Advanced Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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687 - 696 Contact properties determination of macroscopic fine disperse glass particles via compression tests under cyclic loading/unloading
Mader-Arndt K, Aman S, Fuchs R, Tomas J
697 - 705 Nd2Sn2O7 nanostructures: New facile Pechini preparation, characterization, and investigation of their photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange dye
Morassaei MS, Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Salavati-Niasari M
706 - 720 Measurement of particle size distribution and specific surface area for crushed concrete aggregate fines
Cepuritis R, Garboczi EJ, Ferraris CF, Jacobsen S, Sorensen BE
721 - 731 Fully developed mixed convection of nanofluids in microtubes at constant wall temperature: Anomalous heat transfer rate and thermal performance
Hosseini SJ, Malvandi A, Moshizi SA, Zamani M
732 - 739 Thermodynamic Assessments and mechanically activated synthesis of ultrafine Cr2AlC MAX phase powders
Rajkumar Y, Panigrahi BB
740 - 746 Characterization of demineralization behavior of bovine bone granules related to particulate properties
Kimura I, Wei TT, Akazawa T, Murata M
747 - 754 Facile hydrothermal and novel preparation of nanostructured Ho2O3 for photodegradation of eriochrome black T dye as water pollutant
Mortazavi-Derazkola S, Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Salavati-Niasari M
755 - 762 Recovery of phosphorus from Sewage Sludge Ash (SSA) by heat treatment followed by high gradient magnetic separation and flotation
Udaeta MC, Dodbiba G, Ponou J, Sone K, Fujita T
763 - 774 CFD investigation of local properties of Al2O3/water nanofluid in a converging microchannel under imposed pressure difference
Najafabadi HH, Moraveji MK
775 - 784 Effect of multi wall carbon nanotubes on characteristics and morphology of nanofiber scaffolds composited of MWNTs/silk fibroin
Shayannia M, Sajjadi H, Motaghitalab V, Haghi AK
785 - 797 Facile green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles by Eucalyptus globulus and their photocatalytic and antioxidant activity
Balaji S, Kumar MB
798 - 804 Synthesis of zeolite from coal fly ash by microwave hydrothermal treatment with pulverization process
Fukasawa T, Karisma AD, Shibata D, Huang AN, Fukui K
805 - 813 Mechanical activation of fly ash and its influence on micro and nano-structural behaviour of resulting geopolymers
Kumar S, Mucsi G, Kristaly F, Pekker P
814 - 819 Fabrication of new metallic glassy Ti40.6Cu15.4Ni8.5Al5.5W30 alloy powders by mechanical alloying and subsequent SPS consolidation
El-Eskandarany MS, Al-Hajji LA, Al-Hazza A
820 - 835 Fluidization of cylinder particles in a fluidized bed
Chen X, Zhong WQ, Heindel TJ
836 - 841 Effect of chemical composition on the surface charge property and flotation behavior of pyrophyllite particles
Liu XW, Bai MJ
842 - 853 Urea-nitrates combustion preparation of CeO2-promoted CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 nanocatalyst for fuel cell grade hydrogen production via methanol steam reforming
Minaei S, Haghighi M, Jodeiri N, Ajamein H, Abdollahifar M
854 - 864 Hydrodynamics of a multi-stage counter-current fluidized bed reactor with down-comer for amine impregnated activated carbon particle system
Das D, Samal DP, Mohammad N, Meikap BC
865 - 875 Effect of aligned magnetic field on liquid thin film flow of magnetic-nanofluids embedded with graphene nanoparticles
Sandeep N
876 - 883 Formation mechanisms for gold nanoparticles in a redesigned Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
Majeric P, Jenko D, Friedrich B, Rudolf R
884 - 889 Structural analysis and capacitive properties of carbon spheres prepared by hydrothermal carbonization
Inada M, Enomoto N, Hojo J, Hayashi K
890 - 899 Nanoparticles migration around the heated cylinder during the RSM optimization of a wavy-wall enclosure
