Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.30, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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1995 - 2002 Preparation of isocyanate microcapsules as functional crosslinking agent by minimalist interfacial polymerization
Ma YB, Lu P, Chen WS, Zhang YH, Gu JY
2003 - 2013 Unique crystal structures and their applications as materials for Li1+x-yM1-x-3yTix+4yO3 (M = Nb or Ta, 0.07 <= x <= 0.33, 0 <= y <= 0.175)
Nakano H
2014 - 2031 Particle dynamics in a multi-staged fluidized bed: Particle transport behavior on micro-scale by discrete particle modelling
Diez E, Kieckhefen P, Meyer K, Buck A, Tsotsas E, Heinrich S
2032 - 2041 The preparation of surfactant-free highly dispersed ethylene glycol-based aluminum nitride-carbon nanofluids for heat transfer application
Esmaeili E, Rounaghi SA, Gruner W, Eckert J
2042 - 2051 Assessing the dependency of selection function parameters with batch mill design
Mulenga FK, Gharehgheshlagh HH, Chehreghani S
2052 - 2058 Quantitative analysis of agglomerates levitated from particle layers in a strong electric field
Shoyama M, Nishida S, Matsusaka S
2059 - 2075 A study on the dust control effect of the dust extraction system in TBM construction tunnels based on CFD computer simulation technology
Liu Q, Nie W, Hua Y, Jia LB, Li CS, Ma H, Wei CH, Liu CQ, Zhou WJ, Peng HT
2076 - 2082 Effect of pressure on transport velocity in gas fluidized-beds
Kim D, Won Y, Choi JH, Joo JB, Ryu HJ
2083 - 2093 Synthesis of porous nanododecahedron Co3O4/C and its application for nonenzymatic electrochemical detection of nitrite
Qiu WW, Tanaka H, Gao F, Wang QX, Huang MQ
2094 - 2100 The control of particle size distribution for fabricated alumina nanoparticles using a thermophoretic separator
Kim B, Song J, Kim JY, Hwang J, Park D
2101 - 2109 Synthesis and structural control of Fe-based porous layer on Fe substrate for joining with resin parts using combustion reaction
Suzuki A, Noritake K, Takata N, Kobashi M
2110 - 2116 A revised methodology for the determination of bulk material cohesion and adhesion
Carr MJ, Roberts AW, Wheeler CA
2117 - 2125 Surface analyses of calcite particles reactivity in the presence of phosphoric acid
Filippov LO, Kaba OB, Filippova IV
2126 - 2138 Numerical simulation of solid-liquid mixing characteristics in a stirred tank with fractal impellers
Gu DY, Cheng C, Liu ZH, Wang YD
2139 - 2149 Large eddy simulation of the interactions between gas and particles in a turbulent corner-injected flow
Sun WJ, Zhong WQ, Echekki T
2150 - 2159 A method to evaluate the overall breakage degree of pre-weakening processing and its applications
Zuo WR, He ZM, Shi FN, Li XF, Ku JG
2160 - 2168 Fabrication and interaction mechanism of Ni-encapsulated ZrO2-toughened Al2O3 powders reinforced high manganese steel composites
Ru JJ, He H, Jiang YH, Zhou R, Hua YX
2169 - 2177 Controllable fabrication of hollow TiO2 spheres as sustained release drug carrier
Liu D, Bi YG
2178 - 2187 Experimental investigation on hydrodynamic behavior in a spouted bed with longitudinal vortex generators
Wu F, Yu ZY, Shang LY, Ma XX, Zhou WJ
2188 - 2199 Eggshell nano-particle potential for methyl violet and mercury ion removal: Surface study and field application
Foroutan R, Mohammadi R, Farjadfard S, Esmaeili H, Ramavandi B, Sorial GA
2200 - 2210 Sintering behaviour of Copper/carbon nanotube composites and their characterization
Babu RV, Kanagaraj S
2211 - 2217 Dissolution-assistant all-in-one synthesis of N and S dual-doped porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors
Song P, He XM, Shen XP, Sun YM, Li ZW, Yuan AH, Zhai LZ, Zhang DY
2218 - 2224 Retained fluorescence of aggregation-caused quenched Rhodamine grafted in the hierarchical mesopores of silica MCM-41 at solid-state
