Chemistry Letters

Chemistry Letters, Vol.46, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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780 - 788 Viologens for Coenzymes of Biocatalysts with the Function of CO2 Reduction and Utilization
Amao Y
789 - 791 Specific Enhancement of Activity of Carbon-supported Single-site Co Catalyst in the Microwave-assisted Solvent-free Aerobic Oxidation
Yoshii T, Nakatsuka K, Kuwahara Y, Mori K, Yamashita H
792 - 794 Hierarchically Porous Cellulose Monolith Prepared by Combination of Ice-template Method and Non-solvent-induced Phase Separation Method
Sun XX, Wang KP, Zhang BX, Zou FD, Sun GW, Han WL, Wang XH
795 - 797 Synthesis, Structure, and Photoluminescence of a Novel Oxynitride BaYSi2O5N Activated by Eu2+ and Ce3+
Kobayashi M, Yasunaga T, Sato H, Kato H, Fujii K, Yashima M, Kakihana M
798 - 800 Unique Al Distribution in the MFI Framework and Its Impact on Catalytic Properties
Yokoi T, Mochizuki H, Biligetu T, Wang Y, Tatsumi T
801 - 804 Inclusion Crystal Growth and Optical Properties of Organic Charge-transfer Complexes Built from Small Aromatic Guest Molecules and Naphthalenediimide Derivatives
Ono T, Tsukiyama Y, Taema A, Hisaeda Y
805 - 807 Tuning of Open-shell Characters of a Terphenoquinone by Introducing a Benzodithiophene Unit
Tomita H, Sakamaki D, Noguchi M, Nakano M, Seki S
808 - 810 Synthesis of Coordinatively Unsaturated Iridium Complexes Having Functional 8-Quinolinolato Ligands: New Catalysts for Dehydrogenative Oxidation of Alcohols in Aqueous Media
Toyomura K, Fujita K
811 - 813 Bio-inspired Domino Reduction of Nitroarenes by Acrolein-Amine Conjugates in One-pot Operation
Takamatsu M, Fukase K, Tanaka K
814 - 816 Direct Fabrication of a CuFeO2/Fe Photocathode for Solar Hydrogen Production by Hydrothermal Method
Ito M, Izawa C, Watanabe T
817 - 820 Development of Transparent Organic Hole-transporting Materials Using Partially Oxygen-bridged Triphenylamine Skeletons
Nishimura H, Hasegawa Y, Wakamiya A, Murata Y
821 - 823 A Practical Screening Strategy of Arsenic Ligands for a Transition-metal-catalyzed Reaction
Imoto H, Yamazawa C, Tanaka S, Kato T, Naka K
824 - 827 Preparation of Giant Polyion Complex Vesicles (G-PICsomes) with Polyphosphobetaine Shells Composed of Oppositely Charged Diblock Copolymers
Nakai K, Ishihara K, Yusa S
828 - 829 Colloidal Crystals with Low Crack Densities Formed on Polymer Hydrogel Surfaces
Sato N, Yamanaka J, Toyotama A, Okuzono T
830 - 832 Biaxial Magnetic Orientation of Zinc Citrate as Nucleating Agent of Poly(L-lactic acid)
Teranishi S, Kusumi R, Kimura F, Kimura T, Aburaya K, Maeyama M
833 - 836 Effect of a Waterproofing Agent on the Penetration Process of Water into a Cellulose Acetate Film by Time-resolved Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microspectroscopy
Fujisawa R, Ohno T, Leproux P, Couderc V, Fukusaka K, Kita H, Kano H
837 - 839 Synthesis, Structure, and Thermolysis of Tris(dimethylphenylsilyl)methyl Sulfenyl Chloride
Sugamata K, Ishii S
840 - 843 Simple Formylation of Aromatic Compounds Using a Sodium Formate/Triphenylphosphine Ditriflate System
Khodaei MM, Alizadeh A, Hezarkhani HA
844 - 847 Structural Characterization of Chiral Vanadium(V) Compounds with V=N Bond
Sakuramoto T, Hirao T, Moriuchi T
848 - 850 A New Fluorescent Probe of Hydrazine: 2-[4-(Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridin-3-ylethynyl)benzylidene]malononitrile
Zhao CS, Huang C, Yang S, Chai HF, Le Y, Liu L
851 - 854 Modification of Catalytic Performance of Supported Pt Catalysts by Coverage with Silica Layers
Takenaka S, Akiyama R, Kim IT, Matsune H, Kishida M
855 - 857 Polymorphism of [6]Cycloparaphenylene for Packing Structure-dependent Host-Guest Interaction
Fukushima T, Sakamoto H, Tanaka K, Hijikata Y, Irle S, Itami K
858 - 861 Facile Synthesis of Phthalides from Methyl ortho-Iodobenzoates and Ketones via an Iodine-Magnesium Exchange Reaction Using a Silylmethyl Grignard Reagent
Nakamura Y, Yoshida S, Hosoya T
862 - 865 How Does the Number of Initial Structures Affect the Conformational Sampling Efficiency and Quality in Parallel Cascade Selection Molecular Dynamics (PaCS-MD)?
Harada R, Shigeta Y
866 - 869 Methodology for Discriminating between Competitive Photophysical Processes in Photoblinking: Application to the Fluorescence Blinking of Single Dye Molecules Adsorbed on TiO2
Mitsui M, Unno A, Mori K
870 - 872 Renaturation of Cytochrome c Dissolved in Polar Phosphonate-type Ionic Liquids Using Highly Polar Zwitterions
Kuroda K, Kohno Y, Ohno H
873 - 875 Theoretical Analyses of Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Process of 9,10-Diphenylanthracene in Solution
Sato R, Kitoh-Nishioka H, Yanai T, Shigeta Y
876 - 878 Design and Synthesis of Rattle-type Au@MnO2 Hollow Nanospheres as Catalysts for CO Oxidation
Gong M, Zhang J, Wang CA
879 - 882 Decomposition of Effective Exchange Integrals of Radical Dimers Using Bond Energy Density Analysis
Ikabata Y, Nakai H
883 - 885 Coordination-induced Hydrogen Abstraction in the Reactions of a Stable Dialkylphosphinyl Radical with BH3-Lewis Base Adducts
Ishida S, Ichikawa H, Iwamoto T
886 - 888 Microwave Synthesis of Fe2O3/SnO2 Nanocomposites and Its Lithium Storage Performance
Kijima N, Yomono H, Manabe T, Akimoto J, Igarashi K
889 - 891 A Glutamic Acid Analog Bearing an Ethylenediamine Moiety Promotes the Cytosolic Delivery of TAT Peptides
Umemoto T, Sakamoto K, Fukuda Y, Adachi Y, Tani A, Asami T
892 - 894 Development of New Electronic Conductivity Measurement Method for Lithium-ion Battery Electrode-Slurry
Takeno M, Fukutsuka T, Miyazaki K, Abe T
895 - 898 Preparation and Characterization of Water-soluble Carbon Quantum Dots/Mesoporous Silica with High Fluorescence Intensity
Cheng YL, Bai MS, Fang CQ, Yang MN
899 - 902 Facile One-pot Synthesis of Solid-state Luminescent Benzopyrylium Tetrafluoroborates Derived from Annulation of Aryl Silylethynyl Ethers with Alkynes
Minami Y, Tokoro Y, Yamada M, Hiyama T