Hatami M
900 - 909 Free-convective flow of copper/water nanofluid about a rotating down-pointing cone using Tiwari-Das nanofluid scheme
Dinarvand S, Pop I
910 - 921 Fabrication and characterization of low-cost silica spargers: Toward smaller bubbles
Goortani BM, Izadi R, Keramat M
922 - 931 On the enhancement of particle deposition in turbulent channel airflow by a ribbed wall
Dritselis CD
932 - 937 Dichlorodimethylsilane mediated one-step synthesis of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica nanoparticles
Ebrahimi F, Farazi R, Karimi EZ, Beygi H
938 - 941 Unusual higher viscosity for nanocrystalline titanium powders: Compared to micron titanium powders
942 - 952 Multi-scale analysis on particle dynamics of a horizontal self-excited pneumatic conveying at the minimum pressure drop
Yan F, Zheng Y, Rinoshika A, Du YC, Tang WX, Zhu R
953 - 963 Room-temperature solid state synthesis of Co3O4/ZnO p-n heterostructure and its photocatalytic activity
Reda GM, Fan HQ, Tian HL
964 - 972 Nanocrystalline Fe-C composites obtained by mechanical alloying of iron and carbon nanotubes
Boshko O, Nakonechna O, Belyavina N, Dashevskyi M, Revo S
973 - 982 The beneficial use of ultrasound in free template synthesis of nanostructured ZSM-5 zeolite from rice husk ash used in catalytic cracking of light naphtha: Effect of irradiation power
Khoshbin R, Karimzadeh R
983 - 992 Interfacial bond assessment of clay-polyolefin nanocomposites CPNC on view of mechanical and fracture properties
El-Sheikhy R, Al-Shamrani M
993 - 999 Synthesis of Bentonite-Supported Fe2O3-Doped TiO2 superstructures for highly promoted photocatalytic activity and recyclability
Cao X, Luo SQ, Liu C, Chen JW
1000 - 1007 Optimization of LiFePO4 wet media milling and regressive population balance modeling
Li H, Ndjamo A, Sauriol P, Patience GS
1008 - 1017 MHD heat and mass transfer flow of a nanofluid over an inclined vertical porous plate with radiation and heat generation/absorption
Reddy PS, Chamkha AJ, Al-Mudhaf A
1018 - 1027 Fabrication of WO3/Ag2CrO4 composites with enhanced visible-light photodegradation towards methyl orange
Luo J, Zhou XS, Ma L, Ning XM, Zhan L, Xu XY, Xu LM, Zhang LL, Ruan HT, Zhang ZB
1028 - 1037 Simulation of free surface granular flows in tumblers
Volpato S, Canu P, Santomaso AC
1038 - 1046 A two-step Sol-Gel method to synthesize a ladder polymethylsilsesquioxane nanoparticles
Baatti A, Erchiqui F, Bebin P, Godard F, Bussieres D
1047 - 1053 Novel visible light response Ag3PO4/TiP2O7 composite photocatalyst with low Ag consumption
Meng XY, Hao MJ, Shi JZ, Cao ZZ, He WY, Gao YF, Liu JR, Li Z
1054 - 1064 Characterization and mechanical properties of alpha-Al2O3 particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites, synthesized via uniball magneto-milling and uniaxial hot pressing
Al-Mosawi BT, Wexler D, Calka A
1065 - 1068 A novel approach to rapid sizing of nanoparticles by using optical calorimetry
Wollner M, Leistner M, Benusch M, Wollmann P, Grahlert W, Kaskel S
1069 - 1078 Optimization of the classification process in the zigzag air classifier for obtaining a high protein sunflower meal - Chemometric and CFD approach
Banjac V, Pezo L, Pezo M, Vukmirovic D, Colovic D, Fistes A, Colovic R
1079 - 1085 Preparation and characterization of Cu and Ni sulfides nanoparticles
Abd El-Raady AA, Abo-Bakr AM, Ebnalwaled AA
1086 - 1091 Effect of Fe doping on the structural, optical and magnetic properties of combustion synthesized nanocrystalline ZnO particles
Srinatha N, Nair KGM, Angadi B
1092 - 1102 Influence of particle size on dry high-intensity magnetic separation of paramagnetic mineral
Tripathy SK, Suresh N
1103 - 1107 In-situ investigation on mineral phase transition during roasting of vanadium-bearing stone coal
Zhao YL, Wang W, Zhang YM, Song SX, Bao SX