Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.31, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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2587 - 2596 Thermally induced changes in the magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles under reducing and oxidizing conditions
Ponomar VP, Antonenko TS, Vyshnevskyi OA, Brik AB
2597 - 2604 A novel bifunctional Dy3+ activated RbCaF3 single phase phosphor: Facile synthesis and dual-luminescence properties for WLEDs and dosimetry applications
Raja A, Nagaraj R, Ramachandran K, Sivasubramani V, Annadurai G, Daniel DJ, Ramasamy P
2605 - 2612 The effects of divalent and trivalent dopants on the luminescence properties of ZnO fine particle with oxygen vacancies
Panatarani C, Faizal F, Florena FF, Jumhur D, Joni IM
2613 - 2617 Reaction mechanism in SiO2-MnO2-Fe-Al system for producing ferrosilicomanganese powder
Rafiei M, Ahmadnezhad M, Mostaan H, Saeidi A
2618 - 2628 Anchoring Bi4O5I2 and AgI nanoparticles over g-C3N4 nanosheets: Impressive visible-light-induced photocatalysts in elimination of hazardous contaminates by a cascade mechanism
Habibi-Yangjeh A, Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Ghosh S
2629 - 2640 Dye degradation over the multivalent charge- and solid solution-type n-MoS2/p-WO3 based diode catalyst under dark condition with a self-supporting charge carrier transfer mechanism
Kebede WL, Kuo DH, Ahmed KE, Abdullah H
2641 - 2649 Numerical and experimental investigations on new jar designs for high efficiency planetary ball milling
Broseghini M, D'Incau M, Gelisio L, Pugno NM, Scardi P
2650 - 2657 Using ToF-SIMS to study metal ions transfer between chalcopyrite and galena during grinding
Lai H, Liu QJ, Deng JS, Wen SM
2658 - 2668 Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous ZnO/CuO hierarchical nanostructures for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant
Kumari V, Yadav S, Jindal J, Sharma S, Kumari K, Kumar N
2669 - 2679 On the use of sectional techniques for the solution of depolymerization population balances: Results on a discrete-continuous mesh
Ahamed F, Singh M, Song HS, Doshi P, Ooi CW, Ho YK
2680 - 2688 Experimental investigation of bubble behavior in gas-solid fluidized bed
Nimvari MI, Zarghami R, Rashtchian D
2689 - 2698 Acoustic signal based fault detection on belt conveyor idlers using machine learning
Liu XW, Pei DL, Lodewijks G, Zhao ZY, Mei J
2699 - 2710 Synthesis of NaY zeolite from coal gangue and its characterization for lead removal from solution
Bu NJ, Liu XM, Song SL, Liu JH, Yang Q, Li R, Zheng F, Yan LH, Zhen Q, Zhang JF
2711 - 2722 3D printing of tuneable agglomerates: Strain distribution and effect of internal flaws
Zhang J, Amini N, Morton DAV, Hapgood KP
2723 - 2732 Comparative analysis of numerically derived drag models for development of bed expansion ratio correlation in a bubbling fluidized bed
Bin Rashid TA, Zhu LT, Luo ZH
2733 - 2741 Modeling and simulation of coal gasification on an entrained flow coal gasifier
Watanabe H, Kurose R
2742 - 2748 Synthesis of the porous spinel Co-Al2O4 powder produced by ball milling and annealing
Bolokang AS, Modiba R, Motaung DE, Ngoepe PE
2749 - 2758 Simulation of particle bed breakage by slow compression and impact using a DEM particle replacement model
Barrios GKP, Jimenez-Herrera N, Tavares LM
2759 - 2777 Managment of natural convection of nanofluids inside a square enclosure by different nano powder shapes in presence of Fins with different shapes and magnetic field effect
Yan SR, Pordanjani AH, Aghakhani S, Goldanlou AS, Afrand M
2778 - 2791 Multi-fluid modelling of hydrodynamics in a dual circulating fluidized bed
Li SY, Shen YS
2792 - 2805 3D simulation on pressurized oxy-fuel combustion of coal in fluidized bed
Gu JR, Shao YJ, Zhong WQ
2806 - 2819 Transformation of essential minerals into tablet formulation with enhanced stability
Rajakumari R, Volova T, Oluwafemi OS, Thomas S, Kalarikkal N
2820 - 2832 Fabrication of Al-Si controlled expansion alloys by unique combination of pressureless sintering and hot forging
