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3 - 12 Opportunities for complex fluids engineering with nanoparticulate polymer brushes
Tilton RD
13 - 17 Mathematical Model for Predicting the Dissolution Behaviors of Hemicelluloses During Cold Caustic Extraction Process
Guan QQ, Zhou HJ, Peng LC, Chen KL, He L, Chai XS, Sun B
18 - 31 Dynamical reduction of linearized metabolic networks through quasi steady state approximation
Zazueta CL, Bernard O, Gouze JL
32 - 39 Adaptive evolution of Clostridium butyricum and scale-Up for high-Concentration 1,3-propanediol production
Zhang AH, Zhuang XY, Chen KN, Huang SY, Xu CZ, Fang BS
40 - 48 Length-dependent DNA degradation kinetic model: Decay compensation in DNA tracer concentration measurements
Mikutis G, Schmid L, Stark WJ, Grass RN
49 - 63 Study on Liquid-Like Behaviors of Dense Granular Impinging Jets
Shi ZH, Li WF, Wang Y, Liu HF, Wang FC
64 - 74 Computational and Experimental Studies of Flexible Fiber Flows in a Normal-Stress-Fixed Shear Cell
Guo Y, Buettner K, Lane V, Wassgren C, Ketterhagen W, Hancock B, Curtis J
75 - 86 An Integrated Approach for the Design of Emulsified Products
Kontogeorgis GM, Mattei M, Ng KM, Gani R
87 - 98 Estimation of mass-based composition in powder mixtures using Extended Iterative Optimization Technology (EIOT)
Shi ZQ, Hermiller J, Munoz SG
99 - 112 Inventory policies and safety stock optimization for supply chain planning
Brunaud B, Lainez-Aguirre JM, Pinto JM, Grossmann IE
113 - 119 Intensification of the Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Process with Trifluoroacetic Acid
Li LT, Zhang JS, Du CC, Luo GS
120 - 131 Fabrication of Hierarchical Co/MgO Catalyst for Enhanced CO2 Reforming of CH4 in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor
Li J, Li JW, Zhu QS, Peng WC, Li HZ
132 - 139 Experimental analysis of a photoreactor packed with Pd-BiVO4-Coated glass beads
Meng XC, Zhang ZS
140 - 150 Pore network modeling of catalyst deactivation by coking, from single site to particle, during propane dehydrogenation
Ye GH, Wang HZ, Duan XZ, Sui ZJ, Zhou XG, Coppens MO, Yuan WK
151 - 160 Synergistic bimetallic Ru-Pt catalysts for the low-temperature aqueous phase reforming of ethanol
Zhao Z, Zhang L, Tan QH, Yang FF, Faria J, Resasco D
161 - 174 Gaseous Elemental Mercury Removal Using Combined Metal Ions and Heat Activated Peroxymonosulfate/H2O2 Solutions
Liu YX, Wang Y
175 - 183 Gas-assisted low-field magnetic separation for large scale continuous magnetic bio-separation process
Li WS, Yang LR, Dong TT, Xing HF, Wang WY, Yang YQ, Liu HZ
184 - 195 Integrated Adsorbent Process Optimization for Minimum Cost of Electricity Including Carbon Capture by a VSA Process
Khurana M, Farooq S
196 - 206 Hollow monocrystalline silicalite-1 hybrid membranes for efficient pervaporative desulfurization
Pan FS, Li WD, Zhang Y, Sun J, Wang MD, Wu H, Jiang ZY, Lin LG, Wang BY, Cao XZ, Zhang P
207 - 213 Modeling of fouling in cross-flow microfiltration of suspensions
Weeranoppanant N, Amar LI, Tong E, Faria M, Hill MI, Leonard EF
214 - 220 Rapid CO2 capture from ambient air by sorbent-containing porous electrospun fibers made with the solvothermal polymer additive removal technique
Armstrong M, Shi XY, Shan BH, Lackner K, Mu B
221 - 229 Gas-liquid mass transfer and bubble size distribution in a multi-Cyclone separator
Xu X, Lu H, Qian YD, Zhang BH, Wang HL, Liu HL, Yang Q
230 - 238 Designing amino-based ionic liquids for improved carbon capture: One amine binds two CO2
Luo XY, Lv XY, Shi GL, Meng Q, Li HR, Wang CM
