Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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439 - 440 Special issue on the 7th Asian Particle Technology Symposium (APT 2017) - Toward wonderful particulate world
Kuo HP, Hsiau SS, Lee DJ
441 - 449 Decomposition of solution droplets under the influence of thermal convection over a heated horizontal plate
Faizal F, Wada M, Koike S, Lenggoro IW
450 - 456 Utilization of incineration fly ash from biomass power plants for zeolite synthesis from coal fly ash by microwave hydrothermal treatment
Fukasawa T, Horigome A, Karisma AD, Maeda N, Huang AN, Fukui K
457 - 461 Effect of flux powder addition on the synthesis of YAG phosphor by mechanical method
Kanai K, Fukui Y, Kozawa T, Kondo A, Naito M
462 - 470 Experimental analysis of mineral liberation and stereological bias based on X-ray computed tomography and artificial binary particles
Ueda T, Oki T, Koyanaka S
471 - 478 Enhancement of copper dissolution by mechanochemical activation of copper ores: Correlation between leaching experiments and DEM simulations
Minagawa M, Hisatomi S, Kato T, Granata G, Tokoro C
479 - 487 Measurement of solid solubility of warfarin in supercritical carbon dioxide and recrystallization study using supercritical antisolvent process
Ciou JM, Wang BC, Su CS, Liu JJ, Sheu MT
488 - 498 Multi-scale CFD modeling of gas-solid bubbling fluidization accounting for sub-grid information
Hong K, Gao YA, Ullah A, Xu F, Xiong QG, Lorenzini G
499 - 505 Opto-magnetic properties of nano-structured MgO:Al powders prepared in a micro drop fluidized reactor
Yang SW, Lim DH, Yoo DJ, Kang Y, Lee CG, Kang GM
506 - 517 A new image processing algorithm for three-dimensional angular velocity measurement and its application in a granular avalanche
Lin CC, Yang FL
519 - 536 The effect of inclination angle and hot wall configuration on Cu-water nanofluid natural convection inside a porous square cavity
Emami RY, Siavashi M, Moghaddam GS
537 - 542 Bottom-up synthesis of aluminophosphate nanosheets by hydrothermal process
Ban T, Iriyama S, Ohya Y
543 - 554 Microstructural and tribological properties of nanostructured Al6061-CNT produced by mechanical milling and extrusion
Omidi M, Khodabandeh A, Nategh S, Khakbiz M
555 - 562 Effect of pressure of pelletization on dielectric properties of Bismuth Titanate prepared by sol-gel synthesis
Badge SK, Deshpande AV
563 - 572 Structural and mechanical properties of hypereutectic AlSiFe powders and a new method for determination of sintering temperature
Ergen S, Yilmaz F, Gul S, Kolemen U, Kilicaslan MF, Uzun O
573 - 583 Multiscale simulation of fine grinding and dispersing processes: Stressing probability, stressing energy and resultant breakage rate
Beinert S, Fragniere G, Schilde C, Kwade A
584 - 589 Preparation of metal catalyst component doped perovskite catalyst particle for steam reforming process by chemical solution deposition with partial reduction
Ohno T, Ochibe S, Wachi H, Hirai S, Arai T, Sakamoto N, Suzuki H, Matsuda T
590 - 605 Heat transfer enhancement of mixed convection in an inclined porous cavity using Cu-water nanofluid
Rajarathinam M, Nithyadevi N, Chamkha AJ
606 - 610 Template-free synthesis and particle size control of mesoporous calcium carbonate
Oiso T, Yamanaka S
611 - 622 Numerical study of flow field in new design cyclone separators with one, two and three tangential inlets
Safikhani H, Zamani J, Musa M
623 - 630 A numerical simulation study of the path-resolved breakup behaviors of molten metal in high-pressure gas atomization: With emphasis on the role of shock waves in the gas/molten metal interaction
Kaiser R, Li C, Yang S, Lee D
