Separation and Purification Technology

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.150 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1383-5866 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Effect of Mg2+ binding on transmission of bovine serum albumin (BSA) through ultrafiltration membranes
Furlan LTR, Campderros ME
13 - 20 A novel super-hydrophilic PSf/HAO nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane for efficient separation of oil/water emulsion
Gohari RJ, Korminouri F, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Matsuura T, Chowdhury MNK, Halakoo E, Gohari MSJ
21 - 28 Effect of three different PEO-containing additives on the fouling behavior of PES-based ultrafiltration membranes
Kaltali G, Kalipcilar H, Culfaz-Emecen PZ
29 - 36 High-gradient magnetic separation for technical scale protein recovery using low cost magnetic nanoparticles
Garcia PF, Brammen M, Wolf M, Reinlein S, von Roman MF, Berensmeier S
37 - 43 An experimental study of flow distribution and separation performance in a UU-type mini-hydrocyclone group
Lv WJ, Huang C, Chen JQ, Liu HL, Wang HL
44 - 51 Continuous dehydration of Ionic Liquids in a falling film evaporator
Wellner N, Siebeneck K, Scholl S
52 - 62 Evaluation on the dewatering process of cyanobacteria-containing AlCl3 and PACl drinking water sludge
Sun F, Hu WR, Pei HY, Li XG, Xu XC, Ma CX
63 - 72 Deep eutectic solvent-based microwave-assisted extraction of genistin, genistein and apigenin from pigeon pea roots
Cui Q, Peng X, Yao XH, Wei ZF, Luo M, Wang W, Zhao CJ, Fu YJ, Zu YG
73 - 79 Ultrasound-enhanced subcritical water extraction of essential oils from Kaempferia galangal L. and their comparative antioxidant activities
Ma Q, Fan XD, Liu XC, Qiu TQ, Jiang JG
80 - 85 Removal of sulfur dioxide from diesel exhaust gases by using dry desulfurization MnO2 filter
Osaka Y, Kito T, Kobayashi N, Kurahara S, Huang HY, Yuan HR, He ZH
86 - 94 Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) hydrogels for protein enrichment
Gawande N, Mungray AA
95 - 101 Utilization of NaCl solutions to clean ultrafiltration membranes fouled by whey protein concentrates
Corbaton-Baguena MJ, Alvarez-Blanco S, Vincent-Vela MC, Lora-Garcia J
102 - 111 Preparation of porous poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes with acrylate particles for electrodialysis application
Hossain MM, Wu L, Li Y, Ge L, Xu TW
112 - 118 A low pressure recirculated sweep stream for energy efficient membrane facilitated humidity harvesting
Bergmair D, Metz SJ, de Lange HC, van Steenhoven AA
119 - 131 Nonlinear-wave based analysis and modeling of heat integrated distillation column
Cong L, Chang L, Liu XG
132 - 138 Extraction of iron (III) from chloride leaching liquor with high acidity using tri-n-butyl phosphate and synergistic extraction combined with methyl isobutyl ketone
Zhang GZ, Chen DS, Wei GY, Zhao HX, Wang LN, Qi T, Meng FC, Meng L
139 - 144 Preparation and characterization of yellow Monascus pigments
Zhong SJ, Zhang XH, Wang ZL
145 - 158 Synthesis, characterization and performance studies of polysulfone/bentonite nanoparticles mixed-matrix ultra-filtration membranes using oil field produced water
Kumar S, Guria C, Mandal A
159 - 169 Prediction of reverse electrodialysis performance by inclusion of 2D fluorescence spectroscopy data into multivariate statistical models
Pawlowski S, Galinha CF, Crespo JG, Velizarov S
170 - 178 Process optimization of continuous liquid-liquid extraction in centrifugal contactor separators for separation of oxybutynin enantiomers
Tang KW, Wang YQ, Zhang PL, Huang Y, Dai GL
179 - 185 Enhanced precipitation of cyanide from electroplating wastewater via self-assembly of bimetal cyanide complex
Zhang J, Liu L, Liang Y, Zhou JZ, Xu YF, Ruan XX, Lu YS, Xu ZP, Qian GR
186 - 195 A closed-loop process for recycling LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 from the cathode scraps of lithium-ion batteries: Process optimization and kinetics analysis
Zhang XH, Cao HB, Xie YB, Ning PG, An HJ, You HX, Nawaz F
196 - 203 Mass transfer performance of rotating packed beds with blade packings in carbon dioxide absorption into sodium hydroxide solution
Lin CC, Chu CR
204 - 214 Ethanol solution-modified supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of triterpenic acids from Hedyotis corymbosa with ultrasound assistance and determination of their solubilities
Yang YC, Wei MC
215 - 222 Remediation HCHs POPs-contaminated soil by activated persulfate technologies: Feasibility, impact of activation methods and mechanistic implications
Peng LB, Deng DY, Guan MY, Fang XT, Zhu QY
223 - 228 Consolidation behaviour of thick suspension in centrifugal dewatering with and without supernatant
Fukuyama R, Jami MS, Tanaka T, Iwata M
229 - 242 Adsorption of dyes by nanomaterials: Recent developments and adsorption mechanisms
Tan KB, Vakili M, Hord BA, Poh PE, Abdullah AZ, Salamatinia B
243 - 251 Sulfonated halloysite nanotubes/polyethersulfone nanocomposite membrane for efficient dye purification
Wang YM, Zhu JY, Dong GY, Zhang YT, Guo NN, Liu JD
252 - 256 Role of the chemical structure of ionic liquids in their ecotoxicity and reactivity towards Fenton oxidation
Munoz M, Dominguez CM, de Pedro ZM, Quintanilla A, Casas JA, Ventura SPM, Coutinho JAP
257 - 267 Preparation and characterization of ZSM-5/PDMS hybrid pervaporation membranes: Laboratory results and pilot-scale performance
Liu J, Chen JX, Zhan X, Fang MQ, Wang T, Li JD
268 - 277 Treatment of pretreated coke wastewater by electrocoagulation and electrochemical peroxidation processes
Ozyonar F, Karagozoglu B
278 - 285 CO2 absorption into aqueous blends of ionic liquid and amine in a membrane contactor
Lu JG, Lu ZY, Chen Y, Wang JT, Gao L, Gao X, Tang YQ, Liu DG
286 - 291 Color removal of melanoidin-rich industrial effluent by natural manganese oxides
Arimi MM, Zhang YJ, Geissen SU
292 - 307 Water defluoridation with special emphasis on adsorbents-containing metal oxides and/or hydroxides: A review
Velazquez-Jimenez LH, Vences-Alvarez E, Flores-Arciniega JL, Flores-Zuniga H, Rangel-Mendez JR
308 - 315 Electro-fermentation of real-field acidogenic spent wash effluents for additional biohydrogen production with simultaneous treatment in a microbial electrolysis cell
Modestra JA, Babu ML, Mohan SV
316 - 324 An efficient photo catalytic activity of green synthesized silver nanoparticles using Salvadora persica stem extract
Tahir K, Nazir S, Li BS, Khan AU, Khan ZU, Ahmad A, Khan FU
325 - 331 Adsorption and precipitation of fluoride on calcite nanoparticles: A spectroscopic study
Budyanto S, Kuo YL, Liu JC