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ISSN: 0001-1541 (Print) 

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2311 - 2323 Machine learning for heterogeneous catalyst design and discovery
Goldsmith BR, Esterhuizen J, Liu JX, Bartel CJ, Sutton C
2324 - 2328 Reduction in greenhouse water usage through inlet CO2 enrichment
Stacey N, Fox J, Hildebrandt D
2329 - 2339 A square-force cohesion model and its extraction from bulk measurements
Liu PY, LaMarche CQ, Kellogg KM, Hrenya CM
2340 - 2350 Method to estimate uncertainty associated with parcel size in coarse discrete particle simulation
Lu LQ, Benyahia S
2351 - 2363 Experimental data for code validation: Horizontal air jets in a semicircular fluidized bed of Geldart Group D particles
Fullmer WD, LaMarche CQ, Issangya A, Liu PY, Cocco R, Hrenya CM
2364 - 2378 Scale-dependent nonequilibrium features in a bubbling fluidized bed
Wang HF, Chen YP, Wang W
2379 - 2389 Stochastic back-off algorithm for simultaneous design, control, and scheduling of multiproduct systems under uncertainty
Koller RW, Ricardez-Sandoval LA, Biegler LT
2390 - 2407 Ecosystems as unit operations for local techno-ecological synergy: Integrated process design with treatment wetlands
Gopalakrishnan V, Bakshi BR
2408 - 2417 A decomposition algorithm for simultaneous scheduling and control of CSP systems
Dowling AW, Zheng T, Zavala VM
2418 - 2425 Optimal design of batch-storage network considering ownership
Yi G, Reklaitis GV
2426 - 2437 Continuous manufacturing: Is the process mean stationary?
Simon LL
2438 - 2449 Probabilistic Design space determination in pharmaceutical product development: A Bayesian/latent variable approach
Bano G, Facco P, Bezzo F, Barolo M
2450 - 2461 Application of inline imaging for monitoring crystallization process in a continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer
Kacker R, Maass S, Emmerich J, Kramer H
2462 - 2471 Product design: A pricing framework accounting for product quality and consumer awareness
Chan YC, Fung KY, Ng KM
2472 - 2485 Framework for work-heat exchange network synthesis (WHENS)
Nair SK, Rao HN, Karimi IA
2486 - 2499 New algorithm for the flexibility index problem of quadratic systems
Jiang H, Chen BZ, Grossmann IE
2500 - 2514 Liquid-to-solid ratio control as an advanced process control solution for continuous twin-screw wet granulation
Nicolai N, De Leersnyder F, Copot D, Stock M, Ionescu CM, Gernaey KV, Nopens I, De Beer T
2515 - 2525 Investigation mechanism of DEA as an activator on aqueous MEA solution for postcombustion CO2 capture
Liu HL, Li MX, Luo X, Liang ZW, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P
2526 - 2535 Liquid-liquid-solid mass transfer and phase behavior of heterogeneous etherification of glycerol with isobutene
Liu JJ, Yang BL
2536 - 2544 Metal nanoparticles in ionic liquid-cosolvent biphasic systems as active catalysts for acetylene hydrochlorination
Yang LF, Yang QW, Hu JY, Bao ZB, Su BG, Zhang ZG, Ren QL, Xing HB
2545 - 2559 An evaluation of the impact of SG1 disproportionation and the addition of styrene in NMP of methyl methacrylate
Fierens SK, Van Steenberge PHM, Vermeire F, Reyniers MF, Marin GB, D'hooge DR
2560 - 2569 Hydrodynamics in a pilot-scale cocurrent trickle-bed reactor at low gas velocities
Kawatra P, Panyaram S, Wilhite BA
2570 - 2580 Acid hydrolysis of glycosidic bonds in oat -glucan and development of a structured kinetic model
Nguyen HSH, Heinonen J, Sainio T
2581 - 2591 How the catalyst circulates and works in organocatalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization
Guo JK, Luo ZH
2592 - 2602 A hybrid thermo-kinetic model for high temperature plasma gasification
Verma BK, Rajeshkannan E, Renganathan T, Pushpavanam S
2603 - 2611 Analysis of volume-to-surface ratio effects on methane oxidative coupling using microkinetic modeling
Alexiadis VI, Serres T, Marin GB, Mirodatos C, Thybaut JW, Schuurman Y
2612 - 2624 Effect of Pickering stabilization on radical entry in emulsion polymerization
