Separation and Purification Technology

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ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Palladium(II) and N,N'-dimethyl-N,N'-dicyclohexylthiodiglycolamide -The extracted species from concentrated chloride solutions
Ortet O, Santos MSCS, Paiva AP
10 - 21 Construction of amorphous Ta2O5/g-C3N4 nanosheet hybrids with superior visible-light photoactivities for organic dye degradation and mechanism insight
Jiang YH, Liu PP, Liu Y, Liu XF, Li F, Ni L, Yan YS, Huo PW
22 - 29 Comparative study of degassing membrane modules for the removal of methane from Expanded Granular Sludge Bed anaerobic reactor effluent
Henares M, Izquierdo M, Penya-Roja JM, Martinez-Soria V
30 - 39 Pervaporation separation of acetic acid/water mixtures through sodium alginate/polyaniline polyion complex membrane
Moulik S, Nazia S, Vani B, Sridhar S
40 - 48 Investigation of pervaporation performance of POMS membrane during separation of butanol from water and the effect of added acetone and ethanol
Rom A, Friedl A
49 - 56 Highly efficient synthesis of cumene via benzene isopropylation over nano-sized beta zeolite in a submerged ceramic membrane reactor
Zou Y, Jiang H, Liu YF, Gao HX, Xing WH, Chen RZ
57 - 67 Mechanism for the elimination of pollutants from aqueous solutions adopting NiR2O4 (R = Fe, Cr and Al) with microwave energy
Ju YM, Liu RL, Tan X, Yu YJ, Dionysiou DD, Feng JW
68 - 77 A highly stable microporous covalent imine network adsorbent for natural gas upgrading and flue gas CO2 capture
Das SK, Wang XB, Ostwal MM, Lai ZP
78 - 91 Membrane distillation for concentration of hypersaline brines from the Great Salt Lake: Effects of scaling and fouling on performance, efficiency, and salt rejection
Bush JA, Vanneste J, Cath TY
92 - 101 Functionality of nano and 3D-microhierarchical TiO2 particles as coagulants for sericin extraction from the silk degumming wastewater
Pakdel E, Wang JF, Allardyce BJ, Rajkhowa R, Wang XG
102 - 108 Adsorption of volatile organic vapors by activated carbon derived from rice husk under various humidity conditions and its statistical evaluation by linear solvation energy relationships
Li MS, Wu SC, Peng YH, Shih YH
109 - 115 Investigating the relative contribution of colloidal and soluble fractions of secondary effluent organic matter to the irreversible fouling of MF and UF hollow fibre membranes
Filloux E, Gernjak W, Gallard H, Croue JP
116 - 121 A mobile pilot-scale plant for in situ demonstration of phosphorus recovery from wastewater using amorphous calcium silicate hydrates
Okano K, Miyamaru S, Yamamoto Y, Kunisada M, Takano H, Toda M, Honda K, Ohtake H
122 - 129 Mixed matrix membranes based on polysulfone and rice husk extracted silica for CO2 separation
Waheed N, Mushtaq A, Tabassum S, Gilani MA, Ilyas A, Ashraf F, Jamal Y, Bilad MR, Khan AU, Khan AL
130 - 137 Experimental investigation of the effects of the hydrophilic silica nanoparticles on mass transfer and hydrodynamics of single drop extraction
Goodarzi HH, Esfahany MN
138 - 145 Development of a liquid-liquid extraction method of resveratrol from cell culture media using solubility parameters
Al Balkhi MH, Mohammad MA, Tisserant LP, Boitel-Conti M
146 - 154 Experimental investigation on liquid distribution of filter cartridge during gas-liquid filtration
Liu Z, Ji ZL, Wu XL, Ma H, Zhao FT, Hao YT
155 - 172 A review of the mechanisms and models of bubble-particle detachment in froth flotation
Wang GC, Nguyen AV, Mitra S, Joshi JB, Jameson GJ, Evans GM
173 - 182 Magnetic carbon-supported cobalt prepared from one-step carbonization of hexacyanocobaltate as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for activating Oxone
Lin KYA, Chen YC, Huang CF
183 - 189 Surface decoration of BiOBr with BiPO4 nanoparticles to build heterostructure photocatalysts with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Gao MC, Zhang DF, Pu XP, Ma HY, Su CH, Gao X, Dou JM
190 - 198 Cerium-doped MoS2 nanostructures: Efficient visible photocatalysis for Cr(VI) removal
Wang HG, Wen FF, Li XY, Gan XR, Yang YN, Chen P, Zhang Y
199 - 207 A green electrorefining process for production of pure lead from methanesulfonic acid medium
Jin BJ, Dreisinger DB
208 - 216 Hollow fiber supported liquid membrane studies using a process compatible solvent containing calix[4]arene-mono-crown-6 for the recovery of radio-cesium from nuclear waste
