes for non-aqueous solvent and oil separation from water
Shahabadi SMS, Brant JA
600 - 607 Soft drink industry wastewater treatment in microwave photocatalytic system - Exploration of removal efficiency and degradation mechanism
Remya N, Swain A
608 - 615 2D/2D Z-scheme heterojunction of CuInS2/g-C3N4 for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity towards the degradation of tetracycline
Guo F, Shi WL, Li MY, Shi Y, Wen HB
616 - 626 Effect of benzoic acid content on aging of 6FDA copolyimides based thin film composite (TFC) membranes in CO2/CH4 environment
Martin-Gil V, Dujardin W, Sysel P, Koeckelberghs G, Vankelecom IFJ, Fila V
627 - 635 Effect of alumina on the performance and characterization of cross-linked PVA/PEG 600 blended membranes for CO2/N-2 separation
Dilshad MR, Islam A, Hamidullah U, Jamshaid F, Ahmad A, Butt MTZ, Ijaz A
636 - 650 Characterization and cleaning of anion-exchange membranes used in electrodialysis of polyphenol-containing food industry solutions; comparison with cation-exchange membranes
Bdiri M, Dammak L, Larchet C, Hellal F, Porozhnyy M, Nevakshenova E, Pismenskaya N, Nikonenko V
651 - 658 Inhibitory effect of hydrogen ion on the copper ions separation from acid solution across graphene oxide membranes
Pei JX, Huang L, Jiang HF, Liu HD, Liu X, Hu XJ
659 - 669 Effect of calcination atmosphere on microstructure and H-2/CO2 separation of palladium-doped silica membranes
Yang J, Fan WQ, Bell CM
670 - 681 Steady-state recycling chromatography in the purification of weakly acidic lignocellulosic hydrolysates
Heinonen J, Tamper J, Laatikainen M, Sainio T
682 - 689 Foam fractionation for the concentration of exopolysaccharides produced by repeated batch fermentation of cordyceps militaris
Zheng HJ, Hao MM, Liu W, Zheng WC, Yingying, Fan SX, Wu ZL
690 - 697 Separation and recovery of valuable metals from spent lithium ion batteries: Simultaneous recovery of Li and Co in a single step
Chen XP, Kang DZ, Cao L, Li JZ, Zhou T, Ma HR
698 - 709 Fast decolourization of Indigo Carmine and Crystal Violet in aqueous environments through micellar catalysis
Raducan A, Puiu M, Oancea P, Colbea C, Velea A, Dinu B, Mihailescu AM, Galaon T
710 - 718 On the use of ionic liquids as adjuvants in PEG-(NH4)(2)SO4 aqueous biphasic systems: Phase diagrams behavior and the effect of IL concentration on myoglobin partition
Marchel M, Joao KG, Marrucho IM
719 - 728 Spacer vibration for fouling control of submerged flat sheet membranes
Wu B, Zhang YJ, Mao ZM, Tan WS, Tan YZ, Chew JW, Chong TH, Fane AG
729 - 736 Fabrication of poly(ethylene glycol) particles with a micro-spherical morphology on polymeric fibers and its application in high flux water filtration
Regev C, Belfer S, Holenberg M, Fainstein R, Parola AH, Kasher R
737 - 745 Ultrahigh permeability of graphene-based membranes by adjusting D-spacing with poly (ethylene imine) for the separation of dye wastewater
Lu JJ, Gu YH, Chen Y, Yan X, Guo YJ, Lang WZ
746 - 753 Phenomenological prediction of desalination brines nanofiltration through the indirect determination of zeta potential
Ortiz-Albo P, Ibanez R, Urtiaga A, Ortiz I
754 - 763 Nanoparticle filtration through microporous ECTFE membrane in an alcoholic solution
Yao N, Khusid B, Sirkar KK, Dehn DJ
764 - 774 Enhanced degradation of an azo dye by catalytic ozonation over Ni-containing layered double hydroxide nanocatalyst
El Hassani K, Kalnina D, Turks M, Beakou BH, Anouar A
775 - 785 Highly improved visible-light-driven photocatalytic removal of Cr(VI) over yttrium doped H-Titanate nanosheets and its synergy with organic pollutant oxidation
Lu DZ, Kondamaredd KK, Fan HQ, Gao B, Wang J, Wang J, Hao HJ
786 - 797 A novel Ag2O/g-C3N4 p-n heterojunction photocatalysts with enhanced visible and near-infrared light activity
Liang SH, Zhang DF, Pu XP, Yao XT, Han RT, Yin J, Ren XZ
798 - 803 SILAR preparation of Bi2S3 nanoparticles sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays for efficient solar cells and photocatalysts
