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Chemistry Letters, Vol.42, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0366-7022 (Print) 

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1446 - 1454 Thermodynamics of a Liquid-like Spin State in Molecule-based Magnets with Geometric Frustrations
Nakazawa Y, Yamashita S
1455 - 1462 New NMR Tools for Characterizing the Dynamic Conformations and Interactions of Oligosaccharides
Zhang Y, Yamaguchi T, Kato K
1463 - 1465 Temperature Effect on the Synthesis of Gibbsite and Boehmite
Lee H, Jeon Y, Lee SU, Sohn D
1466 - 1468 Enzyme-free Amperometric H2O2 Biosensor Based on Cu-Ag Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites
Wu KL, Li XZ, Dong C, Liu L, Liu PD, Ding TH, Lu J, Wei XW
1469 - 1471 Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorohydrogenate Ionic Liquids Based on Azoniaspiro-type Cations
Taniki R, Matsumoto K, Hagiwara R
1472 - 1474 Microwave-assisted Synthesis and Sensing Properties of CuO Microspheres
Wang J, Xu HB, Yang SL, Wang BB, Wang J
1475 - 1477 Fabrication of Gold Split-ring Resonator Arrays by Surface-assisted Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography Using Hydroxy-terminated Alkanethiol Monolayers
Uehara T, Tomioka T, Kubo S, Hoga M, Nakagawa M
1478 - 1480 Atmosphere-controlled Dual Reactivity of Triarylphosphine in the Photoexcited State: P-C Bond Cleavage vs. Electron Transfer
Yasui S, Ogawa Y, Shioji K, Yamazaki S
1481 - 1483 Density Function Theoretical Investigation on the Ni3PP Structure and the Hydrogen Adsorption Property of the Ni2P(0001) Surface
Ariga H, Kawashima M, Takakusagi S, Asakura K
1484 - 1486 Polyethyleneimine-functionalized Biomass-derived Adsorbent Beads for Carbon Dioxide Capture under Ambient Conditions
Fujiki J, Yogo K
1487 - 1489 Novel Intercluster Compounds Composed of a Tetra{phosphanegold(I)}oxonium Cation and an alpha-Keggin Polyoxometalate Anion Linked by Three Monomeric Phosphanegold(I) Units
Yoshida T, Matsunaga S, Nomiya K
1490 - 1492 Solvent-dependent Photoisomerization Quantum Yield of 2-Phenylazo-1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium Cations in Ionic Liquids under S-1(n, pi*) Excitation
Yoshida T, Monji T, Kawamori D, Akai N, Shibuya K, Kawai A
1493 - 1495 Asymmetric Aldol Reaction on Water Using an Organocatalyst Tethered on a Thermoresponsive Block Copolymer
Suzuki N, Inoue T, Asada T, Akebi R, Kobayashi G, Rikukawa M, Masuyama Y, Ogasawara M, Takahashi T, Thang SH
1496 - 1498 Hydrogen-transfer Oxidation of Primary Alcohols Catalyzed by Iridium Complexes Bearing a Functional Pyridonate Ligand Using Isopropenyl Acetate as a Hydrogen Acceptor
Fujita K, Uejima T, Yamaguchi R
1499 - 1501 Nonplanar and Dynamic Structures of 1,8-Anthrylene-Ethenylene Cyclic Dimers
Inoue M, Iwanaga T, Toyota S
1502 - 1504 Preparation of Amorphous Carbon Nanotubes (a-CNTs) from Vanadium Dioxide@Organic Carbon Core-Shell-structured Composites and Their Thermal Stability in Air
Zhang YF, Zhang XZ, Huang C, Meng CG
1505 - 1507 Synthesis of Fibrous Nano-silica-supported TEMPO and Its Application in Selective Oxidation of Alcohols
Zhu J, Zhao XJ, Wang PC, Lu M
1508 - 1510 Chiral Symmetry Breaking of Axially Chiral Nicotinamide by Crystallization from the Melt
Yagishita F, Okamoto K, Kamataki N, Kanno S, Mino T, Kasashima Y, Sakamoto M
1511 - 1513 Fluorescent Micropatterning of Betainized Zwitterionic Polymer Bearing Mussel-inspired Catechol Moiety and Borondipyttomethane Fluorophores
Mosaiab T, Lee MS, Lee SY, In I, Park SY
1514 - 1516 Preparation of Nanoribbons of Blue Potassium Molybdenum Bronze
