Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.30, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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2451 - 2463 Comprehensive numerical modelling of the hot isostatic pressing of Ti-6Al-4V powder: From filling to consolidation
Abena A, Aristizabal M, Essa K
2464 - 2472 Microstructure and properties of Cu-Cr-Nb alloy powder prepared by argon gas atomization
Lv XQ, Liu ZM, Lei T, Li Q, Zhao F, Peng K, Ren YK, Lu SZ, Nong BZ
2473 - 2482 Dry powder formulation combining bedaquiline with pyrazinamide for latent and drug-resistant tuberculosis
Momin MAM, Rangnekar B, Larson I, Sinha S, Das SC
2483 - 2491 Hydrothermal processing on potassic syenite powder: Zeolite synthesis and potassium release kinetics
Liu CJ, Ma HW, Gao Y
2492 - 2502 A contact model for the deformation behaviour of pharmaceutical pellets under cyclic loading
Weis D, Krull F, Mathy J, Evers M, Thommes M, Antonyuk S
2503 - 2516 CFD analysis of employing a novel ecofriendly nanofluid in a miniature pin fin heat sink for cooling of electronic components: Effect of different configurations
Bahiraei M, Heshmatian S, Goodarzi M, Moayedi H
2517 - 2526 Analysis of grinding kinetics in a laboratory ball mill using population-balance-model and discrete-element-method
Lee H, Kim K, Lee H
2527 - 2532 CO2 pretreatment and hydrothermal treatment of commercial gamma-Al2O3 powders for purification and refinement
Gao M, Zhao P, Liu BX, Yi XB, Xu Y
2533 - 2540 The effect of ball milling on properties of sintered manganese-doped alumina
Filipovic S, Obradovic N, Markovic S, Mitric M, Balac I, Dordevic A, Pavlovic V
2541 - 2547 Experimental investigation on the packed bed of rodlike particles
Nan WG, Wang YS, Sun HH
2548 - 2554 Ball-milling properties and sintering behavior of Fe-Tm2O3 mixture powders
Mu YS, Ran G, Wu WS, Ye C
2555 - 2563 Effect of temperature-related factors on densification, microstructure and mechanical properties of powder metallurgy TiAl-based alloys
Wang DJ, Zhao HG, Zheng W
2564 - 2573 Effect of level of overflow solid outlet on pressure drop of a bubbling fluidized-bed
Kim D, Lee GW, Won YS, Choi JH, Joo JB, Ryu HJ, Jo SH
2574 - 2579 Synthesis and characterization of tantalum carbide nanoparticles using concentrated solar energy
Carvajal-Campos Y, Ceballos-Mendivil L, Baldenebro-Lopez F, Perez-Rabago C, Estrada CA
2580 - 2587 Polymeric micropowders from thermal reversible crosslinking of oligomers
Nam H, Lee WJ, Cha SH, Lee KJ
2588 - 2599 Research on mine dust suppression by spraying: Development of an air-assisted PM10 control device based on CFD technology
Peng HT, Nie W, Yu HM, Cheng WM, Bai P, Liu Q, Liu ZQ, Yang SB, Xu CW, Hua Y, Guo C, Ma QX
2600 - 2615 Simulation analysis and engineering application of distribution characteristics about multi-stage atomization field for cutting dust in fully mechanized mining face
Yin WJ, Zhou G, Gao DH
2616 - 2619 Estimation of uncertainty of percentile values in particle size distribution analysis as a function of number of particles
Matsuyama T
2620 - 2625 Ion reduction in iron oxide and oxyhydroxide nanoparticles during ultrasonic treatment
Stolyar SV, Bayukov OA, Yaroslavtsev RN, Knyazev YV, Ladygina VP, Gerasimova YV, Iskhakov RS
2626 - 2635 Characterization of mechanically alloyed and pressureless sintered Al-7 wt% Si-2 wt% LaB6-2 wt% (MoSi2, WSi2) hybrid composites