Saraswat E, Maharana HS, Murty SVSN, Shekhar S, Kar KK, Ramkumar J, Mondal K
2833 - 2842 Al-5Cu/B4Cp composites: The combined effect of artificially aging (T6) and particle volume fractions on the corrosion behaviour
Tozkoparan B, Dikici B, Topuz M, Bedir F, Gavgali M
2843 - 2852 Powdered biosorbent from pecan pericarp (Carya illinoensis) as an efficient material to uptake methyl violet 2B from effluents in batch and column operations
Salomon YLD, Georgin J, Franco DSP, Netto MS, Grassi P, Piccilli DGA, Oliveira MLS, Dotto GL
2853 - 2865 Metallurgical slag properties as a support material for bimetallic nanoparticles and their use in the removal of malachite green dye
Blanco-Flores A, Toledo-Jaldin HP, Vilchis-Nestor AR, Lopez-Tellez G, Sanchez-Mendieta V, Avila-Marquez DM
2866 - 2879 Clarification of an improved cluster renewal model (ICRM) for heat transfer characteristics in a rolling circulating fluidized bed (RCFB)
Wang ZL, Zhao T, Liu K, Takei M
2880 - 2889 Catalytic performance of ceria fibers with phosphatase-like activity and their application as protein carriers
Kato K, Lee S, Nagata F
2890 - 2900 Fabrication of Bi2WO6/In2O3 photocatalysts with efficient photocatalytic performance for the degradation of organic pollutants: Insight into the role of oxygen vacancy and heterojunction
Qin YY, Li H, Lu J, Ding YC, Ma CC, Liu XL, Meng MJ, Yan YS
2901 - 2911 Modeling and kinetics study of microwave heat drying of low grade manganese ore
Du JJ, Gao L, Yang Y, Guo SH, Chen J, Omran M, Chen G
2912 - 2920 Particle defects and related properties of metallic powders produced by plasma rotating electrode process
Nie Y, Tang JJ, Teng JW, Ye XJ, Yang BB, Huang JF, Yu S, Li YP
2921 - 2931 Construction of hybrid g-C3N4/CdO nanocomposite with improved photodegradation activity of RhB dye under visible light irradiation
Munusamy TD, Yee CS, Khan MMR
2932 - 2941 Silica-supported carboxylated cellulose nanofibers for effective lysozyme adsorption: Effect of macropore size
Rahmatika AM, Goi Y, Kitamura T, Morita Y, Iskandar F, Ogi T
2942 - 2950 Biogenic nano silver: Synthesis, characterization, antibacterial, antibiofilms, and enzymatic activity
Korkmaz N, Ceylan Y, Taslimi P, Karadag A, Bulbul AS, Sen F
2951 - 2963 Microscopic investigation of the packing features of soft-rigid particle mixtures using the discrete element method
Zhang JQ, Chen XB, Zhang JS, Wang X
2964 - 2972 CoB-TiB2 crystalline powders: Synthesis, microstructural analysis and their utilization as reinforcement agent
Khoshsima S, Altintas Z, Burkhardt U, Schmidt M, Prashanth KG, Somer M, Balci O
2973 - 2990 Comparative study of granular solid-structure interaction in a uni-axial compression system
Ai J, Chung YC
2991 - 3003 Impact of powder composition on processing-relevant properties of pharmaceutical materials: An experimental study
Fathollahi S, Faulhammer E, Glasser BJ, Khinast JG
3004 - 3017 Mechanical and microstructural properties of calcined diatomite powder modified high strength mortars at ambient and high temperatures
Saridemir M, Celikten S, Yildirim A
3018 - 3027 A new approach to model isobaric heat capacity and density of some nitride-based nanofluids using Monte Carlo method
Jafari K, Fatemi MH
3028 - 3037 Numerical simulation of hydrodynamic behaviors in a gas-solids dense downer reactor
Zhao ZK, Situmorang YA, Fushimi C, Tsutsumi A, Yang JX, Hao XG, Yoshida A, Abudula A, Guan GQ
3038 - 3049 A new method to determine specific surface area and shape coefficient of a cohesionless granular medium
Maroof MA, Mahboubi A, Noorzad A
3050 - 3061 Comparisons of single-phase and two-phase models for numerical predictions of Al2O3/water nanofluids convective heat transfer
Ying ZP, He BS, He D, Kuang YC, Ren J, Song B
3062 - 3079 Recent advances in high-fidelity simulations of pulverized coal combustion
Cai RP, Luo K, Watanabe H, Kurose R, Fan JR
3080 - 3084 Modification of a scale-up model to improve prediction of the effect of lubrication on tablet tensile strength
Lou H, Kiang YH, Alvarez-Nunez F, Li WK, Hageman MJ