Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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2179 - 2190 Optimal selection of viscoelastic surfactant fracturing fluids based on influence on coal seam pores
Yang MM, Lu YY, Ge ZL, Zhou Z, Chai CJ, Zhang L
2191 - 2196 Tunable structure, morphology of Zn1-xMgxO fine powder prepared by spray pyrolysis method and its luminescence properties
Panatarani C, Faizal F, Florena FF, Joni IM
2197 - 2206 Molten -salt assisted synthesis and characterization of ZrSiO 4 coated carbon core -shell structure pigment
Chen T, Zhang XJ, Jiang WH, Xie ZX, Xu YQ, Tang HD, Jiang W
2207 - 2214 Enhanced collection of fine particles in a cyclone using ultrasonic vapor with surfactants
Wang CW, Zhang YM, Dong KJ, Wang B, Li SQ, Xin RB, Jiang YC
2215 - 2226 Original Paper Stochastic modeling of classifying aerodynamic lenses for separation of airborne particles by material and size
Furat O, Masuhr M, Kruis FE, Schmidt V
2227 - 2234 Folic acid mediated synthesis of hierarchical ZnO micro -flower with improved gas sensing properties
Lang LM, Zhu WJ, Zhu GX, Bao CL, Xu H, Li XR, Shen XP
2235 - 2243 Controllable phase/morphology tailoring of REF 3 and NaREF 4 (RE = La-Lu, Y), and insights into the up -conversion luminescence of GdF 3:Yb 3+/Tm 3+spheres
Zhu Q, Song CY, Tong WP, Li JG
2244 - 2256 Structure optimization of granular bed filter for industrial flue gas filtration containing coagulative particles: An experimental and numerical study
Yu YS, Tao YB, He Y, He YL
2257 - 2266 Investigation of precipitation selectivity and particle size concentration dependences in supercritical antisolvent method via online supercritical fluid chromatography
Pokrovskiy O, Vorobei A, Zuev Y, Kostenko M, Lunin V
2267 - 2275 Development of a method for determining the maximum van der Waals force to analyze dispersion and aggregation of particles in a suspension
Kushimoto K, Ishihara S, Pinches S, Sesso ML, Usher SP, Franks GV, Kano J
2276 - 2284 Synthesis of iron red hybrid pigments from oil shale semi -coke waste
Lu YS, Xu J, Wang WB, Wang TT, Zong L, Wang AQ
2285 - 2292 An experimental study on a horizontal -vertical pneumatic conveying system using oscillatory flow
Yan F, Li X, Zhu R, Luo CS, Xia J
2293 - 2304 Packings of micron -sized spherical particles ? Insights from bulk density determination, X-ray microtomography and discrete element simulations
Schmidt J, Parteli EJR, Uhlmann N, Worlein N, Wirth KE, Poschel T, Peukert W
2305 - 2314 Effective surface pretreatment of hollow glass microspheres via a combined KF roughening and alkali washing strategy for the following metallization
Bu F, Zhang JF, Yu SB, Li QQ, Li GY, Wang J, Wu XY, Goto T
2315 - 2326 Mechanistic insight into structural and adsorptive properties of core shell reversal nanocomposites of rice husk silica and magnesium ferrite
Tiwari S, Kaur M
2327 - 2336 Microwave-assisted synthesis of high efficient alpha-Fe2O3/BiOI composites and its performance in photocatalytic degardation of organic pollutants
Niu JF, Dai PX, Wang K, Zhang ZQ, Zhang Q, Yao BH, Yu XJ
2337 - 2347 Synthesis and characterization of Cu-Sn oxides nanoparticles via wire explosion method with surfactants, evaluation of in -vitro cytotoxic and antibacterial properties
Shahriyari F, Yaarali D, Ahmadi R, Hassan S, Wei W
2348 - 2356 Optimization of the spray -drying process for developing aquasolv lignin particles using response surface methodology
Gil-Chavez J, Padhi SSP, Hartge U, Heinrich S, Smirnova I
2357 - 2365 Potentials and challenges of Levodopa particle formulation for treatment of Parkinson?s disease through intranasal and pulmonary delivery
Paul M, Lau R
