Separation and Purification Technology

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ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Impacts of main parameters on the regeneration process efficiency of several ion exchange resins after final purification of olive mill effluent
Victor-Ortega MD, Ochando-Pulido JM, Martinez-Ferez A
9 - 16 Evaluation of the replacement of NaCN with depressant mixtures in the separation of copper-molybdenum sulphide ore by flotation
Yin ZG, Sun W, Hu YH, Zhai JH, Guan QJ
17 - 26 Clinoptilolite supported rutile TiO2 composites: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic activity on the degradation of terephthalic acid
Yener HB, Yilmaz M, Deliismail O, Ozkan SF, Helvaci SS
27 - 36 Photodegradation and removal of organic dyes using cui nanostructures, green synthesis and characterization
Ghanbari M, Bazarganipour M, Salavati-Niasari M
37 - 43 Mutual separation of indium(III), gallium(III) and zinc(II) with alkylated aminophosphonic acids with different basicities of amine moiety
Sasaki Y, Oshima T, Baba Y
44 - 48 Battery-type column for caesium ions separation using electroactive film of copper hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles
Chen RZ, Tanaka H, Kawamoto T, Wang JX, Zhang YX
49 - 54 Sequential pressure-driven membrane operations to recover and fractionate polyphenols and polysaccharides from second racking wine lees
Giacobbo A, Bernardes AM, de Pinho MN
55 - 62 Mechanism of enhanced diclofenac mineralization by catalytic ozonation over iron silicate-loaded pumice
Gao GY, Shen JM, Chu W, Chen ZL, Yuan L
63 - 71 Surface-etched halloysite nanotubes in mixed matrix membranes for efficient gas separation
Ge L, Lin RJ, Wang L, Rufford TE, Villacorta B, Liu SM, Liu LX, Zhu ZH
72 - 79 Metal-free activation of Oxone using one-step prepared sulfur-doped carbon nitride under visible light irradiation
Lin KYA, Zhang ZY
80 - 85 An energy-efficient juice concentration technology by ethylene hydrate formation
Li SF, Qi F, Du KG, Shen YM, Liu DB, Fan LH
86 - 92 A comparison of microfiltration and inertia-based microfluidics for large scale suspension separation
Dijkshoorn JP, Schutyser MAI, Wagterveld RM, Schroen CGPH, Boom RM
93 - 98 Membrane separation of gas mixtures under the influence of resonance radiation
Levdansky V, Izak P
99 - 104 Synthesis of MnOx/SBA-15 for Norfloxacin degradation by catalytic ozonation
Chen WR, Li XK, Pan ZQ, Ma SS, Li LS
105 - 112 Di-1-methyl heptyl methylphosphonate (DMHMP): A promising extractant in Th-based fuel reprocessing
Li RF, Liu CX, Zhao HG, He SH, Li Z, Li QN, Zhang L
113 - 120 Coupling of ionic liquid treatment and membrane filtration for recovery of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass
Gogoi G, Hazarika S
121 - 128 Robust magnetic polystyrene foam for high efficiency and removal oil from water surface
Yu LH, Hao GZ, Xiao L, Yin QS, Xia MT, Jiang W
129 - 134 Integration of cell harvest with affinity-enhanced purification of monoclonal antibodies using aqueous two-phase systems with a dual tag ligand
Campos-Pinto I, Espitia-Saloma E, Rosa SASL, Rito-Palomares M, Aguilar O, Arevalo-Rodriguez M, Aires-Barros MR, Azevedo AM
135 - 143 High efficient removal of dyes from aqueous solution through nanofiltration using diethanolamine-modified polyamide thin-film composite membrane
Liu MH, Chen Q, Lu K, Huang WQ, Lu ZH, Zhou CM, Yu SC, Gao CJ
144 - 150 Effect of additional polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide on the evolution of floc characteristics during floc breakage and re-growth process
Wang ZB, Nan J, Yao M, Yang YM
151 - 155 Evaluation of extractability of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol by secondary amine extractant in alcohols: Equilibrium and molecular dynamic study
Uslu H
156 - 164 Purification of juices obtained with innovative pulsed electric field and alkaline pressing of sugar beet tissue
Almohammed F, Mhemdi H, Vorobiev E
165 - 173 Process stability in an anammox UASB reactor with individual and combined thiocyanate and hydraulic shocks
Chen QQ, Sun FQ, Guo Q, Shen YY, Zhu WQ, Jin RC
