Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.31, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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505 - 509 Synthesis of carbide solid solution with multiple components using elemental powder
Lun HL, Zeng Y, Xiong X, Ye ZM, Qian TX, Sun W, Wang YL, Chen ZK
510 - 520 A correlation story of syntheses of ZnO and their influence on photocatalysis
Payra S, Ganeshan SK, Challagulla S, Roy S
521 - 527 Photocatalytic microreactor using TiO2/Ti plates: Formation of TiO2 nanostructure and separation of oxidation/reduction into different channels
Nagamine S
528 - 532 Material development using the inherent features of nano-cellulose and nano-chitin: Necessity of simple processes and cross-disciplinary collaboration
Teramoto Y
533 - 547 Photocatalytic degradation mechanisms of dimethyl phthalate esters by MWCNTs-anatase TiO2 nanocomposites using the UHPLC/Orbitrap/MS technique
Tan TL, Lee KM, Lai CW, Hong SL, Rashid SA
548 - 559 Effect of rotation speed and milling time to attain Nb-10Hf-1Ti alloy powders on morphology and microstructure of Nb-10Hf-1Ti powder
Motlagh SR, Momeni H, Ehsani N
560 - 570 Experimental evaluation of the effect in the stability and thermophysical properties of water-Al2O3 based nanofluids using SDBS as dispersant agent
Gallego A, Cacua K, Herrera B, Cabaleiro D, Pineiro MM, Lugo L
571 - 594 Effect of external factors on segregation of different granular mixtures
Panda S, Tan DS
595 - 603 Low-temperature synthesis of CeB6 nanowires and nanoparticles as feasible lithium-ion anode materials
Wang Z, Han W, Kuang Q, Fan QH, Zhao YM
604 - 613 Proteic sol-gel synthesis, structure and battery-type behavior of Fe-based spinels (MFe2O4, M = Cu, Co, Ni)
Ferreira LS, Silva TR, Silva VD, Simoes TA, Araujo AJM, Morales MA, Macedo DA
614 - 620 Synthesis of porous carbon hollow particles maintaining their structure using hyper-cross-linked Poly(St-DVB) hollow particles
Kawai Y, Yamamoto T
621 - 631 Experimental hydrothermal characteristics of minichannel heat sink using various types of hybrid nanofluids
Kumar V, Sarkar J
632 - 638 Bismuth oxide/nitrogen-doped carbon dots hollow and porous hierarchitectures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Ji ZY, Dai WY, Zhang SL, Wang GF, Shen XP, Liu K, Zhu GX, Kong LR, Zhu J
639 - 644 Electrochemical properties of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 powders synthesized by solution combustion method: Effect of CTAB as a fuel
Moghadam YS, Masoudpanah SM, Alamolhoda S, Daneshtalab R
645 - 657 Effect of an inclined partition with constant thermal conductivity on natural convection and entropy generation of a nanofluid under magnetic field inside an inclined enclosure: Applicable for electronic cooling
Li YC, Firouzi M, Karimipour A, Afrand M
658 - 669 CFD modelling and simulation of an industrial scale continuous fluidized bed roaster
Dash S, Mohanty S, Mishra BK
670 - 677 Influence of particle packed pattern on the transient granular flow in a wedge-shaped hopper
Liao ZH, Xu J, Sun CF, Yang YZ, Pei YD, Kou MY, Hu ZW, Meng LY, Wen LY
678 - 694 Development and analyses of data-driven models for predicting the bed depth profile of solids flowing in a rotary kiln
Parveen N, Zaidi S, Danish M
695 - 701 Nanoporous, bioactive and cytocompatible TiO2 encapsulated Ti particles as bone augmentation material
Rajendran A, Pattanayak DK
702 - 707 Improved photochromic stability in less deficient cesium tungsten bronze nanoparticles
