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Chemistry Letters, Vol.43, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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380 - 387 Size- and Structure-specificity in Catalysis by Gold Clusters
Taketoshi A, Haruta M
388 - 395 Coordination Programming: A New Concept for the Creation of Multifunctional Molecular Systems
Nishihara H
396 - 398 Water Splitting over CaTa4O11 and LaZrTa3O11 Photocatalysts with Laminated Structure Consisting of Layers of TaO6 Octahedra and TaO7 Decahedra
Matsui M, Iwase A, Kobayashi H, Kudo A
399 - 401 Laser-patterned Composite Carbon Structures for Wound Monitoring Technologies
Phair J, Brown A, James U, McCabe C, McCartney B, McGranaghan S, Monachan R, Cundell J, Davis J
402 - 404 Synthesis and Thin-film Transistor Characterization of Narrow-gap n-Type Semiconducting Polymers Based on Benzobis(thiadiazole)
Uemura T, Mamada M, Teraoka R, Kumaki D, Tokito S
405 - 407 Crystal Structure of 1,3-Dimethylimidazolium Bis(fluorosulfonyl)amide: Unexpectedly High Melting Point Arising from Polydentate Hydrogen Bonding
Fujii K, Mukai T, Nishikawa K
408 - 410 Novel Detection Technique for Particulate Matter in Air Using Metal Mesh Device Sensors
Seto H, Kamba S, Kondo T, Ogawa Y, Hoshino Y, Miura Y
411 - 413 Separation of 2,3-Butanediol Using ZSM-5 Zeolite Modified with Hydrophobic Molecular Spaces
Li GF, Liu WL, Wang X, Yuan QP
414 - 416 Self-assembly of Oligo(phenylisoxazolyl)benzenes Induced by Multiple Dipole-Dipole Interactions
Haino T, Ueda Y, Hirao T, Ikeda T, Tanaka M
417 - 419 Synthesis, Structure, and Isomerization of Alkoxycarbonyl(chloro)(cyano)rhodium(III) Complexes, mer-[RhCl(CO2R)(CN)(PMe3)(3)] (R = Me, Et, Pr-n, Pr-i, Bu-n, and Bn), through C-C Bond Cleavage of Cyanoformates
Okuda Y, Okamoto T, Yamamoto A, Li J, Nakajima K, Nishihara Y
420 - 422 Highly Efficient Deoxygenation of Sulfoxides Using Hydroxyapatite-supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles
Takahashi Y, Mitsudome T, Mizugaki T, Jitsukawa K, Kaneda K
423 - 425 Melting Point Elevation of Tetramethylsilane Confined in a Zn-Based Metal Organic Framework
Ushimi T, Miyakubo K, Eguchi T, Ueda T
426 - 428 Synthesis and Properties of a Through-space-conjugated Dimer
Morisaki Y, Kawakami N, Nakano T, Chujo Y
429 - 431 Nonhydrolytic Synthesis of Silanols by the Hydrogenolysis of Benzyloxysilanes
Igarashi M, Matsumoto T, Sato K, Ando W, Shimada S
432 - 434 Highly Coplanar (E)-1,2-Di(1-naphthyl)disilene Involving a Distinct CH-pi Interaction with the Perpendicularly Oriented Protecting Eind Group
Kobayashi M, Hayakawa N, Nakabayashi K, Matsuo T, Hashizume D, Fueno H, Tanaka K, Tamao K
435 - 437 Direct Oxidative Transformation of Glycerol into Acrylic Acid over Phosphoric Acid-added W-V-Nb Complex Metal Oxide Catalysts
Omata K, Matsumoto K, Murayama T, Ueda W
438 - 440 Silicon-based C-N Cross-coupling Reaction
Shimizu K, Minami Y, Goto O, Ikehira H, Hiyama T
441 - 443 Two-photon Absorption (TPA) Spectra of Tris(4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline)metal(II) Perchlorate: Drastic Effects of Central Metal(II) Ions on TPA Cross Section
Moritomo H, Nakagawa K, Sugihara H, Suzuki Y, Kawamata J
444 - 446 Electroporation of Adherent Cells by Direct Lamination of Hydrogel-based Microelectrode Substrates
Takahashi D, Sasaki M, Nagamine K, Torimitsu K, Nishizawa M
447 - 449 Chemical Solution Route to Thin Epitaxial Gallium Nitride Films
Xiong J, Xu WL, Feng XH, Guo P, Zhao XH, Tao BW
