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1 - 7 Metal-like conductivity in undoped TiO2-x: Understanding an unconventional transparent conducting oxide
Dorow-Gerspach D, Wuttig M
8 - 18 Experimentally unraveling the energy flux originating from a DC magnetron sputtering source
Gauter S, Haase F, Kersten H
19 - 28 Incorporation of polygodial in Langmuir films of selected lipids
Goncalves GEG, Morais TR, Lago JHG, Caseli L
29 - 33 Iodine doping enabled wide range threshold voltage modulation in pentacene transistors
Wang YW, Chang YC, Hong MY
34 - 41 Inverted polymer/quantum-dots hybrid white light emitting diodes
He ZW, Jiang CB, Song C, Wang JH, Zhong ZJ, Xie GC, Wang J, Peng JB, Cao Y
42 - 48 Enhanced photostability in polymer solar cells achieved with modified electron transport layer
Rasool S, Doan VV, Lee HK, Lee SK, Lee JC, Moon SJ, So WW, Song CE, Shin WS
49 - 55 Influence of substrate temperature on properties of pyrite thin films deposited using a sequential coevaporation technique
Walimbe A, Wertheim A, Ravi A, Kopas C, Saxena A, Singh RK, Lehner SW, Domenico J, Makar J, Carpenter RW, Buseck PR, Newman N
56 - 59 Roll-to-roll sputtering of indium tin oxide layers onto ultrathin flexible glass
Fahland M, Zywitzki O, Modes T, Vondkar K, Werner T, Ottermann C, Berendt M, Pollack G
60 - 64 Thermal stability of Al2O3/TiO2 stacks for boron emitter passivation on n-type silicon solar cells
Suh D
65 - 71 Structure and mechanical properties of hafnium nitride films deposited by direct current, mid-frequency, and high-power impulse magnetron sputtering
Tillmann W, Dias NFL, Stangier D, Tolan M, Paulus M
72 - 79 Effect of sodium stannate on low temperature electroless Ni - Sn - P deposition and the study of its mechanism
Wang YR, Tang RJ, Yang CH, Xu TY, Mitsuzaki N, Chen ZD
80 - 84 Scaling theory of the mechanical properties of amorphous nano-films
Dubey AK, Hentschel HGE, Jaiswal PK, Mondal C, Pollack YG, Procaccia I
85 - 95 Enhanced corrosion resistance by SnCu-graphene oxide composite coatings
Gupta A, Srivastava C
96 - 102 Paper-based supercapacitor with screen-printed poly (3, 4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-poly (styrene sulfonate)/multiwall carbon nanotube films actuating both as electrodes and current collectors
Klem MD, Morais RM, Rubira RJG, Alves N
103 - 107 Deposition of microcrystalline diamond films in H-2 microwave plasma with graphite powder as hydrocarbon precursor
Yao KL, Dai B, Yang L, Shu GY, Zhao JW, Liu K, Cao WX, Ralchenko V, Han JC, Zhu JQ
108 - 113 Effects of radio frequency power and gas ratio on barrier properties of SiOxNy films deposited by inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition
Bang SH, Suk JH, Kim KS, Park JH, Hwang NM
114 - 119 Regulation of electrical and magnetic properties in amorphous CoFeTaBO films
Guo ZG, Xiong CY, Luo ZC, Zhang XZ
120 - 132 Nanoscale characterization of squaraine-fullerene-based photovoltaic active layers by atomic force microscopy mechanical and electrical property mapping
Coffey T, Seredinski A, Poler JN, Patteson C, Watts WH, Baptiste K, Zheng CY, Cody J, Collison CJ
133 - 140 Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) brushes synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization from gold surface as a gate insulator in organic thin-film transistors
Krysiak E, Janasz L, Dupont BGR, Wypych-Puszkarz A, Matyjaszewski K, Ulanski J
141 - 150 Morphology-controlled growth of ZnO nanorods by chemical bath deposition and seed layer dependence on their structural and optical properties
Terasako T, Obara S, Sakaya S, Tanaka M, Fukuoka R, Yagi M, Nomoto J, Yamamoto T
