Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.32, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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283 - 289 Evaluation and control of the adhesiveness of cohesive calcium carbonate particles at high temperatures
Horiguchi G, Kamiya H, Garcia-Trinanes P
290 - 303 CFD modeling of hydrodynamics, combustion and NOx emission in a tangentially fired pulverized-coal boiler at low load operating conditions
Chang J, Wang X, Zhou ZJ, Chen HG, Niu YG
304 - 316 Photocatalytic performance of oxygen vacancy rich-TiO2 combined with Bi4O5Br2 nanoparticles on degradation of several water pollutants
Sedaghati N, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Ghosh S
317 - 336 Design and modelling of a self-dispersing twisted pipe to mitigate settling in coal water suspension
Singh H, Kumar S, Mohapatra SK
337 - 345 Effect of aluminum on microstructural and magnetic properties of nanostructured (Fe85Ni15)(97)Al-3 alloy produced via mechanical alloying
Abuchenari A, Sharifianjazi F, Pakseresht A, Pudineh M, Esmaeilkhanian A
346 - 357 The effects of S-doping concentration on the photocatalytic performance of SnSe/S-GO nanocomposites
Kharatzadeh E, Masharian SR, Yousefi R
358 - 369 A calibration framework for the microparameters of the DEM model using the improved PSO algorithm
Wang M, Lu ZX, Wan W, Zhao YL
370 - 377 Recovery of metal fractions from waste printed circuit boards via the vibrated gas-solid fluidized bed
Zhu LT, Zhang MM, He JF, Liu CG, Yao YK, Xu J, Liu B, Yin SP, Xu X
378 - 384 Thermal stability and thermal expansion behavior of FeCoCrNi2Al high entropy alloy
Jadhav MS, Sahane D, Verma A, Singh S
385 - 389 Mechanochemical synthesis and spark plasma sintering of hafnium carbonitride ceramics
Buinevich VS, Nepapushev AA, Moskovskikh DO, Trusov GV, Kuskov KV, Mukasyan AS
390 - 397 W-Y2O3 composites obtained by mechanical alloying and sintering
Antolak-Dudka A, Oleszak D, Zielinski R, Kulik T
398 - 412 Synthesis, microstructural investigation and compaction behavior of Al0.3CrFeNiCo0.3Si (0.4) nanocrystalline high entropy alloy
Ammar HR, Sivasankaran S, Alaboodi AS, Al-Mufadi FA
413 - 423 Experimental assessment of grinding bead velocity distributions and stressing conditions in stirred media mills
Bottcher AC, Schilde C, Kwade A
424 - 431 Understanding of attachment efficiency and induction time between bubbles and pyrite particles in flotation
Zhou Y, Albijanic B, Panjipour R, Wang YL, Yang JG
432 - 444 Effect of mineral additives on magnetite nanoparticles prepared in an electrolytic cell
Mosivand S
445 - 463 The investigation of the effect of particle size on wear performance of AA7075/Al2O3 composites using statistical analysis and different machine learning methods
Aydin F
464 - 471 Fabrication of 3D structured composites of crumpled graphene, polyaniline and molybdenum disulfide nanosheets for high performance alkali metal ion storage
Lee C, Lee K, Ha T, Choi JH, Kim SK, Chang H, Lee SW, Jang HD
472 - 479 Nonaqueous gel casting using multicomponent concentrated slurries through Michael additive reaction for fabricating silicon nitride dense ceramics
Iijima M, Hasegawa K, Tatami J
480 - 491 A case study on energy and exergy analyses for an industrial-scale vertical roller mill assisted grinding in cement plant
Ghalandari V, Esmaeilpour M, Payvar N, Reza MT
492 - 503 Preparation of a novel Fe3O4/graphite oxide nanosheet/citric acid-crosslinked beta-cyclodextrin polymer composite to remove methylene blue from water
Jiang LW, Zeng FT, Zhang Y, Xu MY, Xie ZW, Wang HY, Wu YX, He FA, Jiang HL
504 - 514 Green gelatin-assisted: Synthesis of Co(3)O(4)NPs@rGO nanopowder for highly efficient magnetically separable methylene orange dye degradation
Azarang M, Bakhtiyari A, Rakhshani R, Davarpanah AM, Aliahmad M, Jahantigh MF
515 - 523 Obtainment of hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolites by alkaline treatment for the polyethylene catalytic cracking
Lima RB, Neto MMS, Oliveira DS, Santos AGD, Souza LD, Caldeira VPS
524 - 534 A new approach for synthesis of well-crystallized Y zeolite from bentonite and rice husk ash used in Ni-Mo/Al2O3-Y hybrid nanocatalyst for hydrocracking of heavy oil
Hamidi R, Khoshbin R, Karimzadeh R
535 - 545 Simulation of granular crystallization of cubic particles in twisting container using discrete element method
Wang F, Huang YJ
546 - 564 Design and fabrication of optimized magnetic roller for permanent roll magnetic separator (PRMS): Finite element method magnetics (FEMM) approach
Mohanraj GT, Rahman MR, Joladarashi S, Hanumanthappa H, Shanmugam BK, Vardhan H, Rabbani SA
565 - 581 Research on the powder classification and the key parameters affecting tablet qualities for direct compaction based on powder functional properties
Yu YT, Zhao LJ, Lin X, Wang YJ, Du RF, Feng Y
582 - 590 Study on the formation mechanism of Y-Ti-O oxides during mechanical milling and annealing treatment
Zhang JR, Li YF, Bao FY, Rui X, Duan ZG, Yan W, Shi QQ, Wang W, Shan YY, Yang K
591 - 599 Controlled modification of sodium montmorillonite clay by a planetary ball-mill as a versatile tool to tune its properties
Valera-Zaragoza M, Aguero-Valdez D, Lopez-Medina M, Dehesa-Blas S, Navarro-Mtz AK, Avalos-Borja M, Juarez-Arellano EA
600 - 610 Bio-directed synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Ananas comosus aqueous leaf extract and their photocatalytic activity for LDPE degradation
Olajire AA, Mohammed AA
611 - 618 A novel technique for residence time distribution (RTD) measurements in solids unit operations
Kiadehi AD, Leturia M, Otaola F, Ould-Dris A, Saleh K
619 - 629 A novel preparation of water-dispersed graphene and their application to electrochemical detection of dopamine
Tian J, Wu W
630 - 636 Efficiently production of micron-sized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) powder from waste polyester fibre by physicochemical method
Gan LL, Xiao ZH, Pan H, Xu WL, Wang YL, Wang XG