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1771 - 1784 A perspective on reverse osmosis water desalination: Quest for sustainability
Cohen Y, Semiat R, Rahardianto A
1785 - 1791 Microscopic insights into the efficiency of capacitive mixing process
Ma MM, Zhao SL, Liu HL, Xu ZL
1792 - 1798 Gas solubility in long-chain imidazolium-based ionic liquids
Dai CN, Lei ZG, Chen BH
1799 - 1803 Gas-phase flow resistance of metal foams: Experiments and modeling
Piatek M, Gancarczyk A, Iwaniszyn M, Jodlowski PJ, Lojewska J, Kolodziej A
1804 - 1817 An optimization-based approach for structural design of self-assembled DNA tiles
Gao Y, Mi YL, Lakerveld R
1818 - 1829 Dynamic properties of a continuous stirred tank biofilm bioreactor for aerobic processes
Skoneczny S, Tabis B
1830 - 1838 Synthetic Saccharomyces cerevisiae-Shewanella oneidensis consortium enables glucose-fed high-performance microbial fuel cell
Lin T, Bai X, Hu YD, Li BZ, Yuan YJ, Song H, Yang Y, Wang JY
1839 - 1852 Unraveling the droplet drying characteristics of crystallization-prone mannitol - experiments and modeling
Har CL, Fu N, Chan ES, Tey BT, Chen XD
1853 - 1871 Partial slip boundary conditions for collisional granular flows at flat frictional walls
Yang L, Padding JT, Kuipers JAM
1872 - 1891 Triboelectric charging of monodisperse particles in fluidized beds
Kolehmainen J, Ozel A, Boyce CM, Sundaresan S
1892 - 1906 An economic model predictive control approach to integrated production management and process operation
Alanqar A, Durand H, Albalawi F, Christofides PD
1907 - 1922 Shell and tube heat exchanger design using mixed-integer linear programming
Goncalves CD, Costa ALH, Bagajewicz MJ
1923 - 1936 Continuous-time scheduling formulation for straight pipelines
Mostafaei H, Castro PM
1937 - 1958 An adaptive parallel tempering method for the dynamic data-driven parameter estimation of nonlinear models
Armstrong MJ, Beris AN, Wagner NJ
1959 - 1973 Dynamic models and fault diagnosis-based triggers for closed-loop scheduling
Touretzky CR, Harjunkoski I, Baldea M
1974 - 1988 Multi-objective optimization superimposed model-based process design of an enzymatic hydrolysis process
Zitzewitz P, Fieg G
1989 - 2006 Synthesis and optimization of membrane cascade for gas separation via mixed-integer nonlinear programming
Aliaga-Vicente A, Caballero JA, Fernandez-Torres MJ
2007 - 2018 Experimental study on CH* chemiluminescence characteristics of impinging flames in an opposed multi-burner gasifier
Zhang Q, Gong Y, Guo QH, Song XD, Yu GS
2019 - 2029 Kinetic study of methane reforming with carbon dioxide over NiCeMgAl bimodal pore catalyst
Bao ZH, Lu YW, Yu F
2030 - 2042 What is the leanest stream to sustain a nonadiabatic loop reactor: Analysis and methane combustion experiments
Madai AY, Nekhamkina O, Sheintuch M
2043 - 2059 A complete understanding of the reaction kinetics for the industrial production process of expandable polystyrene
De Keer L, Van Steenberge PHM, Reyniers MF, Marin GB, Hungenberg KD, Seda L, D'hooge DR
2060 - 2071 Simulation of dry reforming of methane in a conventional downfired reformer
Zhao YTR, Latham DA, Peppley BA, McAuley KB, Wang H, LeHoux R
2072 - 2080 Ethylene glycol production from glucose over W-Ru catalysts: Maximizing yield by kinetic modeling and simulation
Zhao GH, Zheng MY, Sun RY, Tai ZJ, Pang JF, Wang AQ, Wang XD, Zhang T
2081 - 2088 Enhanced performance of Rh-1/TiO2 catalyst without methanation in water-gas shift reaction
Guan HL, Lin J, Qiao BT, Miao S, Wang AQ, Wang XD, Zhang T
2089 - 2106 Group additive modeling of substituent effects in monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon radicals
Ince A, Carstensen HH, Sabbe M, Reyniers MF, Marin GB
2107 - 2116 Multiple isolas in steady-state characteristics of fluidized bed catalytic reactors
Bizon K
2117 - 2127 Modeling of the desulfation process in NOx storage and reduction catalysts
Lafossas FA, Manetas C, Mohammadi A, Koltsakis G, Iida M, Yoshida K
2128 - 2140 Mathematical modeling of molecular weight distribution in miniemulsion polymerization with oil-soluble initiator
Capeletto CA, Costa C, Sayer C, Araujo PHH
2141 - 2152 Novel hierarchical Ni/MgO catalyst for highly efficient CO methanation in a fluidized bed reactor
Li J, Zhu QS, Peng WC, Zhang Q, Luo GH, Wei F
2153 - 2164 Behaviors and kinetic models analysis of Li4SiO4 under various CO2 partial pressures
Zhang Q, Peng D, Zhang S, Ye Q, Wu YQ, Ni YH
2165 - 2175 Efficient adsorption separation of acetylene and ethylene via supported ionic liquid on metal-organic framework