151 - 156 Low voltage driven NiO thin film capacitors for tunable applications
Zheng HR, Li LX, Yu SH, Lu T, Sun Z, Chen SL, Wu MY
157 - 161 Effect of the amount of H2O and HNO3 in Ti(OC3H7i)(4) solutions on the crystallization of sol-gel-derived TiO2 films
Uchiyama H, Bando T, Kozuka H
162 - 168 Effect of deposition rate and heat treatment on microstructural, morphological, optical properties and ultra-fast laser-induced damage threshold of Al2O3-ZrO2 pure and mixed thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation
Shahrokhabadi H, Vaezzadeh M, Bananej A, Maleki MH
169 - 173 Electrical and structural properties of direct current magnetron sputtered amorphous TiAl thin films
Kolkovsky V, Schmidt JU, Doring S
174 - 180 Spectroscopic ellipsometry data analysis using penalized splines representation for the dielectric function
Likhachev DV
181 - 187 Synthesis and characterization of (Ti1-xAlx)B2+Delta thin films from combinatorial magnetron sputtering
Mockute A, Palisaitis J, Nedfors N, Berastegui P, Broitman E, Alling B, Naslund LA, Hultman L, Patscheider J, Jansson U, Persson POA, Rosen J
188 - 197 Evaluation of sputtering induced surface roughness development of Ni/Cu multilayers thin films by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry depth profiling with different energies O-2(+) ion bombardment
Yan XL, Duvenhage MM, Wang JY, Swart HC, Terblans JJ
198 - 207 Geometrical effects on growth kinetics of interfacial intermetallic compounds in Sn/Cu joints reflowed with Cu nanoparticles doped flux
Shang SY, Kunwar A, Yao JY, Ma HT, Wang YP
208 - 214 Tuning photoluminescence quenching efficiency of reduced graphene oxide substrates using silver nanoparticles
Chettri P, Tiwari A
215 - 219 Influence of ion species of AuSi liquid metal alloy source-focused ion beam on SiO2/Si nanopatterning
Aissat A, Benyettou F, Berbezier I, Vilcot JP
220 - 226 A facile growth control of perovskite SrTiO3 thin films by tailoring surface morphologies of TiN seeding layers in the hydrothermal-galvanic couple synthesis
Teng HP, Lin CC, Lu FH
227 - 234 Sidewall chemistry of nano-contact patterns in C4F8 + CH2F2 + O-2 + Ar inductively coupled plasmas
Lee J, Kim C, Lee HW, Kwon KH
235 - 246 Flexible electrochromic tungsten/iron mixed oxide films synthesized by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Lin YS, Chen PC, Liao MC, Lai YH
247 - 252 Investigation on annealing temperature-dependent optical properties of electron beam evaporated ZnSe thin films
Ou K, Wang SW, Bai LY, Wang Y, Zhang KX, Yi LX
253 - 261 Effect of substrate bias and substrate/plasma generator distance on properties of a-C:H:SiOx films synthesized by PACVD
Grenadyorov AS, Solovyev AA, Oskomov KV, Rabotkin SV, Elgin YI, Sypchenko VS, Ivanova NM
262 - 268 Angular dependence of SiO2 etching in plasmas containing heptafluoropropyl methyl ether
Kim JH, Park JS, Kim CK
269 - 274 Surfactant-free stable SnS2 nanoparticles dispersion for deposition of device-quality films
Haghighi M, Tajabadi F, Mandavi SM, Mohammadpour R, Taghavini N
275 - 280 Effect of hydrogen on mechanical stability of amorphous In-Sn-O thin films for flexible electronics
Kim S, Yoon JH, Bang J, Song P
281 - 287 Inorganic-organic hybrid material coatings by using multifunctional epoxides and twin polymerization
Hering W, Birkner M, Seifert A, Koecher R, Kretzschmar BSM, Marschner C, Gruenler B, Spange S
288 - 293 Low-temperature synthesis of hydride semiconductor YH3-delta using Pt capped Y films and its chemical thermodynamics analysis
Sakai T, Sakai M, Kobayashi T, Yasutake M, Akisato S, Mikami R, Suganuma N, Takahashi Y, Nakajima Y, Tokuda M, Fujii Y, Hanajiri T, Nakamura O
