Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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3085 - 3092 Fabrication of polystyrene colloidal crystal film by electrophoretic deposition
Tran GTH, Koike M, Uchikoshi T, Fudouzi H
3093 - 3101 Evolution of ZnO flowerets from dealloying of Cu-Zn alloy powder
Bhushan B, Jahan K, Katiyar PK, Murty BS, Mondal K
3102 - 3109 Recovery of amorphous drug-polyelectrolyte nanoparticle complex by salt-induced flocculation to circumvent the need for ultracentrifugation
Dong BX, Cheow WS, Hadinoto K
3110 - 3119 Biomass-derived thermal preparation of calcite, from phyto-capped marine gastropod shell, Turbinella pyrum L
Shailaja R, Tamilarasan G, Parthasarathy K, Parameswaran S
3120 - 3133 Heat transfer in turbulent nanofluids: Separation flow studies and development of novel correlations
Montazer E, Shafii MB, Salami E, Muhamad MR, Yarmand H, Gharehkhani S, Chowdhury ZZ, Kazi SN, Badarudin A
3134 - 3143 Nano-particle deposition in laminar annular pipe flows
Talebizadehsardari P, Rahimzadeh H, Ahmadi G, Inthavong K, Keshtkar MM, Moghimi MA
3144 - 3157 Experimental and CFD-DEM numerical evaluation of flow and heat transfer characteristics in mixed pulsed fluidized beds
Li HW, Wang L, Wang T, Du CH
3158 - 3167 1D hierarchical CdS NPs/NiO NFs heterostructures with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Deng CH, Hu HM, Yu H, Wang M, Ci MY, Wang LL, Zhu SN, Wu YP, Le HR
3168 - 3176 Superabsorbent dewatering of refractory gold concentrate slurries
Joseph-Soly S, Asamoah RK, Skinner W, Addai-Mensah J
3177 - 3190 CFD investigation on dust dispersion pollution of down/upwind coal cutting and relevant countermeasures for spraying dustfall in fully mechanized mining face
Zhang GB, Zhou G, Song SZ, Zhang LC, Sun B
3191 - 3204 Development and validation of a two-dimensional population balance model for a supercritical CO2 antisolvent batch crystallization process
Muthancheri I, Long B, Ryan KM, Padrela L, Ramachandran R
3205 - 3214 Original Paper Synthesis and characterization of CTAB-silica nanocapsules and its adsorption behavior towards Pd(II) ions in aqueous solution
Saman N, Kamal NAA, Lye JWP, Mat H
3215 - 3221 Crystallization kinetics of mechanically alloyed amorphous Fe-Ti alloys during annealing
Adelfar R, Mirzadeh H, Ataie A, Malekan M
3222 - 3235 Optimal and effective technique for particle packing
Safranyik F, Varga A, Oldal I, Keppler I
3236 - 3245 Nano-magnetically modified activated carbon prepared by oak shell for treatment of wastewater containing fluoride ion
Takmil F, Esmaeili H, Mousavi SM, Hashemi SA
3246 - 3255 An investigation on the aluminum dustexplosion suppression efficiency and mechanism of a NaHCO3/DE composite powder
Yan K, Meng XB
3256 - 3266 A-site cation and morphology control of KSr2Nb5O15 microcrystalline by a modified molten salt method
Lv R, Liu LL, Wang Y, Wang YQ
3267 - 3273 Activated carbon nanofibers derived from coconut shell charcoal for dye removal application
Widiyastuti W, Rois MF, Suari NMIP, Setyawan H
3274 - 3286 Sorption of Pb(II) on sodium polyacrylate modified bentonite
Chen YG, Liao RP, Yu C, Yu XH
3287 - 3296 Bubble growth obtained from pressure fluctuation in vibration separation fluidized bed using wavelet analysis
Zhang YD, Zhang XY, Zhao YM, Lv GN, Yang XL, Wang ZM, Duan CL, Dong L
3297 - 3306 Improvement in the permeability of sintering beds by drying treatment after granulating sinter raw materials containing concentrates
Zhou H, Lai ZY, Lv LQ, Fang H, Meng HX, Zhou MX, Cen KF
3307 - 3317 Facile synthesis and in vitro bioactivity of radial mesoporous bioactive glass with high phosphorus and calcium content
Xie WH, Chen XY, Li YL, Miao GH, Wang G, Tian T, Zeng L, Chen XF
3318 - 3327 Faster synthesis of A-type carbonated hydroxyapatite powders prepared by high-temperature reaction
Nowicki DA, Skakle JMS, Gibson IR
3328 - 3341 Preparation of nitrogen-doped aluminium titanate (Al2TiO5) nanostructures: Application to removal of organic pollutants from aqueous media
Azarniya A, Zekavat M, Soltaninejad M, Bakhshandeh F, Hosseini HRM, Kashani S, Amutha C, Sadrnezhaad SK, Ramakrishna S
3342 - 3350 Dilute phase pneumatic conveying of whey protein isolate powders: Particle breakage and its effects on bulk properties
Zhang FW, Olaleye AK, O'Mahony JA, Miao S, Cronin K
3351 - 3360 Direct synthesis of highly ordered Ti-containing Al-SBA-15 mesostructured catalysts from natural halloysite and its photocatalytic activity for oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene
Pham XN, Nguyen MB, Doan HV
3361 - 3371 Separation of the coal-quartz mixture using tribo-electrostatic separator: Effect of surface pretreatment
Mohanta SK, Dwari RK
3372 - 3380 An electrochemical sensor based on Pt/g-C3N4/polyaniline nanocomposite for detection of Hg2+
Mahmoudian MR, Alias Y, Woi PM, Yousefi R, Basirun WJ
