Separation and Purification Technology

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.183 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Mn-Fe-Mg-Ce loaded Al2O3 catalyzed ozonation for mineralization of refractory organic chemicals in petroleum refinery wastewater
Chen CM, Li Y, Ma WF, Guo SH, Wang QH, Li QX
11 - 20 Potential application of perfusion and pertraction for in situ product removal in biocatalytic 2-phenylethanol production
Cervenansky I, Mihal M, Markos J
21 - 31 Mechanical behavior of MWCNTs based mixed-matrix polymeric and carbon hollow fiber membranes
Alexopoulos ND, Gegitsidis FD, Kourkoulis SK, Favvas EP
32 - 42 Influence of coagulation process on the ultrafiltration performance - The roles of Al species and characteristics of algae-laden water
Zhang DW, Xu H, Wang X, Wang DS, Duan JM, Men B
43 - 53 CO removal at ambient conditions: Catalyst screening and impact of operating conditions
Punde SS, Tatarchuk BJ
54 - 65 Novel Z-Scheme g-C3N4/C@Bi2MoO6 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for beta-naphthol degradation
Ma TJ, Wu J, Mi YD, Chen QH, Ma D, Chai C
66 - 72 Treatment of textile dyes containing wastewaters with PES/PVA thin film composite nanofiltration membranes
Babu J, Murthy ZVP
73 - 82 A novel approach for distillation of paeonol and simultaneous extraction of paeoniflorin by microwave irradiation using an ionic liquid solution as the reaction medium
Chen FL, Mo KL, Zhang Q, Fei SM, Zu YG, Yang L
83 - 95 An heuristic-based selection process for organic solvent nanofiltration membranes
Blumenschein S, Katzel U
96 - 105 Separation and recovery of polyphenols and carbohydrates from Eucalyptus bark extract by ultrafiltration/diafiltration and adsorption processes
Pinto PR, Mota IF, Pereira CM, Ribeiro AM, Loureiro JM, Rodrigues AE
106 - 116 Treating thermomechanical pulping wastewater with biomass-based fly ash: Modeling and experimental studies
Sun YH, Liu Z, Fatehi P
117 - 126 Mass transfer performance studies of aqueous blended DEEA-MEA solution using orthogonal array design in a packed column
Liao HY, Gao HX, Xu B, Liang ZW
127 - 135 Studies on process development for the separation of sodium chloride from residue after evaporation of reverse osmosis reject solution
Boopathy R, Sekaran G
136 - 144 High frequency ultrasonic-assisted chemical absorption of CO2 using monoethanolamine (MEA)
Tay WH, Lau KK, Shariff AM
145 - 152 Removal of nitrate by asymmetric capacitive deionization
Lado JJ, Perez-Roa RE, Wouters JJ, Tejedor-Tejedor MI, Federspill C, Ortiz JM, Anderson MA
153 - 161 Development and stability of gelatin cross-linked membranes for copper (II) ions removal from acid waters
Kamal O, Pochat-Bohatier C, Sanchez-Marcano J
162 - 172 Polysulfone porous hollow fiber membranes for ethylene-ethane separation in gas-liquid membrane contactor
Ovcharova A, Vasilevsky V, Borisov I, Bazhenov S, Volkov A, Bildyukevich A, Volkov V
173 - 180 MOF immobilization on the surface of polymer-cordierite composite monoliths through in-situ crystal growth
Lawson S, Hajari A, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
181 - 193 Mathematical modeling of rapid temperature swing adsorption; the role of influencing parameters
Hosseini SF, Talaie MR, Aghamiri S, Khademi MH, Gholami M, Esfahany MN
194 - 203 Performance comparison of methanol steam reforming integrated to Pd-Ag membrane: Membrane reformer vs. membrane separator
Sharma R, Kumar A, Upadhyay RK
204 - 215 Adsorption of Cu2+ from aqueous solution by a novel material; azomethine functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
Ojemaye MO, Okoh OO, Okoh AI
216 - 225 The investigation of the photocatalytic efficiency of spherical gold nanocages/TiO2 and silver nanospheres/TiO2 composites
Toth ZR, Kovacs G, Hernadi K, Baia L, Pap Z
226 - 236 Peculiar synergistic extraction behavior of Eu(III) in ionic liquids: Benzoylacetone and CMPO fusion
Atanassova M, Kurteva V
237 - 248 Development of a new nanofiltration membrane for removal of kinetic hydrate inhibitor from water
Golpour M, Pakizeh M
249 - 257 Polyamine-modified magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite for enhanced selenium removal
Lu ZZ, Yu JX, Zeng HB, Liu QX
258 - 269 An evaluation of hydroxamate collectors for malachite flotation
Marion C, Jordens A, Li RH, Rudolph M, Waters KE
270 - 278 Controlling cell adhesion in antibody purification by expanded bed adsorption chromatography
D'Souza RN, Kakarla PB, Yelemane V, Meyer R, den Boer P, Fernandez-Lahore M
279 - 292 Obtaining and purification of a highly soluble hydrolyzed rice endosperm protein
de Souza D, Sbardelotto AF, Ziegler DDR, Pinto LMN, Ramos RCD, Marczak LDF, Tessaro IC
293 - 303 Effect of cold air stream injection on cyclone performance at high temperature
Huang AN, Maeda N, Sunada S, Fukasawa T, Yoshida H, Kuo HP, Fukui K
304 - 317 Multistep centrifugal consolidation method for characterization of filterability of aggregated concentrated suspensions
Loginov M, Zierau A, Kavianpour D, Lerche D, Vorobiev E, Gesan-Guiziou G, Mahnic-Kalamiza S, Sobisch T
318 - 326 In situ repairing the large defects of macroporous ceramic membranes by polyelectrolyte-coated nanoparticles
Li J, Si XG, Wang NX, Ji SL
327 - 332 Abatement kinetics of highly concentrated 1H-Benzotriazole in aqueous solution by ozonation
Dai QZ, Chen W, Luo JM, Luo XB
333 - 340 Can the addition of carbon nanoparticles to a polyimide membrane reduce plasticization?
Kanehashi S, Chen GQ, Danaci D, Webley PA, Kentish SE
341 - 349 Enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic application of Ag2O decorated ZnO nanorods heterostructures
Lamba R, Umar A, Mehta SK, Kansal SK
350 - 357 Oxidation of inorganic compounds by aqueous permanganate: Kinetics and initial electron transfer steps
Song Y, Jiang J, Ma J, Pang SY, Luo CW, Qin W
358 - 365 Biogas upgrading using membrane contactor process: Pressure-cascaded stripping configuration
Park A, Kim YM, Kim JF, Lee PS, Cho YH, Park HS, Nam SE, Park YI
366 - 372 Production of lead concentrate from bioleached residue tailings by brine leaching followed by sulfide precipitation
Ye MY, Li GJ, Yan PF, Zheng L, Sun SY, Huang SS, Li HF, Chen Y, Yang LK, Huang JL
373 - 381 Electrochemical removal of microalgae with an integrated electrolysis-microbial fuel cell closed-loop system
Monasterio S, Mascia M, Di Lorenzo M
382 - 391 Visible light responsive Mn-S-co-doped TiO2 photocatalyst - Synthesis, characterization and mechanistic aspect of photocatalytic degradation
Sharotri N, Sud D