Tekoglu E, Yurekturk Y, Agaogullari D, Ovali D, Mertdinc S, Ovecoglu ML
2636 - 2648 Robust green synthetic approach for the production of iron oxide nanorods and its potential environmental and cytotoxicity applications
Ramar K, Ahamed AJ, Muralidharan K
2649 - 2658 Densification of pure magnesium by spark plasma sintering-discussion of sintering mechanism
Liu RF, Wang WX, Chen HS, Lu Z, Zhao W, Zhang TT
2659 - 2665 Prediction of segregation behavior of binary mixture in a pulsed fluidized bed
Zhang K, Wang S, Tang YX, He YR
2666 - 2685 Mixed convection of non-Newtonian nanofluid in an H-shaped cavity with cooler and heater cylinders filled by a porous material: Two phase approach
Li ZX, Barnoon P, Toghraie D, Dehkordi RB, Afrand M
2686 - 2702 CFD-DEM simulation and optimization of gas-cyclone performance with realistic macroscopic particulate matter
El-Emam MA, Shi WD, Zhou L
2703 - 2711 Differences in dry and wet grinding with a high solid concentration of coking coal using a laboratory conical ball mill: Breakage rate, morphological characterization, and induction time
Bu XN, Chen YR, Ma GX, Sun YJ, Ni C, Xie GY
2712 - 2725 CPFD simulation on effects of louver baffles in a two-dimensional fluidized bed of Geldart A particles
Yang ZJ, Zhang YM, Zhang HN
2726 - 2732 Numerical simulation of high-pressure gas atomization of two-phase flow: Effect of gas pressure on droplet size distribution
Arachchilage KH, Haghshenas M, Park S, Zhou L, Sohn Y, McWilliams B, Cho K, Kumar R
2733 - 2741 Synthesis and humidity control performances of natural opoka based porous calcium silicate hydrate
Liu YY, Jia HW, Zhang GX, Sun ZM, Pan YT, Zheng SL
2742 - 2750 NiAl-B composites with nanocrystalline intermetallic matrix produced by mechanical alloying and consolidation
Krasnowski M, Gierlotka S, Kulik T
2751 - 2758 Facile electroless copper plating on diamond particles without conventional sensitization and activation
Wei CL, Cheng JG, Chen PQ, Wei BZ, Gao DL, Xu D
2759 - 2767 Microstructural and morphological changes during ball milling of Copper-Silver-Graphite flake mixtures
Pragatheeswaran A, Ravi R, Bakshi SR
2768 - 2778 Effect of Y(NO3)(3) additive on morphologies and size of metallic W particles produced by hydrogen reduction
Lv ZP, Liu D, Wu YJ, Zhang R, Sun HB, Dang J, Hu LW
2779 - 2786 Effect of Re on microstructural evolution and densification kinetics during spark plasma sintering of nanocrystalline W
Pramanik S, Srivastav AK, Jolly BM, Chawake N, Murty BS
2787 - 2800 Critical values in transport phenomena for curved power-law sheet utilizing Al2O3 - Cu/water hybrid nanoliquid: Model prediction and stability analysis
Kumar S, Sharma PK, Rana P
2801 - 2811 Scalable classification of nanoparticles: A proof of principle for process design
Menter C, Segets D
2812 - 2822 Experimental investigation of fluidized bed dynamics under resonant frequency of sound waves
Al-Ghurabi EH, Ali SS, Alfadul SM, Shahabuddin M, Asif M
2823 - 2831 Optimization of aqueous microgrinding processes for fibrous plant materials
Flach F, Fries L, Kammerhofer J, Hesselbach J, Finke B, Schilde C, Niederreiter G, Palzer S, Heinrich S, Kwade A
2832 - 2840 Characterization and photocatalytic activity of Y-doped BiFeO3 ceramics prepared by solid-state reaction method
Maleki H
2841 - 2850 Enhanced ferromagnetic and photocatalytic properties in Mn or Fe doped p-CuO/n-ZnO nanocomposites
Yakout SM, El-Sayed AM