450 - 452 Catalytic Dehydration of 1,2-Propanediol into Propanal over Ag-Modified Silica-Alumina
Sun DL, Narita R, Sato F, Yamada Y, Sato S
453 - 455 Self-propelled Motor Driven by a Glucose Engine
Matsuda Y, Yoshii M, Suematsu NJ, Izumi S, Nakata S
456 - 458 A Heterometallic Protocol for Turn-on Fluorescence. Synthesis, Structure, and Luminescence Behavior of a Diruthenium(III)-Magnesium(II) Complex Decorated with Four Pyrenecarboxylates
Ikegami A, Abe M, Hisaeda Y
459 - 461 Delayed Fluorescence Behaviors of Aminopyridine Oligomers: Azacalix[n](2,6)pyridines (n=3 and 4) and Their Linear Analog
Uchida N, Sato T, Kuwabara J, Nishimura Y, Kanbara T
462 - 464 A Catalytic and Mechanistic Investigation of Optically Active Helical Poly[3-(9-alkylfluoren-9-yl)propylene oxidels in the Enantioselective Addition of Ethylmagnesium Bromide to Aldehydes
Zhang AL, Yang NF, Yang LW, Peng D
465 - 467 Selective Formation of Ethyl- and/or Propyl-branched Oligoethylene Using Double-decker-type Dinuclear Fe Complexes as the Catalyst
Takano S, Takeuchi Y, Takeuchi D, Osakada K
468 - 470 Synthesis and Application of New Dipyrido-annulated N-Heterocyclic Carbene with Phosphorus Substituents
Fuku-en S, Yamamoto J, Kojima S, Yamamoto Y
471 - 473 Enhanced Intersystem Crossing Due to Long-range Exchange Interaction in Porphyrin Heterodimers: Dependence of Paramagnetic Species
Asano MS, Okamura K, Fujii T, Otsuka T, Kaizu Y
474 - 476 Design and Synthesis of 24-Fluorinated Bafilomycin Analogue as an NMR Probe with Potent Inhibitory Activity to Vacuolar-type ATPase
Shibata H, Tsuchikawa H, Matsumori N, Murata M, Usui T
477 - 479 Desilylative Carboxylation of Aryltrimethylsilanes Using CO2 in the Presence of Catalytic Phosphazenium Salt
Yonemoto-Kobayashi M, Inamoto K, Kondo Y
480 - 482 Redox-active Hydroxy-TEMPO Radical Immobilized in Nafion Layer for an Aqueous Electrolyte-based and Dye-sensitized Solar Cell
Kato R, Kato F, Oyaizu K, Nishide H
483 - 485 Preparation of Aqueous Carbon Material Suspensions by Aqueous Counter Collision
Kawano Y, Kondo T
486 - 488 Hydrogen Generation by Graphene Oxide-Alkylamine Hybrids through Photocatalytic Water Splitting
Ikeda Y, Karim MR, Takehira H, Hatakeyama K, Matsui T, Taniguchi T, Koinuma M, Matsumoto Y, Hayami S
489 - 491 A Novel Method of Synthesizing LiFePO4/C with Excellent Electrochemical Properties
Wang J, Shao ZB, Ru HQ
492 - 494 Novel One-pot Synthesis of Polysubstituted Isocoumarins from Arynes and Trifluoroacetylated beta-Diketones
Okuma K, Hirano K, Tanabe Y, Itoyama R, Miura A, Nagahora N, Shioji K
495 - 497 Fabrication of ICG Dye-containing Particles by Growth of Polymer/Salt Aggregates and Measurement of Photoacoustic Signals
Fukasawa T, Hashimoto M, Nagamine S, Aoki H, Shinto H, Ito S, Ohshima M
498 - 500 The Mukaiyama Aldol Reactions for Congested Ketones Catalyzed by Solid Acid of Tin(IV) Ion-exchanged Montmorillonite
Takehira S, Masui Y, Onaka M
501 - 503 N-Aminomethylation vs. C-Aminomethylation of Indole and Pyrrole with an N,O-Acetal Controlled by the Hardness of a Counter Ion of an Iminium Compound
Sakai N, Okano H, Shimamura K, Konakahara T
504 - 506 Bisarylation of 1,1',3,3'-Tetrahalo-2,2'-biazulene under Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-coupling Conditions
Nakae T, Kikuchi T, Mori S, Okujima T, Murafuji T, Uno H
507 - 508 Physical Vapor Growth of Ultralong Microwires of Copper Phthalocyanine on 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid
Xiao Y, Wang KK, Liu YQ, Wang FX, Pan GB
