Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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1777 - 1783 Synthesis of core/shell Ti/TiOx photocatalyst via single-mode magnetic microwave assisted direct oxidation of TiH2
Kato K, Xin YZ, Hong J, Katsumata K, Shirai T
1784 - 1788 Physical property control for innovative powder processes - Rheological control of concentrated slurry and wet granules
Nakamura H, Kusano T, Hiruta O, Tani M, Ishii M
1789 - 1795 Composites prepared by multistage wet ball milling of Ti and Cu powders: Phase composition and effect of surfactant addition
Eryomina MA, Lomayeva SF
1796 - 1810 Energy and exergy analyses for a cement ball mill of a new generation cement plant and optimizing grinding process: A case study
Ghalandari V, Iranmanesh A
1811 - 1824 Formation of electrosprayed composite nanoparticles from polyvinylpyrrolidone/mangosteen pericarp extract
Rezeki YA, Hapidin DA, Rachmawati H, Munir MM, Khairurrijal K
1825 - 1837 Flexible discretization technique for DEM-CFD simulations including thin walls
Takabatake K, Sakai M
1838 - 1850 DEM calibration of cohesive material in the ring shear test by applying a genetic algorithm framework
Mohajeri MJ, Do HQ, Schott DL
1851 - 1867 Preparation and characterization of nanoboron for slurry fuel applications
Ghugare AD, Dhanalakshmi R, Vinu R
1868 - 1878 1T/2H-MoS2 engineered by in-situ ethylene glycol intercalation for improved toluene sensing response at room temperature
Taufik A, Asakura Y, Kato H, Kakihana M, Saleh R, Sekino T, Yin S
1879 - 1890 A facile sonochemical approach based on graphene carbon nitride doped silver molybdate immobilized nafion for selective and sensitive electrochemical detection of chromium (VI) in real sample
Karthika A, Nikhil S, Suganthi A, Rajarajan M
1891 - 1902 One-pot synthesis of isotype heterojunction g-C3N4-MU photocatalyst for effective tetracycline hydrochloride antibiotic and reactive orange 16 dye removal
Solehudin M, Sirimahachai U, Ali GAM, Chong KF, Wongnawa S
1903 - 1914 The crucial effect of water and co-solvent on Liqui-Pellet pharmaceutical performance
Lam M, Commandeur D, Maniruzzaman M, Tan DK, Nokhodchi A
1915 - 1923 Mixing experiments in 3D-printed silos; the role of wall friction and flow correcting inserts
Fullard LA, Godfrey AJR, Manaf MF, Davies CE, Cliff A, Fukuoka M
1924 - 1932 One-pot low-temperature synthesis of BiOX/TiO2 hierarchical composites of adsorption coupled with photocatalysis for quick degradation of colored and colorless organic pollutants
Yao SJ, Wang J, Zhou XX, Zhou SS, Pu XP, Li WZ
1933 - 1939 Facile synthesis of SiBCN powders by a carbonitriding route
Zhang C, Yuan WJ, Li J, Gu HZ
1940 - 1945 Preparation of high -purity and ultrafine WC -Co composite powder by a simple two-step process
Wang KF, Chou KC, Zhang GH
1946 - 1956 Axial holdup distributions of FCC catalysts in a small -diameter riser with abrupt exit in circulating fluidized bed
Yeo CE, Kim SW
1957 - 1962 Al/CNT nanocomposite fabrication on the different property of raw material using a planetary ball mill
Jargalsaikhan B, Bor A, Lee J, Choi H
1963 - 1974 Preparation of Ti-22Al-25Nb solid solution powders using mechanical alloying and solid solution mechanism analysis
Jia JB, Sun W, Peng WJ, Yang ZG, Xu Y, Zhong XX, Liu WC, Luo JT
1975 - 1984 Hollow flower-like ZnO: Synthesis, growth mechanism and application in polyacrylate
Bao Y, Gao L, Feng CP, Ma JZ, Zhang WB, Liu C, Simion D
1985 - 1993 Influence of Al content on thermal stability of nanocrystalline Al x CoCrFeNi high entropy alloys at low and intermediate temperatures
Garlapati MM, Vaidya M, Karati A, Mishra S, Bhattacharya R, Murty BS
1994 - 2004 Experimental study on spontaneous imbibition characteristics of coal based on fractal theory
Liu Z, Wang WY, Yang H, Zhao DW, Wang WD
2005 - 2019 Tracking particles in sands based on particle shape parameters
Cheng Z, Zhou B, Wang JF
2020 - 2024 Non -firing solidification: A new room temperature ceramics processing
Razavi-Khosroshahi H, Sato T, Fuji M
2025 - 2034 Green synthesis of submicron-sized Ti-rich MWW zeolite powders via a novel mechanochemical dry gel conversion in mixed steam environment
Zhang MY, Lin ZA, Huang QM, Zhu YD, Hu H, Chen XH
2035 - 2044 Enhanced recovery of dithionate from desulfurization with pyrolusite system by manganese dioxide anode of spent batteries
Qu B, Deng L, Zhang XH, Geng M, Su SJ, Sun WY
2045 - 2060 Calcium and zirconium modified acid activated alumina for adsorptive removal of fluoride: Performance evaluation, kinetics, isotherm, characterization and industrial wastewater treatment
Kumari U, Siddiqi H, Bal M, Meikap BC
2061 - 2071 Synthesis and characterization maleate-alumoxane nanoparticles for removal of reactive yellow 84 dye from aqueous solution
Ghabaee S, Behin J, Ansari M, Rajabi L
2072 - 2078 Structural study on graphene-based particles prepared from old coconut shell by acid-assisted mechanical exfoliation
Baqiya MA, Nugraheni AY, Islamiyah W, Kurniawan AF, Ramli MM, Yamaguchi S, Furukawa Y, Soontaranon S, Putra EGR, Cahyono Y, Risdiana, Darminto
2079 - 2091 Enhancing the capacity of large-scale ball mill through process and equipment optimization: An industrial test verification
Gao P, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ, Ren WL
2092 - 2100 Improving hydrothermal performance of hybrid nanofluid in double tube heat exchanger using tapered wire coil turbulator
Singh SK, Sarkar J
2101 - 2109 Strengthening liberation and separation of magnetite ore via magnetic pulse pretreatment: An industrial test study
Sun YS, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ
2110 - 2118 Synergistic antidiabetic activity of ZnO nanoparticles encompassed by Urtica dioica extract
Bayrami A, Haghgooie S, Pouran SR, Arvanag FM, Habibi-Yangjeh A
2119 - 2127 A facile route for producing spherical granules comprising water reactive aluminium nitride added composite powders
Barick P, Shalini BV, Srinivas M, Jana DC, Saha BP
2128 - 2135 An analytical solution of the population balance equation for simultaneous Brownian and shear coagulation in the continuum regime
Wang KY, Yu SY, Peng W
2136 - 2151 Study on scale -up characteristics of oxy-fuel combustion in circulating fluidized bed boiler by 3D CFD simulation
Gu JR, Liu QW, Zhong WQ, Yu AB
2152 - 2160 Comparison in characteristic and atomization behavior of metallic powders produced by plasma rotating electrode process
Nie Y, Tang JJ, Yang BB, Lei Q, Yu S, Li YP
2161 - 2177 Synthesis, structure, and mechanical response of Cr0.26Fe0.24Al0.5 and Cr0.15Fe0.14Al 0.30Cu0.13Si0.28 nanocrystallite entropy alloys
Alshataif YA, Sivasankaran S, Al-Mufadi FA, Alaboodi AS, Ammar HR