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Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.443, No.4-6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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169 - 172 Single-walled carbon nanotubes with DNA recognition
Yang WR, Moghaddam MJ, Taylor S, Bojarski B, Wieczorek L, Herrmann J, McCall MJ
173 - 177 Competition between proton and H-atom transfer: The role of the chromophore environment in the green fluorescent protein
Manca C
178 - 182 The fragmentation of ethanol cation under an electric field: An ab initio/RRKM study
Lu HF, Li FY, Lin CC, Nagaya K, Chao I, Lin SH
183 - 189 On the insertion mechanism of molecular oxygen into a Pd(II)-H bond. Something to add
Chowdhury S, Rivalta I, Russo N, Sicilia E
190 - 193 Is hydrogen capable of playing a central atom role in superhalogen anions?
Smuczyniska S, Skurski P
194 - 198 Remarkable suppression of the excited-state double-proton transfer in the 7-azaindole dimer due to substitution of the dimethylamino group studied by electronic spectroscopy in the gas phase
Zhang X, Komoto Y, Sakota K, Masayuki N, Shinmyozu T, Nanbu S, Nakano H, Sekiya H
199 - 204 Atmospheric chemistry of trans-CF3CH = CHF: Kinetics of the gas-phase reactions with Cl atoms, OH radicals, and O-3
Sondergaard R, Nielsen OJ, Hurley MD, Wallington TJ, Singh R
205 - 210 Effect of ring annelation on Li+-benzene interaction: A computational study
Hassan A, Dinadayalane TC, Leszczynski J
211 - 215 Theoretical designs for triplet ground-state carbenes: A target for experimental studies
Gu SY, Su MD
216 - 221 Ionic and neutral mercaptothiocarbonyl: A tandem mass spectrometry and computational study
Ramesh V, Reddy PN, Srinivas R, Bhanuprakash K, Vivekananda S
222 - 226 The relaxation of vibrationally excited O-2 molecules by atomic oxygen
Esposito F, Capitelli M
227 - 231 IR spectra of phenol(+)-Kr-n cluster cations (n=1,2): Evidence for photoionization-induced pi -> H isomerization
Takeda A, Andrei HS, Miyazaki M, Ishiuchi SI, Sakai M, Fujii M, Dopfer O
232 - 236 A density functional and ab initio investigation of the p-aminobenzoic acid molecule
Lago AF, Davalos JZ, de Brito AN
237 - 242 Accurate intermolecular ground state potential of the He-BH van der Waals complex
Wang ZQ, Gong MY, Feng E, Cui ZF
243 - 247 Phase coexistence in polydisperse mixture of hard-sphere colloidal and flexible chain particles
Kalyuzhnyi YV, Cummings PT
248 - 252 The C-O bond dissociation of naphthoxymethyl compounds in the higher triplet excited state using two-color two-laser flash photolysis
Cai XC, Yamaji M, Sakamoto M, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
253 - 257 Space-selective precipitation of functional crystals in glass by using a high repetition rate femtosecond laser
Dai Y, Zhu B, Qiu JR, Ma HL, Lu B, Yu BK
258 - 263 Photoluminescence and electroluminescence properties of a samarium complex Sm(TTA)(3)phen
Deng RP, Yu JB, Zhang HJ, Zhou L, Peng ZP, Li ZF, Guo ZY
264 - 268 The barrier origin on the reaction of CO2+OH- in aqueous solution
Iida K, Yokogawa D, Sato H, Sakaki S
269 - 273 Some aspects of spin-locking effect in nitrogen-14 quadrupolar spin-system
Rudakov TN
274 - 279 Excited-state dynamics of normal and doubly N-confused type hexaphyrin derivatives studied by time-resolved fluorescence measurements
Ryu JH, Ito F, Nagamura T, Nakamura K, Furuta H, Shibata Y, Itoh S
280 - 283 Linear relation between T-H (homogeneous ice nucleation temperature) and T-m (melting temperature) for aqueous solutions of sucrose, trehalose, and maltose
Kanno H, Soga M, Kajiwara K
284 - 288 Molecular absorption cross-section and absolute absorptivity in the THz frequency range for the explosives TNT, RDX, HMX, and PETN
Fitch MJ, Leahy-Hoppa MR, Ott EW, Osiander R
289 - 292 On the nature of infrared absorbing trapped electron center in low-temperature ice-I-h
Shkrob IA
293 - 297 Phase transition and molecular motion of cyclohexane confined in metal-organic framework, IRMOF-1, as studied by H-2 NMR
Ueda T, Kurokawa K, Omichi H, Miyakubo K, Eguchi T