3381 - 3394 Intensified photocatalytic degradation of 2, 4-dicholorophenoxyacetic acid using size-controlled silver nanoparticles: Effect of pre-synthesis extraction
Kamarudin NS, Jusoh R, Sukor NF, Jalil AA, Setiabudi HD
3395 - 3407 Experimental investigation of pressure fluctuation propagation in two orthogonal directions using a clapboard-type internally circulating fluidized bed
Wei LP, Zhang B, Lu CF, Lu YJ, Wang CH
3408 - 3419 Effect of fabrication method on the structure and properties of a nanostructured nickel-free stainless steel
Heidari L, Tangestani A, Hadianfard MJ, Vashaee D, Tayebi L
3420 - 3432 Mixing and migration rule of binary medium in vibrated dense medium fluidized bed for fine coal separation
Zhou EH, Lu JY, Wang QQ, Lv GN, Zhao YM, Dong L, Duan CL
3433 - 3439 Preparation of an ultrafine nickel powder by solid-phase reduction with a NaCl separator agent
Wang ZB, Jie C, Liu RT, Hao L, Lin XY, Da H, Xiang X
3440 - 3446 Influence of humidifying on charged characteristic in ultrafine pulverization of sulfur
Juan Lu, Yu F, Lin LY, Wang JB, Chen HY
3447 - 3457 Two-dimensional oscillatory motion of inertially focused particles in microfluidic flows
Udono H
3458 - 3464 Preparation of black titanium monoxide nanoparticles and their potential in electromagnetic wave absorption
Wei Y, Shi YP, Zhang XF, Li D, Zhang L, Gong CH, Zhang JW
3465 - 3473 Insights into the structures, energies and electronic properties of nesquehonite surfaces by first-principles calculations
Lu SS, Yan PK, Gao YJ, Zhang CE, Lu JW
3474 - 3484 DEM simulation of particle segregation in filling of vibratory dies
Bobba D, Tabei SA, Cherukuri HP, Pando MA
3485 - 3491 Analysis of wall fouling and electrostatic charging in gas-solid fluidized beds
Lu JY, Fujii S, Yasuda M, Matsusaka S
3492 - 3499 One-step synthesis of diopside (CaMgSi2O6) ceramic powder by solution combustion method
Sherikar BN, Sahoo B, Umarji AM
3500 - 3506 Fe-based metallic glass particles reinforced Al-7075 matrix composites prepared by spark plasma sintering
Guan HD, Li CJ, Gao P, Yi JH, Bao R, Tao JM, Fang D, Feng ZX
3507 - 3520 Scale-up procedure of parameter estimation in selection and breakage functions for impact pin milling
Li ZP, Wang LG, Chen WZ, Chen XZ, Liu CQ, Yang DS
3521 - 3532 Physicochemical characteristics and mechanism of fluoride removal using powdered zeolite-zirconium in modes of pulsed& continuous sonication and stirring
Savari A, Hashemi S, Arfaeinia H, Dobaradaran S, Foroutan R, Mahvi AH, Fouladvand M, Sorial GA, Farjadfard S, Ramavandi B
3533 - 3539 Preparation and performance of MAX phase Ti3AlC2 by in-situ reaction of Ti-Al-C system
Gao LN, Han T, Guo ZL, Zhang X, Pan D, Zhou SY, Chen WG, Li SF
3540 - 3550 Influence of particle shape on mixing rate in rotating drums based on super-quadric DEM simulations
Ji SY, Wang SQ, Zhou ZY
3551 - 3561 A protein powder agglomeration process using acai pulp as the binder: An analysis of the process parameters
Custodio GR, de Souza LFG, Nitz M, Andreola K
3562 - 3569 Facile and green synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles using ethanolic extract of Trigonella foenumgraceum (Fenugreek) leaves
Akhlaghi N, Najafpour-Darzi G, Younesi H
3570 - 3581 Characteristics of wheat dust flame with the influence of ceramic foam
Zhao Q, Dai HM, Chen XF, Huang CY, Zhang HM, Li Y, He S, Yuan BH, Yang P, Zhu HW, Liang GQ, Zhang BQ
3582 - 3596 BiOBr and BiOCl decorated on TiO2 QDs: Impressively increased photocatalytic performance for the degradation of pollutants under visible light
Shoja A, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Mousavi M, Ghosh S
3597 - 3609 Measurement of the deposit formation during pneumatic transport of PMMA powder
Susanti N, Grosshans H
3610 - 3617 Impact of grinding media on high-energy ball milling-driven amorphization in multiparticulate As4S4/ZnS/Fe3O4 nanocomposites
Shpotyuk O, Bujnakova ZL, Balaz P, Shpotyuk Y, Demchenko P, Balitska V
3618 - 3627 BiOBr photocatalyst with high activity for NOx elimination
Montoya-Zamora JM, Martinez-de la Cruz A, Lopez-Cuellar E, Gonzalez FAP
3628 - 3639 New insight into surface adsorption thermodynamic, kinetic properties and adsorption mechanisms of sodium oleate on ilmenite and titanaugite
Fan GX, Zhang CF, Wang TJ, Deng JS, Cao YJ, Chang LP, Zhou GL, Wu YK, Li P
3640 - 3649 Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles coated doxorubicin liposomes using procyanidins for light-controlled drug release
Hou KX, Bao ML, Xin C, Wang L, Zhang H, Zhao HT, Wang ZY
3650 - 3656 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of the Eu(III)-containing silica nanoparticles via a mechanochemical solid-state reaction between SiO2 and EuCl3 center dot 6H(2)O
Hashimoto T, Tagaya M, Kataoka T, Chatani S, Inui M, Higa Y, Motozuka S
3657 - 3666 Fabrication of W-Cu functionally graded composites using high energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering for plasma facing components
Pillari LK, Bakshi SR, Chaudhuri P, Murty BS