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ISSN: 0001-1541 (Print) 

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466 - 478 The promise of artificial intelligence in chemical engineering: Is it here, finally?
Venkatasubramanian V
479 - 482 Air-drying with ionic liquids
Yu GQ, Sui XH, Lei ZG, Dai CN, Chen BH
483 - 490 Comparative studies of glycolytic pathways and channeling under in vitro and in vivo modes
Abernathy MH, Zhang YC, Hollinshead WD, Wang G, Baidoo EEK, Liu TG, Tang YJJ
491 - 499 Encapsulation and controlled release of fragrances from functionalized porous metal-organic frameworks
Liu YH, Wang YX, Huang JX, Zhou ZX, Zhao D, Jiang LM, Shen YQ
500 - 511 Random loose packing of small particles with liquid cohesion
Chen HS, Liu WW, Li SQ
512 - 519 DEM Study on the effect of particle-size distribution on jamming in a 3D conical hopper
Zhao Y, Cocco RA, Yang SL, Chew JW
520 - 535 Using stereo XPTV to determine cylindrical particle distribution and velocity in a binary fluidized bed
Chen X, Zhong WQ, Heindel TJ
536 - 548 Insight on the bacterial ecology in membrane bioreactor: Operational conditions effect over dominant ecological players
Rodriguez-Sanchez A, Calero-Diaz G, Martin-Pascual J, Lopez-Lopez C, Torres JC, Poyatos JM
549 - 561 Identifying optimal thermodynamic paths in work and heat exchange network synthesis
Yu HS, Fu C, Vikse M, He C, Gundersen T
562 - 570 A dead time compensation approach for multirate observer design with large measurement delays
Ling C, Kravaris C
571 - 581 Modeling of dynamic systems with a variable number of phases in liquid-liquid equilibria
Ploch T, Glass M, Bremen AM, Hannemann-Tamas R, Mitsos A
582 - 591 Deep learning for pyrolysis reactor monitoring: From thermal imaging toward smart monitoring system
Zhu W, Ma Y, Benton MG, Romagnoli JA, Zhan Y
592 - 603 Pattern recognition in chemical process flowsheets
Zhang T, Sahinidis NV, Siirola JJ
604 - 616 Diastereomeric salt crystallization of chiral molecules via sequential coupled-Batch operation
Simon M, Wood B, Ferguson S, Glennon B, Jones RC
617 - 628 Handling sensor faults in economic model predictive control of batch processes
Rashid MM, Patel N, Mhaskar P, Swartz CLE
629 - 639 Multi-model sensor fault detection and data reconciliation: A case study with glucose concentration sensors for diabetes
Feng JY, Hajizadeh I, Yu X, Rashid M, Samadi S, Sevil M, Hobbs N, Brandt R, Lazaro C, Maloney Z, Littlejohn E, Quinn L, Cinar A
640 - 651 Distributed fault diagnosis of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
Shahnazari H, Mhaskar P, House JM, Salsbury TI
652 - 661 Kinetics and new mechanism study of CO2 absorption into water and tertiary amine solutions by stopped-Flow technique
Liu S, Gao HX, Luo X, Liang ZW
662 - 674 Kinetic modeling of methanol to olefins process over SAPO-34 catalyst based on the dual-cycle reaction mechanism
Yuan XS, Li H, Ye M, Liu ZM
675 - 683 Bifunctional imidazole-PTSA deep eutectic solvent for synthesizing long-chain ester IBIBE in reactive extraction
Qin H, Song Z, Zeng Q, Cheng HY, Chen LF, Qi ZW
684 - 690 Kinetic study of microwave pyrolysis of paper cups and comparison with calcium oxide catalyzed reaction
Benzennou S, Laviolette JP, Chaouki J
691 - 701 Plasma-assisted ammonia decomposition over Fe-Ni alloy catalysts for CO (x)-Free hydrogen
Yi YH, Wang L, Guo YJ, Sun SQ, Guo HC
702 - 711 A twin-column recycling chromatography with solvent gradient for reinforcing the isolation of minor impurities
Wei F, Yang ZW, Zhao YX, Wang Q
712 - 722 Solvent-free route for metal-organic framework membranes growth aiming for efficient gas separation
Hou JM, Hong XL, Zhou S, Wei YY, Wang HH
723 - 733 Interface-based crystal particle autoselection via membrane crystallization: From scaling to process control
Jiang XB, Lu DP, Xiao W, Li GN, Zhao R, Li XC, He GH, Ruan XH
734 - 744 A novel hollow fiber membrane-assisted antisolvent crystallization for enhanced mass transfer process control
Tuo LH, Ruan XH, Xiao W, Li XC, He GH, Jiang XB
745 - 754 Microwave-induced polar/nonpolar mixture separation performance in a film evaporation process
Li H, Liu JH, Li XG, Gao X
755 - 765 Tetraamminezinc complex integrated interpenetrating polymer network nanocomposite membrane for phosphorous recovery
Soyekwo F, Zhang QG, Qu Y, Lin Z, Wu XD, Zhu AM, Liu QL
766 - 776 Optimizing swirl in compact uniflow cyclones
Pillei M, Kofler T, Wierschem A, Kraxner M
777 - 782 Modeling of steam permeation through the high temperature proton-Conducting ceramic membranes
Song F, Zhuang SJ, Tan XY, Liu SM
783 - 791 Associating lattice cluster theory and application to modeling oleic acid plus formic acid plus formoxystearic acid
Froscher A, Langenbach K, von Harbou E, Hasse H
792 - 803 Modeling the phase equilibria of asymmetric hydrocarbon mixtures using molecular simulation and equations of state
Nikolaidis IK, Poursaeidesfahani A, Csaszar Z, Ramdin M, Vlugt TJH, Economou IG, Moultos OA
804 - 810 Hunting ionic liquids with large electrochemical potential windows
Lian C, Liu HL, Li CZ, Wu JZ
811 - 828 A lattice boltzmann approach to surfactant-laden emulsions
Mukherjee S, Berghout P, Van den Akker HEA
829 - 839 Investigation of droplet coalescence propelled by dielectrophoresis
Datta S, Ma YB, Das AK, Das PK
840 - 849 Particle dynamics in sheared particulate suspensions
Strybulevych A, Norisuye T, Hasselfield M, Page JH
850 - 858 Kinematics of the fountain flow during pipe filling with a power-law fluid
Borzenko EI, Frolov OY, Shrager GR
859 - 864 Electro-Thermal model of thermal breakdown in multilayered dielectric elastomers
Christensen LR, Hassager O, Skov AL