Jagasia P, Ansari SA, Raut DR, Dhami PS, Gandhi PM, Kumar A, Mohapatra PK
217 - 223 Separation of argon from environmental samples for Ar-37 and Ar-39 analyses
Riedmann RA, Purtschert R
224 - 233 Insights on the influence of microwave irradiation on the extraction of flavonoids from Terminalia chebula
Krishnan RY, Chandran MN, Vadivel V, Rajan KS
234 - 240 Consecutive filtration of solid particles and droplets in fibrous filters
Gac JM, Jackiewicz A, Werner L, Jakubiak S
241 - 247 Purification treatment of dyes wastewater with a novel micro-electrolysis reactor
Han YH, Li H, Liu ML, Sang YM, Liang CZ, Chen JQ
248 - 255 Removal of impurities from metallurgical grade silicon by addition of ZnO to calcium silicate slag
Wang FM, Wu JJ, Ma WH, Xu M, Lei Y, Yang B
256 - 263 Separation of azeotropic mixture acetone plus hexane by using polydimethylsiloxane membrane
Randova A, Bartovska L, Kacirkova M, Ledesma OIH, Cervenkova-Sfastna L, Izak P, Zitkova A, Friess K
264 - 271 Gamma radiolytic degradation of 3,4-dichloroaniline in aqueous solution
Huang DY, Wang ZF, Zhang JH, Feng JW, Zheng Z, Zhang JB
272 - 279 Effects of surface electrical property and solution chemistry on fine wolframite flotation
Yang XL, Ai GH
280 - 293 Mathematical modeling of the gas transport through PEBAX/(nonporous silica) nanocomposite membranes: Development based on Van Amerongen and Van Krevelen relations
Ghadimi A, Mohammadi T, Kasiri N
294 - 305 A new approach for obtaining trans-resveratrol from tree peony seed oil extracted residues using ionic liquid-based enzymatic hydrolysis in situ extraction
Chen FL, Zhang XL, Du XQ, Yang L, Zu YG, Yang FJ
306 - 313 Advanced nitrogen removal using bio-refractory organics as carbon source for biological treatment of landfill leachate
Wu L, Zhang LY, Xu YY, Liang CZ, Kong H, Shi X, Peng YZ
314 - 320 Kinetics of reactive extraction of equol enantiomers from organic phase by hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin
Zhang PL, Dai GL, Xu WF, Tang KW
321 - 336 Cu-impregnated zeolite Y as highly active and stable heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst for degradation of Congo red dye
Singh L, Rekha P, Chand S
337 - 343 Effect of humic acid, oxalate and phosphate on Fenton-like oxidation of microcystin-LR by nanoscale zero-valent iron
Wang FF, Wu Y, Gao Y, Li H, Chen ZL
344 - 352 Phenols and anilines degradation by permanganate in the absence/presence of carbon nanotubes: Oxidation and dehalogenation
Zhao XD, Ma J, Jiang J, Sao YH, Liu HL
353 - 359 Recovery of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) from reaction mixtures containing salt by electrodialysis
Wang YM, Zhang ZH, Jiang CX, Xu TW
360 - 369 Gold acid mine drainage treatment by membrane separation processes: An evaluation of the main operational conditions
Aguiar AO, Andrade LH, Ricci BC, Pires WL, Miranda GA, Amaral MCS
370 - 376 The effect of a drainage layer on filtration performance of coalescing filters
Chang C, Ji ZL, Zeng FY
377 - 407 Demulsification techniques of water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions in petroleum industry
Zolfaghari R, Fakhru'l-Razi A, Abdullah LC, Elnashaie SSEH, Pendashteh A
408 - 416 Separation of boron and phosphorus from Cu-alloyed metallurgical grade silicon by CaO-SiO2-CaCl2 slag treatment
Huang LQ, Lai HX, Gan CH, Xiong HP, Xing PF, Luo XT
417 - 426 Purification of rare earth bis(trifluoromethyl-sulfonyl)amide salts by hydrometallurgy and electrodeposition of neodymium metal using potassium bis(trifluoromethyl-sulfonyl)amide melts
Ota H, Matsumiya M, Yamada T, Fujita T, Kawakami S
427 - 433 Selective hydrophilization of the permeate surface to enhance flux in membrane distillation
Ragunath S, Roy S, Mitra S
434 - 444 Comparison between artificial neural networks and Hermia's models to assess ultrafiltration performance
Corbaton-Baguena MJ, Vincent-Vela MC, Gozalvez-Zafrilla JM, Alvarez-Blanco S, Lora-Garcia J, Catalan-Martinez D
445 - 452 Renewable energy powered membrane technology: Case study of St. Dorcas borehole in Tanzania demonstrating fluoride removal via nanofiltration/reverse osmosis
Shen J, Richards BS, Schafer AI
453 - 461 Comments on binary and ternary gas adsorption selectivity
Wu CW, Sircar S