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1 - 1 E-MRS symposium O: "Synthesis, processing and characterization of nanoscale multifunctional oxide films - IV" May 27-31, 2013, Strasbourg, France Preface
Barber ZH, Guilloux-Viry M, Nistor M, Laidani N
2 - 6 Influence of oxygen flow and film thickness on the texture and microstructure of sputtered ceria thin films
Van Steenberge S, Leroy WP, Depla D
7 - 12 Integration of atomic layer deposition CeO2 thin films with functional complex oxides and 3D patterns
Coll M, Palau A, Gonzalez-Rosillo JC, Gazquez J, Obradors X, Puig T
13 - 16 Optical properties of rare earth-doped TiO2 anatase and rutile thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
Le Boulbar E, Millon E, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Cachoncinlle C, Hakim B, Ntsoenzok E
17 - 20 TiO2 thin film crystallization temperature lowered by Cu-induced solid phase crystallization
Yang C, Hirose Y, Nakao S, Hasegawa T
21 - 25 Thin films of SnO2:F by reactive magnetron sputtering with rapid thermal post-annealing
Jager T, Bissig B, Dobeli M, Tiwari AN, Romanyuk YE
26 - 29 Stannic oxide thin film growth via ion-beam-sputtering
Becker M, Hamann R, Polity A, Meyer BK
30 - 32 Atomic layer deposition of MgO films on yttria-stabilized zirconia microtubes
Part M, Tamm A, Kozlova J, Mandar H, Tatte T, Kukli K
33 - 37 Energy transfer mechanism between terbium and europium ions in zinc oxide and zinc silicates thin films
Davesnne C, Ziani A, Labbe C, Marie P, Frilay C, Portier X
38 - 42 Hydrogen induced metallization of ZnO (1(1)over-bar00) surface: Ab initio study
Usseinov AB, Kotomin EA, Akilbekov AT, Zhukovskii YF, Purans J
43 - 46 Synthesis, structuring and characterization of rare earth oxide thin films: Modeling of the effects of stress and defects on the phase stability
Gaboriaud RJ, Paumier F, Lacroix B
47 - 51 Flash annealing influence on structural and electrical properties of TiO2/TiO/Ti periodic multilayers
Cacucci A, Heintz O, Tsiaoussis I, Avril L, Potin V, Imhoff L, Martin N
52 - 57 Annealing effects on the photoluminescence of terbium doped zinc oxide films
Ziani A, Davesnne C, Labbe C, Cardin J, Marie P, Frilay C, Boudin S, Portier X
58 - 62 Local structure relaxation in nanocrystalline Ni-1 (-) O-x thin films
Anspoks A, Kalinko A, Kalendarev R, Kuzmin A
63 - 66 Electrochromic performances of nonstoichiometric NiO thin films
Moulki H, Faure C, Mihelcic M, Vuk AS, Svegl F, Orel B, Campet G, Alfredsson M, Chadwick AV, Gianolio D, Rougier A
67 - 70 Doping effects on growth and properties of oxygen deficient Ga oxide films
Hebert C, Perriere J
71 - 75 Microstructure and nanoscale piezoelectric/ferroelectric properties in Ln(2)Ti(2)O(7) (Ln = La, Pr and Nd) oxide thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Bayart A, Saitzek S, Ferri A, Pouhet R, Chambrier MH, Roussel P, Desfeux R
76 - 80 Lanthanum titanium perovskite compound: Thin film deposition and high frequency dielectric characterization
Le Paven C, Lu Y, Nguyen HV, Benzerga R, Le Gendre L, Rioual S, Benzegoutta D, Tessier F, Chevire F, Sharaiha A, Delaveaud C, Castel X
81 - 84 Strong interfacial magnetic coupling in epitaxial bilayers of LaCoO3/LaMnO3 prepared by chemical solution deposition
Vila-Fungueirino JM, Rivas-Murias B, Rivadulla F
85 - 88 Phase transition in ferroelectric Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3 epitaxial thin films
Liu Q, Marconot O, Piquemal M, Eypert C, Borowiak AS, Baboux N, Gautier B, Benamrouche A, Rojo-Romeo P, Robach Y, Penuelas J, Vilquin B