2366 - 2378 Synthesis of rare earth hydroxycarbonate (LaOHCO3) nanocrystals with tuneable morphology and luminescence properties
Selvi GT, Grace AN, Jeong SK
2379 - 2384 Nano -porous hydrosodalite fabrication via hydrothermal modification of processed kaolin by boehmite: Aluminum source effect on physico- chemical characteristics of product
Arasi MA, Salem A, Salem S
2385 - 2393 Magnetic and catalytic properties of Cu-substituted SrFe12O19 synthesized by tartrate-gel method
Anantharamaiah PN, Chandra NS, Shashanka HM, Kumar R, Sahoo B
2394 - 2411 Numerical investigations of acoustic agglomeration of liquid droplet using a coupled CFD-DEM model
Shi Y, Wei JH, Bai WW, Wang GQ
2412 - 2420 The kinetics and efficiency of batch ball grinding with cemented tungsten carbide balls
Li P, Cao Z, Zhao RC, Li G, Yu M, Zhang SQ
2421 - 2429 Paraffin core -polymer shell micro -encapsulated phase change materials and expanded graphite particles as an enhanced energy storage medium in heat exchangers
Wang TH, Yang TF, Kao CH, Yan WM, Ghalambaz M
2430 - 2437 Effects of mixing ratio and order of admixed particles with two diameters on improvement of compacted packing fraction
Tsunoyama T, Yoshida M, Shimosaka A, Shirakawa Y
2438 - 2446 A study of wet granule breakage in a breakage -only high -shear mixer
Akiti N, Cheong YS, Hapgood KP, Khakhar D
2447 - 2455 Comparison of pyrolysis and oxidation actions on chemical and physical property of anthracite coal surface
Wen BF, Xia WC, Niu CK
2456 - 2468 CFD simulations of air curtain dust removal effect by ventilation parameters during tunneling
Yin S, Nie W, Guo LD, Liu Q, Hua Y, Cai XJ, Cheng L, Yang B, Zhou WJ
2469 - 2479 Structural transformation induced enhanced multiferroicity in Al3+ and Ti4+ co-doped LaFeO3
Mitra A, Shaw A, Chakrabarti PK
2480 - 2492 A 3D numerical study on natural convection flow of nanofluid inside a cubical cavity equipped with porous fins using two-phase mixture model
Esfe MH, Barzegarian R, Bahiraei M
2493 - 2504 Numerical simulation of thermogravitational energy transport of a hybrid nanoliquid within a porous triangular chamber using the two-phase mixture approach
Izadi M, Bastani B, Sheremet MA
2505 - 2512 The effects of morphologies on photoreduction of carbon dioxide to gaseous fuel over tin disulfide under visible light irradiation
Li GH, Sun YY, Sun SM, Chen WL, Zheng JC, Chen F, Sun ZF, Sun W
2513 - 2520 Improved effect of autoclave processing on size reduction, chemical structure, nutritional, mechanical and in vitro digestibility properties of fish bone powder
Nawaz A, Li E, Irshad S, Hammad HHM, Liu J, Shahbaz HM, Ahmed W, Regenstein JM
2521 - 2529 Surface modification of organic powders for enhanced rheology via atomic layer deposition
Miller J, Gillespie C, Chesser J, Scheppe A, Bryson T, Dixon J, Nelson A, Teslich N, Lange A, Elhadj S, Reeves RV
2530 - 2540 Real-time controlling particle distribution in pneumatic conveyance by electrical capacitance tomography with airflow injection system (ECT-AIS)
Maung CO, Kawashima D, Darma PN, Takei M
2541 - 2554 The effect of magnetic field on the performance of new design cyclone separators
Safikhani H, Allahdadi S
2555 - 2565 Zinc oxide quantum dots for textile dyes and real industrial wastewater treatment: Solar photocatalytic activity, photoluminescence properties and recycling process
Mohamed WAA, Ibrahem IA, El-Sayed AM, Galal HR, Handal H, Mousa HA, Labib AA
2566 - 2572 Evaluation of sorption -enhanced reforming over catalyst-sorbent bi-functional particles in an internally circulating fluidized bed
Yang XS, Wang S, Li BW, Liu H, He YR
2573 - 2585 Magnetically separable Zn 1-x Cu x Fe 2 O 4 (0 x 0.5) nanocatalysts for the transesterification of waste cooking oil
Ashok A, Ratnaji T, Kennedy LJ, Vijaya JJ