Brunier B, Sheibat-Othman N, Chevalier Y, Bourgeat-Lami E
2625 - 2631 Nano-engineered nickel catalysts supported on 4-channel alpha-Al2O3 hollow fibers for dry reforming of methane
Shang ZY, Li SG, Wang QF, Gu XH, Liang XH
2632 - 2646 Design of active NiCo2O4-delta spinel catalyst for abatement of CO-CH4 emissions from CNG fueled vehicles
Trivedi S, Prasad R, Gautam SK
2647 - 2654 The effect of mixing on Co-precipitation and evolution of microstructure of Cu-ZnO catalyst
Jiang X, Qin XF, Ling C, Wang ZY, Lu JG
2655 - 2669 Three-dimensional simulation of the time-dependent fluid flow and fouling behavior in an industrial hollow fiber membrane module
Zhuang LW, Dai G, Xu ZL
2670 - 2678 Atomic layer deposition fabricating of ceramic nanofiltration membranes for efficient separation of dyes from water
Chen H, Wu SS, Jia XJ, Xiong S, Wang Y
2679 - 2688 Preparation of high-performance zeolite NaA membranes in clear solution by adding SiO2 into Al2O3 hollow-fiber precursor
Ma NK, Wang R, He GH, Wang ZB
2689 - 2701 Bubble-separation dynamics in a planar cyclone: Experiments and CFD simulations
Xu X, Ge XL, Qian YD, Wang HL, Yang Q
2702 - 2710 Carbon dioxide chemical absorption by solvents based on diamine and amines blend
Cachaza A, Gomez-Diaz D, Montans A, Navaza JM, Rumbo A
2711 - 2720 Modeling of hydrogen separation through porous YSZ hollow fiber-supported graphene oxide membrane
Jin Y, Meng XX, Yang NT, Meng B, Sunarso J, Liu SM
2721 - 2736 Novel aeration of a large-scale flat sheet MBR: A CFD and experimental investigation
Wang B, Zhang KS, Field RW
2737 - 2744 Characterization of PVC-soy protein nonwoven mats prepared by electrospinning
Hong HR, Tronstad ZC, Yang Y, Green MD
2745 - 2757 On the construction of binary mixture p-x and T-x diagrams from isochoric thermodynamics
Bell IH, Deiters UK
2758 - 2769 Predicting NRTL binary interaction parameters from molecular simulations
Ravichandran A, Khare R, Chen CC
2770 - 2780 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of asymptotic longitudinal mass dispersion in reconstructed random porous media
Yang C, Lin YX, Debenest G, Nakayama A, Qiu T
2781 - 2791 Flow distribution of hydrocarbon fuel in parallel minichannels heat exchanger
Chen Y, Lei ZL, Zhang TH, Zhu Q, Bao ZW, Zhang QY, Li XY
2792 - 2802 Impact of diversity of morphological characteristics and Reynolds number on local hemodynamics in basilar aneurysms
Rafat M, Stone HA, Auguste DT, Dabagh M, Randles A, Heller M, Rabinov JD
2803 - 2815 Scalar mixing in anisotropic turbulent flow
Nguyen Q, Papavassiliou DV
2816 - 2827 Heat/mass transfer from a neutrally buoyant sphere by mixed natural and forced convection in a simple shear flow
Yuan B, Yang C, Mao ZS, Yin XL, Koch DL
2828 - 2836 The effect of particle rotation on the motion and rejection of capsular particles in slit pores
Delavari A, Agasanapura B, Baltus RE
2837 - 2850 The role of wettability of nonideal nozzle plate: From drop-on-demand droplet jetting to impact on solid substrate
Zhang L, Ku T, Jia JS, Cheng XD
2851 - 2863 Fully resolved simulations of single char particle combustion using a ghost-cell immersed boundary method
Luo K, Mao CL, Fan JR, Zhuang ZY, Haugen NEL
2864 - 2880 Measurements of horizontal three-phase solid-liquid-gas slug flow: Influence of hydrate-like particles on hydrodynamics
Rosas LMM, Bassani CL, Alves RF, Schneider FA, Neto MAM, Morales REM, Sum AK
2881 - 2889 Quantified mass transfer and superior antiflooding performance of ordered macro-mesoporous electrocatalysts
Wang MJ, Zhao T, Luo W, Mao ZX, Chen SG, Ding W, Deng YH, Li W, Li J, Wei ZD
2890 - 2897 The trail of perfumes
Pereira J, Costa P, Coimbra MC, Rodrigues AE
2898 - 2912 Direct numerical simulation of surfactant solution flow in the wide-rib rectangular grooved channel
Huang CH, Liu DJ, Wei JJ, Yu B, Zhang HN, Cheng JP
2913 - 2921 Morphology evolution and dynamics of droplet coalescence on superhydrophobic surfaces
Wang K, Liang QQ, Jiang R, Zheng Y, Lan Z, Ma XH