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Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.715 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Determination of mixture properties via a combined Expanded Wang-Landau simulations-Machine Learning approach
Desgranges C, Delhommelle J
7 - 13 A new method of synthesis well-dispersion and dense Fe3O4@SiO2 magnetic nanoparticles for DNA extraction
Fan QQ, Guan YP, Zhang Z, Xu GL, Yang Y, Guo C
14 - 19 DNA/RNA hybrid mesoscopic model shows strong stability dependence with deoxypyrimidine content and stacking interactions similar to RNA/RNA
Martins ED, Barbosa VB, Weber G
20 - 28 Modelling of reaction-diffusion process at carbon nanotube - Redox enzyme composite modified electrode biosensor
Murali K, Sonaiyappan B, Lakshmanan R
29 - 33 Superprismane: A porous carbon allotrope
Nulakani NVR, Subramanian V
34 - 39 Structure and luminescence properties of Zn3V2O8 yellow phosphor for white light emitting diodes
Qian TT, Fan B, Wang HL, Zhu SK
40 - 44 NaCa2Si3O8(OH)/PEDOT:PSS composite nanowires as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang SY, Ci LJ, Mu W, Lu M
45 - 50 Symmetry breaking and switchable thermal dielectric behaviors triggered by order-disorder phase transition in a neutral co-crystallized organic adduct
Chen SP, Wang CF, Zhou HT, Tan YH, Wen HR, Tang YZ
51 - 55 Singlet oxygen photogeneration by ethanolic extract of Syzygium cumini fruits: Theoretical elucidation through excited states computations
Diaz-Uribe C, Rodriguez-Serrano A, Lopez M, Schott E, Munoz A, Zarate X
56 - 63 The effects of oxidation on the electronic, thermal and mechanical properties of antimonene: First-principles study
Zhang SK, Zhang T, Hu CE, Cheng Y, Chen QF
64 - 71 Acyl thiourea derivatives: A study of crystallographic, bonding, biological and spectral properties
Aguilar EC, Echeverria GA, Piro OE, Ulic SE, Jios JL, Tuttolomondo ME, Molina RDI, Arena ME
72 - 76 Unique phenomena induced by an exchange interaction between two graphene-like Ising nanoparticles in an applied transverse field
Kaneyoshi T
77 - 83 Using a collagen heterotrimer to screen for cation-pi interactions to stabilize triple helices
Zheng HN, Liu H, Hu JY, Xu F
84 - 90 The comparative study of new carboxylated 1,3-indanedione sensitizers with standard cyanoacetic acid dyes using co-adsorbents in dye-sensitized solar cells
Jeong H, Chitumalla RK, Kim DW, Vattikuti SVP, Thogiti S, Cheruku R, Kim JH, Jang J, Koyyada G, Jung JH
91 - 99 Tuning the interparticle distances in self-assembled gold nanoparticle films with their plasmonic responses
Kim IH, Kim JH, Choi JY, Shin CH, Kim JH, Bae GT, Shin KS
100 - 104 SiP2S monolayer: A two dimensional semiconductor with a moderate band gap
Naseri M
105 - 108 The pure rotational spectrum of YbOH
Nakhate S, Steimle TC, Pilgram NH, Hutzler NR
109 - 114 High-strength, thermal-stable ZrO2 aerogel from polyacetylacetonatozirconium
Liu BX, Liu XC, Zhao XF, Fan HL, Zhang J, Yi XB, Gao M, Zhu LY, Wang XQ
115 - 122 Conjugation of biomolecules onto antimonene surface for biomedical prospects: A DFT study
Kansara S, Shah J, Sonvane Y, Gupta SK
123 - 128 A new potential energy surface of the LiHO+ system and the dynamics studies of the O + LiH+ reaction
He D, Zhang TQ, Yuan JC, Wang MS
129 - 133 Magnetically recoverable Ag/Bi2Fe4O9 nanoparticles as a visible-light-driven photocatalyst
Wang K, Xu XG, Lu LY, Li A, Han XD, Wu Y, Miao J, Jiang Y
134 - 140 Tuning the porosity of TiO2 nanoparticles via surfactant-templated aerosol process for enhanced photocatalytic reactivity
Ku JH, Kim HS, Cho MH, Ahn JY, Kim SH
141 - 146 Structural characterization of Co-doped Pd-n (n=1-12) clusters: First-principles calculations
Rodriguez-Kessler PL, Navarro-Santos P, Rodriguez-Dominguez AR
147 - 152 Influence of Pb on structure, optical and electrical properties of Zn1-XPbXS semiconductor compounds at low temperatures
Reddy YV, Kumar TM, Shekharam T, Nagabhushanam M
153 - 159 [8] Cyclo-1, 4-naphthylene: A possible new member in hole transport family
Chakraborty A, Reddy GN, Jana M, Giri S
160 - 165 Unexpected change in NOE with increasing temperature: Crosstalk between chemical exchange and cross relaxation in a NiN2S2 complex
Dougherty RJ, Golden ML, Krishnan VV
166 - 172 EMI shielding performance of phenolic-based carbon foam modified with GO/SiO2 hybrid nanomaterials
Zeng Y, Luo X, Yu KJ, Qian K
173 - 180 High-efficiency and environment-friendly sterilization PEVE coatings modified with Bi2WO6/TiO2 composites
Chai YH, Zhou F, Zhu ZY
181 - 185 Mechanical impregnation of Pd-Sn/alumina and Cu-Mn/graphite on charcoal to minimise carbon monoxide emissions
Nyombi A, Williams MR, Wessling R
186 - 189 Prediction of enthalpy for the gases CO, HCl, and BF