89 - 92 Synthesis and characterization of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3 films for solid oxide fuel cell cathodes
Dumaisnil K, Fasquelle D, Mascot M, Rolle A, Roussel P, Minaud S, Duponchel B, Vannier RN, Carru JC
93 - 97 Structural and electrical properties in tungsten/tungsten oxide multilayers
Cacucci A, Potin V, Imhoff L, Martin N
98 - 103 Pulsed laser deposition of yttria stabilized zirconia based heterostructure
Pascu R, Somacescu S, Epurescu G, Filipescu M, Luculescu C, Colceag D, Osiceanu P, Birjega R, Mitu B
104 - 108 Amorphous Y-Ba-Cu-O oxide thin films: Structural, electrical and dielectric properties correlated with uncooled infrared pyroelectric detection performances
Degardin AF, Galiano X, Gensbittel A, Dubrunfaut O, Jagtap VS, Kreisler AJ
109 - 113 Study of ferroelectric/dielectric multilayers for tunable stub resonator applications at microwaves
Corredores Y, Le Febvrier A, Castel X, Sauleau R, Benzerga R, Deputier S, Guilloux-Viry M, Mekadmini A, Martin N, Tanne G
114 - 117 High-mobility metal-oxide thin-film transistors by spray deposition of environmentally friendly precursors
Oertel S, Jank MPM, Teuber E, Bauer AJ, Frey L
118 - 122 Influence of In and Ga additives onto SnO2 inkjet-printed semiconductor
Vila A, Gomez A, Portilla L, Morante JR
123 - 126 Sputtered Al-doped ZnO transparent conducting thin films suitable for silicon solar cells
Ben Ayadi Z, Mahdhi H, Djessas K, Gauffier JL, El Mir L, Alaya S
127 - 131 Electrical conductivity and Raman characterization of V2O5 grown by sol-gel technique inside nanoscale pores
Castriota M, Cazzanelli E, Fasanella A, Teeters D
132 - 137 Surface-plasmon mediated photoluminescence from Ag-coated ZnO/MgO core-shell nanowires
Mayo DC, Marvinney CE, Bililign ES, McBride JR, Mu RR, Haglund RF
138 - 143 Growth and size distribution of Au nanoparticles in annealed Au/TiO2 thin films
Reymond-Laruinaz S, Saviot L, Potin V, Lopes C, Vaz F, de Lucas MCM
144 - 147 Surface plasmon resonance caused by gold nanoparticles formed on sprayed TiO2 films
Acik IO, Dolgov L, Krunks M, Mere A, Mikli V, Pikker S, Loot A, Sildos I
148 - 152 Submicron coating of SiO2 nanoparticles from electrophoretic deposition
Charlot A, Deschanels X, Toquer G
153 - 156 Aluminium oxide barrier films on polymeric web and their conversion for packaging applications
Struller CF, Kelly PJ, Copeland NJ, Tobin V, Assender HE, Holliday CW, Read SJ
157 - 160 Nanocomposites derived from silica and carbon for low temperature photothermal conversion
Charlot A, Bruguier O, Toquer G, Grandjean A, Deschanels X
161 - 165 Solution processed thin films of Nb-doped TiO2 nanoparticles as hole blocking layer for organic solar cells
Lee W, Kim I, Ok I, Ahn D, Lee H, Kim JH, Kim K
166 - 172 Nanomechanical characterization of bioglass films synthesized by magnetron sputtering
Popa AC, Marques VMF, Stan GE, Husanu MA, Galca AC, Ghica C, Tulyaganov DU, Lemos AF, Ferreira JMF
173 - 178 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO and Ag nanoparticle-loaded TiO2 nanotube composite layers intended for antibacterial coatings
Roguska A, Pisarek M, Andrzejczuk M, Lewandowska M
179 - 183 Visible light responsive photocatalytic ZnO:Al films decorated with Ag nanoparticles
Bizarro M, Martinez-Padilla E
184 - 187 Kinetic study of alcohol-assisted supercritical fluid deposition of TiO2
Zhao Y, Jung K, Momose T, Shimogaki Y
188 - 192 Highly fluorescent xerogels with entrapped carbon dots for organic scintillators
Quaranta A, Carturan S, Campagnaro A, Dalla Palma M, Giarola M, Daldosso N, Maggioni G, Mariotto G