Chemical Physics Letters

Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.593 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Enhanced fluorescence and optical power limiting in Ag-nanocomposite glasses
Udayabhaskar R, Karthikeyan B, Ollakkan MS, Mangalaraja RV, Baesso ML
7 - 13 Rate constant of the reaction between CH3O2 and OH radicals
Bossolasco A, Farago EP, Schoemaecker C, Fittschen C
14 - 19 Computational design of small organic dyes with strong visible absorption by controlled quinoidization of the thiophene unit
Tan YY, Tu WH, Manzhos S
20 - 23 Prediction of unusual curled nitrogen oligomers
Owens FJ
24 - 27 Controlling the sub-molecular motions to increase the glass transition temperature of polymers
Pandiyan S, Parandekar PV, Prakash O, Tsotsis TK, Nair NN, Basu S
28 - 30 Electrochemical formation and optoelectronic property of hybrid organic/inorganic heterostructure of PPy/GaN
Hu LF, Wang FX, Deng FX, Zhao Y, Pan GB
31 - 34 Observation of thermoluminescence in crystalline tris(2-phenylpyridine) iridium microrods using a Fourier transform spectrometer
Takada N, Ishii H
35 - 39 Energy dependence with the number of particles: Density and reduced density matrices functionals
Miranda-Quintana RA, Bochicchio RC
40 - 44 SPR and electrochemical analyses of interactions between CYP3A4 or 3A5 and cytochrome b(5)
Gnedenko OV, Yablokov EO, Usanov SA, Mukha DV, Sergeev GV, Bulko TV, Kuzikov AV, Moskaleva NE, Shumyantseva VV, Ivanov AS, Archakov AI
45 - 47 Electron injection at the PTCDA/metal interface detected by electron paramagnetic resonance
Gerardi GJ, Domenico J, Muraca A, Gerardi HK
48 - 54 A theoretical study of the stability of disulfide bridges in various beta-sheet structures of protein segment models
Galant NJ, Song HC, Jakli I, Viskolcz B, Csizmadia IG, Jensen SJK, Perczel A
55 - 60 Oxidation of CH4 by CO2 in a dielectric barrier discharge
Martini LM, Dilecce G, Guella G, Maranzana A, Tonachini G, Tosi P
61 - 68 The adsorption of NO on YSZ(111) and oxygen-enriched YSZ(111) surfaces
Breedon M, Spencer MJS, Miura N
69 - 71 Study of carrier blocking property of poly-linalyl acetate thin layer by electric-field-induced optical second-harmonic generation measurement
Taguchi D, Manaka T, Iwamoto M, Anderson LJ, Jacob MV
72 - 76 The absorption spectrum of C-60 in n-hexane solution revisited: Fitted experiment and TDDFT/PCM calculations
Menendez-Proupin E, Delgado A, Montero-Alejo AL, de la Vega JMG
77 - 82 Improved pair-potential function for diatomic systems
Xie JC, Kar T, Mishra SK, Xie RH
83 - 88 Excess-entropy scaling of dynamics for methane in various nanoporous materials
He P, Li HQ, Hou XJ
89 - 92 Mechanism of fluorophore quenching in a pre-fluorescent nitroxide probe: A theoretical illustration
Aliaga C, Fuentealba P, Rezende MC, Cardenas C
93 - 103 Exploiting classical decoherence in dissipative quantum dynamics: Memory, phonon emission, and the blip sum
Makri N
104 - 108 Impairment of a model peptide by oxidative stress: Thermodynamic stabilities of asparagine diamide C alpha-radical foldamers
Gerlei KZ, Elo L, Fiser B, Owen MC, Jakli I, Jensen SJK, Csizmadia IG, Perczel A, Viskolcz B
109 - 114 Improving thermoelectric properties of graphene/polyaniline paper by folding
Xiang JL, Drzal LT
115 - 121 Micelles of Benzethonium Chloride undergoes spherical to cylindrical shape transformation: An intrinsic fluorescence and calorimetric approach
Karumbamkandathil A, Ghosh S, Anand U, Saha P, Mukherjee M, Mukherjee S
122 - 127 Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene oxide foam for the removal of heavy metal ions
Lei YL, Chen F, Luo YJ, Zhang L
128 - 131 Stability and structural dynamics of Be-3(2-) clusters
Mondal S, Chattaraj PK
132 - 139 Excited state properties of a short pi-electron conjugated peridinin analogue
Magdaong NM, Niedzwiedzki DM, Greco JA, Liu HB, Yano K, Kajikawa T, Sakaguchi K, Katsumura S, Birge RR, Frank HA
140 - 144 Mono-, di- and tri-valent ion induced protein gelation: Small-angle neutron scattering study
Kundu S, Chinchalikar AJ, Das K, Aswal VK, Kohlbrecher J
145 - 149 Role of viscosity in the magnetic field effect on pyrene-DMA exciplex emission at different permittivities
Jana AK, Roy P, Nath DN
150 - 153 Conformation-specific ultraviolet spectroscopy of benzo-18-crown-6 complexes with a potassium cation
Choi CM, Baek JY, Park KS, Heo J, Kim NJ
154 - 159 Electron delocalization index based on bond order orbitals
Szczepanik DW, Zak E, Dyduch K, Mrozek J
160 - 164 Enhancement of supercapacitance property of electrochemically deposited MnO2 thin films grown in acidic medium
Jana SK, Rao VP, Banerjee S
165 - 173 Octahedral point-charge model and its application to fragment molecular orbital calculations of chemical shifts
Gao Q, Yokojima S, Fedorov DG, Kitaura K, Sakurai M, Nakamura S
174 - 180 Geometry deformation and mesomeric effect at the minimal-energy conical intersections and their relationship to the photoreactivity of indolylfulgides: A TD-DFT study
Belfon KAA, Gough JD
181 - 188 Water interaction with ion pairs from ionic liquids. Computational study and performance assessment of several common functionals
Fong-Padron C, Cabaleiro-Lago EM, Rodriguez-Otero J
189 - 192 Na0.60Ca0.40Sc0.60Mg0.40Si2O6:Eu2+, Mn2+: Tunable full-color-emitting solid-solution phosphor and its energy transfer property
Zhang YY, Xia ZG, Liu HK, Wang ZY, Li ML
193 - 197 Titania nanotube-silver phosphate hybrid heterostructure for improved visible light induced photocatalysis
Niraula M, Adhikari S, Lee DY, Kim EK, Yoon SJ, Dhungel SK, Lee W, Shrestha NK, Han SH
198 - 203 Thermally reduced solution-processed graphene oxide thin film: An efficient infrared photodetector
Chowdhury FA, Mochida T, Otsuki J, Alam MS
204 - 208 Spectroscopic evidence for a CO-O-2 complex as a precursor to the low temperature oxidation of CO on the Pt(111) surface
Krooswyk JD, Yin J, Asunskis AL, Hu XF, Trenary M