Advanced Powder Technology

Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.28, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0921-8831 (Print) 

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325 - 339 3D analytical mathematical models of random star-shape particles via a combination of X-ray computed microtomography and spherical harmonic analysis
Garboczi EJ, Bullard JW
340 - 345 Amorphization and nanocrystalline Nb3Al intermetallic formation during mechanical alloying and subsequent annealing
Naghiha H, Movahedi B, Asadabad MA, Monrnani MT
346 - 355 Adhesion force approximation at varying consolidation stresses for fine powder under humid conditions
Karde V, Dixit D, Ghoroi C
356 - 362 Climbing motion of grains in vibrating tubes with different geometries
Zhang FW, Wang L, Liu CP, Wu P
363 - 374 Influence of the impact sintering temperature on the structure and properties of samples from the different iron powders
Laptiev A, Romelczyk B, Tolochyn O, Brynk T, Pakiela Z
375 - 384 Analysis of transient flow of MHD nanofluid past a non-linear stretching sheet considering Navier's slip boundary condition
Seth GS, Mishra MK
385 - 397 Phase-change heat transfer of single/hybrid nanoparticles-enhanced phase-change materials over a heated horizontal cylinder confined in a square cavity
Chamkha AJ, Doostanidezfuli A, Izadpanahi E, Ghalambaz M
398 - 405 Emulsion templating of poly (acrylic acid) by ammonium hydroxide/sodium hydroxide aqueous mixture for high-dispersed hollow silica nanoparticles
Takai-Yamashita C, Ando M, Noritake M, Khosroshahi HR, Fuji M
406 - 410 Synthesis olmicron-sized porous CeO2-SiO2 composite particles for ultraviolet absorption
Kim SK, Chang H, Jang HD
411 - 418 Synthesis and characterization of yttrium aluminum garnet nanostructures by cathodic electrodeposition method
Hosseinifard M, Badiei A, Ahmadi K
419 - 429 Numerical study of hydrodynamics with surface heat transfer in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactor applied to fast pyrolysis of rice husk
Dinh CB, Liao CC, Hsiau SS
430 - 437 Effects of ionic liquid additive [bmim]BF4 on fabrication of Ni-decorated Al2O3 powders by electroless deposition
Ru JJ, Feng J, Jiang YH, Zhou R, Hua YX
438 - 442 Porous structure to improve microwave absorption properties of lamellar ZnO
Ma C, Zhao B, Dai QF, Fan BH, Shao G, Zhang R
443 - 452 The effect of structural properties of natural silica precursors in the mesoporogen-free synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-5 below 100 degrees C
Kadja GTM, Fabiani VA, Aziz MH, Fajar ATN, Prasetyo A, Suendo V, Ng EP, Mukti RR
453 - 462 MHD convective heat transfer of nanofluids through a flexible tube with buoyancy: A study of nano-particle shape effects
Akbar NS, Tripathi D, Beg OA
463 - 472 Antibacterial and photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles from Zn(OH)(2) dehydrated by azeotropic distillation, freeze drying, and ethanol washing
Piva DH, Piva RH, Rocha MC, Dias JA, Montedo ORK, Malavazi I, Morelli MR
473 - 480 Synthesis of hydroxysodalite zeolite by alkali-activation of basalt powder rich in calc-plagioclase
Esaifan M, Hourani M, Khoury H, Rahier H, Wastiels J
481 - 490 Powder discharge from a hopper-standpipe system modelled with CPFD
Lu HF, Guo XL, Jin Y, Gong X, Zhao W, Barletta D, Poletto M
491 - 498 Interdigital transducer generated surface acoustic waves suitable for powder transport
Saiki T, Tsubosaka A, Yamaguchi A, Suzuki M, Utsumi Y
499 - 505 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of quasi-static pebble flow
Sun XM, Dong YJ, Hao PF, Shi L, Li F, Feng YT
506 - 513 Densification and alloying of ball milled Silicon-Germanium powder mixture during spark plasma sintering
Murugasami R, Vivekanandhan P, Kumaran S, Kumar RS, Tharakan TJ
514 - 520 Aqueous and non-aqueous Li+/H+ ion exchange in Li-0.44/La0.52TiO3 perovskite
Duran T, Climent-Pascual E, Perez-Prior MT, Levenfeld B, Varez A, Sobrados I, Sanz J
521 - 533 Synthesis of interstratified graphene/montmorillonite composite material through organics-pillared, delamination and co-stacking and its application in hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution
Chen W, Zhang XP, Mamadiev M, Zhao CH, Wang ZH, Xu HJ
534 - 542 Optimized particle engineering of fluticasone propionate and salmeterol xinafoate by spray drying technique for dry powder inhalation
Khandouzi F, Daman Z, Gilani K
543 - 552 Particle exchange in horizontal two-compartment fluidized beds - CFD simulation and experimental validation
Lau P, Arlt CR, Potthoff M, Kind M
553 - 564 Production and characterization of synthetic aragonite prepared from dolomite by eco-friendly leaching-carbonation process
Altiner M, Yildirim M
565 - 574 High performance magnetically recoverable g-C3N4/Fe3O4/Ag/Ag2SO3 plasmonic photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of water pollutants
Akhundi A, Habibi-Yangjeh A
575 - 583 Radiative flow of Casson fluid over a moving wedge filled with gyrotactic microorganisms
Raju CSK, Hoque MM, Sivasankar T
584 - 595 A multi-sphere based modelling method for maize grain assemblies
Wang XM, Yu JQ, Lv FY, Wang Y, Fu W
596 - 610 Characterization and antibacterial properties of nanoboron powders and nanoboron powder coated textiles
Akbar W, Noor MR, Kowal K, Syed T, Soulimane T, Basim GB
611 - 617 Structural and optical properties of sol gel derived Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticles
Rawat K, Shishodia PK
618 - 628 Microstructure correlated electrical conductivity of Manganese alloyed nanocrystalline cubic zirconia synthesized by mechanical alloying
Nandy A, Dutta A, Pradhan SK
629 - 640 Rapid hydrothermal synthesis of SrMo1-xWxO4 powders: Structure and luminescence characterization
Rendon-Angeles JC, Matamoros-Veloza Z, Gonzalez LA, Lopez-Cuevas J, Ueda T, Yanagisawa K, Hernandez-Calderon I, Garcia-Rocha M
641 - 647 Elimination of oxide films during Spark Plasma Sintering of metallic powders: A case study using partially oxidized nickel
Dudina DV, Bokhonov BB
648 - 657 Particle shape effects on particle size measurement for crushed waste glass
Garboczi EJ, Riding KA, Mirzahosseini M
658 - 664 Microstructure and morphology of Mo-based Tm2O3 composites synthesized by ball milling and sintering
Luo Y, Ran G, Chen NJ, Wang C
665 - 670 A novel protocol to design TiO2-Fe2O3 hybrids with effective charge separation efficiency for improved photocatalysis
Cheng G, Xu FF, Xiong JY, Wei Y, Stadler FJ, Chen R
671 - 685 Exact-solution of entropy generation for MHD nanofluid flow induced by a stretching/shrinking sheet with transpiration: Dual solution
Freidoonimehr N, Rahimi AB
686 - 686 Effect of low temperature on formation mechanism of calcium phosphate nano powder via precipitation method (vol 23, pg 744, 2012)
Moghimian P, Khosravi MH, Najafi A, Afshar S, Javadpour J, Samadani M