Nishida T, Eda K, Takahashi K, Sakurai T, Ohta H, Whittingham MS
1517 - 1519 Light-driven Bending of Polymer Films in Which Salicylidenephenylethylamine Crystals are Aligned Magnetically
Koshima H, Matsudomi M, Uemura Y, Kimura F, Kimura T
1520 - 1521 Improvement in Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells by Cosensitization with an Organometal Halide Perovskite
Kakiage K, Kyomen T, Hanaya M
1522 - 1524 Tantalum(V) Fluoride-catalyzed N-Alkylation of Arylamines with Benzyl Alcohols
Gangaram S, Adimulam CS, Akula RK, Kengiri R, Pamulaparthy SR, Madabhushi S, Banda N
1525 - 1527 56 pi-Electron Hydrofullerene Derivatives as Electron Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells
Abe Y, Hata R, Matsuo Y
1528 - 1530 A Continuous Fluorometric Assay for Trypsin Based on Melittin and the Noncovalent-binding-induced Pyrene Excimer
Xu N, Li Y, Li HW, Wu YQ
1531 - 1533 Dimerization Reactions of 2-Bromo-3,5,6-trimethyl-1,4-benzoquinone
Azuma S, Ota M, Ishida A, Isozaki K, Takaya H, Nakamura M, Sasamori T, Tokitoh N, Kuramochi K, Tsubaki K
1534 - 1536 Stimuli-responsive Unimer Nanoparticles Composed of Poly(amino acid) Derivatives as Promising Protein-mimetic Drug Carriers
Piyapakorn P, Akagi T, Akashi M
1537 - 1539 Formation of Two-dimensionally Ordered Diarylethene Annulated Isomer at the Liquid/HOPG Interface upon In Situ UV Irradiation
Sakano T, Imaizumi Y, Hirose T, Matsuda K
1540 - 1541 Interpenetrating Polymer Network Using Amphiphilic Poly(N-vinylacetamide) and Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) to Deactivate Phosphate Ester Compounds
Ajiro H, Akashi M
1542 - 1544 Crystal Structure and Spin-crossover Behavior of Iron(III) Complex with Nitroprusside
Togo T, Amolegbe SA, Yamaguchi R, Kuroda-Sowa T, Nakaya M, Shimayama K, Nakamura M, Hayami S
1545 - 1547 Highly Thermally Resistant and Flexible Polyimide Aerogels Containing Rigid-rod Biphenyl, Benzimidazole, and Triphenylpyridine Moieties: Synthesis and Characterization
Shen DX, Liu JG, Yang HX, Yang SY
1548 - 1550 A New Bis-fused pi-Electron Donor Composed of Tetrathiafulvalene and 2-(Xanthen-9-ylidene)-1,3-dithiole
Kato M, Shirahata T, Misaki Y
1551 - 1553 Syntheses of Aldol Products and Cyanohydrins from Carboxylic Acids Using Hydrosilanes, Organosilicon Reagents, and Indium Triiodide Catalyst
Inamoto Y, Nishimoto Y, Yasuda M, Baba A
1554 - 1555 Modulation of Intramolecular Hydrogen-bonding Strength by Axial Ligands in Ruthenium(II) Complexes
Oyama D, Yamanaka T, Fukuda A, Takase T
1556 - 1558 A Tris-fused Tetrathiafulvalene Extended with Cyclohexene-1,4-diylidene: A New Positive Electrode Material for Organic Rechargeable Batteries
Kato M, Ogi D, Yao M, Misaki Y
1559 - 1561 Chemical Stability of Secondary-alkanolamine-based CO2 Solvents under Stripping Conditions
Yamamoto S, Higashii T
1562 - 1564 Novel Environmentally Friendly Inorganic Blue Pigments Based on Calcium Scandium Silicate Garnet
Wendusu, Honda T, Masui T, Imanaka N
1565 - 1567 Skeletal Reorganization of Enynes Catalyzed by a Ru(II) -Ru(III) Mixed-valence Complex under an Atmosphere of O-2 or CO
Nakae T, Yasunaga T, Kamiya M, Fukumoto Y, Chatani N
1568 - 1570 Switchable Aggregation Phenomena of DNA-conjugated Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Driven by Transformation between ssDNA and dsDNA with Control of DNA Charges and Flexibility
Sugawara Y, Tamaki T, Ohashi H, Yamaguchi T
1571 - 1573 Oxidation of Dihedral-angle-controlled 2,2'-Bithiophenes with Terminal Ferrocenyl Groups
Sato M, Arita S, Kawajiri K, Isayama A