Chemistry Letters

Chemistry Letters, Vol.49, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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1117 - 1120 Electric Field Effect on Graphene/Organic Interface under Bias Voltage
Lida K
1121 - 1124 Etchant-induced Selective Hydrocarbon Formation on Copper Electrodes by Electrochemical Reduction Reaction of Carbon Dioxide
Yoshihara N, Sano A, Noda M, Kato T
1125 - 1135 Practical Applications of Supramolecular Extraction with Macrocycles
Li AM, Zhai HJ, Li JL, He Q
1136 - 1139 anti-Carbometalation of Alkynyl Sulfides Using Indium Tribromide and Ketene Silyl Acetals
Kang K, Sakamoto K, Nishimoto Y, Yasuda M
1140 - 1143 Effects of Lithium Salts and Solvents on the Performance of Lithium-ion Batteries with Carbonate-free Electrolytes Comprising Lithium Bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide and Sulfolane
Hirata K, Kawase T, Sumida Y
1144 - 1146 Enhanced Binding Constant of Cyclodextrin to Alpha-mangostin in Hyperbranched Polymers
Van DTH, Anh DTN, Fujii S, Sakurai K
1147 - 1149 Fabrication of Pt/WO3 Films for Visible Hydrogen Sensing at Room Temperature
Miyazaki H, Shiota M
1150 - 1153 Modification of the Release Rate of Curcumin from the Cavity of Renatured beta-1,3-1,6-Glucan Nanoparticles by Changing the Molecular Weight of the Constituent Polysaccharide Chains
Nonoguchi Y, Kodama A, Unesaki R, Doi N, Suzuki T, Koumoto K
1154 - 1158 Temperature-dependent Oxidation of Carbon Nanotubes for Metal/Semiconductor Separation
Yoo S, Yi WH, Khalid A, Si JH, Hou X
1159 - 1162 Spontaneous Growth of Au Microflowers on Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Brushes-grafted-Graphene Oxide Films for Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Chen JJ, Zhou YM, Wang WQ
1163 - 1166 Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)-based Hyper-crosslinked Polymers (HCPs) and Their Ultrahigh Iodine Adsorption Capacity
Huang P, Yue GZ, Chen JZ, Chen JF, Yang XJ, Huang DS, Zhao PX
1167 - 1170 Novel Strategy of Increased Surface Area of Honeycomb-shaped LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
Lee SJ, Shin JW, Nam YC, Kim SJ, Son JT
1171 - 1173 Electrochemical Reduction of Samarium Triiodide into Samarium Diiodide
Arashiba K, Kanega R, Himeda Y, Nishibayashi Y
1174 - 1177 Photo-energy Transfer in sigma-pi Conjugated Polysilanes Prepared by Platinum-catalyzed Reactions of Arylacetylenes with Layered Polysilane
Ohshita J, Matsuzawa Y, Yagami T, Adachi Y, Sekiguchi A, Ohashi M, Nakano H
1178 - 1180 Chiral Argentivorous Molecules Having Biphenyl Groups as Side-arms: Drastic Enhancements in CD Intensities
Lee E, Ukekawa T, Ikeda M, Ju H, Kuwahara S, Habata Y
1181 - 1184 Direct Growth and Electrical Properties of YH2 (111) Epitaxial Thin Films on CaF2 (111) and (001) Substrates by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Hasegawa N, Kawasoko H, Fukumura T
1185 - 1188 Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Wear Mechanism of Cyclic Polymer Brushes
Liu ZM, Ootani Y, Uehara S, Xu JX, Wang Y, Miyazaki N, Higuchi Y, Ozawa N, Kubo M
1189 - 1193 Partial Modification of Electron-withdrawing Groups in Thermally-activated Delayed Fluorescence Materials Aimed to Improve Efficiency and Stability
Yokoyama M, Tsuchiya Y, Nakanotani H, Adachi C
1194 - 1196 Acid Assisted Synthesis of HB Sheets through Exfoliation of MgB2 Bulk in Organic Media
Kawamura R, Yamaguchi A, Shimada C, Ishibiki R, Fujita T, Kondo T, Miyauchi M
1197 - 1200 Increased Seebeck Coefficient of [Fe(CN)(6)](4-/3-) Thermocell Based on the Selective Electrostatic Interactions with Cationic Micelles
Iwami R, Yamada T, Kimizuka N
1201 - 1205 Molecular Design of Double-headed 2-Pyrrolidone Derivatives for Separation/Co-precipitation of UO22+ from/with Tetravalent Actinides towards Nuclear Fuel Recycling
Kazama H, Takao K
1206 - 1215 Molecular Prussian Blue Analogues: From Bulk to Molecules and Low-dimensional Aggregates
Nihei M
1216 - 1219 Extraction and Separation between Light and Heavy Lanthanides by N,N,N ',N '-Tetraoctyl-diglycolamide from Organic Acid
Sasaki Y, Matsumiya M, Nakase M, Takeshita K
1220 - 1223 Facile Synthesis of Zinc Titanate Nanotubes via Reaction-byproduct Etching
Liu JY, Nagashima K, Yoshida H, Hosomi T, Takahashi T, Zhang GZ, Kanai M, He Y, Yanagida T
1224 - 1227 Thermoresponsive Conductivity of Acrylamide-based Polymers and Ni Microparticle Composites
Onishi H, Koda Y, Horibe H
1228 - 1231 Self-assembling-directed Growth and PL Evolution of a Soluble Gold Thiolate Coordination Polymer
Murakami M, Matsumine R, Ono T, Konishi K
1232 - 1235 Facile Fabrication of a Flow Reactor from Natural Wood
Xie ZT, Asoh TA, Uyama H
1236 - 1239 Phase and Morphology Control of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Network Polymer by Means of Hydrosilylation Reaction of Cubic Silsesquioxane or Cyclic Polysiloxane and Divinyl or Diallyl Compounds
Miyanaga T, Naga N
1240 - 1244 Highly Catalytically Active High-spin Single-atom Iron Catalyst Supported by Catechol-containing Microporous 2D Polymer
Li GW, Gu DF, Cao R, Hong S, Liu YS, Liu YZ
1245 - 1255 Protein-based Smart Microtubes and Nanotubes as Ultrasmall Biomaterials
Komatsu T
1256 - 1269 New Strategy for Catalytic Oxidative C-H Functionalization: Efficient Combination of Transition-metal Catalyst and Electrochemical Oxidation
Kakiuchi F, Kochi T