294 - 300 Electrical and magnetic properties of atomic layer deposited cobalt oxide and zirconium oxide nanolaminates
Kalam K, Seemen H, Mikkor M, Jogiaas T, Ritslaid P, Tamm A, Kukli K, Kasikov A, Link J, Stern R, Duenas S, Castan H
301 - 305 Study of orthorhombic twins in epitaxial GdFeO3 thin films
Panchwanee A, Reddy VR, Gupta A, Choudhary RJ, Phase DM, Ganesan V
306 - 314 High-temperature reliability of Ni/Nb ohmic contacts on 4H-SiC for harsh environment applications
Cuong VV, Ishikawa S, Maeda T, Sezaki H, Yasuno S, Koganezawa T, Miyazaki T, Kuroki SI
315 - 320 Effect of germanium incorporation on the properties of kesterite Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) monograins
Oueslati S, Grossberg M, Kauk-Kuusik M, Mikli V, Ernits K, Meissner D, Krustok J
321 - 328 Microstructured SiOx thin films deposited from hexamethyldisilazane and hexamethyldisiloxane using atmospheric pressure thermal microplasma jet
Saito T, Mitsuya R, Ito Y, Higuchi T, Aita T
329 - 337 Formation of nanotubular structure on low-modulus Ti-7.5Mo alloy surface and its bioactivity evaluation
Hsu HC, Hsu SK, Wu SC, Ho WF
338 - 344 Epitaxial growth of Pd1-xFex films on MgO single-crystal substrate
Esmaeili A, Yanilkin IV, Gumarov AI, Vakhitov IR, Gabbasov BF, Kiiamov AG, Rogov AM, Osin YN, Denisov AE, Yusupov RV, Tagirov LR
345 - 350 Device simulation of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells by means of voltage dependent admittance spectroscopy
Holscher T, Walter T, Schneider T, Maiberg M, Scheer R
351 - 354 Characterization of a co-evaporated Cu2SnS3 thin-film solar cell
Kim Y, Choi IH
355 - 363 Formation, evolution and transition of multiple surface patterns in metal films on polymer substrates under uniaxial loading
Yu SJ, Liu XJ, Sun YD, Zhou H, Cai PG
364 - 370 Development and characterization of photodiode n-ZnO/p-Si by Radio Frecuency Sputtering, a sensor with low voltage operation and its response to visible and UV light
Chavez-Urbiola IR, Willars-Rodriguez FJ, Bon RR, Vorobiev P, Vorobiev YV
371 - 376 Catalytic growth of large area monolayer molybdenum disulfide film by chemical vapor deposition
Li H, Zhang XH, Tang ZK
377 - 386 Flexible hard TiAlSiN nanocomposite coatings deposited by modulated pulsed power magnetron sputtering with controllable peak power
Chen H, Zheng BC, Li YG, Wu ZL, Lei MK
387 - 391 Aqueous solution-processed molybdenum oxide as an efficient hole injection layer for flexible quantum dot light emitting diodes
Zheng CX, Li FS, Zeng QY, Hu HL, Guo TL
392 - 398 Impact of silica-substrate chemistry on tantalum nitride thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition: Microstructure, chemistry and electrical behaviors
Volpi F, Cadix L, Berthome G, Coindeau S, Encinas T, Jourdan N, Blanquet E
399 - 403 A study to improve light confinement and rear-surface passivation in a thin-Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 solar cell
Suresh S, de Wild J, Kohl T, Buldu DG, Brammertz G, Meuris M, Poortmans J, Isabella O, Zeman M, Vermang B
404 - 409 Correlation between defect absorption and nano-second laser-induced damage of HfO2/SiO2 based high reflective coatings at 1064 nm
Ma P, Zheng Y, Zhang MX, Liu H, Liu ZC, Pu YT, Qiao Z
410 - 418 Functional prototype modules of antimony sulfide selenide thin film solar cells
Nair PK, Medina EAZ, Garcia GV, Martinez LG, Nair MTS
419 - 424 Optoelectronic attenuation behavior of Al2O3/ZnO nanolaminates grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
Romo-Garcia F, Higuera-Valenzuela HJ, Cabrera-German D, Berman-Mendoza D, Ramos-Carrazco A, Tiznado H, Hirata GA, Contreras OE, Garcia-Gutierrez R
