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1304 - 1309 Azide compounds: Nitrogen sources for atom-efficient and ecologically benign nitrogen-atom-transfer reactions
Katsuki T
1310 - 1311 The first (RuPd2S3)-Pd-II-S-II metallochelate ring formed on a [Ru(bpy)(2)](2+) core
Yoshimura T, Shinohara A, Hirotsu M, Konno T
1312 - 1313 A novel TiO2-pillared microporous manganese oxide
Liu ZH, Tang XH, Zhang CX, Zhou Q
1314 - 1315 Interfacial fabrication of silica hollow particles in a reverse emulsion system
Song LY, Ge XW, Zhang ZC
1316 - 1317 A clean procedure for the synthesis of chromeno[4,3-b]benzo[f]quinoline and quinolino[4,3-b]benzo[f]quinoline derivatives in aqueous media
Wang XS, Zhang MM, Zeng ZS, Shi DQ, Tu SJ, Wei XY, Zong ZM
1318 - 1319 Capillary forces between planar anchoring surfaces in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal
Shinto H, Kobayashi K, Hyodo T, Ishida N, Higashitani K
1320 - 1321 A novel electrode for ozone generation
Kaneda K, Ikematsu M, Iseki M, Takaoka D, Higuchi T, Hattori T, Tsukamoto T, Yasuda M
1322 - 1323 Preparation and characterization of amorphous Ce1-xZrxW2O8 fine particles for environmental-friendly yellow pigments
Masui T, Furukawa S, Imanaka N
1324 - 1325 One-step hydrothermal method to synthesize self-encapsulated ZnS micron core-shell spheres on a large scale
Chai LL, Zhu YC, Du J, Zou GF, Xiong K, Qian YT
1326 - 1327 Transformation of double hydrogen-bonding motifs of TTF-uracil system by redox change
Miyazaki E, Morita Y, Umemoto Y, Fukui K, Nakasuji K
1328 - 1329 Stereoselective intramolecular O-H insertion of rhodium carbenoid controlled by the 2,4-pentanediol tether
Im CY, Okuyama T, Sugimura T
1330 - 1331 A new one-pot synthesis of thiocarbamates from isocyanates and disulfides in the presence of Zn/AlCl3 system
Movassagh B, Zakinezhad Y
1332 - 1333 Novel phosphate-phosphate bond formation mediated upon cobalt(III) complex systems
Funahashi Y, Yoneda A, Taki C, Kosuge M, Ozawa T, Jitsukawa K, Masuda H
1334 - 1335 An effective method for the synthesis of carboxamides by using tetrakis(pyridine-2-yloxy)silane as a mild coupling reagent
Tozawa T, Yamane Y, Mukaiyama T
1336 - 1337 Electrochemical potential control of stretched length of Au nanowire in solution
Kiguchi M, Konishi T, Murakoshi K
1338 - 1339 Alternative or simultaneous electrochemical access with micro water/oil phases in a middle phase microemulsion based on the hydrophilic/lipophilic balance on electrode surfaces
Kunitake M, Murasaki S, Yoshitake S, Ohira A, Taniguchi I, Sakata M, Nishimi T
1340 - 1341 Characterization and properties of green emitting Ca3SiO4Cl2 : Eu2+ powder phosphor for white light-emitting diodes
Liu J, Lian HZ, Sun JY, Shi CS
1342 - 1343 Synthesis of self-standing mesoporous organosilica films
Ohtani O, Goto Y, Okamoto K, Inagaki S
1344 - 1345 Self-aggregation of synthetic zinc 3-hydroxymethyl-purpurin-18 and N-hexylimide methyl esters in an aqueous solution as models of green photosynthetic bacterial chlorosomes
Tamiaki H, Shimamura Y, Yoshimura H, Pandey SK, Pandey RK
1346 - 1347 A novel one-pot synthesis of 2H-4-chlorochromenes via the Vilsmeier reaction of 2'-hydroxychalcones
Kumar KH, Perumal PT
1348 - 1349 A novel route to the synthesis of alpha-arylselenosubstituted carbonyl compounds and nitriles
Beletskaya I, Sigeev A, Peregudov A, Petrovskii P
1350 - 1351 A new type of orally active insulin-mimetic vanadyl-porphyrin complex: meso-Tetrakis({4-sulfonatophenyl}porphyrinato)oxovanadium(IV)
Saha TK, Adachi Y, Yoshikawa Y, Yasui H, Sakurai H
1352 - 1353 A novel iodine-bridged piano-stool iron complex: Crystal structure and electronic state
Masuhara N, Nakashima S, Yamada K
1354 - 1355 Water-soluble polythiophene as an optical probe for detection of the helicity and conformational transition in polysaccharides
Li C, Numata M, Hasegawa T, Sakurai K, Shinkai S
1356 - 1357 Generalization of the projection space improves the SAC-SD (symmetry-adapted cluster-singles and doubles) method in bond-breaking systems
Hasegawa JY, Nakatsuji H
1358 - 1359 Thermal stability of Al2O3-supported Co-Mo-S active sites: Real thermal stability separated from sintering of MoS2 particles
