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Chemistry Letters, Vol.43, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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964 - 974 Molecular Muscles: From Species in Solution to Materials and Devices
Niess F, Duplan V, Sauvage JP
975 - 976 Photothermogenic Properties of Different-Sized Gold Nanoparticles for Application to Photothermal Therapy
Kojima C, Oeda N, Ito S, Miyasaka H, Iida T
977 - 979 In Situ Picosecond XAFS Study of an Excited State of Tungsten Oxide
Uemura Y, Uehara H, Niwa Y, Nozawa S, Sato T, Adachi S, Ohtani B, Takakusagi S, Asakura K
980 - 981 Array of Single-cell Pairs on a Microwell Array Based on Positive Dielectrophoresis
Yoshimura Y, Fujii C, Tomita M, Mizutani F, Yasukawa T
982 - 984 Electrochiroptical Response in Aqueous Media: 9,10-Dihydrophenanthrene-9,10-diyl Dications with Michlar's Hydrol Blue Chromophores Attached with Oligoethylene Glycol Units
Suzuki T, Hanada K, Katoono R, Ishigaki Y, Higasa S, Higuchi H, Kikuchi H, Fujiwara K, Yamada H, Fukushima T
985 - 987 Synthesis of Novel Nontoxic Yellow Pigments: Sr2Ce1-xTbxO4
Raj AKV, Rao PP, Sameera S, James V, Divya S
988 - 990 Very Small Amounts of Carbon Nanotubes to Weaken Thixotropy of Polysaccharide Gels
Goda T, Kurita T, Mitsumata T, Sano M
991 - 993 Enhanced Immunostimulation with Crosslinked CpG-DNA/beta-1,3-Glucan Nanoparticle through Hybridization
Miyamoto N, Mochizuki S, Sakurai K
994 - 996 Efficient Synthetic Photocyclization for Phenacenes Using a Continuous Flow Reactor
Okamoto H, Takane T, Gohda S, Kubozono Y, Sato K, Yamaji M, Satake K
997 - 998 Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Reversible Structural Transformation of Two Zinc Coordination Polymers
Zhang LN, Chen JX, Ling Y, Chen ZX
999 - 1001 Change in Overhauser Effect-enhanced MRI Signal in Response to uPA Highly Expressing in Tumor
Niidome T, Chijiiwa N, Yamasaki T, Yamada K, Mori T, Naganuma T, Utsumi H, Ichikawa K, Katayama Y
1002 - 1004 Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Tension and Its Gradient around Moving Camphor Boat on Water Surface
Karasawa Y, Oshima S, Nomoto T, Toyota T, Fujinami M
1005 - 1007 Reactions of Molybdenum Hydrides with Organochlorosilanes: Silicon-Silicon Bond Formation under Mild Conditions
Asaeda T, Lee JY, Watanabe K, Minato M
1008 - 1010 Fluorescent Dimer and Fiber of meso-Tetrakis{o-(isonicotinoylamino)phenyl}porphyrin Connected by Pd(II) Coordinations
Kasuya S, Yamazawa Y, Sugimura N, Shibue T, Komatsu T
1011 - 1013 Effect of Lipid Amount on Surfactant-free Solid Lipid Nanoparticle Formation by Hot Homogenization
Oshitani J, Murakami N, Yoshida M, Ishida N, Imamura K, Ichikawa H
1014 - 1016 Influences of Acrylonitrile (AN) Content in Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) Copolymer on the Mechanical Property, Thermo-deformation Resistance, and Morphology of PVC-ASA-DOP Blends
Ren L, Li Y, Zhang MY, Han Y, Zhang HX
1017 - 1019 Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from a Spiro-diazafluorene Derivative
Ohkuma H, Nakagawa T, Shizu K, Yasuda T, Adachi C
1020 - 1022 Alteration of DNAzyme Activity by Silver Ion
Urata S, Miyahata T, Matsuura H, Kitamura Y, Ihara T
1023 - 1025 Fabrication of Monodisperse Bowl-like Carbon Nanoparticles with Controlled Porous Structure
Jiang XP, Ju X, Huang MF
1026 - 1028 First-principle Calculation Evaluations for MTW-type Zeolite Synthesis Prescriptions
Feng G, Lu ZH, Kong DJ, Yang DQ, Guo HL, Liu JW
1029 - 1030 Abrupt Phase Transition Based on Electron-transfer-coupled Spin Transition in a Cyanide-bridged [Co2Fe2] Tetranuclear Complex
Sekine Y, Nihei M, Oshio H
1031 - 1033 Coordination Lamellar Nanofibers Consisting of N-(2-Hydroxydodecyl)-substituted Amino Acid and Divalent Copper Cation
Yamada T, Minami Y, Kimizuka N
1034 - 1036 A Dansyl-Diethylenetriamine-Thiourea Conjugate as a Fluorescent Chemodosimeter for Hg2+ Ions in Water Media
Hien NK, Quy PT, Trung NT, Vien V, Khanh DV, Nhung NTA, Quang DT