425 - 429 A challenge for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 absorbers: The accurate quantification of Ga/(Ga plus In) ratio
Bechu S, Loubat A, Bouttemy M, Vigneron J, Gentner JL, Etcheberry A
430 - 435 The effect of a and Ga intermediate layer on the interfacial layer properties of epitaxial GaSb on GaSb grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Ha MTH, Huynh SH, Do HB, Lee CT, Luc QH, Chang EY
436 - 439 Cu2SnS3 based thin film solar cells from chemical spray pyrolysis
Sayed MH, Robert EVC, Dale PJ, Gutay L
440 - 449 Room temperature ferromagnetism and its correlation to ferroelectricity of manganese embedded in lead zirco-titanate
Bucur IC, Apostol NG, Abramiuc LE, Tanase LC, Tache CA, Lungu GA, Costescu RM, Chirila CF, Trupina L, Pintilie L, Teodorescu CM
450 - 454 Photoluminescence of silicon vacancy centres as conceptual indicator for the condition of diamond protection coatings
Muller S, Prieske M, Tyralla D, Vollertsen F
455 - 460 Micro-scale current path distributions of Zn1-xMgxO-coated SnO2:F transparent electrodes prepared by sol-gel and sputtering methods in perovskite solar cells
Chantana J, Hirayama T, Ding C, Kawano Y, Shen Q, Yoshino K, Hayase S, Minemoto T
461 - 470 Comparison of hydrogen detection by WOx/SiC and Pt/WOx/SiC structures using amperometric and potentiometric modes of measurement
Fominski V, Romanov R, Zuev V, Soloviev A, Goikhman A, Maksimova K, Shvets P, Demin M
471 - 474 Growth of epitaxial bismuth ruthenate pyrochlore films on yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and YSZ-buffered Si substrates by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Chiba H, Ikariyama R, Yasui S, Funakubo H
475 - 481 Influence of Al/Si atomic ratio on optical and electrical properties of magnetron sputtered Al1-xSixOy coatings
Costa P, Al-Rjoub A, Rebouta L, Manninen NK, Alves D, Almeida B, Barradas NP, Alves E
482 - 486 Bandgap of thin film solar cell absorbers: A comparison of various determination methods
Carron R, Andres C, Avancini E, Feurer T, Nishiwaki S, Pisoni S, Fu F, Lingg M, Romanyuk YE, Buecheler S, Tiwari AN
487 - 493 Simultaneous chemical vapor deposition and thermal strengthening of glass
Sundberg P, Back LG, Orman R, Booth J, Karlsson S
494 - 499 Effect of Ga introduction during the second stage of a coevaporation process of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 layers at low temperature on polyimide substrates
Achard V, Balestrieri M, Bechu S, Jubault M, Bouttemy M, Lombez L, Hildebrandt T, Naghavi N, Etcheberry A, Lincot D, Donsanti F
500 - 508 Spherical indentation of an elastic layer on a rigid substrate revisited
Wu J, Ru CQ
509 - 513 Ageing of kesterite solar cells 2: Impact on photocurrent generation
Samieipour A, Neubauer C, Oueslati S, Mikli V, Meissner D
514 - 519 An investigation on electroless nickel coating on yttria stabilized zirconia nanoparticles via single step surface activation methods
Alavi B, Aghajani H, Rasooli A
520 - 524 Defects characterization in thin films photovoltaics materials by correlated high-frequency modulated and time resolved photoluminescence: An application to Cu(In, Ga)Se-2
Berenguier B, Barreau N, Jaffre A, Ory D, Guillemoles JF, Kleider JP, Lombez L
525 - 530 Optoelectronic response of (111) oriented CeO2 films for UV photodetector
Zinzuvadiya S, Pandya NC, Joshi US
531 - 536 Zirconium distribution in solution-derived BaZrO3 - YBa2Cu3O7-delta epitaxial thin films studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Santoni A, Rondino F, Piperno L, Angrisani AA, Pinto V, Mancini A, Augieri A, Frolova A, Rufoloni A, Vannozzi A, Pompeo N, Sotgiu G, Celentano G