509 - 511 Photocatalytic Activity of Rutile Titania for Hydrogen Evolution
Amano F, Nakata M, Ishinaga E
512 - 514 Remarkable Enhancement of Stability and Helix-sense Excess of Oligo(phenylene ethynylene) Foldamers Assisted by Linking with Achiral (Metallo)salen Tethers and Their Application to Asymmetric Catalysis
Ousaka N, Yamaguchi T, Yashima E
515 - 517 Structural Origin of the Anisotropic Thermal Expansion of a K2NiF4-type Oxide CaErAlO4 through Interatomic Distances
Omoto K, Yashima M, Hester JR
518 - 520 Underwater Superoleophobicity of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays
Nishimoto S, Sawai Y, Kameshima Y, Miyake M
521 - 523 Task-specific Ionic Liquid-mediated Facile Synthesis of 1,3,5-Triaryltriazines by Cyclotrimerization of Imines and Their Biological Evaluation
Dandia A, Jain AK, Sharma S
524 - 526 Intramolecular Electron Transfer of [Ni-Fe]-Hydrogenase Monitored by Spectroelectrochemistry with a Porphyrin Indicator
Nishizawa S, Asakura N
527 - 529 Development of a Flow-injection Spin-trapping ESR System for Estimation of Second-order Rate Constants for Reactions of a Superoxide Radical Anion and Selected Phenolic Compounds
Sakurai Y, Yamaguchi T, Nakajima A, Kanaori K, Tajima K
530 - 532 Theoretical Investigation of the Dependence of Exchange Interaction on Dihedral Angle between Two Aromatic Rings in a Wire Unit
Nishizawa S, Hasegawa J, Matsuda K
533 - 534 Carbothermal Reduction Synthesis Using CaCN2 as Calcium and Carbon Sources for CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ Phosphor and Their Luminescence Properties
Kim HS, Machida K, Horikawa T, Hanzawa H
535 - 537 Rapid Conversion of Glycerol to Lactic Acid under Alkaline Hydrothermal Conditions, by Using a Continuous Flow Reaction System
Shimanouchi T, Ueno S, Shidahara K, Kimura Y
538 - 540 Mass Spectrometric Detection of Alkanes Using NO+ Chemical Ionization in Proton-transfer-reaction Plus Switchable Reagent Ion Mass Spectrometry
Inomata S, Tanimoto H, Yamada H
541 - 543 Doping Effect in Three-dimensional Donor-Acceptor Magnet: Percolated Magnetic Pathways Dominated by Local Electron Transfers
Fukunaga H, Kosaka W, Miyasaka H
544 - 546 Collagen Nanofiber-templated Silver Nanowires on Graphene Nanosheets for a Nonenzymatic Amperometric Biosensor of Hydrogen Peroxide
Wang L, Ni PJ, Wei G, Wang J, Li Z
547 - 549 Fabrication of alpha-Bi2O3 Microrods by Solvothermal Method and Their Photocatalytic Performance
Wang J, Liu J, Wang BB, Zhu LL, Hu JH, Xu HB
550 - 552 Design of Quenching Peptide Probes Incorporating Tryptophan for Rapid IgG Detection
Sugita T, Okochi M, Honda H
553 - 555 pH-Responsive Wettable Fabrics with Hierarchical Structures
Zhang YB, Guo ZG
556 - 558 Asymmetric Aldol Reaction of Formaldehyde Catalyzed by Diarylprolinol
Yasui Y, Benohoud M, Sato I, Hayashi Y
559 - 561 Photosubstitution of Dicyanoarenes by Hypervalent Allylsilicon Reagents via Photoinduced Electron Transfer
Matsuoka D, Nishigaichi Y
562 - 564 Crystal Structure and Characterization of Trinuclear Cobalt(III) Complex with 2,3,6,7,10,11-Hexahydroxytriphenylene
Suenaga Y, Inada H, Inomata M, Yamaguchi R, Okubo T, Maekawa M, Kuroda-Sowa T
565 - 567 Cobalt-catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation on alpha,beta-Unsaturated Nitrites with Carbon Dioxide
Hayashi C, Hayashi T, Kikuchi S, Yamada T
568 - 570 Synthesis and Properties of Liquid Crystalline Organogelators with Cholesteryl 4-(4'-Alkoxybenzoylamino)benzoates
Kubo K, Tsuji K, Ujiie S, Mori A