Usman, Kubota T, Okamoto Y
1360 - 1361 A simple approach to synthesize Mo2N nanocrystals
Cai PJ, Yang ZH, Wang CY, Gu YL, Qian YT
1362 - 1363 Enantioselective Diels-Alder reaction promoted by achiral functionalization of a SiO2-supported Cu-BOX [bis(oxazoline)] catalyst
Tada M, Tanaka S, Iwasawa Y
1364 - 1365 Synthesis of polycrystalline spherical SnO2 microparticles via hydrothermal treatment in the presence of mixed surfactants
Sakai G, Nakatani T, Yoshimura T, Uota M, Kijima T
1366 - 1367 Fabrication and electrochemical properties of high-density graft films with ferrocene moieties on ITO substrates
Sakakiyama T, Ohkita H, Ohoka M, Ito S, Tsujii Y, Fukudal T
1368 - 1369 Outstanding vapochromism and pH-dependent coloration of dicyano(4,4'-dicarboxy-2,2'-bipyridine)platinum(II) with a three-dimensional network structure
Kato M, Kishi S, Wakamatsu Y, Sugi Y, Osamura Y, Koshiyama T, Hasegawa M
1370 - 1371 Laser-induced mist and particle formation from ambient air: A possible new cloud seeding method
Yoshihara K
1372 - 1373 Thermo-base generator for low temperature solid-phase imidation of poly(amic acid)
Fukukawa K, Ogura T, Shibasaki Y, Ueda M
1374 - 1375 Nonphotochemical synthesis of a base-free silyl(silylene)iron complex and its reaction with CO: Another direct evidence for reversible 1,2-and 1,3-group migrations
Hashimoto H, Matsuda A, Tobita H
1376 - 1377 CS2.5H0.5PW12O40 bonded to an amine functionalized SiO2 as an excellent water-tolerant solid acid
Horita N, Yoshimune M, Kamiya Y, Okuhara T
1378 - 1379 Preparation and electroluminescent characteristics of a series of cyclometalated Ir(III) complexes based on phenylpyridines with a diphenylamino group
Nishida J, Echizen H, Iwata T, Yamashita Y
1380 - 1381 P-31{Al-27} MQMAS/HETCOR NMR study on structure of amorphous AlPO4
Iijima T, Kanehashi K, Saito K, Hatakeyama M, Nemoto T, Shimizu T, Ohki S
1382 - 1383 Synthesis of bis(phenoxyimine) Ti alkyl complexes and observation of living species by H-1 NMR spectroscopy
Makio H, Oshiki T, Takai K, Fujita T
1384 - 1385 Irradiation of ultrasound onto substrate mixture enhances transglycosylating activity of commercial alpha-amylase preparation
Kobayashi A, Itoh H, Shoda S
1386 - 1387 Direct observation of amphiphilic silica particles assembled at an oil-water interface
Ikeda S, Takahara YK, Ishino S, Matsumura M, Ohtani B
1388 - 1389 Gradual two-step spin crossover behavior of binuclear iron(III) complex bridged by trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene
Kitashima R, Imatomi S, Yamada M, Matsumoto N, Maeda Y
1390 - 1391 Synthesis of (E)-5-(2-radioiodovinyl)arabinosyl uridine analog for probing HSV-1 thymidine kinase gene
Yu CS, Wu CH, Chiang LW, Wang RT, Wang HY, Yeh CH, Lin KI
1392 - 1393 Selective enclathration of linear alkanols by a self-assembled coordination cage. Application to the catalytic wacker oxidation of omega-alkenols
Yoshizawa M, Sato N, Fujita M
1394 - 1395 The cactus-like organic-grafted silica balls as the supporter of TiO2 photocatalyst
Xu Y, Cui YX, Wu D, Sun YH
1396 - 1397 The concentration of krypton in the atmosphere - Its revision after half a century
Aoki N, Makide Y
1398 - 1399 Spherical nanostructured LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 powders prepared via an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis process
Wu HC, Guo ZZ, Yang MH, Lu CH, Wu TY, Taniguchi I
1400 - 1401 Membrane fluidity of egg yolk phosphatidylcholine/detergent mixed aggregates studied by spin label method
Viriyaroj A, Kashiwagi H, Ueno M
1402 - 1403 Preparation and characterization of organic-inorganic layered nanohybrid, Hydroxyl Double Salts (HDSs) - Isomer separation via preferential intercalation into layered framework
Tan BH, Tagaya H
1404 - 1405 Synthesis of dimethyl-substituted BDH-TTP derivative DMDH-TTP as a diastereomeric mixture, and the formation of metallic salts involving only meso-DMDH-TTP
Yamada J, Song H, Akutsu H, Nakatsuji S, Kikuchi K
1406 - 1407 Intercalation of tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) into a layered perovskite derived from aurivillius phase Bi2SrTa2O9
