Chemical Physics Letters

Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.693 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Sulfur (VI) modified graphite carbon nitride nanosheets with chrysanthemum-like structure and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Xie LL, Dai YR, Zhou YJ, Chang X, Yin LF
8 - 15 Polarity tuned unusual six-step self assembly of didodecyldimethyl ammonium bromide in acetonitrile
Chowdhury MP, Chakraborty G, Bardhan S, Saha SK
16 - 22 Fabrication and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells based on natural plants
Gu P, Yang DY, Zhu XH, Sun H, Li JT
23 - 27 Silver nanoparticles anchored reduced graphene oxide for enhanced electrocatalytic activity towards methanol oxidation
Kumar S, Mahajan M, Singh R, Mahajan A
28 - 33 Tuning dispersion correction in DFT-D2 for metal-molecule interactions: A tailored reparameterization strategy for the adsorption of aromatic systems on Ag(111)
Schiavo E, Munoz-Garcia AB, Barone V, Vittadini A, Casarin M, Forrer D, Pavone M
34 - 39 Continuous approximation for interaction energy of adamantane encapsulated inside carbon nanotubes
Baowan D, Hill JM, Bacsa W
40 - 45 Quantum size and magnesium composition effects on the optical absorption in the MgxZn(1-x)O/ZnO quantum well
Dakhlaoui HB, Mouna N
46 - 54 Enhanced activity of CaFeMg layered double hydroxides-supported gold nanodendrites for the electrochemical evolution of oxygen and hydrogen in alkaline media
Havakeshian E, Salavati H, Taei M, Hasheminasab F, Seddighi M
55 - 59 Immobilization of Ag nanowire into zinc phthalocyanine doped copolyester elastomer for optoelectric flexible strain sensor
Zhang DW, Zhou XF, Shou HG, He XH, Jia K, Liu XB
60 - 65 Porous carbon nanotube/graphene composites for high-performance supercapacitors
Li J, Tang J, Yuan JS, Zhang K, Yu XL, Sun YG, Zhang H, Qin LC
66 - 71 Tunneling and reflection in unimolecular reaction kinetic energy release distributions
Hansen K
72 - 78 Study of the low energy spectrum of titanium by using QMC methods
Buendia E, Caballero MA, Galvez FJ
79 - 83 Elucidation of hydrated metal ions using flocculation-surface enhanced Raman scattering
Kuwana R, Handa S, Futamata M
84 - 87 Adsorption of NO on Fe3O4(111)
Busch M, Mehar V, Merte LR, Shipilin M, Lundgren E, Weaver JF, Gronbeck H
88 - 94 Tunnelling and the kinetic isotope effect in CH3 + CH4 -> CH4 + CH3: An application of semiclassical transition state theory
Burd TAH, Shan X, Clary DC
95 - 100 Electronically excited states of carbazole-modified ortho-phenylenes
Muraoka A, Fukabori N
101 - 106 Surface hopping study of the photodissociation dynamics of ICN- and BrCN-
Opoku-Agyeman B, McCoy AB
107 - 113 Experimental studies of the oxygen isotope anomalies (Delta O-17) of H2O2 and their relation to radical recombination reactions
Velivetskaya TA, Ignatiev AV, Yakovenko VV, Vysotskiy SV
114 - 120 Field-free molecular orientation of nonadiabatically aligned OCS
Sonoda K, Iwasaki A, Yamanouchi K, Hasegawa H
121 - 126 Improvement of thermal conductivities for silicone nanocomposite via incorporating poly(gamma-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxy silane) grafted graphene fillers
Chen T, Liu B
127 - 131 The role of differing probe and target strand lengths in DNA microarrays investigated via Monte Carlo molecular simulation
Rivard BR, Cooper SJ, Stubbs JM
132 - 145 Experimental and theoretical studies on tautomeric structures of a newly synthesized 2,2'(hydrazine-1,2-diylidenebis(propan-1-yl-1-ylidene)) diphenol
Karakurt T, Cukurovali A, Subasi NT, Onaran A, Ece A, Eker S, Kani I
146 - 151 Super high-rate fabrication of high-purity carbon nanotube aerogels from floating catalyst method for oil spill cleaning
Khoshnevis H, Mint SM, Yedinak E, Tran TQ, Zadhoush A, Youssefi M, Pasquali M, Duong HM
152 - 158 An algorithm to use higher order invariants for modelling potential energy surface of nanoclusters
Jindal S, Bulusu SS
159 - 164 Design of growing points for silver nanoparticles on polypropylene membranes
Mendieta-Jimenez AL, Carpio-Martinez P, Cortes-Guzman F, Gomez-Espinosa RM
165 - 169 Local pH at the surface of hen egg white lysozyme
Otosu T, Kobayashi K, Yamaguchi S
170 - 175 Enhanced photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol by ZnO nanoparticles deposited on ZnSe nanosheet
Zhang SF, Yin XH, Zheng YA
176 - 182 Structures and interactions among globular proteins above the isoelectric point in the presence of divalent ions: A small angle neutron scattering and dynamic light scattering study
Kundu S, Pandit S, Abbas S, Aswal VK, Kohlbrecher J
183 - 187 Nanocomposites based on self-assembly poly(hydroxypropyl methacrylate)-block-poly(N-phenylmaleimide) and Fe3O4-NPs. Thermal stability, morphological characterization and optical properties
Pizarro GD, Marambio OG, Jeria-Orell M, Sanchez J, Oyarzun DP
188 - 193 Theoretical study on naphthobischalcogenadiazole conjugated polymer systems and C61 derivative as organic photovoltaic semiconductors
Fujita T, Matsui T, Sumita M, Imamura Y, Morihashi K
194 - 197 Electric multipole moments of XeCuX (X = F, Cl, Br, I)
Maroulis G, Chambaud G
198 - 201 Liesegang bands versus random crystallites in Ag2Cr2O7 - Single and mixed gelled media
Ibrahim H, El-Rassy H, Sultan R
202 - 209 Ab initio calculations, structure, NBO and NCI analyses of X-H. . .pi interactions
Wu QY, Su H, Wang HY, Wang H
210 - 215 In situ generation of ultrafast transient "acid spikes" in the B-10(n,alpha)Li-7 radiolysis of water
Islam MM, Kanike V, Meesungnoen J, Lertnaisat P, Katsumura Y, Jay-Gerin JP
216 - 221 Role of electrostatic interactions in determining the G-quadruplex structures
Lee J, Im H, Chong SH, Ham S
222 - 226 How to study picosecond solvation dynamics using fluorescent probes with small Stokes shifts
Silori Y, Dey S, De AK