Thin Solid Films

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1 - 9 The synthesis and properties of the europium(III) complexes using trifluorene-phenanthroline derivative as ligand
Yu JT, Xiao MJ, Tan H, Zhu WG
10 - 16 Effect of the oxidation of aluminum bottom electrode in a functionalized-carbon nanotube based organic rewritable memory device
Rosales-Gallegos IA, Avila-Nino JA, Reyes-Reyes M, Nunez-Olvera O, Lopez-Sandoval R
17 - 24 Fluorine ligand exchange effect in poly (vinylidenefluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) with embedded fluorinated barium titanate nanoparticles
Han W, Yoo B, Kwon KH, Cho HH, Park HH
25 - 32 A better understanding of Cbd-Zn(S, O) using hydrogen peroxide as an additive
Hildebrandt T, Loones N, Schneider N, Vigneron J, Bouttemy M, Etcheberry A, Lincot D, Naghavi N
33 - 40 Comprehensive structural characterization of CuNi (90/10) thin films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Bukhari SM, Fritzsche H, Tun Z
41 - 47 Thermoelectric energy harvesting using array of vertically aligned Al-doped ZnO nanorods
Norouzi M, Kolahdouz M, Ebrahimi P, Ganjian M, Soleimanzadeh R, Narimani K, Radamson H
48 - 52 Study on reverse-biased gate leakage current mechanisms in Al2O3/InAlAs metal-oxide-semiconductor structures
Jin CJ, Lu HL, Zhang YM, Guan H, Li Z, Zhang YM
53 - 60 Assessment of candidate metallization systems deposited on diamond using nano-indentation and nano-scratching tests
Msolli S, Alexis J, Kim HS, Dalverny O, Karama M
61 - 67 Annealing effects on the structural and electrical properties of sputtered tungsten thin films
Kaidatzis A, Psycharis V, Mergia K, Niarchos D
68 - 72 Growth of ZnO thin film on graphene transferred Si (100) substrate
Lee A, Kim G, Yoo SJ, Cho IS, Seo H, Ahn B, Yu HK
73 - 80 Characterization of thin MnSi and MnGe layers prepared by reactive UV pulsed laser deposition
Kostejn M, Fajgar R, Dytrych P, Kupcik J, Drinek V, Jandova V, Huber S, Novotny F
81 - 85 Epitaxial Ge2Sb2Te5 films on Si(111) prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Hilmi I, Thelander E, Schumacher P, Gerlach JW, Rauschenbach B
86 - 90 Effect of oxygen partial pressure on the structural and optical properties of ion beam sputtered TiO2 thin films
Tantray FA, Agrawal A, Gupta M, Andrews JT, Sen P
91 - 101 The influence of deposition temperature on the structure, microstructure, morphology and magnetic properties of sputter deposited nickel thin films
Sharma A, Mohan S, Suwas S
102 - 111 Complementary photogating effect in microcrystalline silicon n-i-p structures
Rubinelli FA
112 - 119 Substrate effects and evaluation of elastic moduli of components of inhomogeneous films by nanoindentation
Kossovich EL, Borodich FM, Bull SJ, Epshtein SA
120 - 124 Application of wide-energy-gap material 3,4-di(9H-carbazol-9-yl)benzonitrile in organic light-emitting diodes
Tanaka Y, Takahashi T, Nishide J, Hiraga Y, Nakanotani H, Adachi C
125 - 130 Influence of backbone structure on orientation of conjugated polymers in the dynamic casting of thin floating-films
Pandey M, Pandey SS, Nagamatsu S, Hayase S, Takashima W
131 - 136 Structural stability and electronic properties of multi-functionalized two-dimensional chromium carbides
Je M, Lee Y, Chung YC
137 - 143 Elaboration of nanostructured TiO2/SiO2 films by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition at atmospheric pressure
Gazal Y, Dublanche-Tixier C, Antoine A, Colas M, Chazelas C, Tristant P
144 - 147 Ni 3d - O 2p hybridization dependent magnetic properties of LaNiO3 thin films
Kumar Y, Singh AP, Sharma SK, Choudhary RJ, Thakur P, Knobel M, Brookes NB, Kumar R
148 - 152 Reduced parasitic contact resistance and highly stable operation in a-In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistors with microwave treatment
Liu PT, Chang CH, Zheng GT, Fuh CS, Teng LF, Wu MC, Lee YJ
153 - 159 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the early stages of epitaxial growth of CoSi2 and CoSi films on Si(111) substrate: Surface and interface analysis
Kotlyar VG, Alekseev AA, Olyanicha DA, Utas TV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
160 - 165 Properties of CrN/Mo2N nano-multilayer films synthesized by multi-cathodic arc ion plating system
Han B, Pelenovich VO, Yousaf MI, Yan SJ, Wang W, Zhou SY, Yang B, Ai ZW, Liu CS, Fu DJ
166 - 173 Non-doped red-green-blue electroluminescence for fumaronitrile and fluorene bridge with pyrenyl or phenanthrylamino group
Zhang WG, Liang CJ, He ZQ, Wang YS, Zhao SM
174 - 178 Unipolar resistance switching behavior of Pr4O7-Pr2CuO4-delta thin films
Yin JT, Liu XS, Wei L, Yin YF, Zhang WF
179 - 186 Slot-die coating of organic thin films for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode displays
Shin D, Lee JY, Hong KY, Park J, Seo YS
