Chemical Physics Letters

Chemical Physics Letters, Vol.429, No.4-6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0009-2614 (Print) 

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343 - 349 CIONO and BrONO loss mechanisms in the presence Of NO2: A quantum-mechanical study
Lesar A, Kovacic S, Hodoscek M
350 - 354 Ultrafast capture of free electrons in optically ionized gases by the electron scavenger SF6
Kampfrath T, Perfetti L, Gericke DO, Frischkorn C, Tegeder P, Wolf M
355 - 359 Quasiclassical trajectory study of the reaction of fast H atoms with C-H stretch excited CHD3
Xie Z, Bowman JM
360 - 364 A theoretical study of thermal decomposition of CF3CO, C2F5CO and C3F7CO
Setokuchi O, Kutsuna S, Sato M
365 - 370 An ab initio study on some low-lying singlet and triplet states of SbO2+ and quartet states of SbO2
Lee EPF, Dyke JM, Chau FT, Chow WK, Mok DKW
371 - 377 Low-frequency vibrations of crystalline alpha,alpha-trehalose dihydrate
Takahashi M, Kawazoe Y, Ishikawa Y, Ito H
378 - 381 Total cross-section measurements for electron collisions with alpha-tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (C5H10O2)
Mokejko P, Domaracka A, Ptasinska-Denga E, Smytkowski C
382 - 388 UV-induced photochemistry of methyl coumalate (methyl 2-pyrone-5-carboxylate) isolated in low-temperature inert matrices
Reva ID, Nowak MJ, Lapinski L, Fausto R
389 - 394 On the OH-initiated degradation of methacrylates in the troposphere: Gas-phase kinetics and formation of pyruvates
Blanco MB, Taccone RA, Lane SI, Teruel MA
395 - 398 Differential cross section for electron impact excitation of the a(1)Delta g state of molecular oxygen in the 15-180 degrees angular range
Linert I, Zubek M
399 - 404 Theoretical study on HNC((1)Sigma) production from the C-2(X-1 Sigma(+)g)+ NH (X-3 Sigma(-)) reaction
Takahashi K, Takayanagi T
405 - 409 Terahertz spectroscopy of 7-azaindole clusters in solution
Fedor AM, Korter TM
410 - 414 Visible quantum cutting in Pr3+: PbWO4 crystal through energy transfer between the host and Pr3+ ions
Xiong FB, Lin YF, Chen YJ, Luo ZD, Ma E, Huang YD
415 - 419 Structure of water adsorbed on the open Cu(110) surface: H-up, H-down, or both?
Schiros T, Haq S, Ogasawara H, Takahashi O, Ostrom H, Andersson K, Pettersson LGM, Hodgson A, Nilsson A
420 - 424 Non-intrinsic contribution to the partial molar volume of cavities in water
Graziano G
425 - 429 Density functional study of the Hoffmann elimination of (N-Cl),N-methylethanolamine in gas phase and in aqueous solution
Ramos DR, Castillo R, Canle M, Garcia MV, Andres J, Santaballa JA
430 - 435 The electronic spectrum of the micro-solvated alanine zwitterion calculated using the combined coupled cluster/molecular mechanics method
Osted A, Kongsted J, Mikkelsen KV, Christiansen O
436 - 439 Combined quantum chemical statistical mechanical simulations of Mg2+, Ca2+ and Sr2+ in water
Tofteberg T, Ohrn A, Karlstrom G
440 - 444 Tunable photoluminescence for a novel silver-gold mixed metal system
Larochelle CL, Patterson HH
445 - 449 Predictive capacity of semi-empirical MNDO/PM3 and molecular mechanics MM2 estimations of the reactivity of cyclic nitrones as spin traps
Dultsev FN, Dultseva GG
450 - 456 An effective temperature approach for molecular dynamics simulations of quantum solids
Uranga-Pina L, Martinez-Mesa A, Rubayo-Soneira J, Rojas-Lorenzo G
457 - 463 The effect of'hot' electrons on the heterogeneous adiabatic charge transfer reactions
Nazmutdinov RR, Manyurov IR, Schmickler W
464 - 468 Search for the Ar-NiCO complex: A solid neon investigation
Tremblay B, Manceron L
469 - 473 Raman spectroscopic features of hydrogen-ordering in ice XII
Salzmann CG, Hallbrucker A, Finney JL, Mayer E
474 - 478 Pressure-induced phase transitions in crystalline L-serine studied by single-crystal and high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction
Boldyreva EV, Sowa H, Seryotkin YV, Drebushchak TN, Ahsbahs H, Chernyshev V, Dmitriev V
479 - 482 Structural evolution and Raman study of nanocarbons from diamond nanoparticles
Qiao Z, Li J, Zhao N, Shi C, Nash P
483 - 487 Silicon nanocrystals formed by pulsed laser-induced fragmentation of electrochemically etched Si micrograms
Svrcek V, Sasaki T, Shimizu Y, Koshizaki N
488 - 491 Pulsed-laser induced flocculation of carbon nanotubes solubilized by an anthracene-carrying polymer
Narimatsu K, Niidome Y, Nakashima N
492 - 496 Size-dependent melting properties of tin nanoparticles
Jiang HJ, Moon KS, Dong H, Hua F, Wong CP
497 - 502 Selectivity of water-soluble proteins in single-walled carbon nanotube dispersions
Matsuura K, Saito T, Okazaki T, Ohshima S, Yumura M, Iijima S