Wang QY, Liu ZY, Jin RC, Wang Y, Gao SM
804 - 816 GdVO4 modified fluorine doped graphene nanosheets as dispersed photocatalyst for mitigation of phenolic compounds in aqueous environment and bacterial disinfection
Shandilya P, Mittal D, Sudhaik A, Soni M, Raizada P, Saini AK, Singh P
817 - 823 Preparation of a novel sulfonated polyphenlene sulfone with flexible side chain for ultrafiltration membrane application
Zhou D, Rong GL, Huang S, Pang JH
824 - 834 The recovery and selective extraction of gold and platinum by novel ionic liquids
Boudesocque S, Mohamadou A, Conreux A, Marin B, Dupont L
835 - 842 Selective cloud point extraction of uranium from thorium and lanthanides using Cyanex 301 as extractant
Liang HL, Chen QD, Xu C, Shen XH
843 - 849 Flotation performance and adsorption mechanism of malachite with tert-butylsalicylaldoxime
Li LQ, Zhao JH, Xiao YY, Huang ZQ, Guo ZZ, Li FX, Deng LQ
850 - 866 Membrane-based separation of potential emerging pollutants
Dharupaneedi SP, Nataraj SK, Nadagouda M, Reddy KR, Shukla SS, Aminabhavi TM
867 - 884 Utilization of blast furnace sludge for the removal of zinc from steelmaking dusts using microwave heating
Omran M, Fabritius T
885 - 890 Efficient lithium extraction by membrane capacitive deionization incorporated with monovalent selective cation exchange membrane
Shi WH, Liu XY, Ye CZ, Cao XH, Gao CJ, Shen JN
891 - 899 Electro-responsive carbon membranes with reversible superhydrophobicity/superhydrophilicity switch for efficient oil/water separation
Du L, Quan X, Fan XF, Chen S, Yu HT
900 - 906 Influence of nitric oxide on the oxygen permeation behavior of La(0.6)Sro(0.4)Co(0.2)Fe(0.8)O(3) (-) (delta) perovskite membranes
Gao J, Lun YT, Han N, Tan XY, Fan CY, Liu SM
907 - 912 Evaluation of adsorption of organic solvents to modified hydrophobic silica adsorbents based on Hansen solubility parameter
Fujiwara N, Yamamoto H
913 - 919 Cellulose/polyacrylonitrile electrospun composite fiber for effective separation of the surfactant-free oil-in-water mixture under a versatile condition
Karki HP, Kafle L, Ojha DP, Song JH, Kim HJ
920 - 926 CO2 absorption enhancement by water-based nanofluids of CNT and SiO2 using hollow-fiber membrane contactor
Rezakazemi M, Darabi M, Soroush E, Mesbah M
927 - 934 On high purity fullerenol obtained by combined dialysis and freeze-drying method with its morphostructural transition and photoluminescence
De Santiago HA, Gupta SK, Mao YB
935 - 942 A novel and highly efficient photocatalytic degradation of malachite green dye via surface modified polyacrylonitrile nanofibers/biogenic silica composite nanofibers
Mohamed A, Ghobara MM, Abdelmaksoud MK, Mohamed GG
943 - 949 Polarity reversal electrochemical process for water softening
Jin HC, Yu Y, Zhang L, Yan RX, Chen XM
950 - 962 Scale-up in froth flotation: A state-of-the-art review
Mesa D, Brito-Parada PR
963 - 972 Cationic kraft lignin-acrylamide copolymer as a flocculant for clay suspensions: (2) Charge density effect
Hasan A, Fatehi P
973 - 980 Graphene oxide surface modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes for improved N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) removal
Croll H, Soroush A, Pillsbury ME, Castrillon SRV
981 - 987 Separation of colloidal minerals from water by oscillating flows and grouping
Halfi E, Brenner A, Katoshevski D
988 - 994 Modeling for predicting copper ion removal from aqueous solution by the fluidized adsorption based on dimensional analysis
Du ZL, Cao HZ, Liu GD, Zheng T, Wang P, Quan J
995 - 1000 Pyrrolidinone-based hypercrosslinked polymers for reversible capture of radioactive iodine
Li XM, Chen G, Ma JT, Jia Q
1001 - 1007 A new method for simultaneous removal of heavy metals and harmful organics from rape seed meal from metal-contaminated farmland
Yuan J, Yang Y, Zhou XH, Ge YC, Zeng QR
1008 - 1016 Characterizing the roles of organic and inorganic foulants in RO membrane fouling development: The case of coal chemical wastewater treatment
Wang S, Xiao K, Huang X