Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical

Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical, Vol.228, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1381-1169 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Special issue: Proceedings of the Third San Luis Symposium on Surfaces, Interfaces and Catalysis - Preface
Tysoe WT, Rodriguez J
3 - 10 The stabilization of supported gold clusters by surface defects
Wallace WT, Min BK, Goodman DW
11 - 19 Physical and chemical properties of Ce1-xZrxO2 nanoparticles and Ce1-xZrxO2(111) surfaces: synchrotron-based studies
Rodriguez JA, Wang X, Liu G, Hansona JC, Hrbek J, Peden CHF, Iglesias-Juez A, Fernandez-Garcia M
21 - 26 Tuning selectivity in hydrocarbon conversion catalysis
Zaera F
27 - 33 Heterogeneous alkene epoxidation: past, present and future
Lambert RM, Williams FJ, Cropley RL, Palermo A
35 - 45 Hydrocarbon conversion on palladium catalysts
Stacchiola D, Calaza F, Zheng T, Tysoe WI
47 - 54 Oxide and carbonate surfaces as environmental interfaces: the importance of water in surface composition and surface reactivity
Al-Abadleh HA, Al-Hosney HA, Grassian VH
55 - 65 The stability and electro-oxidation of carbon monoxide on model electrocatalysts: Pt(111)-Sn(2 x 2) and Pt(111)-Sn(root/3 x \root 3)R30 degrees
Hayden BE, Rendall ME, South O
67 - 75 A comparative study of the kinetics and energetics of oligomer desorption from graphite
Gellman AJ, Paserba KR, Vaidyanathan N
77 - 82 Orientation of ethoxy, mono-, di-, and tri-fluoroethoxy on Cu(111): a DFT study
Li X, Gellman AJ, Sholl DS
83 - 87 Theory and experiments on the structure of 7 angstrom alumina films grown on Ni3Al
Qin F, Magtoto NP, Kelber JA, Jennison DR
89 - 95 Toward a realistic model for the kinetics of the NO plus CO reaction on rhodium surfaces
Avalos LA, Bustos V, Unac R, Zaera F, Zgrablich G
97 - 110 Development and sorption characterization of some model mesoporous and microporous silica adsorbents
Esparza JM, Ojeda ML, Campero A, Hernandez G, Felipe C, Asomoza M, Cordero S, Kornhauser I, Rojas F
111 - 115 Surface roughening due to adsorbates
De Micco C, Guidoni SE, Mirabella DA, Aldao CM
117 - 123 Design and synthesis of magnetic ladders: structure and magnetic properties of Cu(2,3-dimethylpyrazine)Br-2
Wells BM, Landee CP, Turnbull MM, Awwadi FF, Twamley B
125 - 130 Y-shaped carbon nanotubes: structural stability and transport properties
Latge A, Grimm D, Venezuela P
131 - 136 Structural and functional characterization of self-assembled monolayers of peptide nucleic acids and its interaction with complementary DNA
Briones C, Mateo-Marti E, Gomez-Navarro C, Parro V, Roman E, Martin-Gago JA
137 - 143 Electronic structure information of metals and alloys from auger and photoemission
Kleiman GG
145 - 150 Materials characterization by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Nascente PAP
151 - 162 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of laterite standard reference material
Mendialdua J, Casanova R, Rueda F, Rodriguez A, Quinones J, Alarcon L, Escalante E, Hoffmann P, Taebi I, Jalowiecki L
163 - 175 Resistivity induced by a rough surface of thin gold films deposited on mica
Munoz RC
177 - 182 X-ray multiple diffraction on the shallow junction of B in Si(001)
Orloski RV, Pudenzi MAA, Hayashi MA, Swart JW, Cardoso LP
183 - 188 Titanium dioxide thin films: the effect of the preparation method in their photocatalytic properties
Acosta DR, Martinez AI, Lopez AA, Magana CR
189 - 194 Catalytic effect of KOH on textural changes of carbon macro-networks by physical activation
Matos J, Labady M, Albornoz A, Laine J, Brito JL
195 - 202 Theoretical study of nickel porphyrinate derivatives related to catalyst dopant in the oil industry
Garcia-Cruz I, Martinez-Magadan JM, Alvarez-Ramirez F, Salcedo R, Illas F
203 - 210 Density functional study of the interaction of Cu+ ion-exchanged zeolites with H2O and SO2 molecules
Sierraalta A, Bermudez A, Rosa-Brussin M
211 - 225 Application of computational methods to catalytic systems
Ruette F, Sanchez M, Sierraalta A, Mendoza C, Anez R, Rodriguez L, Lisboa O, Daza J, Manrique P, Perdomo Z, Rosa-Brussin M
227 - 232 Characterization of bifunctional PtSn/H[Al]ZSM5 catalysts: a comparison between two impregnation strategies
Morales R, Melo L, Llanos A, Zaera F
233 - 240 Cu- and Fe-ZSM-5 as catalysts for phenol hydroxylation
Villa AL, Caro CA, de Correa CM
241 - 253 An overview of kinetic and spectroscopic investigations on three-way catalysts: mechanistic aspects of the CO+NO and CO+N2O reactions
Granger P, Dujardin C, Paul JF, Leclercq G
255 - 266 One-step generation of highly selective hydrogenation catalysts involving sub-nanometric Cu2O supported on mesoporous alumina: strategies to control their size and dispersion
Valange S, Derouault A, Barrault J, Gabelica Z
267 - 273 Supported bimetallic Pd-Co catalysts: characterization and catalytic activity
de Correa CM, Castrillon FC
275 - 282 Improved sulfur resistance of Pt-Sn/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for C3H8-NO-O-2 reaction under lean conditions due to Pt-Sn
Corro G, Fierro JLG, Montiel R, Banuelos F
283 - 291 Thermal decomposition of nickel acetate tetrahydrate: an integrated study by TGA, QMS and XPS techniques
De Jesus JC, Gonzalez I, Quevedo A, Puerta T
293 - 298 Photocatalytic degradation of phenol using TiO2 nanocrystals supported on activated carbon
Carpio E, Zuniga P, Ponce S, Solis J, Rodriguez J, Estrada W
299 - 307 Complementary methods for cluster size distribution measurements: supported platinum nanoclusters in methane reforming catalysts
Ramallo-Lopez MA, Requejo FG, Craievich AF, Wei J, Avalos-Borja M, Iglesia E
309 - 317 Effect of tin and potassium addition on the nature of platinum supported on silica
Rodriguez D, Sanchez J, Arteaga G
319 - 324 Gallia as support of Pt in benzene hydrogenation reaction
Dominguez F, Sanchez J, Arteaga G, Choren E
325 - 331 Perovskites as catalysts precursors: synthesis and characterization
Goldwasser MR, Rivas ME, Pietri E, Perez-Zurita MJ, Cubeiro ML, Grivobal-Constant A, Leclercq G
333 - 338 Catalytic behavior of sulfated TiO2 in light olefins oligomerization
Mantilla A, Ferrat G, Lopez-Ortega A, Romero E, Tzompantzi F, Torres M, Ortiz-Islas E, Gomez R
339 - 344 Heavier alcohols synthesis on cobalt phyllosilicate catalysts
Loaiza-Gil A, Arenas J, Villarroel M, Imbert F, del Castillo H, Fontal B
345 - 350 High selectivity to isopropyl ether over sulfated titania in the isopropanol decomposition
Ortiz-Islas E, Lopez T, Navarrete J, Bokhimi X, Gomez R