Jiang R, Jia CS, Wang YQ, Peng XL, Zhang LH
190 - 194 Reaction of ClF and Cl-2 with PH2X: The oxidation of P(III) to P(V)
Alkorta I, Elguero J, Del Bene JE
195 - 203 Effects of purity in single-wall carbon nanotubes into rubber nanocomposites
Kumar V, Lee DJ
204 - 210 Jet-cooled spectroscopy of the isomeric chloro-p-xylyl radicals in a corona-excited supersonic expansion
Huh CS
211 - 216 Quantum trajectory study of laser-driven atomic ionization
Cruz-Rodriguez L, Uranga-Pina L, Martinez-Mesa A, Meier C
217 - 221 Understanding photoresponsive catechol-based polyoxotitanate molecules: A combined experimental and first principles investigation
Xu L, Zhang L, Chen ZQ, Yu FX, Li JF
222 - 230 First theoretical probe for efficient enhancement of nonlinear optical properties of quinacridone based compounds through various modifications
Khan MU, Ibrahim M, Khalid M, Qureshi MS, Gulzar T, Zia KM, Al-Saadi AA, Janjua MRSA
231 - 238 Cyclic voltammetry, relativistic DFT calculations and biological test of cytotoxicity in walled-cell models of two classical rhenium (I) tricarbonyl complexes with 5-amine-1,10-phenanthroline
Carreno A, Solis-Cespedes E, Zuniga C, Nevermann J, Rivera-Zaldivar MM, Gacitua M, Ramirez-Osorio A, Paez-Hernandez D, Arratia-Perez R, Fuentes JA
239 - 243 Model building of metal oxide surfaces and vibronic coupling density as a reactivity index: Regioselectivity of CO2 adsorption on Ag-loaded Ga2O3
Kojima Y, Ota W, Teramura K, Hosokawa S, Tanaka T, Sato T
244 - 251 Ab initio calculation for isomerization reaction kinetics of nitrobenzene isomers
Gao ZQ, Yang M, Tang CL, Yang FY, Fan XS, Yang R, Huang ZH
252 - 262 Sonochemical synthesis and high-efficient solar-light-driven photocatalytic activity of novel cobalt and manganese codoped tungsten oxide nanoparticles
Arunadevi R, Kavitha B, Rajarajan M, Suganthi A
263 - 267 Intermolecular electron energy transfer processes in the quenching of N-2(C-3 Pi(u),v=0-4) by collisions with N-2 molecules
Kirillov AS
268 - 272 A general theory for heterogeneous coupled chemical reaction-thermal diffusion systems
Kuang ZB
273 - 277 Adsorption for SO2 gas molecules on B, N, P and Al doped MoS2: The DFT study
Zhang RY, Fu D, Ni JM, Sun CB, Song SX
278 - 283 Rapid synthesis of ultrafine NiCo2O4 nanoparticles loaded carbon nanotubes for lithium ion battery anode materials
Zhang X, Zhou YP, Mao YJ, Wei M, Chu W, Huang KM
284 - 292 SnO2 nanosheets/graphite oxide/g-C3N4 composite as enhanced performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Tran HH, Nguyen PH, Cao VH, Nguyen LT, Tran VM, Le MLP, Kim SJ, Vo V
293 - 298 Stimulation intramolecular F center dot center dot center dot H hydrogen bond by intramolecular N -> Si interaction in Si-fluoro derivatives of 8-mercaptoquinoline: DFT and MP2 calculations
Belyaeva VV, Bolgova YI, Trofimova OM, Albanov AI
299 - 309 Effect of graphitization degree of electrospinning carbon fiber on catalytic oxidation of styrene and electrochemical properties
Sun WY, Bai J, Li CP, Liu JR
310 - 316 Effect of fluorination on bandgap, first and second order hyperpolarizabilities in lithium substituted adamantane: A time dependent density functional theory
Elavarasi SB, Mariam D, Momeen MU, Hu JP, Guin M
317 - 322 Study the effect of crystal structure on radiative vacancy transfer probabilities from L-3 to M-i, N-i and O-i subshells
Hiremath GB, Mirji S, Hosamani MM, Badiger NM, Tiwari MK
323 - 329 Enhancement C-H bond activation of methane via doping Pd, Pt, Rh and Ni on Cu(111) surface: A DFT study
Jiang Z, Wu ZQ, Fang T, Yi CH
330 - 334 Hydrogenated amorphous carbon films with different nanostructure: A comparative study
Gao KX, Wang YF, Wei XL, Qiang L, Zhang B, Zhang JY
335 - 340 A molecular dynamics simulation study on the inhibition performance controlled by salt concentration
Yan YG, Hou QG, Zhang YN, Zhou LX, Zhang J
341 - 346 Synthesis, structural characterization and photophysical properties of 7-cyanohexahelicene
Hafedh N, Aloui F
347 - 353 Intermolecular rovibrational bound states of H2O-H(2 )dimer from a MultiConfiguration Time Dependent Hartree approach
Ndengue SA, Scribano Y, Benoit DM, Gatti F, Dawes R
354 - 359 Assessment of a set of twelve density functionals to estimate the global reactivity of myricetin through the Koopmans' theorem
Sandoval-Yanez C, Martinez-Araya JI
360 - 366 Magnetic properties of NaY1-x-yHoxYby(WO4)(2): x=0.05, y=0.02 and KY1-x-yHoxYby(WO4)(2): x=0.02, y=0.01 nanopowders obtained by Pechini and hydrothermal methods
Leniec G, Kaczmarek SM, Macalik L, Ropuszynska-Robak P, Hanuza J
367 - 374 Catalytic performance and kinetics study of various carbonaceous supported nickel nanoparticles for atmospheric pressure competitive hydrogenation of benzene
Mohammadian Z, Peyrovi MH, Parsafard N