298 - 303 Predicting nonlinear optical properties in push-pull molecules based on methyl pyridinium donor and 3-cyano-5,5-dimethyl-2(5H)-furanylidene-propanedinitrile acceptor units using vibrational spectroscopy and density functional theory
McGoverin CM, Walsh TJ, Gordon KC, Kay AJ, Woolhouse AD
304 - 308 CO adsorbs upside-down on small PtmAun clusters
Wang LC
309 - 312 Intrinsic hyperpolarizability of 3-dicyanomethylene5,5-dimethyl-1-[2-(4-hydroxyphenyl) ethenyl]-cyclohexene nanocrystallites incorporated into the photopolymer matrices
Kolev T, Kityk IV, Ebothe J, Sahraoui B
313 - 318 Nanoscopic heterogeneities in adsorption and electron transfer processes of perylene diimide dye on TiO2 nanoparticles studied by single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
Tachikawa T, Cui SC, Top S, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
319 - 322 The origin of enhanced Ll(0) chemical ordering in Ag-doped FePt nanoparticles
Sung YM, Lee MK, Kim KE, Kim TG
323 - 327 On the cleavage process of the N-trifluoromethylsulfonyloxy-1,8-naphthalimide photoacid generator
Malval JP, Morlet-Savary F, Allonas X, Fouassier JP, Suzuki S, Takahara S, Yamaoka T
328 - 332 Finite length effects in DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes
Chou SG, Son H, Zheng M, Saito R, Jorio A, Dresselhaus G, Dresselhaus MS
333 - 336 Size-dependent near-field coupling observed from InN nanodots grown on nitrided sapphire
Stebounova LV, Romanyuk YE, Dengel RG, Leone SR
337 - 341 Structural and electronic properties of a trimetallic nanoparticle catalyst: Ru5PtSn
Gronbeck H, Thomas JM
342 - 346 A simple and green approach for preparation of ZnO2 and ZnO under sunlight irradiation
Sun M, Hao WC, Wang CZ, Wang TM
347 - 351 Adsorption structures of thiophene on Si(100)-(2 x 1) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and density functional theory
Isobe N, Shibayama T, Mori Y, Shobatake K, Sawabe K
352 - 355 Polystyrene chains orientation: A rubbed and non-rubbed polymer comparative study
Ghorbal A, Ben Arfi R, Bistac S, Brogly M
356 - 363 Aperture, symmetry, isotropy, and compactness analysis and their correlation in spaghetti-like nanostructure dynamics
Purqon A, Sugiyama A, Nagao H, Nishikawa K
364 - 368 Conformational sampling of a 40-residue protein consisting of alpha and beta secondary-structure elements in explicit solvent
Ikebe J, Kamiya N, Shindo H, Nakamura H, Higo J
369 - 373 New calculation method on the lifetime of the reactive scattering resonance states
Wang HY, Lu X, Sun XM, Cai ZT, Feng DC
374 - 377 Electric field-induced quenching of photoluminescence in the MEH-PPV : C60 composite thin film
Jin H, Hou YB, Meng XG, Teng F
378 - 382 Structure elucidation of lanthanide complexes by theoretical tools Novel pyrazole-pyridine Tb(111) tripod
Freire RO, Vila-Nova SP, Brunet E, Juanes O, Rodriguez-Ubis JC, Alves S
383 - 388 beta-Scission of thioimidoyl radicals (R-1-N-C-center dot=S-R-2): A theoretical scale of radical leaving group ability
Guerra D, Fuentealba P, Aizman A, Contreras R
389 - 397 Modification for spin-adapted version of configuration interaction singles with perturbative doubles
Mochizuki Y, Tanaka K
398 - 407 Accurate global ab initio potentials at low-cost by correlation scaling and extrapolation to the one-electron basis set limit
Varandas AJC
408 - 413 Distribution moments of 2D-graphs as descriptors of DNA sequences
Bielinska-Waz D, Nowak W, Waz P, Nandy A, Clark T
414 - 419 Quantal cumulant dynamics 11: An efficient time-reversible integrator
Shigeta Y, Miyachi H, Hirao K
420 - 425 Identifying a pair of interacting chromophores by using SVD transformed CIS wave functions
Mayer I
426 - 429 Er3+-Yb3+ co-doped silicate glass for optical temperature sensor
Li CR, Dong B, Li SF, Song CH
430 - 434 Theoretical study on the mechanism of the CrO2++C2H4 reaction in gas phase
Chen XX, Feng XS, Wang YC, Wang T, Liu XL, Zheng XW
435 - 438 Piezo- and thermo-switch investigation of the spin-crossover compound [Fe(PM-BiA)(2)(NCS)(2)]
Tanasa R, Stancu A, Letard JF, Codjovi E, Linares J, Varret F
439 - 442 Aromaticity and electronic structure of silabenzenes. Possible existence of a new cluster Si6Li6
Santos JC, Fuentealba P