1037 - 1039 Steric Interference on the Redox-conjugated Pyrimidine Ring Rotation of Mono- and Dinuclear Copper Complexes with (4-Methyl-2-pyrimidinyl)imine Ligands
Hattori Y, Nishikawa M, Kusamoto T, Kume S, Nishihara H
1040 - 1042 In Situ Synthesis of Poly(copper phthalocyanine) Nanostructures for Organic Nanodevices
Wang F, Wang JN, Chen ZJ, Liu XP, Xiao LX, Jiang LJ, Qu B, Wang SM, Gong QH
1043 - 1045 A New Benzylidene-based Fluorophore Polymer as "Turn on" Fluorescent Chemosensor Selectively for Heavy Metal Ions
Lim WL, Kobayashi T, Aota H, Oo CW
1046 - 1048 In Situ Generated H2O2 over Supported Pd-Au Clusters in Hybrid Titania Nanocrystallites
Mehri A, Kochkar H
1049 - 1051 Oxidation of meso-Diarylporphyrins by a Hypervalent Iodine Compound: Facile Synthesis of meso-Acyloxyporphyrins and Dioxoporphodimethenes
Yamashita K, Hirano D, Asano MS, Sugiura K
1052 - 1054 Fibrous Architectures of Porous Coordination Polymers-Alumina Composites Fabricated by Coordination Replication
Nakahama M, Reboul J, Kamei KI, Kitagawa S, Furukawa S
1055 - 1057 Thermoresponsive Self-assembly and Conformational Changes of Amphiphilic Monodisperse Short Poly(ethylene glycol)s in Water
Sadhukhan N, Muraoka T, Abe D, Sasanuma Y, Subekti DRG, Kinbara K
1058 - 1060 Spin-crossover and LIESST Effect for Iron(III) Complex Based on pi-pi Stacking by Coordination Programming
Nakaya M, Shimayama K, Takami K, Hirata K, Alao AS, Nakamura M, Lindoy LF, Hayami S
1061 - 1063 Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Mn4+-doped BaMg6Ti6O19 Phosphor
Sasaki T, Fukushima J, Hayashi Y, Takizawa H
1064 - 1066 Immobilization of a Lipase on Mesocellular Foam of Silica for Biocatalysis in Low-water-containing Organic Solvents
Kannan K, Mukherjee J, Gupta MN
1067 - 1069 Cathode Composition Dependence of Battery Performance of Polyoxometalate (POM) Molecular Cluster Batteries
Wang H, Yamada T, Hamanaka S, Yoshikawa H, Awaga K
1070 - 1072 Synthesis and Vapor-adsorption Behavior of a Flexible Porous Coordination Polymer Built from a Bis(bipyridyl)-Cu(I) Metalloligand
Kobayashi A, Sugiyama A, Ohba T, Suzuki Y, Chang HC, Kato M
1073 - 1074 An Efficient Photocatalyst for the Azide-Alkyne Click Reaction Based on Direct Photolysis of a Copper(II)/Carboxylate Complex
Guan X, Zhang J, Wang YC
1075 - 1077 Synthesis of Metallo-supramolecular Polymers with a Bis-ONO-tridentate Ligand by Coordination Programming
Kanao M, Higuchi M
1078 - 1080 Helical pi-Systems of Bidipyrrin-Metal Complexes
Maeda H, Nishimura T, Tsujii A, Takaishi K, Uchiyama M, Muranaka A
1081 - 1083 Design and Fabrication of a Silicone Rubber-based Mediatorless Bioelectrode for Oxygen Reduction
Chen MY, Chen XD, Wu XE
1084 - 1085 Gold Nanoparticle Satellite Nanostructures on a Glass Substrate for Dual-responsive Optical Sensing of Organic Liquids
Tanaka Y, Matsumoto A, Tsuruoka T, Nawafune H, Akamatsu K
1086 - 1088 Efficient Hydrodeoxygenation of Ketones, Phenols, and Ethers Promoted by Platinum-Heteropolyacid Bifunctional Catalysts
Itagaki S, Matsuhashi N, Taniguchi K, Yamaguchi K, Mizuno N
1089 - 1091 Synthesis and Structure of an eta(2)-Silanimine-coordinated Half-sandwich-type Titanium Complex
Okazaki M, Ebina S
1092 - 1094 Charge-Discharge Behavior of Secondary Organic Radical Battery Using 2-Aryl Nitronyl Nitroxides as the Cathode Active Material
Koizumi T, Ohfuji H, Tanaka S, Shigematsu S, Akutagawa N, Satoh M, Miura Y
1095 - 1097 Intracellular Delivery of Anionic meso-Tetraarylporphyrin-Per-O-methylated beta-Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Complexes by an Oligoarginine Carrier Peptide
Kitagishi H, Minami K, Kano K
1098 - 1100 Structure and Magnetic Properties of Co, Mn, Mg, and Al Codoped Nickel Ferrites Prepared from Laterite Leaching Solutions
Gao JM, Zhang M, Guo M
1101 - 1103 Polypeptide-induced Fluorescence of Pyrene Derivatives Based on Coordination Programming
Moriuchi T, Ebisu K, Katano C, Hirao T
