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AIChE Journal, Vol.63, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0001-1541 (Print) 

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398 - 408 Review of the important challenges and opportunities related to modeling of mammalian cell bioreactors
Farzan P, Mistry B, Ierapetritou MG
409 - 417 Effect of potassium ion on the stability and release rate of hydrogen peroxide encapsulated in silica hydrogels
Dogan EM, Zalluhoglu FS, Orbey N
418 - 437 CFD-DEM simulation of tube erosion in a fluidized bed
Zhao YZ, Xu L, Zheng JY
438 - 458 A compartmental CFD-PBM model of high shear wet granulation
Yu X, Hounslow MJ, Reynolds GK, Rasmuson A, Bjorn IN, Abrahamsson PJ
459 - 468 Efficient synthesis of iron nanoparticles by self-agglomeration in a fluidized bed
Li J, Kong J, Zhu QS, Li HZ
469 - 484 A simple model for predicting solid concentration distribution in binary-solid liquid fluidized beds
Peng ZB, Moghtaderi B, Doroodchi E
485 - 500 Improving the operational stability of the multi-chamber spout-fluid bed via the insertion of a submerged partition plate
Yang SL, Zhang LQ, Sun YH, Chew JW
501 - 516 Simulation of dry powder inhalers: Combining micro-scale, meso-scale and macro-scale modeling
van Wachem B, Thalberg K, Remmelgas J, Niklasson-Bjorn I
517 - 531 A constitutive equation for thixotropic suspensions with yield stress by coarse-graining a population balance model
Mwasame PM, Beris AN, Diemer RB, Wagner NJ
532 - 550 A novel feasibility analysis method for black-box processes using a radial basis function adaptive sampling approach
Wang ZL, Ierapetritou M
551 - 559 A generalized stochastic modelling approach for crystal size distribution in antisolvent crystallization operations
Baratti R, Tronci S, Romagnoli JA
560 - 581 Integrated design of agricultural and industrial processes: A case study of combined sugar and ethanol production
Ouchida K, Fukushima Y, Ohara S, Sugimoto A, Hirao M, Kikuchi Y
582 - 600 Optimal processing network design under uncertainty for producing fuels and value-added bioproducts from microalgae: Two-stage adaptive robust mixed integer fractional programming model and computationally efficient solution algorithm
Gong J, You FQ
601 - 609 Half order plus time delay (HOPTD) models to tune PI controllers
Lee J, Lee Y, Yang DR, Edgar TF
610 - 638 General optimization model for the energy planning of industries including renewable energy: A case study on oil sands
Elsholkami M, Elkamel A
639 - 651 Moving horizon closed-loop production scheduling using dynamic process models
Pattison RC, Touretzky CR, Harjunkoski I, Baldea M
652 - 668 Operational strategy and planning for raw natural gas refining complexes: Process modeling and global optimization
Zhang BJ, Chen QL, Li J, Floudas CA
669 - 679 Heterogeneous fenton and photo-fenton oxidation for paracetamol removal using iron containing ZSM-5 zeolite as catalyst
Velichkova F, Delmas H, Julcour C, Koumanova B
680 - 688 Hydrophobic mesoporous acidic resin for hydroxyalkylation/alkylation of 2-methylfuran and ketone to high-density biofuel
Zhang XW, Deng Q, Han PJ, Xu JS, Pan L, Wang L, Zou JJ
689 - 697 Kinetic study of hydrogen peroxide decomposition at high temperatures and concentrations in two capillary microreactors
Shang MJ, Noel T, Su YH, Hessel V
698 - 704 Catalytic membrane reactor for Suzuki-Miyaura C-C cross-coupling: Explanation for its high efficiency via modeling
Gu YY, Bacchin P, Lahitte JF, Remigy JC, Favier I, Gomez M, Gin DL, Noble RD
705 - 715 An experimental and theoretical study of glycerol oxidation to 1,3-dihydroxyacetone over bimetallic Pt-Bi catalysts
Xiao Y, Greeley J, Varma A, Zhao ZJ, Xiao GM
716 - 724 Modeling study for the effect of particle size on char gasification with CO2
Shen ZJ, Xu JL, Liu HF, Liang QF
725 - 738 Catalytic oxidation of solid carbon and carbon monoxide over cerium-zirconium mixed oxides
Yin KH, Davis RJ, Mahamulkar S, Jones CW, Agrawal P, Shibata H, Malek A
739 - 750 Amphiphilic poly(ether sulfone) membranes for oil/water separation: Effect of sequence structure of the modifier
Zhang GF, Jiang JX, Zhang QH, Zhan XL, Chen FQ
751 - 760 Tuning carbon molecular sieves for natural gas separations: A diamine molecular approach
Wenz GB, Koros WJ
761 - 769 Krypton-xenon separation properties of SAPO-34 zeolite materials and membranes
Kwon YH, Kiang C, Benjamin E, Crawford P, Nair S, Bhave R
770 - 780 Influence of ionic liquid composition on the stability of polyvinyl chloride-based ionic liquid inclusion membranes in aqueous solution
Tomas-Alonso F, Rubio AM, Gimenez A, de los Rios AP, Salar-Garcia MJ, Ortiz-Martinez VM, Hernandez-Fernandez FJ
781 - 791 Computing MOSCED parameters of nonelectrolyte solids with electronic structure methods in SMD and SM8 continuum solvents
Phifer JR, Solomon KJ, Young KL, Paluch AS
792 - 800 Flow pattern transition in gas-liquid downflow through narrow vertical tubes
Kumar A, Bhowmik S, Ray S, Das G
801 - 811 A study on hydrodynamic characteristics in a phi 38 pulsed extraction column by four-sensor optical fiber probe
Yuan YK, Gao Y
812 - 822 Experimentally-based constitutive relations for co-current gas-liquid flow in randomly packed beds
Salgi P, Balakotaiah V
823 - 833 Quantitative evaluation of mass transfer near the edge of porous media by absorption photometry
Tanikoshi T, Otomo R, Harada S
834 - 842 Fluid inhomogeneity within nanoslits and deviation from Hagen-Poiseuille flow
Wang YY, Xu JB, Yang C
843 - 854 Power consumption and form drag of regular and fractal-shaped turbines in a stirred tank
Steiros K, Bruce PJK, Buxton ORH, Vassilicos JC