Nakakura S, Machida K, Tanabe E, Adachi K, Ogi T
708 - 717 Methionine-montmorillonite composite - A novel material for efficient adsorption of lead ions
Chu YT, Zhu SD, Xia MZ, Wang FY, Lei W
718 - 729 Kinetic modeling of PM combustion with relative velocity at low-temperature and numerical simulation of continuous regenerating type PM removal device that uses a fluidized bed
Yokoo K, Matsune H, Kishida M, Tatebayashi J, Yamamoto T
730 - 745 Inverse design optimisation of a novel range hood based on intelligent algorithms and computational fluid dynamics simulations
Zhao DF, You XY
746 - 754 Hetero-assembly of colloidal particles in concentrated non-aqueous suspensions by polymer dispersant design
Morita S, Iijima M, Tatami J
755 - 769 A DEM approach to assess the influence of the paddle wheel shape on force feeding during pharmaceutical tableting
Hildebrandt C, Gopireddy SR, Scherliess R, Urbanetz NA
770 - 781 Powder flow and mixing in different tablet press feed frames
Siegmann E, Forgber T, Toson P, Martinetz MC, Kureck H, Brinz T, Manz S, Grass T, Khinast J
782 - 791 Synthesis of copper nanoparticles from refractory sulfides using a semi-industrial mechanochemical approach
Balaz M, Tesinsky M, Marquardt J, Skrobian M, Daneu N, Rajnak M, Balaz P
792 - 803 Synthesis and performance measurement of a modified polymer dust suppressant
Yan JY, Nie W, Zhang HH, Xiu ZH, Bao Q, Wang HK, Jin H, Zhou WJ
804 - 807 Hollow silica nanoparticles: A tiny pore with big dreams
Takai-Yamashita C, Fuji M
808 - 815 Investigation of adjacent spacing dependent microwave absorption properties of lamellar structural Ti3C2Tx MXenes
Fan BB, Li N, Dai BZ, Shang SY, Guan L, Zhao B, Wang XH, Bai ZY, Zhang R
816 - 826 Kinetics and thermodynamics of methylene blue adsorption on the Fe-oxide nanoparticles embedded in the mesoporous SiO2
Kim JH, Cha BJ, Kim YD, Seo HO
827 - 834 The effect of CFO nanoparticles on magnetic and erosion-corrosion behavior of CFO@Ni-P nanocomposite coating
Hasani R, Tahmasebi K, Ehteshamzadeh M, Soroushian S
835 - 842 Effect of exposure temperature on the cell membrane disruption induced by amorphous silica nanoparticles in erythrocytes, lymphocytes, and malignant melanocytes
Shinto H, Fukasawa T, Yoshisue K, Seto H, Kawano T, Hirohashi Y
843 - 847 Order from Chaos: Dynamics of density segregation in continuously aerated granular systems
Oshitani J, Hayashi S, Chan DYC
848 - 858 Mass-measurement-type optical particle counting method for determination of number concentration of liquid-borne particles
Kuruma Y, Sakaguchi T, Sakurai H
859 - 866 Mechanism of arsenate coprecipitation at the solid/liquid interface of ferrihydrite: A perspective review
Tokoro C, Kadokura M, Kato T
867 - 874 Segregation of char and silica sand particles in a hot-fluidized-bed steam gasifier
Tsuboi Y, Kumagai Y, Suda T, Hayashi JI
875 - 885 Preparation of activated carbon@ZnO composite and its application as a novel catalyst in catalytic ozonation process for metronidazole degradation
Nasseh N, Arghavan FS, Rodriguez-Couto S, Panahi AH, Esmati M, A-Musawi TJ
886 - 894 Experimental study of the influence of temperatures under SCR conditions using an on-line digital image technique
Zhou H, Bai ZX, Chen ZH
895 - 903 Preparation and characterization of hollow silica nanocomposite functionalized with UV absorbable molybdenum cluster
Nguyen TKN, Grasset F, Cordier S, Amela-Cortes M, Matsui Y, Ohashi N, Shirahata N, Uchikoshi T