1104 - 1106 Crystal Structure of a Hydrogen-bond-assisted Coaxially pi-Stacked Dimer of a Hexadehydrotribenzo[12]annulene ([12]DBA) Derivative
Hisaki I, Osaka K, Shigemitsu H, Tohnai N, Miyata M
1107 - 1109 Dynamic Helicity Control of a Single-helical Oligooxime Complex and Acid-Base-triggered Repeated Helicity Inversion Mediated by Amino Acids
Sairenji S, Akine S, Nabeshima T
1110 - 1112 Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Capped with a Carboxylic Acid-terminated Generation 1 Oleodendrimer
Kalhapure RS, Akamanchi KG, Mocktar C, Govender T
1113 - 1115 Structure of Copper(I) pi Complex of N,N'-Etheno-bridged Porphyrin and Its Oxidation to Di(mu-hydroxo)dicopper(II) Diporphyrin
Setsune J, Su CL, Takao Y
1116 - 1118 Microwave-assisted Production of Chlorinated Graphene Dispersion
Okimoto H, Tada R, Sano M
1119 - 1121 Capacitor-like Behavior of Molecular Crystal beta-DiCC[Ni(dmit)(2)]
Saiki T, Mori S, Ohara K, Naito T
1122 - 1124 Synthesis of 2,2'-Diamino-1,1'-biazulenes by the Copper-catalyzed Homocoupling Reaction of 2-Aminoazulenes
Shoji T, Maruyama A, Yamamoto A, Fujiwara Y, Ito S, Okujima T, Morita N
1125 - 1127 Mechanism of Hydride Transfer Reaction from beta-Substituted Carbanions to a Carbocation
Liu FR, Yan SY, Zhu XQ
1128 - 1130 Characterization of Particulate Matters in the Pripyat River in Chernobyl Related to Their Adsorption of Radiocesium with Inhibition Effect by Natural Organic Matter
Suga H, Fan QH, Takeichi Y, Tanaka K, Kondo H, Kanivets VV, Sakaguchi A, Kato K, Inami N, Mase K, Ono K, Takahashi Y
1131 - 1133 Synthesis and Physical Properties of Tetrathiafulvalene Derivatives with Ferrocene-terminated Substituents
Tatewaki Y, Mizuguchi K, Kato C, Nishihara S, Okada S
1134 - 1136 Ionic Liquid-inspired Redox Shuttles: Properties of a Ferrocenylimidazolium Salt as an Efficient Mediator for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Oyaizu K, Ikeda H, Hayo N, Kato F, Nishide H
1137 - 1139 Micromechanics of Lotus Fibers
Zhang YB, Guo ZG
1140 - 1142 A Theoretical Study on Reduction of Acyl Radicals with Borohydride Anions
Kawamoto T, Matsubara H, Ryu I
1143 - 1145 Preparation, Redox Properties, and X-ray Structures of Electrochromic 11,11,12,12-Tetraarylanthraquinodimethane and Its Bianthraquinodimethane Analogue: Drastic Geometrical Changes upon Interconversion with Dicationic Dyes
Sakano Y, Katoono R, Fujiwara K, Suzuki T
1146 - 1148 Gold Nanoparticles Modified with Artificial Siderophore-Iron(III) Ion Complexes: Selective Adsorption and Aggregation of Microbes Using "Coordination Programming"
Inomata T, Murase T, Ido H, Ozawa T, Masuda H
1149 - 1151 Synthesis of New Earth-abundant Kesterite Cu2MgSnS4 Nanoparticles by Hot-injection Method
Wei M, Du QY, Wang R, Jiang GS, Liu WF, Zhu CF
1152 - 1154 Photochemical Property of a Myoglobin-CdTe Quantum Dot Conjugate Formed by Supramolecular Host-Guest Interactions
Himiyama T, Onoda A, Hayashi T
1155 - 1157 Cyclic Voltammetric Deposition of Poly(pyrrole-co-2-formylpyrrole)-Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composite for Highly Specific Capacitive Electrodes
Pattananuwat P, Wang K, Tagaya M, Kobayashi T
1158 - 1160 Simple Copper(II) Schiff Base Complex as Efficient Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton-like Catalyst
Fei BL, Wang JH, Yan QL, Liu QB, Long JY, Li YG, Shao KZ, Su ZM, Sun WY
1161 - 1163 Porphyrin-based Coordination Polymer Composed of Layered Pillarless Two-dimensional Networks
Makiura R, Usui R, Pohl E, Prassides K
1164 - 1166 Sampling of Phenol in Water by Diffusive Gradients Using Thin Film Technique
Dong J, Li LC, Jiang ZW, Zhang G, Sun T
1167 - 1169 Synthesis and Self-assembling Properties of Pt-Complex-bound Oligo(glutamic acid)s
Takaya H, Isozaki K, Haga Y, Ogata K, Naota T
1170 - 1172 Facile Preparation of Highly Ordered Small Pore Mesoporous Silicas
Zhu YM, Wang RL, Zhang WP, Ge HY, Li L
1173 - 1175 Correlation among Charge, Dielectric, and Magnetic Properties in Electron-transfer-type Spin-crossover Systems
Matsuzawa S, Tazoe K, Nojiri H, Iijima F, Oshio H