537 - 543 Synthesis and room temperature NO2 gas sensitivity of vanadium dioxide nanowire structures by chemical vapor deposition
Liang JR, Zhao YR, Zhu KL, Guo JB, Zhou LW
544 - 550 Inkjet-printed thin films on flexible substrate for electro-optical detection of methylamine gas
Sarfraz J, Peltonen J, Ihalainen P
551 - 557 Epitaxial processing optimization and photoluminescence spectra of CdTe thin films grown on highly dissimilar SrTiO3 (001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Zhu XT, Lian Q, Tang K, Bai W, Li YH, Yang J, Zhang YY, Qi RJ, Huang R, Tang XD, Chu JH
558 - 563 Compositional correlation and polymorphism in BaF2-PrF3 thin films deposited using electron-beam evaporation
He WX, Zheng WM, Xie P, Li B, Lv XW, Jing C, Liu DQ
564 - 570 Film materials based on a-SiNx:H with high refractive index obtained by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition technology
Jaglarz J, Jurzecka-Szymacha M, Kluska S
571 - 578 Effect of thermal treatment on structure, phase and mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite thin films grown by RF magnetron sputtering
Lenis JA, Hurtado FM, Gomez MA, Bolivar FJ
579 - 587 Ferroelectric beta-crystalline phase formation and property enhancement in polydopamine modified BaTiO3/poly (vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) nanocomposite films
Men TT, Liu X, Jiang BH, Long XF, Guo HY
588 - 594 Water based spray pyrolysis of metal-oxide solutions for Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) solar cells using low toxicity amine/thiol complexants
Wright LD, Lowe JC, Bliss M, Tsai V, Togay M, Betts TR, Walls JM, Malkov AV, Bowers JW
595 - 599 Ageing of kesterite solar cells 1: Degradation processes and their influence on solar cell parameters
Neubauer C, Samieipour A, Oueslati S, Danilson M, Meissner D
600 - 604 Concentration of defects responsible for persistent photoconductivity in Cu (In,Ga)Se-2: Dependence on material composition
Igalson M, Maciaszek M, Macielak K, Czudek A, Edoff M, Barreau N
605 - 612 The effect of Zn3N2 phase decomposition on the properties of highly-doped ZnO: Al, N films
Ievtushenko A, Khyzhun O, Karpyna V, Bykov O, Tkach V, Strelchuk V, Kolomys O, Rarata S, Baturin V, Karpenko O, Lashkarev G
613 - 619 Stabilisation of Cu films in WO3/Ag/Cu:Al/WO3 structures through their doping by Al and Ag
Rabia DE, Blais M, Essaidi H, Stephant N, Louarn G, Morsli M, Touihri S, Bernede JC, Cattin L
620 - 624 Photoinduced charge transfer from Carbon Dots to Graphene in solid composite
Armano A, Buscarino G, Messina F, Sciortino A, Cannas M, Gelardi FM, Giannazzo F, Schiliro E, Agnello S
625 - 628 Cu2ZnGe(S1-xSex)(4) - The challenge to synthesize single phase material
Niedenzu S, Gurieva G, Schorr S
629 - 632 Influence of heavy alkali post deposition treatment on wide gap Cu(In,Ga)Se-2
Zahedi-Azad S, Maiberg M, Clausing R, Scheer R
633 - 640 Structural, morphological and optical properties of Cu2ZnxFe1-xSnS4 thin films grown by thermal evaporation
Oueslati H, Ben Rabeh M, Martin J, Kanzari M
641 - 658 Electroless copper deposition: A critical review
Ghosh S
659 - 664 Electrochemical characteristics of NixN thin films deposited by DC and HiPIMS reactive magnetron sputtering
Keraudy J, Athouel L, Hamon J, Girault B, Gloaguen D, Richard-Plouet M, Jouan PY
665 - 669 Electrochemical gating of a hydrophobic organic semiconductor with aqueous media
Al Baroot A, Alshammari A, Grell M
670 - 670 ICMCTF 2018-Preface
Aouadi S, Broitman E, Figueroa CA, Greczynski G, Zapien JA, Stuber M