Wang JW, Xie DY, Zhang ZG, Yang QW, Xing HB, Yang YW, Ren QL, Bao ZB
2176 - 2186 Investigation of the effect of magnetic field on mass transfer parameters of CO2 absorption using Fe3O4-water nanofluid
Darvanjooghi MHK, Pahlevaninezhad M, Abdollahi A, Davoodi SM
2187 - 2197 Simultaneous recovery and crystallization control of saline organic wastewater by membrane distillation crystallization
Lu DP, Li P, Xiao W, He GH, Jiang XB
2198 - 2211 Enzymatic catalyzed reactive dividing wall column: Experiments and model validation
Egger T, Fieg G
2212 - 2220 Association extraction for vitamin E recovery from deodorizer distillate by in situ formation of deep eutectic solvent
Qin L, Li JS, Cheng HY, Chen LF, Qi ZW, Yuan WK
2221 - 2231 Depositing lignin on membrane surfaces for simultaneously upgraded reverse osmosis performances: An upscalable route
Zhang F, Wu YP, Li WX, Xing WH, Wang Y
2232 - 2240 Direct silanization of polyurethane foams for efficient selective absorption of oil from water
Xiong S, Zhong ZX, Wang Y
2241 - 2247 Non-ionic soft materials influence on filtration resistance and cake dry matter content
Hinge M, Christensen ML
2248 - 2256 Effect of small amount of water on the dynamics properties and microstructures of ionic liquids
Zhou J, Liu XM, Zhang SJ, Zhang XP, Yu GR
2257 - 2271 Capturing the non-spherical shape of granular media and its trickle flow characteristics using fully-Lagrangian method
Natsui S, Nashimoto R, Kikuchi T, Suzuki RO, Takai H, Ohno K, Sukenaga S
2272 - 2284 Optical methods to investigate the enhancement factor of an oxygen-sensitive colorimetric reaction using microreactors
Yang LX, Dietrich N, Hebrard G, Loubiere K, Gourdon C
2285 - 2292 Phase separation of gas-liquid two-phase stratified and plug flows in multitube T-junction separators
Yang LM, Wang JH, Zhao ZY, Xu SB, Azzopardi BJ, Wang H
2293 - 2311 Droplet breakage and coalescence in liquid-liquid dispersions: Comparison of different kernels with EQMOM and QMOM
Li DY, Gao ZM, Buffo A, Podgorska W, Marchisio DL
2312 - 2317 A critical look into effects of electrode pore morphology in solid oxide fuel cells
Niu YH, Lv WQ, Rao GF, He WD, He JR
2318 - 2334 Steady flow of gas and decomposing particles in a vertical feed tube for applications in biomass pyrolysis
Lin YH, Mountziaris TJ, Davis JM
2335 - 2347 On the 2D nature of flow dynamics in opposed jets mixers
Goncalves ND, Salvador HM, Fonte CP, Dias MM, Lopes JCB, Santos RJ
2348 - 2357 Investigating the liquid film characteristics of gas-liquid swirling flow using ultrasound doppler velocimetry
Liang FC, Fang ZJ, Chen J, Sun ST
2358 - 2366 Hydrodynamic drift ratchet scalability
Herringer JW, Lester DR, Dorrington GE, Rosengarten G, Mitchell JG
2367 - 2377 Droplet formation at megahertz frequency
Miers JC, Zhou WC
2378 - 2385 Nonlinear time-series analysis of optical signals to identify multiphase flow behavior in microchannels
Peng DY, Xin F, Zhang LX, Gao ZP, Zhang WH, Wang YX, Chen XD, Wang Y
2386 - 2393 Numerical investigation on CO2 absorbed in aqueous N-methyldiethanolamine plus piperazine
Huang JC, Gong MQ, Sun ZH, Dong XQ, Shen J, Wu JF
2394 - 2408 Experimental investigation of interfacial mass transfer mechanisms for a confined high-reynolds-number bubble rising in a thin gap
Roudet M, Billet AM, Cazin S, Risso F, Roig V
2409 - 2419 Turbulent mixing in the confined swirling flow of a multi-inlet vortex reactor
Liu ZP, Hitimana E, Olsen MG, Hill JC, Fox RO
2420 - 2439 CFD studies coupling hydrodynamics and solid-liquid mass transfer in slug flow for matter removal from tube walls
Silva MCF, Araujo JDP, Campos JBLM
2440 - 2450 Automatic detection of contact lines in slot coating flows
Hong H, Nam J
2451 - 2463 Analysis of flow and mixing in screw elements of corotating twin-screw extruders via SPH
Eitzlmayr A, Matic J, Khinast J
2464 - 2470 Molecular mechanism for liquid-liquid extraction: Two-film theory revisited
Hu YX, Liu ZP, Yuan XG, Zhang XR
2471 - 2482 Stability of gravitationally unstable double diffusive transient boundary layers with variable viscosity in porous media
Sabet N, Hassanzadeh H, Abedi J
2483 - 2495 Investigation of the collapse of bubbles after the impact of a piston on a liquid free surface
Daou MM, Igualada E, Dutilleul H, Citerne JM, Rodriguez-Rodriguez J, Zaleski S, Fuster D
2496 - 2508 Heat transfer performance of NETmixA novel micro-meso structured mixer and reactor
Costa MF, Fonte CM, Dias MM, Lopes JCB