Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.30, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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2851 - 2858 Control of particle charge by atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ): A review
Matsusaka S
2859 - 2867 Controllable preparation of antimony powders by electrodeposition in choline chloride-ethylene glycol
Bu JJ, Ru JJ, Wang ZW, Hua YX, Xu CY, Zhang Y, Wang Y
2868 - 2880 Tensile strength of cohesive powders
Garcia-Trinanes P, Luding S, Shi H
2881 - 2889 A continuous-flow exposure method to determine degradation of polyphenylene sulfide non-woven bag-filter media by NO2 gas at high temperature
Rozy MIF, Ito K, Une K, Fukasawa T, Ishigami T, Wada M, Fukui K
2890 - 2899 Catalytic peroxygen activation by biosynthesized iron nanoparticles for enhanced degradation of Congo red dye
Jegadeesan GB, Amirthavarshini S, Divya J, Gunarani GI
2900 - 2907 A facile preparation of pomegranate-like porous carbon by carbonization and activation of phenolic resin prepared via hydrothermal synthesis in KOH solution for high performance supercapacitor electrodes
Zang JB, Tian PF, Yang GP, Jia SP, Zhou SY, Xu HQ, Wang YH
2908 - 2924 Template-assisted spray-drying method for the fabrication of porous particles with tunable structures
Nandiyanto ABD, Ogi T, Wang WN, Gradon L, Okuyama K
2925 - 2939 Cold-pressing and vacuum arc melting of gamma-TiAl based alloys
Mathabathe MN, Bolokang AS, Govender G, Siyasiya CW, Mostert RJ
2940 - 2946 Fluidization using pseudoplastic liquids - Elutriation and ANN modeling
Maiti SB, Bar N, Das SK
2947 - 2956 Synthesis of porous Mg-doped CeO2 powders via self-propagating high-temperature synthesis route
Hashemzaei Z, Sharifitabar M, Saravani H, Noroozifar M
2957 - 2963 Three-dimensional periodic structures of gold nanoclusters in the interstices of sub-100 nm polymer particles toward surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Yahata A, Ishii H, Nakamura K, Watanabe K, Nagao D
2964 - 2979 Flamelet modeling of laminar pulverized coal combustion with different particle sizes
Wen X, Fan JR
2980 - 2988 Time-dependent evolution pathway of CIGSe nanocrystals by low-temperature process
Latha M, Aruna-Devi R, Velumani S, Santoyo-Salazar J, de Moure-Flores F
2989 - 2996 Diffusion mechanism and release profile of a multivitamin from TiO2 hollow particles
Tominaga Y, Kadota K, Kitayama A, Shimosaka A, Yoshida M, Shirakawa Y
2997 - 3009 Coupled DEM-SPH simulations of wet continuous screening
Markauskas D, Kruggel-Emden H
3010 - 3020 Clusters identification and meso-scale structures in a circulating fluidized bed based on image processing
Yin SY, Zhong WQ, Song T, Lu P, Chen YH
3021 - 3027 Refining single-crystalline epsilon iron oxide nanorods via low-temperature aging
Ma J, Wang YG, Chen KZ
3028 - 3039 Simulation on coal-fired supercritical CO2 circulating fluidized bed boiler: Coupled combustion with heat transfer
Cui Y, Zhong WQ, Xiang J, Liu GY
3040 - 3049 Development of the fumed TiO2 having high content of rutile structure and dispesibility using the dry-type of surface modification and the thermal treatment
Yamashita Y, Fuji M
3050 - 3066 Numerical simulation of gas-solid flows in fluidized bed gasification reactor
Sahu AK, Raghavan V, Prasad BVSSS
3067 - 3078 The effect of copper granules on interfacial bonding and properties of the copper-graphite composite prepared by flake powder metallurgy
Dixit M, Srivastava R
3079 - 3087 Active electrode materials of graphene balls and their composites for supercapacitors: A perspective view
Lee C, Kim SK, Chang H, Jang HD
3088 - 3098 Synthesis of monodispersed silver particles: Synthetic techniques to control shapes, particle size distribution and lightness of silver particles
Sannohe K, Ma TL, Hayase S
3099 - 3106 Synthesis of (Sn,Zn)(O,S) bimetallic oxysulfide catalyst for the detoxification of Cr+6 in aqueous solution
Zelekew OA, Kuo DH, Abdullah H
3107 - 3117 What dominates heat transfer performance of hybrid nanofluid in single pass shell and tube heat exchanger?
Anitha S, Thomas T, Parthiban V, Pichumani M
3118 - 3126 A facile preparation of graphene/reduced graphene oxide/Ni(OH)(2) two dimension nanocomposites for high performance supercapacitors
Tian J, Shan Q, Yin XL, Wu W
3127 - 3134 Preparation, formulation and deposition of mica flake supported cobalt oxide for nanostructured lithium ion battery anodes
Helmer A, Rink AS, Esper J, Wu YL, Bachmann J, Taylor RNK
3135 - 3145 Simulation of coal pressurized pyrolysis process in an industrial-scale spout-fluid bed reactor
Zhou GW, Zhong WQ, Yu AB, Xie J
3146 - 3152 Characteristics of a single jet injected into an incipiently fluidized bed: A magnetic resonance imaging study
Boyce CM, Penn A, Lehnert M, Pruessmann KP, Muller CR
3153 - 3162 Large eddy simulation of pulverized coal combustion in multi-burner system-effect of in-furnace blending method on NO emission
Muto M, Watanabe H, Kurose R
3163 - 3170 Particle conveying under microgravity in a vibrating vessel
Li CX, Dong KJ, Shen YS, Yu AB
3171 - 3181 Superparamagnetic magnesium ferrite/silica core-shell nanospheres: A controllable SiO2 coating process for potential magnetic hyperthermia application
Das H, Debnath N, Arai T, Kawaguchi T, Sakamoto N, Shinozaki K, Suzuki H, Wakiya N
3182 - 3192 Recyclable and highly efficient photocatalytic fabric of Fe(III)@BiVO4/cotton via thiol-ene click reaction with visible-light response in water
Zhang HS, Yu D, Wang W, Gao P, Zhang LS, Zhong S, Liu BJ
3193 - 3202 Ag/AgCl-GO: A composite for degradation of Rhodamine B in dye wastewater
Ai CL, Yang SK, Zhang F, Shao XW, Xu JG
3203 - 3213 Effect of nonlinear thermal radiation on 3D magneto slip flow of Eyring-Powell nanofluid flow over a slendering sheet with binary chemical reaction and Arrhenius activation energy
Reddy SRR, Reddy PBA, Bhattacharyya K
3214 - 3223 Synthesis and characterization of new nanosphere hybrid nanocomposite polyoxometalate@ceramic@polyaniline as a heterogeneous catalyst for oxidative desulfurization of real fuel
Rezvani MA, Rahmani P
3224 - 3230 Influence of clean air and inlet configuration on the performance of slit nozzle virtual impactor
Zahir MZ, Heo JE, Yook SJ
3231 - 3240 Amine-impregnated MCM-41 in post-combustion CO2 capture: Synthesis, characterization, isotherm modelling
Mukherjee S, Akshay, Samanta AN
3241 - 3252 Collision dynamics of wet particles: Comparison of literature models to new experiments
Buck B, Heinrich S
3253 - 3259 Relationship between water distribution and shear properties of wet granules
Kusano T, Tani M, Hiruta O, Nakamura H