Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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1425 - 1433 Mill, material, and process parameters - A mechanistic model for the set-up of wet-stirred media milling processes
Breitung-Faes S, Kwade A
1434 - 1441 Facile synthesis of spherical nanostructured LiCoPO4 particles and its electrochemical characterization for lithium batteries
Li Y, Taniguchi I
1442 - 1449 Co-coating effect of GdPO4 and carbon on LiFePO4 cathode surface for lithium ion batteries
Li Y, Wang J, Huang HX, Wang J, Zhang M, Liang M
1450 - 1461 Hydrocracking and hydrodesulfurization of diesel over zeolite beta-containing NiMo supported on activated red mud
Ebrahiminejad M, Karimzadeh R
1462 - 1472 Experimental and numerical analysis on the hydrodynamic behaviors of permeable microbial granules
Dong XQ, Wang S, Geng ZF, Li YH, Zhang MH
1473 - 1483 Controllable synthesis of BaCuSi2O6 fine particles via a one-pot hydrothermal reaction with enhanced violet colour hue
Corona-Martinez DA, Rendon-Angeles JC, Gonzalez LA, Matamoros-Veloza Z, Yanagisawa K, Tamayo A, Alonso JR
1484 - 1493 Bends pressure drop in hydraulic conveying
Peretz MF, Levy A
1494 - 1503 Chitin derived biochar as an alternative adsorbent to treat colored effluents containing methyl violet dye
Zazycki MA, Borba PA, Silva RNF, Peres EC, Perondi D, Collazzo GC, Dotto GL
1504 - 1512 The core-shell structured Fe-based amorphous magnetic powder cores with excellent magnetic properties
Zhou B, Dong YQ, Liu L, Chi Q, Zhang YQ, Chang L, Bi FQ, Wang XM
1513 - 1521 Stage-wise characterization of the high shear granulation process by impeller torque changing rate
Lin CY, Wang HC, Hsu WY, Huang AN, Kuo HP
1522 - 1530 Preparation and physicochemical characterization of soy isoflavone (SIF) nanoparticles by a liquid antisolvent precipitation method
Zhang XN, Zhang HW, Xia XH, Pu N, Yu ZP, Nabih M, Zhu Y, Zhang S, Jiang LZ
1531 - 1543 Evaluation of proanthocyanidin- crosslinked sericin/alginate blend for ketoprofen extended release
de Freitas ED, Lima BM, Rosa PCP, da Silva MGC, Vieira MGA
1544 - 1550 Size reduction of raw material powder: The key factor to affect the properties of wasabi (Eutrema yunnanense) paste
Qiu LQ, Zhang M, Bhandari B, Fang ZX, Liu YP
1551 - 1557 Biosynthesis of tin oxide (SnO2) nanoparticles using jujube fruit for photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes
Honarmand M, Golmohammadi M, Naeimi A
1558 - 1566 Predicting porosity of binary mixtures made out of irregular nonspherical particles: Application to natural sediments
El-Husseiny A, Vanorio T, Mavko G
1567 - 1575 Preparation of a novel type of flame retardant diatomite and its application in silicone rubber composites
Zhang CY, Wang JC, Song SQ
1576 - 1583 0D/2D Z-scheme heterojunctions of g-C3N4 quantum dots/ZnO nanosheets as a highly efficient visible-light photocatalyst
Fang Q, Li B, Li YY, Huang WQ, Peng W, Fan XX, Huang GF
1584 - 1591 Formation of drug-loaded nanoemulsions in stirred media mills
Schwendner JF, Konnerth C, Romeis S, Schmidt J, Peukert W
1592 - 1599 Numerical simulation of particulate cake formation in cross-flow microfiltration: Effects of attractive forces
Nishitani J, Mino Y, Matsuyama H
1600 - 1610 Synthesis of hydrophobic Ni-VN alloy powder by ball milling
Bhushan B, Katiyar PK, Murty BS, Mondal K
1611 - 1616 Effect of mill speed and slurry filling on the charge dynamics by an instrumented ball
Yin ZX, Peng YX, Zhu ZC, Ma CB, Yu ZF, Wu GY
1617 - 1624 Effects of MoOx modification on photocatalytic activity
Jiraborvornpongsa N, Isobe T, Matsushita S, Yamaguchi A, Miyauchi M, Wakamura M, Nakajima A
1625 - 1633 Effect of model details on the predicted saturation profiles in condensation particle counters
Reinisch T, Radl S, Bergmann A, Schriefl M, Kraft M
1634 - 1641 Monitoring of scaling in dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems using non-intrusive acoustic sensors - A feasibility study
Haugland IB, Chladek J, Halstensen M
1642 - 1654 Structure reinforcement of porous hydroxyapatite pellets using sodium carbonate as sintering aid: Microstructure, secondary phases and mechanical properties
Partheniadis I, Papanikolaou T, Noisternig MF, Griesser UJ, Kantiranis N, Nikolakakis I
1655 - 1663 Practical strategy to produce ultrafine ceramic glaze: Introducing a polycarboxylate grinding aid to the grinding process
Cheng F, Feng Y, Su QQ, Wei DD, Wang B, Huang YW
1664 - 1671 In-situ synthesis and characterizations of Bi-2(O,S)(3)/Zn(O,S) composites for visible light hexavalent chromium reduction
Ahmed KE, Kuo DH, Kebede WL
1672 - 1677 On the mechanism of mechanochemical synthesis of Ti2SC from Ti/FeS2/C mixture
Hoseini SM, Heidarpour A, Ghasemi S
1678 - 1686 Classifier performance during dynamic fine grinding in fluidized bed opposed jet mills
Koeninger B, Spoetter C, Romeis S, Weber AP, Wirth KE
1687 - 1695 Multifunctional use of magnetite-coated tuff grains in water treatment: Removal of arsenates and phosphates
Savic AB, Cokesa D, Bisercic MS, Castvan-Jankovic I, Petrovic R, Zivkovic LS
1696 - 1708 Experimental investigation of the wetting ability of surfactants to coals dust based on physical chemistry characteristics of the different coal samples
Wang XN, Yuan SJ, Jiang BY
1709 - 1714 Spheroidization of tantalum powder by radio frequency inductively coupled plasma processing
Qin Q, Yang F, Shi T, Guo ZM, Sun HX, Li P, Lu X, Chen CG, Hao JJ, Cao P
1715 - 1723 Carbon dot sensitized integrative g-C3N4/AgCl Hybrids: An synergetic interaction for enhanced visible light driven photocatalytic process
Matheswaran P, Thangavelu P, Palanivel B
1724 - 1728 Structural changes of fullerite C-60/70 during mechanosynthesis of copper and iron based composites
Larionova NS, Nikonova RM, Lad'yanov VI, Ul'yanov AL, Mikheev KG