Chemical Physics Letters

Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.546 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Broadband velocity modulation spectroscopy of HfF+: Towards a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment
Cossel KC, Gresh DN, Sinclair LC, Coffey T, Skripnikov LV, Petrov AN, Mosyagin NS, Titov AV, Field RW, Meyer ER, Cornell EA, Ye J
12 - 17 Is there sp(3)-bound H on epitaxial graphene? Evidence for adsorption on both sides of the sheet
Kim H, Balgar T, Hasselbrink E
18 - 23 The energy of the quasi-free electron in near critical point nitrogen
Lushtak Y, Evans CM, Findley GL
24 - 29 Dipole moment and polarizability of the low-lying excited states of uracil
Pluta T, Kolaski M, Medved' M, Budzak S
30 - 33 CASSCF and MR-CISD study of the n-4s and n-4pe Rydberg states of the CF3Cl
de Medeiros VC, Ventura E, do Monte SA
34 - 39 Collisional autoionization dynamics of Ne*(P-3(2,0))-H2O
Balucani N, Bartocci A, Brunetti B, Candori P, Falcinelli S, Palazzetti F, Pirani F, Vecchiocattivi F
40 - 46 Photophysical effects on laser induced grating spectroscopy of toluene and acetone
Williams B, Ewart P
47 - 52 Franck-Condon analysis of the photoelectron spectra of HCCl-: Considering Duschinsky effects
Zhang J, Ma JG, Wang ZQ
53 - 57 A'hot-spot' model for impulsive scattering at the gas-liquid interface
Phillips LF, Nesbitt DJ
58 - 62 Spin-orbit coupling in actinide cations
Bagus PS, Ilton ES, Martin RL, Jensen HJA, Knecht S
63 - 66 Convective instabilities of chemical fronts in close-packed porous media
Schuszter G, Horvath D, Toth A
67 - 73 Ionization of chlorophyll-c(2) in liquid methanol
Jaramillo P, Coutinho K, Cabral BJC, Canuto S
74 - 79 Ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy of matrix-isolated 7-azaindole dimer: Matrix effect on excited state tautomerization
Mukherjee M, Bandyopadhyay B, Chakraborty T
80 - 85 Including charge penetration effects into the ESP derived partial charge operator
Nakano H, Yamamoto T
86 - 89 Derivation of the isothermal equation of state of carbon monoxide to 50 GPa
Ciezak-Jenkins J
90 - 95 Photophysical and density functional studies on the interaction of a new nitrobenzoxadiazole derivative with anions
Das SK, Misra SS, Sahu PK, Nijamudheen A, Mohan V, Sarkar M
96 - 98 Half-metallicity and giant magneto-optical Kerr effect in N-doped NaTaO3
Saeed Y, Singh N, Schwingenschlogl U
99 - 105 High electric field enhancement near electron-doped semiconductor nanoribbons
Zhao K, Bhowmick S, Lee H, Yakobson BI
106 - 108 Synthesis of high-energy anatase nanorods via an intermediate nanotube morphology
Finkelstein-Shapiro D, Tsai CYH, Li SY, Gray KA
109 - 114 Chemical vapor doping of transparent and conductive films of carbon nanotubes
Gao HJ, Izquierdo R, Truong VV
115 - 119 Solvothermal synthesis of flower-like Cu2ZnSnS4 nanostructures and their application as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhou WH, Zhou YL, Feng J, Zhang JW, Wu SX, Guo XC, Cao X
120 - 124 Fast and reversible hydrogen storage in channel cages of hydroquinone clathrate
Han KW, Lee YJ, Jang JS, Jeon TI, Park J, Kawamura T, Yamamoto Y, Sugahara T, Vogt T, Lee JW, Lee Y, Yoon JH
125 - 128 Tunneling behavior of bismuth telluride nanoplates in electrical transport
Eginligil M, Zhang WQ, Kalitsov A, Lu XM, Yang H
129 - 132 Effect of a dielectric coating on quenching in a molecule-nanosphere system
Polemi A, Shuford KL
133 - 135 Reversible aggregation between nanoparticles induced by acid-base interactions
Ionita G, Ghica C, Turcu I, Ionita P
136 - 140 Growth and adsorption geometry of naphthalene overlayers on HOPG studied by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy
Yamada T, Takano Y, Isobe M, Miyakubo K, Munakata T
141 - 143 On the effect of trimethylamine N-oxide on the conformational equilibrium of the chaperone Hsp90
Graziano G
144 - 149 A study on the aromaticity and magnetotropicity of 10 pi-electron azapentalene derivatives
Arkin R, Kerim A
150 - 152 High-pressure crystallization of 1-methyl-3-trimethylsilylmethylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid
Hawelek L, Shirota H, Kusz J, Grzybowska K, Mierzwa M, Paluch M, Burian A, Ziolo J
153 - 158 Core-valence Gaussian basis sets of double and triple zeta quality for Li to Ar. Applications in calculations of indirect nuclear spin-spin coupling constants
de Oliveira PJP, Gomes MS, Pires JM
159 - 163 Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization using lithium-substituted mordenite surface
Suzuki J, Sato A, Yamamoto R, Asano T, Shimosato T, Shima H, Kondo JN, Yamashita K, Hashimoto K, Fujino T
164 - 167 On the origin of dips in total fluorescence yield X-ray absorption spectra: Partial and inverse partial fluorescence yield at the L-edge of cobalt aqueous solution
Soldatov MA, Lange KM, Gotz MD, Engel N, Golnak R, Kothe A, Aziz EF
168 - 170 A theoretical study of the carbocation formation energy involved in the isomerization of alpha-pinene
Flores-Holguin N, Aguilar-Elguezabal A, Rodriguez-Valdez LM, Glossman-Mitnik D
171 - 175 Steady state and femtosecond spectroscopy of Perylimide Red dye in porous and sol-gel glasses
Reisfeld R, Levchenko V, Saraidarov T, Rysiakiewicz-Pasek E, Baranowski M, Podhorodecki A, Misiewicz J, Antropova T