503 - 506 Prediction of increased tunneling current by bond length stretch in molecular break junctions
Hoft RC, Ford MJ, Cortie MB
507 - 512 Development and physico-chemical characterization of cyclodextrin-DNA complexes loaded liposomes
Tavares GD, Viana CM, Araujo JGVC, Ramaldes GA, Carvalho WS, Pesquero JL, Vilela JMC, Andrade MS, de Oliveira MC
513 - 517 Fabrication and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 octahedra
Hu CQ, Gao ZH, Yang XR
518 - 522 Influence of coverage and adsorption orientation in the spectroscopy of methyl orange on silver colloids: Cl- effect
Zhang AP, Fang Y
523 - 527 Extinction of photo-induced Ti3+ centres in titanium oxide gels and gel-based oxo-PHEMA hybrids
Kuznetsov AI, Kameneva O, Rozes L, Sanchez C, Bityurin N, Kanaev A
528 - 532 Size effect on the catalysis of gold clusters dispersed in water for aerobic oxidation of alcohol
Tsunoyama H, Sakurai H, Tsukuda T
533 - 537 Second harmonic generation from individual hybrid MnPS3-based nanoparticles investigated by nonlinear microscopy
Delahaye E, Tancrez N, Yi T, Ledoux I, Zyss J, Brasselet S, Clement R
538 - 545 Long-range electron and charge transfers in peptide bridging phthalimide and methyl aminoacetate radical systems: Super-exchange and hopping mechanisms
Gao X, Tang SC, Zhou WH
546 - 550 Effects of intra base-pairs flexibility on hole transfer coupling in DNA
Sadowska-Aleksiejew A, Rak J, Voityuk AA
551 - 557 Singlet excited state dynamics of uracil and thymine derivatives: A femtosecond fluorescence upconversion study in acetonitrile
Gustavsson T, Sarkar N, Lazzarotto E, Markovitsi D, Improta R
558 - 562 Identification of the intrinsic conformational properties of 1-aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid
Casanovas J, Zanuy D, Nussinov R, Aleman C
563 - 569 Density-functional theoretical study on hydrated DNA duplex: Effect of hydrating water molecules on HOMO distribution in DNA
Tsukamoto T, Ishikawa Y, Vilkas MJ, Natsume T, Dedachi K, Kurita N
570 - 574 DFT study on second-order nonlinear optical properties of a series of mono Schiff-base M(II) (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) complexes
Liu CG, Qiu YQ, Sun SL, Chen H, Li N, Su ZM
575 - 580 Ultrashort memory of the quasicrystalline order in water by optical Kerr effect spectroscopy
Ratajska-Gadomska B, Bialkowski B, Gadomski W, Radzewicz C
581 - 585 Fabrication and characterization of high-resolution AFM tips with high-quality double-wall carbon nanotubes
Kuwahara S, Akita S, Shirakihara M, Sugai T, Nakayama Y, Shinohara H
586 - 589 EPR investigation of local lattice structure of Mn2+ in diamagnetic garnets
Li GD, Kuang XY, Wang H
590 - 594 Heteronuclear decoupling in rotating solids: Improving the efficacy of CNnv symmetry-based tanh/tan adiabatic RF pulse schemes
Riedel K, Herbst C, Leppert J, Ohlenschlager O, Gorlach M, Ramachandran R
595 - 599 Theoretical modeling of thermally activated luminescence quenching through charge transfer states in lanthanide complexes
Faustino WM, Malta OL, de Sa GF
600 - 605 Dependence of ion-water distances on covalent radii, ionic radii in water and distances of oxygen and hydrogen of water from ion/water boundaries
Heyrovska R
606 - 610 Is methylene blue an appropriate substrate for a photocatalytic activity test? A study with visible-light responsive titania
Yan XL, Ohno T, Nishijima K, Abe R, Ohtani B
611 - 616 Double-quantum-filtered intermolecular single-quantum coherences in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging
Chen Z, Zhu XQ, Zheng BW, Cai SH, Zhong JH
617 - 621 Investigation of RuO2/4H-SiC Schottky diode contacts by deep level transient spectroscopy
Buc D, Stuchlikova L, Helmersson U, Chang WH, Bello I
622 - 627 Efficient blue organic light-emitting devices based on novel anthracence derivatives with pronounced thermal stability and excellent film-forming property
Tao SL, Xu SD, Zhang XH
628 - 632 Inclusion of charge and polarizability fluxes provides needed physical accuracy in molecular mechanics force fields
Palmo K, Mannfors B, Mirkin NG, Krimm S
633 - 637 Hydrogen bonding in strained cyclic vicinal diols: The birth of the hydrogen bond
Klein RA
638 - 641 Comment on'TenS4+ (n=1-4) clusters in the gas phase' by D.M. David Jaba Singh and T. Pradeep [Chem. Phys. Lett. 417 (2006) 34]
Spalt Z, Alberti M, Havel J
642 - 644 Reply to the comment on'TenS4+ (n=1-4) clusters in the gas phase' by Z. Spalt, M. Alberti, and J. Havel
Singh DMDJ, Pradeep T
645 - 646 SO3 revisited: Impact of tight d augmented correlation consistent basis sets on atomization energy and structure (vol 394, pg 105, 2004)
Yockel S, Wilson AK