Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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905 - 913 Enhancement of absorbing frequency and photo-catalytic performance by temperature treatment of composites Fe3O4-AC nanoparticle
Ilyas S, Abdullah B, Tahir D
914 - 921 Influence of low-temperature ball milling time on physicochemical properties, flavor, bioactive compounds contents and antioxidant activity of horseradish powder
Wang J, Zhang M, Devahastin S, Liu YP
922 - 925 A perspective on morphology controlled synthesis of powder by tuning chemical diffusion and reaction
Han YS, Yang T, Chen YX
926 - 936 Synthesis of sustainable silica xerogels/aerogels using inexpensive steel slag and bean pod ash: A comparison study
Kaya GG, Yilmaz E, Deveci H
937 - 946 Preparation of AlN-Cu composite powders by electroless plating of controlled oxidized nitride particles to prevent degradation by hydrolysis
Ramirez-Vinasco D, Leon-Patino CA, Aguilar-Reyes EA, Pech-Canul MI
947 - 953 Flowsheet simulation of solids processes: Current status and future trends
Dosta M, Litster JD, Heinrich S
954 - 966 Unsteady natural convection flow of a suspension comprising Nano-Encapsulated Phase Change Materials (NEPCMs) in a porous medium
Ghalambaz M, Mehryan SAM, Hajjar A, Veismoradi A
967 - 972 Power-draw prediction by random forest based on operating parameters for an industrial ball mill
Tohry A, Chelgani SC, Matin SS, Noormohammadi M
973 - 985 Synthesis of efficient composite photocatalysts from solid solution Bi3O4Cl0.5Br0.5 and Ag-AgI/AgCl for decomposition the oil field pollutants of phenol and acrylamide
Zhang X, Yang P, Bai Y, Yang B, Liu WH
986 - 992 Synthesis of nano titanium oxide with controlled oxygen content using pulsed discharge in water
Gao X, Xu CX, Yin H, Chen PW, Wang XG, Song QZ, Liu JJ
993 - 1000 Stress wave in monosized bead string with various water contents
Wang J, Chu XH, Xiu CX, Jiang QH
1001 - 1006 Enhanced formation of ruthenium oxide nanoparticles through green synthesis for highly efficient supercapacitor applications
Nisha B, Vidyalakshmi Y, Razack SA
1007 - 1012 Evaluation of mechanical properties of nanoparticles using a constant-volume shear tester
Shimada Y, Yamamura K, Matsusaka S
1013 - 1022 Simulation and experimental study on the stone powder separator of a vertical shaft impact crusher
Fang HY, Yang JH, Song Y, Huang WJ, Chen JL
1023 - 1031 Effects of metal oxide nanoparticles on combustion and gas-generating performance of NaN3/Al composite powders ignited using a microhotplate platform
Kim HS, Kim JH, Ku JH, Cho MH, Cha JK, Kim JM, Lee HW, Kim SH
1032 - 1039 Experimental study on the stable morphology and self-attraction effect of subaqueous barchan dunes
Yang B, Su Y, He N, Zhang B, Zhou XS, Zhang Y
1040 - 1050 Dynamic capture and accumulation of multiple types of magnetic particles based on fully coupled multiphysics model in multiwire matrix for high-gradient magnetic separation
Wang FW, Tang DD, Gao LK, Dai HX, Jiang P, Lu MY
1051 - 1059 Synthesis and luminescence properties of Yb3+, Tm3+ and Ho3+ co-doped SrGd2(WO4)(2)(MoO4)(2) nano-crystal
Su JY, Zhang XY, Li X, Qu ML
1060 - 1079 Flow phenomenon of micron-sized particles during cold spray additive manufacturing: High-speed optic observation and characterization
Koithara LL, Raoelison RN, Costil S
1080 - 1087 Synthesis, characterization and welding property of micro-spherical molybdenum-ruthenium particles
Li JG, Yi W, Peng JH, Xin ZN, Yao CS, Zhao PC, Zeng YM, Liu Q
1088 - 1099 Shear controllable synthesis of barium sulfate particles using lobed inner cylinder Taylor-Couette flow reactor
Liu L, Yang XG, Li G, Huang XN, Xue CY
1100 - 1113 Evaluation of turbulent forced convection of non-Newtonian aqueous solution of CMC/CuO nanofluid in a tube with twisted tape inserts
Bazdidi-Tehrani F, Khanmohamadi SM, Vasefi SI
1114 - 1124 Changes in the oxygen content, morphology, and microstructure of Mo-10Nb composite powders during mechanical alloying
Li HG, Li QK, Guo MM, Wu XC, Yang KJ, Pan KM, He JL