Tong ZW, Takagi S, Shimada T, Tachibana H, Inoue H
1408 - 1409 High-yield synthesis of nickel flowers from nickel hydroxide precursor
Ni XM, Zhao QB, Cheng J, Zheng HG, Li BB, Zhang DG
1410 - 1411 Highly luminescent CdTe nanocrystal-polymer composites based on ionic liquid
Nakashima T, Sakakibara T, Kawai T
1412 - 1413 Synthesis and structure of a base-stabilized silyl(silylene)tantalum complex
Koshikawa H, Okazaki M, Matsumoto S, Ueno K, Tobita H, Ogino H
1414 - 1415 3D nanoarchitecture from ultrathin titania film via surface sol-gel process and photolithography
Fujikawa S, Kunitake T
1416 - 1417 Synthesis of 1H-inden-1-ol derivatives via rhodium-catalyzed annulation of o-acylphenylboronic acids with alkynes
Matsuda T, Makino M, Murakami M
1418 - 1419 Intramolecular excited energy transfer from phenanthroline fluorophore to Pr(III) in a metal complex
Hasegawa M, Ishii A, Yamazaki T, Kishi S, Yamazaki I
1420 - 1421 Immobilization of methylene blue between electrodepsoited manganese oxide multilayers
Nakayama M, Komatsu H, Ozuka S, Araki Y, Ogura K
1422 - 1423 A simple route to form straw-like carbon microbundles
Xiao Y, Liu YL, Mi YZ, Yuan DS, Zhang JX, Cheng LQ
1424 - 1425 Evidence of photocarrier generation via the singlet and triplet states in a poly(N-vinylcarbazole) film
Ikoma T, Ito F, Ogiwara T, Akiyama K, Tero-Kubota S
1426 - 1427 A highly active Ir/WO3 catalyst for the selective reduction of NO by CO in the presence of O-2 or O-2+SO2
Shimokawabe M, Niitsu M, Inomata H, Iwasa N, Arai M
1428 - 1429 Fabrication of single-crystalline MoO3 nanobelts by using carbons
Ogihara H, Takenaka S, Yamanaka I, Tanabe E, Genseki A, Otsuka K
1430 - 1431 K2PtCl4/AgOTf as a highly active catalyst for hydroarylation of propiolic acids with arenes
Oyamada J, Kitamura T
1432 - 1433 Stereoselective construction of 1,3-diol derivatives via nucleophilic reaction to beta-methoxyacylsilanes
Honda M, Mikami Y, Sanjyo T, Segi M, Nakajima T
1434 - 1435 Synthesis of cubic Ia(3)over-bard-like mesostructured silica at low temperature using an oligomeric nonionic surfactant
Lim S, Yoshitake H, Tatsumi T
1436 - 1437 Highly effective synthesis of cyclohexanone oxime over a novel titanosilicate Ti-MWW
Song F, Liu YM, Wu HH, He MY, Wu P, Tatsumi T
1438 - 1439 A green, facile, and one-pot synthesis of 2,4-(1H,3H)-quinazolinediones under microwave irradiations
Nikpour F, Paibast T
1440 - 1441 Sodium trifluoroacetate: an efficient difluorocarbene precursor for alkenes
Chang Y, Cai C
1442 - 1443 Synthesis of new stereoregular host polymers for organic intercalation by solid-state hydrolysis using layered syndiotactic polymer crystals
Oshita S, Tanaka T, Matsumoto A
1444 - 1445 Synthesis and characterization of host (nanodimensional pores of zeolite-Y)-guest [unsaturated 16-membered octaaza-macrocycle manganese(II), cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), and zinc(II) complexes] nanocomposite materials
Salavati-Niasari M
1446 - 1447 The t-butylation of phenol in supercritical carbon dioxide over H-Y zeolite. remarkable enhancement of catalytic performance for the formation of 2,4-di-t-butylphenol
Kamalakar G, Komura K, Sugi Y
1448 - 1449 One-step synthesis of aluminum acetylacetonate from [AlO(OH)](n) (boehmite) in water
Katakura R, Koide Y
1450 - 1451 Bilayer vesicle formation in ethanol from calix[4]arene derivative with two guanidinium groups
Liu F, Wang YH, Lu GY
1452 - 1453 Preparation of an azacrowned isoluminol and its chemiluminescence initiated by alkali-metal iodides in acetonitrile
Okamoto H, Kimura M
1454 - 1455 Extraordinary doping effects of chiral helical linear tetrapyrrole-Zn(II) complexes on chiral nematic induction of MBBA liquid crystal
Hamakubo K, Hama S, Yagi S, Nakazumi H, Mizutani T
1456 - 1457 Double nucleophilic addition of trimethylsilyl cyanide to alpha,beta-unsaturated aldimines promoted by aluminum chloride: Preparation of 2-aminopentanedinitrile
Shimizu M, Kamiya M, Hachiya I
1458 - 1459 A novel heteroligated phenoxy-based titanium complex: Structure, stability, and ethylene polymerization behavior
Suzuki Y, Oshiki T, Tanaka H, Takai K, Fujita T