Separation and Purification Technology

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ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Impacts of the vortex finder eccentricity on the flow pattern and performance of a gas cyclone
Parvaz F, Hosseini SH, Ahmadi G, Elsayed K
14 - 24 Activated alumina for the removal of fluoride ions from high alkalinity groundwater: New insights from equilibrium and column studies with multicomponent solutions
Millar GJ, CouperthWaite SJ, Dawes LA, Thompson S, Spencer J
25 - 33 Separation of boron from metallurgical grade silicon by a synthetic CaO-CaC12 slag treatment and Ar-H2O-O-2 gas blowing refining technique
Xia ZF, Wu JJ, Ma WH, Lei Y, Wei KX, Dai YN
34 - 45 Experimental and modeling study of supercritical CO2 extraction of Quercus cerris cork: Influence of ethanol and particle size on extraction kinetics and selectivity to friedelin
de Melo MMR, Sen A, Silvestre AJD, Pereira H, Silva CM
46 - 59 Fabrication, tuning and optimization of poly (acrilonitryle) nanofiltration membranes for effective nickel and chromium removal from electroplating wastewater
Hosseini SS, Nazif A, Shahmirzadi MAA, Ortiz I
60 - 66 Reliability and efficiency of pollution removal during long-term operation of a one-stage constructed wetland system with horizontal flow
Jozwiakowski K, Bugajski P, Mucha Z, Wojcik W, Jucherski A, Nastawny M, Siwiec T, Mazur A, Obroslak R, Gajewska M
67 - 75 Adsorptive removal of boron by zeolitic imidazolate framework: kinetics, isotherms, thermodynamics, mechanism and recycling
Lyu JF, Zhang N, Liu HX, Zeng ZLZ, Zhang JS, Bai P, Guo XH
76 - 83 Rapid removal of tetracycline antibiotics from water by coagulation-flotation of sodium dodecyl sulfate and poly(allylamine hydrochloride) in the presence of Al(III) ions
Saitoh T, Shibata K, Fujimori K, Ohtani Y
84 - 90 Probing the essence of strong interaction in oily sludge with thermodynamic analysis
Li ZH, Wu PP, Hou XL, Liu D, Wang JN, Lou B, Kong X
91 - 101 Enhancement of collection efficiency for fly ash particles (PM2.5) by unipolar agglomerator in two-stage electrostatic precipitator
Sobczyk AT, Marchewicz A, Krupa A, Jaworek A, Czech T, Sliwinski L, Kluk D, Ottawa A, Charchalis A
102 - 109 Impact of the pulsed voltage input and the electrode spacing on the enhancement of the permeate flux in a dielectrophoresis based anti-fouling system for a submerged membrane bioreactor
Larbi B, Hawari AH, Du F, Baune M, Thoming J
110 - 117 Diglycolamide-functionalized dendrimers: Studies on Americium(III) pertraction from radioactive waste
Ansari SA, Mohapatra PK, Leoncini A, Huskens J, Verboom W
118 - 126 Enhanced hydrophilicity and mechanical robustness of polysulfone nanofiber membranes by addition of polyethyleneimine and Al2O3 nanoparticles
Uzal N, Ates N, Saki S, Bulbul YE, Chen YS
127 - 136 Effect of cold plasma surface treatment on the properties of supported ionic liquid membranes
Dahi A, Fatyeyeva K, Langevin D, Chappey C, Poncin-Epaillard F, Marais S
137 - 161 Influence of polyelectrolytes and other polymer complexes on the flocculation and rheological behaviors of clay minerals: A comprehensive review
Shaikh SMR, Nasser MS, Hussein I, Benamor A, Onaizi SA, Qiblawey H
162 - 172 The use of hydrate formation for the continuous recovery of ethylene and hydrogen from fluid catalytic cracking dry gas
Wang YW, Deng Y, Guo XQ, Sun Q, Liu AX, Chen GJ, Sun CY, Yang LY
173 - 183 Thermal and structural stability of Zr-based amorphous thin films for potential application in hydrogen purification
Nayebossadri S, Greenwood CJ, Speight JD, Book D
184 - 192 Kinetic evaluation of simultaneous waste cooking oil hydrolysis and reactive liquid-liquid Cu extraction from synthetic Cu-containing wastewater: Effect of various co-contaminants
Ong LK, Nguyen PLT, Soetaredjo FE, Ismadji S, Ju YH
193 - 198 Estimation of particle size distribution using the sedimentation method enhanced by electrical-potential
Sugasawa H, Yoshida H
199 - 206 A smart potential-responsive ion exchange nanomaterial with superparamagnetism for cesium ion separation and recovery
Wang ZD, Guo SJ, Wu ZJ, Fan HL, Guan GQ, Hao XG
207 - 213 Membranes based on electrospun lignin-zeolite composite nanofibers
Bahi A, Shao JZ, Mohseni M, Ko FK
214 - 220 Selective removal of magnesium from a lithium-concentrated anolyte by magnesium ammonium phosphate precipitation
He LH, Xu WH, Song YF, Liu XH, Zhao ZW
221 - 232 The preparation of polyamide/polyacrylonitrile thin film composite hollow fiber membranes for dehydration of ethanol mixtures