Li WL, Wang J, Tebyetekerwa M, Ding YX, Qiu ZY, Yan C, Liu F, Zhang JD
2225 - 2239 Numerical simulation of a centrifugal slurry pump handling solid-liquid mixture: Effect of solids on flow field and performance
Tarodiya R, Gandhi BK
2240 - 2250 Identification and characterization of solids in sand-water two-phase flows via vibration multi-sensor approaches
Wang K, Liu G, Li YC, Wang JB, Wang G
2251 - 2261 Nanoscale zero-valent iron modified with carboxymethyl cellulose in an impinging stream-rotating packed bed for the removal of lead(II)
Jiao WZ, Song Y, Zhang DS, Chang GZ, Fan HL, Liu YZ
2262 - 2275 An experimental investigation of thermal-hydraulic performance of silica nanofluid in corrugated channels
Ajeel RK, Salim WSIW, Hasnan K
2276 - 2284 Experimental and CFD study on a cyclonic classifier with new flow pattern
Sun ZP, Liu QG, Yu XQ
2285 - 2292 A facile synthesis of alpha-Ni(OH)(2)-CNT composite films for supercapacitor application
Abitkar SB, Jadhav PR, Tarwal NL, Moholkar AV, Patil CE
2293 - 2298 Aerosol route synthesis of Ni-CeO2-Al2O3 hybrid nanoparticle cluster for catalysis of reductive amination of polypropylene glycol
Chang HY, Lai GH, Tsai DH
2299 - 2310 Investigation on flow characteristics of ice slurry in horizontal 90 degrees elbow pipe by a CFD-PBM coupled model
Cai LL, Liu ZQ, Mi S, Luo C, Ma KB, Xu AX, Yang S
2311 - 2319 Preparation of Co-plated WC powders by a non-precious-Co-activation triggered electroless plating strategy
Tong J, Zhang JF, Wang Y, Min FL, Wang XY, Zhang HL, Ma JC
2320 - 2329 Optimisation of high energy ball milling parameters to synthesize oxide dispersion strengthened Alloy 617 powder and its characterization
Sivakumar M, Dasgupta A, Ghosh C, Sornadurai D, Saroja S
2330 - 2337 Characteristics and atomization behavior of Ti-6Al-4V powder produced by plasma rotating electrode process
Tang JJ, Nie Y, Lei Q, Li YP
2338 - 2351 Numerical study of particle mixing in a tilted three-dimensional tumbler and a new particle-size mixing index
Zhang ZW, Gui N, Ge L, Li ZL
2352 - 2362 Elimination of hazardous methylene blue from contaminated solutions by electrochemically magnetized graphene oxide as a recyclable adsorbent
Jalali K, Pajootan E, Bahrami H
2363 - 2368 Cu7.2S4 nanosheets decorated on the {332} high index facets of Cu2O with controllable oxygen defects and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li YY, Yang RC, Li XY, Zhang RL, Kuai L, Wei XL, Yang S
2369 - 2378 Study on decolorization of Rhodamine B by raw coal fly ash catalyzed Fenton-like process under microwave irradiation
Wang NN, Hu Q, Du XY, Xu H, Hao LL
2379 - 2395 Volume fraction and velocity fields of nearly uniform granular flows in a narrow channel geometry with smooth bed
Carleo L, Sarno L, Papa MN, Tai YC, Villani P
2396 - 2407 Application of response surface methodology with a Box-Behnken design for struvite precipitation
Polat S, Sayan P
2408 - 2415 Non-aqueous preparation of anatase TiO2 hollow microspheres for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Ye XY, Gu YH, Chen H, Cao YF, Liu YY, Lei BX, Sun W, Sun ZF
2416 - 2421 The influence of graphene on the dynamic mechanical behaviour of shear thickening fluids
Tan ZH, Ma HQ, Zhou H, Han X, Cho CD
2422 - 2429 Investigation of the molecular state of 4-aminosalicylic acid in matrix formulations for dry powder inhalers using solid-state fluorescence spectroscopy of 4-dimethylaminobenzonitrile
Tse JY, Kadota K, Yang ZJ, Uchiyama H, Tozuka Y
2430 - 2439 Experimental study on fluidization characteristics of different-sized particles in a U-type reduction chamber
Tang ZD, Gao P, Sun YS, Han YX
2440 - 2449 High shear-granulated hierarchically porous spheres nanostructure-designed for high-performance supercapacitors
Xu J, Liu YY, Wang MR, Li J, Cui HT