631 - 638 Synthesis of periodically stacked 2D composite of alpha-Ni(OH)(2) monolayer and reduced graphene oxide as electrode material for high performance supercapacitor
Ma WL, Wang L, Li YH, Shi M, Cui HT
639 - 653 Joule heating and buoyancy effects in electro-osmotic peristaltic transport of aqueous nanofluids through a microchannel with complex wave propagation
Tripathi D, Sharma A, Beg OA
654 - 663 Preferential adsorption of volatile hydrocarbons on high surface area chalcogels KMBiTe3 (M = Cr, Zn, Fe)
Edhaim F, Rothenberger A
664 - 671 Mesoporous Fe3O4@Ag@TiO2 nanocomposite particles for magnetically recyclable photocatalysis and bactericide
Tseng WJ, Chuang YC, Chen YA
672 - 681 Strength and heat generation of concrete using carbide lime and fly ash as a new cementitious material without Portland cement
Dueramae S, Tangchirapat W, Jaturapitakkul C
682 - 691 Production and investigation of sustained berberine pellet drug release system
Gao Y, Jin X, Sun Y, Xu FF, Zhang M
692 - 706 Comparison of breakage models in DEM in simulating impact on particle beds
Jimenez-Herrera N, Barrios GKP, Tavares LM
707 - 718 Strategies for multi-scale simulation of fine grinding and dispersing processes: Drag coefficient and fracture of fractal aggregates
Beinert S, Kwade A, Schilde C
719 - 725 Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanodots for recyclable photocatalytic degradation of organic compounds in visible light
Sun AC
726 - 736 Novel and sustainable precursor for high-quality activated carbon preparation by conventional pyrolysis: Optimization of produce conditions and feasibility in adsorption studies
Saygili H, Guzel F
737 - 743 Effect of surfactants and precipitation agents on the morphologies of Nd6MoO12 nanostructures for enhancing photocatalytic activity
Namvar F, Beshkar F, Salavati-Niasari M
744 - 750 Fabrication of MoS2-graphene modified with Fe3O4 particles and its enhanced microwave absorption performance
Wang Y, Chen YB, Wu XM, Zhang WZ, Luo CY, Li JH
751 - 755 Bed collapse and expansion characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in fluidized beds
Jeong SW, Lee DH
756 - 764 Facile synthesis of TiO2-based nanosheets by the regulation of cationic surfactants for effective adsorption-photocatalytic removal of high-chroma crystal violet
Lu DZ, Yang MC, Kumar KK, Wu P, Peng K
765 - 780 Simulation of particle size segregation in a pharmaceutical tablet press lab-scale gravity feeder
Hildebrandt C, Gopireddy SR, Scherliess R, Urbanetz NA
781 - 788 On the properties and application of beeswax, carnauba wax and palm fat mixtures for hot melt coating in fluidized beds
Muller MG, Lindner JA, Briesen H, Sommer K, Foerst P
789 - 795 Spheroidizing mechanisms and simulation of spherical silica in Oxygen-Acetylene flame
Hou HC, Ji ZJ, Xie Z, Jin HY
796 - 803 Ionothermal synthesis of Cu-doped Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with enhanced peroxidase-like activity for organic wastewater treatment
Huang XL, Xu C, Ma JP, Chen FX
804 - 812 Propellant grade ultrafine aluminum powder by RF induction plasma
Karthik PS, Chandrasekhar SB, Chakravarty D, Srinivas PVV, Chakravadhanula VSK, Rao TN
813 - 817 Investigation on the dielectric properties of titanium-loaded ionic liquid-based nano-organosilica as a novel material
Vaziri B, Hajati S, Elhamifar D
818 - 834 Synthesis and characterization of polymer-mediated CaCO3 nanoparticles using limestone: A novel approach
Ramasamy V, Anand P, Suresh G
835 - 847 Simulation experiments on the controllability of dust diffusion by means of multi-radial vortex airflow
Nie W, Wei WL, Cai P, Liu ZQ, Liu Q, Ma H, Liu HJ