Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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3669 - 3685 Breakage process of mineral processing comminution machines - An approach to liberation
Parapari PS, Parian M, Rosenkranz J
3686 - 3694 Adhesion and cytotoxicity of positively charged nanoparticles toward budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Shinto H, Takiguchi M, Furukawa Y, Minohara H, Kojima M, Shigaki C, Hirohashi Y, Seto H
3695 - 3705 Influence of Al2O3 nano powder on performance of solar collector considering turbulent flow
Sheikholeslami M, Farshad SA, Shafee A, Babazadeh H
3706 - 3714 Investigation on separation performance and structural optimization of a two-stage series cyclone using CPFD and RSM
Li Q, Wang JJ, Xu WW, Zhang M
3715 - 3723 Chemical characterizations of different sized mineral-rich particles in fine slag from Entrained-flow gasification
Miao ZK, Wu JJ, Zhang YX, Zhao X, Guo FH, Guo ZK, Guo Y
3724 - 3735 Biosorption of copper ions from aqueous solution by Codium vermilara: Optimization, kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Fawzy MA
3736 - 3746 Wet-milling disposal of autoclaved aerated concrete demolition waste - A comparison with classical supplementary cementitious materials
Yang J, Zeng LH, Su ZC, He XY, Su Y, Zhao RX, Gan XC
3747 - 3759 Experimental investigation of the coefficient of restitution of particles colliding with surfaces in air and water
Yardeny I, Portnikov D, Kalman H
3760 - 3773 Closed crucible reduction of lump powdered mill scale or iron ore by coal: The sequential methodology and mechanism for optimization of process parameters
Sen R, Pandel U
3774 - 3780 Preparing low-oxygen titanium powder by calcium reductant from titanium hydride
Cho GH, Kim T, Chae J, Lim JW
3781 - 3789 Physical properties and microstructures of residual carbon and slag particles present in fine slag from entrained-flow coal gasification
Miao ZK, Chen LQ, Chen KN, Zhang XX, Zhang YX, Wu JJ
3790 - 3816 Experimental evaluation of surface roughness variation of ductile materials due to solid particle erosion
Ricardo GAN, Sommerfeld M
3817 - 3823 Regulation of electro-optical activities of nanostructured SnO2:Al powders by using a micro drop fluidized reactor
Lim DH, Yang SW, Lee CG
3824 - 3832 Preparation and characterization of nanoboron by cryo-milling
Sreedhara SS, Joardar J, Ravula V, Tata NR
3833 - 3844 Numerical study of interaction of coal dust with premixed fuel-lean methane-air flames
Tousif M, Harish A, Kumaran SM, Raghavan V
3845 - 3859 The role of catalyst support on activity of copper oxide nanoparticles for reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Filiz BC
3860 - 3866 Facilitating drug release in mesoporous silica coated upconversion nanoparticles by photoacid assistance upon near-infrared irradiation
Han RL, Wu S, Tang KQ, Hou YF
3867 - 3873 Grinding behavior of WO3, NiO, Fe2O3 by ultrasonic milling parameters control and preparation of nanocomposite powder
Ryu K, Lee KJ
3874 - 3881 One-pot microwave-assisted synthesis of Cu-Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 with flower-like morphology: Enhanced stability for ethanol dry reforming
Cai WJ, Dong JL, Chen Q, Xu TK, Zhai SR, Liu XY, Cui L, Zhang SY
3882 - 3896 Numerical investigation of diesel particulate matter dispersion in an underground development face during key mining activities
Chang P, Xu G, Mullins B, Abishek S, Sharifzadeh M
3897 - 3909 On the importance of the history force in dispersion of particles in von Karman vortex street
Bagheri M, Sabzpooshani M
3910 - 3920 Synergistic effects of hydrophilic nano-SiO2/graphene oxide @ copolymer nanocomposites in tanning leather
