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Chemistry Letters, Vol.46, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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1276 - 1284 Current Advancements in Material Research and Techniques Focusing on Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells
Zhang C, Gao LG, Hayase SZ, Ma TL
1285 - 1287 Reaction of Oxocyclobutenyl Palladium(II) Complex with Terminal Alkynes or Organozincs Affording Differently 2,3-Disubstituted Cyclobutenones
Azami H, Miyashita M, Aoki D, Andou H, Matsumura A, Iwasaki M
1288 - 1291 Gate-open-type Sorption in a Zigzag Paddlewheel Ru Dimer Chain Compound with a Phenylenediamine Linker Instructed by a Preliminary Structural Change of Desolvation
Dou CX, Kosaka W, Miyasaka H
1292 - 1295 Gel-Crystal Transition during Crystallization of Cefpiramide
Guo MX, Yin QX, Li Y, Huang YH, Zhang ZX, Zhou L
1296 - 1299 Palladium-catalyzed Cyclization of Bisphosphines to Phosphacycles via the Cleavage of Two Carbon-Phosphorus Bonds
Baba K, Masuya Y, Chatani N, Tobisu M
1300 - 1303 Facile Detection of Cucurbit[7]uril by Rhodamine B-decorated Nanoparticles
Prakash R, Usha G, Piramuthu L, Selvapalam N
1304 - 1307 Effect of Thermal Conductivity of Catalytic Materials on Soot Sensing Performance Based on a Combustion-type Sensor
Ruan H, Nishibori M, Uchiyama T, Ninomiya K, Kamitani K, Konishi Y, Shimanoe K
1308 - 1310 pi-Allyl Donicity Switch in Catalytic Asymmetric Allylation: Usability of a Robust and Feasible Allyl Methyl Ether
Suzuki Y, Iwase S, Hashimoto K, Tanaka S, Kitamura M
1311 - 1314 Highly Selective Photochemical Epoxidation of Cyclohexene Sensitized by Ru(II) Porphyrin-Clay Hybrid Catalyst
Tatsumi D, Tsukamoto T, Honna R, Hoshino S, Shimada T, Takagi S
1315 - 1318 Facile Transformation of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids to Alkenylboronic Esters via Rhodium-catalyzed Decarbonylative Borylation of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Thioesters
Niwa T, Ochiai H, Isoda M, Hosoya T
1319 - 1322 Cyclic Hybrids of Alternately Linked 2,5-Pyrrolylenes and 3,4-Thienylenes
Kise K, Chen FK, Kato K, Tanaka T, Osuka A
1323 - 1326 Silver-catalyzed Three-component Reaction of Propargylic Amines, Carbon Dioxide, and N-Bromosuccinimide for Stereoselective Preparation of (E)-Bromovinyloxazolidinones
Sugiyama N, Ohseki M, Kobayashi R, Sekine K, Saito K, Yamada T
1327 - 1329 Potential Anthropogenic Pollution by Eu as well as Gd Observed in River Water around Urban Area
Itoh A, Kodani T, Ono M, Nakano K, Kunieda T, Tsuchida Y, Kaneshima K, Zhu Y, Fujimori E
1330 - 1332 Analysis of Molecular Motion around Chain Ends of Multibranched Polymers
Fukuda J, Adachi K, Tsukahara Y, Miwa Y
1333 - 1336 Transformation of Diols to Ketones via Intramolecular Borrowing Hydrogen Mechanism
Tamura M, Arai T, Nakagawa Y, Tomishige K
1337 - 1340 Vibration of Water Sessile Drops in Various Oils
Sakka T, Yamashita S, Amano K, Nishi N
1341 - 1343 Plasma-assisted Toluene Destruction in Simulated Producer Gas
Zhu FS, Zhang H, Yang J, Yan JH, Ni MJ, Li XD
1344 - 1346 Formate Ionic Liquids Playing the Roles of Reducer and Stabilizer for the Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanoparticles
Okazoe S, Yasaka Y, Ueno M, Kimura Y
1347 - 1349 Rhodium-catalyzed Synthesis of 1-(Acylamino)isoquinolines through Direct Annulative Coupling of 3-Aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazoles with Alkynes
Nishii Y, Bachon AK, Moon S, Bolm C, Miura M
1350 - 1352 Effect of Temperature on K+ and Mg2+ Extracted Desorption of Cs from Vermiculitized Biotite
Yin XB, Zhang LJ, Ochiai A, Utsunomiya S, Takahashi H, Ohnuki T, Takeshita K
1353 - 1356 Modified Impregnation Synthesis of Fe-loaded WO3 Nanosheets and the Gas-sensing Properties
Zeng Y, Hua ZQ, Tian XM, Li Y, Qiu ZL, Wang TC
1357 - 1360 Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of 2,11-Dioxa[3.3]metacyclophanes
Maeda H, Endo S, Ouchi T, Mizuno K, Segi M
1361 - 1364 Synthesis of Optically Clear Molecular Organogels Comprising Phenol and Surfactants of Sulfosuccinic Acid
Nishiyama K, Ehara M, Katsube S, Kaji T
1365 - 1367 Electrochemical Properties of a SiOx Film Anode Pre-lithiated by Evaporation of Metallic Li in Li-ion Batteries
Takezawa H, Ito S, Yoshizawa H, Abe T
1368 - 1371 2,3,5,6,8,9-Hexabromosumanene: Synthesis and Its Application to Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-coupling
Toda H, Yakiyama Y, Shoji Y, Ishiwari F, Fukushima T, Sakurai H
1372 - 1375 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Fused pi-Conjugated Imidazole Compounds
Takagi K, Ito K, Yamada Y, Nakashima T, Fukuda R, Ehara M, Takeuchi D
1376 - 1378 Pristine Bismuth-tungstate Photocatalyst Particles Driving Organics Decomposition through Multielectron Reduction of Oxygen
Hori H, Takashima M, Takase M, Ohtani B
1379 - 1382 Photoredox Catalysis of Visible-light-responsive Divacant Lacunary Silicotungstate for Selective Reduction of Aldehydes
Suzuki K, Yamaguchi K, Mizuno N
1383 - 1385 Non-doped Na2CO3 Ceramics as a New Radio-photoluminescence (RPL) Material
Nakamura F, Kato T, Nakauchi D, Okada G, Kawano N, Kawaguchi N, Yanagida T
1386 - 1389 Phototunable Christiansen Color Filter Using Photoisomerization of Stilbene
Ogawa K, Hara M, Nagano S, Seki T, Takeoka Y
1390 - 1392 In Situ XAFS Study of Dynamic Behavior of Cu Species in MFI-Zeolite under Element Gases of Ammonia Selective Catalytic Reduction
Ueda K, Ohyama J, Satsuma A
1393 - 1395 One-step Strategy to Prepare Utility ZnO-Stearic Acid (STA) Superhydrophobic Nanocoating
Xiang Y, Si YF, Xin Y, Guo ZG
1396 - 1399 Preparation of Patterned Ultrathin TiO2 Films by Langmuir-Blodgett Method Using Mixed Monolayers of Octadecylamine and 1H,1H-Perfluoro-1-dodecanol
Takahashi M, Usui A, Eba H, Tajima K
1400 - 1402 Controllable Morphologies of Carbon Microspheres via Green Hydrothermal Method Using Fructose and Xylose
Cheng YL, Yang MN, Fang CQ, Chen J, Bai MS, Su J
1403 - 1405 Synthesis of Truffle-shaped Oxide-free Cu Nanoparticles under Atmospheric Conditions with the Aid of Photocatalytic TiO2
Miyagawa M, Aoki T, Seki R, Shibusawa A, Tanaka H
1406 - 1408 Synthesis and Characterization of a Palladium-supported Fluoride-incorporated Dodecavanadate
Khair M, Kikukawa Y, Hayashi Y
1409 - 1411 Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Ramariolides C and D
Kuse M, Moriguchi M, Hachida M, Takikawa H