239 - 249 Metal-Induced Polymer Framework Membrane with High Performance for CO2 Separation
Qiao ZH, Sheng ML, Wang JX, Zhao S, Wang Z
250 - 258 Impact of a novel bitumen extraction process on mined oil sands tailings behavior
Lin F, Xu YM
259 - 269 Continuous and selective separation of EGCG from tea polyphenols by fractional extraction: Experiment and simulation
Wang WR, Zhang PL, Tang KW, Xu WF
270 - 280 Average Molecule Construction of Petroleum Fractions Based on H-1-NMR
Lyu WJ, Zhang LZ, Li KY, Wang G, Shi Q, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
281 - 293 Multiphase isenthalpic flash: General approach and its adaptation to thermal recovery of heavy oil
Paterson D, Yan W, Michelsen ML, Stenby EH
294 - 304 Surface remobilization of buoyancy-driven surfactant-laden drops at low reynolds and capillary numbers
White AR, Ward T
305 - 316 Visualization and Modeling of Protein Adsorption and Transport in DEAE- and DEAE-Dextran-Modified Bare Capillaries
Xue AY, Sun Y
317 - 325 Self-Cleaning Surfaces for Heat Recovery During Industrial Hydrocarbon-Rich Gas Cooling: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Maggiolo D, Seemann M, Thunman H, Santos O, Larsson A, Sasic S, Strom H
326 - 333 Online Monitoring of the Degree of Fill in a Rotating Full-Flight Screw of a Corotating Twin-Screw Extruder
Taki K, Sugiyama T, Ohara M, Umemoto S, Tanifuji S, Murata J, Tsujimura I, Kihara S
334 - 346 Intensification of liquid-liquid two-phase mass transfer in a capillary microreactor system
Li GX, Pu X, Shang MJ, Zha L, Su YH
347 - 359 A model for drop and bubble breakup frequency based on turbulence spectra
Lalanne B, Masbernat O, Risso F
360 - 371 Control of viscous fingering and mixing in miscible displacements with time-dependent rates
Yuan QW, Zhou X, Wang JJ, Zeng FH, Knorr KD, Imran M
372 - 384 Consequences of Inclined and Dual Jet Impingement in Stagnant Liquid and Stratified Layers
Jain A, Sanjay V, Das AK
385 - 397 CFD study and experimental validation of multiphase packed bed hydrodynamics in the context of Rolling Sea conditions
Dashliborun AM, Larachi F
398 - 408 Mass transfer around bubbles, drops, and particles in uniaxial and biaxial nonlinear extensional flows
Favelukis M
409 - 420 Optimization of microstructure and geometry of hydrophobic ceramic membrane for SO2 absorption from ship exhaust
Qiu MH, Kong XL, Fu KY, Han SX, Gao XY, Chen XF, Fan YQ
421 - 433 Modeling hydrodynamic cavitation in venturi: influence of venturi configuration on inception and extent of cavitation
Simpson A, Ranade VV
434 - 445 An analytical method of estimating diffusion coefficients of gases in liquids from pressure decay tests
Yang ZH, Bryant S, Dong MZ, Hassanzadeh H
446 - 457 Prediction of diffusive transport through polymer films from characteristics of the pore geometry
Barman S, Rootzen H, Bolin D
458 - 458 "Dehydrogenation Kinetic Model of Heavy Paraffins": Comments on the article by H. Jiang et al.
Ivanchina E, Dolganov I, Dolganova I, Ivashkina E
459 - 459 "Dehydrogenation Kinetic Model of Heavy Paraffins": Comments on the Article By H. Jiang et al. Reply
Jiang HB
460 - 461 Comments on "Understanding cubic equations of state: A search for the hidden clues of their success"
Heidaryan E
462 - 463 Reply: Answer to comments on "Understanding cubic equations of state: A search for the hidden clues of their success" by Ehsan Heidaryan
Vera JH, Wilczek-Vera G
464 - 464 An Experimental Study of the Flow of Nonspherical Grains in a Rotating Cylinder (Vol 63, pg 4307, 2017)
Mandal S, Khakhar DV