Pan H, Wang SX, Wang XD, Gong CH, Ding T
3921 - 3927 Soot formation characteristics in a pulverized coal flame formed in a swirling flow
Hayashi J, Tainaka K, Fukada T, Muto M, Kawanabe H, Kurose R
3928 - 3936 Numerical simulations of the void distribution characteristics of crushed rock masses in mine gobs
Hu SY, Guan SW, Feng GR, Li GF, Han DD, Guo HB
3937 - 3946 The influence of the rotation frequency of a planetary ball mill on the limiting value of the specific surface area of the WC and Co nanopowders
Dvornik M, Mikhailenko E
3947 - 3959 Calibration and validation of DEM-FEM model parameters using upscaled particles based on physical experiments and simulations
Zeng HY, Xu W, Zang MY, Yang P, Guo XB
3960 - 3973 A new soft-particle DEM model of micro-particle impact integrated adhesive, elastoplastic and microslip behaviors
Dong YS, Si FQ, Jin W, Cao Y, Ren SJ
3974 - 3992 CFD-DEM study of the effects of solid properties and aeration conditions on heat transfer in fluidized bed
Xue JZ, Xie LY, Shao YJ, Zhong WQ
3993 - 4004 Performance of montmorillonite/graphene oxide/CoFe2O4 as a magnetic and recyclable nanocomposite for cleaning methyl violet dye-laden wastewater
Foroutan R, Mohammadi R, MousaKhanloo F, Sahebi S, Ramavandi B, Kumar PS, Vardhan KH
4005 - 4017 Numerical study on influence of exit geometry in gas-solid flow hydrodynamics of HDCFB riser by CPFD
Zhang HD, Li WB, Ma Q, Zhang YW, Lei FL
4018 - 4030 Efficient removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution by halloysite/poly (amidoamine) dendritic nano-hybrid materials: kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Kanani-Jazi MH, Akbari S, Kish MH
4031 - 4044 Energy efficient and cost effective method for generation of in-situ silver nanofluids: Formation, morphology and thermal properties
Bhiradi I, Hiremath SS
4045 - 4052 Far-red emitting Mg2La3NbO9:Mn4+ powder phosphor: Synthesis and luminescence properties
Cao RP, Jiao YM, Wang XT, Ouyang X, Wan HJ, Chen T, Zheng GT, Xie SK
4053 - 4063 Influence of impeller speed and cell volume on coal flotation performance in a self-aerating flotation machine
Anzoom SJ, Tripathy SK, Sahu L, Bhattacharya S, Mukherjee AK
4064 - 4071 Folic acid-functionalized niosomal nanoparticles for selective dual-drug delivery into breast cancer cells: An in-vitro investigation
Akbarzadeh I, Yaraki MT, Ahmadi S, Chiani M, Nourouzian D
4072 - 4081 Roles of photo-generated holes and oxygen vacancies in enhancing photocatalytic performance over CeO2 prepared by molten salt method
Yang C, Yang J, Duan X, Hu G, Liu QC, Ren S, Li JL, Kong M
4082 - 4088 Dry separation of fine particulate sand mixture based on density-segregation in a vibro-fluidized bed
Oshitani J, Sugo R, Mawatari Y, Tsuji T, Jiang ZH, Franks GV
4089 - 4094 Effects of discharging vibration conditions and coating structures on improving discharge particle flowability in a smaller particle admixing system
Yoshida M, Kaneko N, Shimosaka A, Shirakawa Y
4095 - 4106 Urease producing microorganisms for coal dust suppression isolated from coal: Characterization and comparative study
Fan YJ, Hu XM, Zhao YY, Wu MY, Wang SM, Wang PY, Xue Y, Zhu SC
4107 - 4118 Numerical investigations of strong hydrodynamic interaction between neighboring particles inertially driven in microfluidic flows
Udono H
4119 - 4128 Aerosol synthesis of titanium nitride nanoparticles by direct current arc discharge method
Fu QQ, Kokalj D, Stangier D, Kruis FE, Tillmann W
4129 - 4133 Visual sensing of proteins using gold nanoparticles coated with polyphenolic glycoside
Seto H, Harada M, Sakamoto H, Nagaura H, Murakami T, Kimura I, Hirohashi Y, Shinto H