1125 - 1139 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy inference system analysis on sorption studies of strontium and cesium cations onto a novel impregnated nano-zeolite
Hassan HS, Moamen OAA, Zaher WF
1140 - 1147 Synthesis of rutile TiO2 powder by microwave-enhanced roasting followed by hydrochloric acid leaching
Kang JX, Gao L, Zhang MY, Pu J, He L, Ruan RS, Omran M, Peng JH, Chen G
1148 - 1159 Novel application of g-C3N4/NaNbO3 composite for photocatalytic selective oxidation of biomass-derived HMF to FFCA under visible light irradiation
Zhu YK, Zhang Y, Cheng LL, Ismael M, Feng ZY, Wu Y
1160 - 1168 Novel monopolar arrangement of multiple iron electrodes for the large-scale production of magnetite nanoparticles for electrochemical reactors
Nurlilasari P, Widiyastuti W, Setyawan H
1169 - 1180 A comparative study of eco-friendly silver nanoparticles synthesis using Prunus domestica plum extract and sodium citrate as reducing agents
Mohaghegh S, Osouli-Bostanabad K, Nazemiyeh H, Javadzadeh Y, Parvizpur A, Barzegar-Jalali M, Adibkia K
1181 - 1195 Particle behavior and parameter optimization in treatment of waste petroleum reforming catalysts based on a compound dry separator
Qiao JP, Wen PF, Duan CL, Wang WN
1196 - 1208 Effect of excitation parameters on motion characteristics and classification performance of rigid-flexible coupled elastic screen surface for moist coal
Jiang HS, Yu SJ, Pan M, Duan CL, Zhao YM, Zhou ZG, Liu CS, Wu JD, Song BC
1209 - 1219 Implementation of ZnSnO3 nanosheets and their RE (Er, Eu, and Pr) materials: Enhanced photocatalytic activity
Gnanamoorthy G, Ramar K, Padmanaban A, Yadav VK, Babu KS, Karthikeyan V, Narayanan V
1220 - 1228 High performance of LiFePO4 with nitrogen-doped carbon layers for lithium ion batteries
Ou JK, Yang L, Jin F, Wu SG, Wang JY
1229 - 1240 Preparation of carbon nanostructures from medium and high ash Indian coals via microwave-assisted pyrolysis
Reddy BR, Ashok I, Vinu R
1241 - 1252 Tuning and controlling photocatalytic performance of TiO2/kaolinite composite towards ciprofloxacin: Role of 0D/2D structural assembly
Li CQ, Zhu NY, Dong XB, Zhang XY, Chen T, Zheng SL, Sun ZM
1253 - 1263 Mesoporous magnetic biochar composite for enhanced adsorption of malachite green dye: Characterization, adsorption kinetics, thermodynamics and isotherms
Eltaweil AS, Mohamed HA, Abd El-Monaem EM, El-Subruiti GM
1264 - 1273 Numerical analysis of flow field and particle motion in a dynamic cyclonic selector
Galletti C, Rum A, Turchi V, Nicolella C
1274 - 1279 Metal encapsulation in zeolite particles: A rational design of zeolite-supported catalyst with maximum site activity
Limlamthong M, Tesana S, Yip ACK
1280 - 1289 Effect of particle size on powder compaction and tablet strength using limestone
Cabiscol R, Shi H, Wunsch I, Magnanimo V, Finke JH, Luding S, Kwade A
1290 - 1301 High-performance spherical urchin-like CoAl2O4 pigments prepared via microemulsion-hydrothermal-precipitation method
Wang QK, Wang YQ, Liu K, Liu JL, Wang C, Wang Y, Chang QB
1302 - 1322 Analysis of flame structure using detailed chemistry and applicability of flamelet/progress variable model in the laminar counter-flow diffusion flames of pulverized coals
Akaotsu S, Matsushita Y, Aoki H, Malalasekera W
1323 - 1332 Green synthesized silver nanoparticle from Allium ampeloprasum aqueous extract: Characterization, antioxidant activities, antibacterial and cytotoxicity effects
Jalilian F, Chahardoli A, Sadrjavadi K, Fattahi A, Shokoohinia Y
1333 - 1341 Structural, electrical and electrochemical properties of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized using dry and wet chemical methods
El-Shaarawy MG, Khairy M, Mousa MA
1342 - 1348 Understanding the wetting properties of nanostructured strontium titanate and its application for recyclable oil/water separation
Raturi P, Singh JP
1349 - 1358 Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of mold filling and segregation in low-pressure powder injection molding of metallic feedstock
Ben Trad MA, Demers V, Cote R, Sardarian M, Dufresne L