187 - 194 Superhydrophobic-electrochromic PEDOT/PFHP bilayer surfaces
Caglar A, Yildirim M, Cengiz U, Kaya I
195 - 201 Effects of Cr interlayer thickness on adhesive, structural, and thermoelectric properties of antimony telluride thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Sasaki Y, Takashiri M
202 - 207 Development and degradation behavior of protective multilayer coatings for aluminum reflectors for solar thermal applications
Mishra SK, Kumar V, Tiwari SK, Mishra T, Angula G, Adhikari S
208 - 213 Quantum efficiency modeling of thin film solar cells under biased conditions with a case study of CZTSSe solar cells
Lee S, Price K, Park J
214 - 219 Thickness dependence of electrical and piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3 thin films
Kiselev DA, Afanasiev MS, Levashov SA, Sivov AA, Chucheva GV
220 - 226 Surface defect passivation by a thin metallic barrier for Cu( InxGa1-x)Se-2 co-evaporation on Cr-steel substrates
Donzel-Gargand O, Thersleff T, Fourdrinier L, Leifer K, Edoff M
227 - 230 Study on ferromagnetic properties in FeCo-based amorphous thin films with different thickness
Luo XJ, Zhou PH, Lu HP, Xie JL, Deng LJ
231 - 238 Effects of high-k zirconium oxide (ZrO2) interlayer on the electrical and transport properties of Au/n-type InP Schottky diode
Balaram N, Reddy MSP, Reddy VR, Park C
239 - 249 Microstructure of hard and optically transparent HfO2 films prepared by high-power impulse magnetron sputtering with a pulsed oxygen flow control
Pi NW, Zhang MH, Jiang JC, Belosludtsev A, Vlcek J, Houska J, Meletis EI
250 - 260 Additional control of bombardment by deep oscillation magnetron sputtering: Effect on the microstructure and topography of Cr thin films
Ferreira F, Serra R, Cavaleiro A, Oliveira JC
261 - 264 High mobility thin film transistors based on zinc nitride deposited at room temperature
Dominguez MA, Pau JL, Gomez-Castano M, Luna-Lopez JA, Rosales P
265 - 272 Manganese half-sandwich complexes as metal-organic chemical vapor deposition precursors for manganese-based thin films
Assim K, Jeschke J, Jakob A, Dhakal D, Melzer M, Georgi C, Schulz SE, Gessner T, Lang H
273 - 280 Morphology and micro-structural studies of distinct silicon thin films deposited using very high frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process
Juneja S, Sudhakar S, Srivastava AK, Kumar S
281 - 287 Elucidating the influences of mechanical bending on charge transport at the interfaces of organic light-emitting diodes
Zhou H, Park JW
288 - 296 Main properties of Al2O3 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering of an Al2O3 ceramic target at different radio-frequency power and argon pressure and their passivation effect on p-type c-Si wafers
Garcia-Valenzuela JA, Rivera R, Morales-Vilches AB, Gerling LG, Caballero A, Asensi JM, Voz C, Bertomeu J, Andreu J
297 - 301 Effect of morphological and physicochemical properties of dielectric-organic semiconductor interfaces on photoresponse of organic phototransistors
Park HL, Lee IH, Keum CM, Lee SH, Lee SD
302 - 307 Processing of Al-doped ZnO protective thin films on aluminum current collectors for lithium ion batteries
Teucher G, Van Gestel T, Krott M, Gehrke HG, Eichel RA, Uhlenbruck S
308 - 316 Effect of substrate temperature on the structural and electrical properties of La and Mn co-doped BiFeO3 thin films
Kolte J, Daryapurkar AS, Agarwal M, Gulwade DD, Gopalan P
317 - 322 The effect of ozone concentration during atomic layer deposition on the properties of ZrO2 films for capacitor applications
Song H, Jeon H, Shin C, Shin S, Jang W, Park J, Chang J, Choi JH, Kim Y, Lim H, Seo H, Jeon H
323 - 327 Temperature dependences of current density-voltage and capacitance-frequency characteristics of hydrogenated nanocrystalline cubic SiC/crystalline Si heterojunction diodes
Tabata A
328 - 335 Comparative study on physical and electrochemical characteristics of thin films deposited from electroless platinum plating baths
Mizuhashi S, Cordonier CEJ, Matsui H, Honma H, Takai O
336 - 341 On the thickness dependence of both the optical band gap and reversible photodarkening in amorphous Ge-Se films
Kutalek P, Tichy L
342 - 346 Working gas effect on properties of Al2O3 film in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Hur M, Lee JY, Kang WS, Lee JO, Song YH, Kim SJ, Kim ID
347 - 352 Charge carrier extraction study of hole mobility and dynamics in poly(3-hexylthiophene) films subjected to photothermal aging
Moskvin YL, Piven NP, Susarova DK, Babenko SD, Troshin PA
353 - 358 Microstruture and surface characteristics evolution of mesoporous multiple spin-coated titania films
Geramipour T, Oveisi H
359 - 363 Ellipsometric and magneto-optical study of nanosized ferromagnetic metal-dielectric structures [Co/TiO2](n)/Si
Pavlov VV, Usachev PA, Stognij AI, Pashkevich MV, Novitskii NN, Rasing T, Pisarev RV