174 - 182 Production of lactobionic acid by BMED process using porous P84 co-polyimide anion exchange membranes
Zhang CY, Xue S, Wang GS, Wu CM, Wu YH
183 - 192 Block copolyimide membranes for pure- and mixed-gas separation
Heck R, Qahtani MS, Yahaya GO, Tanis I, Brown D, Bahamdan AA, Ameen AW, Vaidya MM, Ballaguet JPR, Alhajry RH, Espuche E, Mercier R
193 - 199 Development of an agent suited for adsorbing Cs-137 from ash and soil waste solutions
Kim GN, Kim SS, Choi JW
200 - 208 Analysis of high resolution flux data to characterize fouling profiles of membranes with different MWCO under different filtration modes
Tansel B, Dizge N, Tansel IN
209 - 217 Effects of epichlorohydrin-dimethylamine on polytitanium chloride coagulation and membrane fouling in humic-kaolin water treatment: Dosage, dose method and solution pH
Huang X, Gao BY, Sun YY, Yue QY, Wang Y, Li Q, Xu X
218 - 225 Cold incineration of sucralose in aqueous solution by electro-Fenton process
Lin H, Oturan N, Wu J, Zhang H, Oturan MA
226 - 232 Surface hydrophilization of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene by the mild heat treatment for its selective separation to recycling
Truc NTT, Lee CH, Lee BK, Mallampati SR
233 - 239 Isolation and purification of concentrated and non-concentrated hemicellulose alkaline extracts
Silva FF, Alves AMB, Serrano MD, de Sousa APM
240 - 243 The model of crossed movement and gas-liquid flow interaction with captured liquid film in the inertial-filtering separation channels
Liaposchenko O, Pavlenko I, Nastenko O
244 - 249 Influence of NOM and SS on the BPA removal via peroxidase catalyzed reactions: Kinetics and pathways
Jiang W, Li WT, Xiao F, Wang DS, Wang ZC
250 - 257 Assessment on multilayer ultrafiltration membrane for fractionation of tilapia by-product protein hydrolysate with angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity
Roslan J, Kamal SMM, Yunos KFM, Abdullah N
258 - 268 Visible light activated carbon and co-doped mesoporous TiO2 as efficient photocatalyst for degradation of ibuprofen
El -Sheikh SM, Khedr TM, Hakki A, Ismail AA, Badawy WA, Bahnemann DW
269 - 279 Gas separation performance of 6FDA-DAM-ZIF-11 mixed-matrix membranes for H-2/CH4 and CO2/CH4 separation
Boroglu MS, Yumru AB
280 - 285 Recovery of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) from dilute water solution by foam flotation
Lee YC, Wang PY, Lo SL, Huang CP
286 - 294 Molecular sieving effects of disk-shaped molecules on reverse osmosis and nanofiltration separation
Kiso Y, Oguchi T, Kamimoto Y, Makino K, Takeyoshi Y, Yamada T
295 - 303 Carbon dots/g-C3N4/ZnO nanocomposite as efficient visible-light driven photocatalyst for tetracycline total degradation
Guo F, Shi WL, Guan WS, Huang H, Liu Y
304 - 313 Mixed matrix membranes based on UiO-66 MOFs in the polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-1
Khdhayyer MR, Esposito E, Fuoco A, Monteleone M, Giorno L, Jansen JC, Attfield MP, Budd PM
314 - 322 Pervaporation dehydration of binary and ternary mixtures of n-butyl acetate, n-butanol and water using PVA-CS blended membranes
Zhang SY, Zou Y, Wei TY, Mu CX, Liu XJ, Tong ZF
323 - 329 A novel sandwich supported liquid membrane system for simultaneous separation of copper, nickel and cobalt in ammoniacal solution
Duan HP, Wang ZZ, Yuan XH, Wang SX, Guo H, Yang XJ
330 - 338 Removal of cyanobacterial amino acids in water treatment by activated carbon adsorption
Cermakova L, Kopecka I, Pivokonsky M, Pivokonska L, Janda V
339 - 356 Cryogenic pressure temperature swing adsorption process for natural gas upgrade
Moreira MA, Ribeiro AM, Ferreira APP, Rodrigues AE
357 - 363 Application of H2O2 to optimize ammonium removal from domestic wastewater
Jozwiakowski K, Marzec M, Fiedurek J, Kaminska A, Gajewska M, Wojciechowska E, Wu S, Dach J, Marczuk A, Kowlaczyk-Jusko A
364 - 371 Purification of metallurgical-grade silicon using zirconium as an impurity getter
Lei Y, Ma WH, Lv GQ, Wei KX, Li SY, Morita K
372 - 380 Pyridineimdamide derivatives - Efficient zinc(II) extractants
Wojciechowska I, Wieszczycka K, Wojciechowska A