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Chemistry Letters, Vol.49, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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597 - 600 THz Wave Emission from ZnTe Nano-colloidal Aqueous Dispersion Irradiated by Femtosecond Laser
Huang HH, Chau YTR, Yonezawa T, Nguyen MT, Zhu SL, Deng D, Nagashima T, Hatanaka K
601 - 604 Thermal, Mechanical, and Dielectric Characterization of p-tert-Butylcalix[8]arene Glycidyl Ether/Benzoxazine Copolymer
Yonekawa M, Kimura H, Ohtsuka K
605 - 608 Guest Capture and Separation by Temperature Responsive Cyclophane-PNIPAM Conjugates
Hayashida O, Tanaka H
609 - 615 Light-switchable Metal-Organic Cages
Wezenberg SJ
616 - 618 Dehydrative Allylation of 2-Alkylbenzophenones with Allylic Alcohols
Masuda Y, Makita K, Murakami M
619 - 623 Synthesis of Ordered Carbonaceous Framework with Microporosity from Porphyrin with Ethynyl Groups
Nishihara H, Matsuura K, Ohwada M, Yamamoto M, Matsuo Y, Maruyama J, Hayasaka Y, Yamaguchi S, Kamiya K, Konaka H, Inoue M, Tani F
624 - 632 Polymers in Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Nanostructured Chain Assemblies to New Functional Materials
Kitao T, Uemura T
633 - 636 Practical Synthesis of alpha,beta-Alkynyl Ketones by Oxidative Alkynylation of Aldehydes with Hypervalent Alkynyliodine Reagents
Tsuzuki S, Sakamoto R, Maraoka K
637 - 640 Synthesis of gem-Difluoroalkenes by Copper-catalyzed Regioselective Hydrodefluorination of 1-Trifluoromethylalkenes
Kojima Y, Takata T, Hirano K, Miura M
641 - 644 Imaging the Nanophase-separated Structure of Block Copolymer Thin Film by Atomic Force Microscopy in Aqueous Solution
Suthiwanich K, Hiraguchi Y, Nyu T, Mondarte EAQ, Takai M, Hayashi T
645 - 647 Synthesis of alpha-Tertiary Amines by the Ruthenium-catalyzed Regioselective Allylic Amination of Tertiary Allylic Esters
Mizuno S, Tsuji H, Uozumi Y, Kawatsura M
648 - 651 Pulsed Plasma Assisted Cl-Doped Graphene Nano Dots with Semiconducting Property
Fukuda M, Islam MS, Mashimo T, Hayami S
652 - 655 Preparation and Characterization of Porous Carbons by Pyrolysis-CO2 Gasification of Pine Sawdust
Gao FL, Zhang JB, Ren MY, Ge YJ, Chen HY, Ma XX, Hao QQ
656 - 658 A Novel Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor Based on AuNPs/n-Type GaN Electrode
Ma CY, Yang CK, Zhang MR
659 - 665 Rh(II)-based Metal-Organic Polyhedra
Zhao J, Yan XZ
666 - 669 C(sp(2))-H Iodination by a Rhodium(III) Complex Supported by a Redox-active Ligand Bearing Amidophenolato Moieties
Fujita D, Sugimoto H, Itoh S
670 - 673 Structures and Photoluminescence of Coinage Metal(I) Phenylpyrazolato Trinuclear Complexes [M(3,5-Et-2-4-Ph-pz)](3) and Arene Sandwich Complexes {[Ag(3,5-Et-2-4-Ph-pz)](3)}(2)(Ar) (Ar = Mesitylene and Toluene)
Fujisawa K, Saotome M, Takeda S, Young DJ
674 - 676 Non-classically Controlled Sign in a 1.6 Tesla Magnetic Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Three Pyrenes in a Chloroform and a PMMA Film
Kaji D, Okada H, Hara N, Kondo Y, Suzuki S, Miyasaka M, Fujiki M, Imai Y
677 - 680 Hollow N-doped Carbon/Metal Phosphate Structure as Sulfur Host for an Advanced Cathode of Lithium-Sulfur Battery
Xie JF, Gao MY, Wu MR, Guo XM, Xiong WW, Kong QH, Zhang F, Zhang JH
681 - 684 Inhibition Assay of Theophylline by Capillary Electrophoresis/Dynamic Frontal Analysis on the Hydrolysis of p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate with Alkaline Phosphatase
Mine M, Mizuguchi H, Takayanagi T
685 - 688 Photo- and Redox-active Benzofuran-appended Triphenylamine and Near-infrared Absorption of Its Radical Cation
Yano M, Inada Y, Hayashi Y, Yajima T, Mitsudo K, Kashiwagi Y
689 - 692 Copper-catalyzed Site-selective Direct Arylation of Triptycene
Ueno K, Nishii Y, Miura M
693 - 696 Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity Investigation of Novel Cuprous Oxide-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites
Huang H, Velmurugan M, Kesavan M, Zhang Q, Lu XL, Wang Y, Lin JM
697 - 704 Metalloproteomic Approaches for Matching Metals to Proteins: The Power of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
Xu XH, Wang HB, Li HY, Sun HZ
705 - 708 Amorphous Iridium Oxide Nanoparticle Films Prepared by Low-temperature Annealing and Plasma Treatment as Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts
Guan HT, Ke Q, Lv C, Zeng N, Hu C, Wang S, Ge XB, Cai JG
709 - 712 Efficient Synthesis of Substituted Morpholine Derivatives via an Indium(III)-catalyzed Reductive Etherification Reaction
Wang D, Liu YF, Zhu W, Shen H, Liu HX, Fu L
713 - 716 Preparation of Magnetic Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Fe3O4@SiO2@Ag-MIPs and Its Identification and SERS Detection of Ofloxacin
He YH, Li LJ, Li XX, Zhang J
717 - 720 Development of Structural Color by Niobate Nanosheet Colloids
Mouri E, Ogami C, Fukumoto T, Nakato T
721 - 723 Formation of a Dinuclear Rh(I)(-)/Rh(I)(+) Complex Exhibiting MMCT Absorption from Dianionic Diborane(4) through C-H Bond Cleavage
Akiyama S, Yamashita M
724 - 727 Potent Photochemotherapeutic Activity of Iron(III) Complexes on Visible Light-induced Ligand to Metal Charge Transfer
Chanu SB, Raza MK, Musib D, Pal M, Pal M, Roy M
728 - 731 The Effects of Clay Minerals on Methylated Naphthalenes as Maturity Indicators of Sedimentary Organic Matter
Asahina K, Nakajima T, Morimoto K, Hanamura Y, Kobayashi M
732 - 735 Iridium-catalyzed Annulation of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Amides with Electron-deficient Conjugated Dienes
Murakami K, Nagamoto M, Nishimura T
736 - 740 A Liquid Arylazopyrazole Derivative as Molecular Solar Thermal Fuel with Long-term Thermal Stability
Morikawa M, Yang HY, Ishiba K, Masutani K, Hui JKH, Kimizuka N
741 - 744 Enhanced Surface Charge Separation Induced by Ag Nanoparticles on WO3 Photoanode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Li YX, Zhang W, Qiu BJ
745 - 748 Geometrical H/D Isotope Effect of Blue-shifting Dihydrogen-bonded Clusters
Ishida Y, Funahashi H, Tachikawa M, Udagawa T