Tsai HA, Wang TY, Huang SH, Hu CC, Hung WS, Lee KR, Lai JY
233 - 243 Experimental simulation of continuous nanofiltration processes by means of a single module in batch mode
Santafe-Moros A, Gozalvez-Zafrilla JM, Lora-Garcia J
244 - 254 UV-initiated polymerization of acid-and alkali-resistant cationic flocculant P(AM-MAPTAC): Synthesis, characterization, and application in sludge dewatering
Li X, Zheng HL, Gao BY, Zhao C, Sun YJ
255 - 263 Mechanism of PH3 absorption by CutILs/H2O two-liquid phase system
Qu GF, Zhao Q, Jian RL, Wang JY, Liu DX, Ning P
264 - 273 Performance of PVDF flat membranes and hollow fibers in desalination by direct contact membrane distillation at high temperatures
Singh D, Sirkar KK
274 - 284 Change of surface morphology, permeate flux, surface roughness and water contact angle for membranes with similar physicochemical characteristics (except surface roughness) during microfiltration
Woo SH, Min BR, Lee JS
285 - 293 Development and investigation of mixed-matrix PVA-fullerenol membranes for acetic acid dehydration by pervaporation
Dmitrenko ME, Penkova AV, Missyul AB, Kuzminova AI, Markelov DA, Ermakov SS, Roizard D
294 - 302 Effects of polymer binders on separation performance of the perovskite-type 4-bore hollow fiber membranes
Song Z, Zhang ZC, Zhang GR, Liu ZK, Zhu JW, Jin WQ
303 - 310 TiO2-SiO2/GAC particles for enhanced electrocatalytic removal of acid orange 7 (AO7) dyeing wastewater in a three-dimensional electrochemical reactor
Li XY, Xu J, Cheng JP, Feng L, Shi YF, Ji J
311 - 318 Organization of diglycolamides on resorcinarene cavitand and its effect on the selective extraction and separation of HREEs
Wehbie M, Arrachart G, Cruz CA, Karame I, Ghannam L, Pellet-Rostaing S
319 - 326 Copper recovery from chloride solutions using liquid extraction with pyridinecarboximidamides as extractants
Wojciechowska I, Wieszczycka K, Aksamitowski P, Wojciechowska A
327 - 333 PTFE conductive membrane for EVMD process and the application of electro-catalysis
Liu H, Huang QL, Wang YF, Xiao CF
334 - 342 Humic acid removal from micro-polluted source water in the presence of inorganic salts in a gas-phase surface discharge plasma system
Zhang QR, Qu GZ, Wang TC, Li CG, Qiang H, Sun QH, Liang DL, Hu SB
343 - 354 High-performance silicalite-1 membranes on porous tubular silica supports for separation of ethanol/water mixtures
Ueno K, Negishi H, Okuno T, Saito T, Tawarayama H, Ishikawa S, Miyamoto M, Uemiya S, Sawada Y, Oumi Y
355 - 364 Adsorption of palladium(II) from hydrochloric acid solutions using polymeric resins impregnated with novel N-substituted 2-(diphenylthiophosphoryl)acetamides
Turanov AN, Karandashev VK, Artyushin OI, Sharova EV, Genkina GK
365 - 373 On the effect of fumed silica particles on the structure, properties and application of PVDF membranes
Mavukkandy MO, Bilad MR, Kujawa J, Al-Gharabli S, Arafat HA
374 - 379 SPIONs as proton pump and electrostatic contributor for the simultaneous precipitation of protonated neutral red, Ag+ and chloride ion from aqueous solution
Fakayode OJ, Songca SP, Oluwafemi OS
380 - 388 Influence of prefiltration on membrane performance during isolation of lignin-carbohydrate complexes from spent sulfite liquor
Al-Rudainy B, Galbe M, Wallberg O
389 - 396 Recovery of copper from alkaline glycine leach solution using solvent extraction
Tanda BC, Oraby EA, Eksteen JJ
397 - 406 Activated carbon fiber (ACF) enhances the UV/EF system to remove nitrobenzene in water
Zhao C, Si B, Mirza ZA, Liu YY, He XL, Li JF, Wang ZY, Zheng HL
407 - 414 Rapid selective extraction of V(V) from leaching solution using annular centrifugal contactors and stripping for NH4VO3
Jing XH, Wang JY, Cao HB, Ning PG, Sun Z
415 - 425 Fenton treatment for flotation separation of polyvinyl chloride from plastic mixtures
Wang JC, Wang H
426 - 435 Inorganic trace contaminant removal from real brackish groundwater using electrodialysis
Onorato C, Banasiak LJ, Schafer AI
436 - 442 Electricity production from human urine in ceramic microbial fuel cells with alternative non-fluorinated polymer binders for cathode construction
Salar-Garcia MJ, Ortiz-Martinez VM, Gajda I, Greenman J, Hernandez-Fernandez FJ, Ieropoulos IA
443 - 452 Effect of free volume and formation mechanisms of polyamide layers on nanofiltration membrane
Hung WS, Liang JH, Lecaros RLG, An QF, Hu CC, Lee KR, Lai JY
453 - 467 Effect of alkanol chain length of primary alkanolamines and alkyl chain length of secondary and tertiary alkanolamines on their CO2 capture activities
Narku-Tetteh J, Muchan P, Idem R