Thin Solid Films

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1 - 1 The proceedings of International Union of the Materials Research Society - International Conference in Asia 2012-IUMRS-ICA 2012 Preface
Kim D, Kang H, Lee T
2 - 8 Atomic layer deposition of ruthenium (Ru) thin films using ethylbenzen-cyclohexadiene Ru(0) as a seed layer for copper metallization
Yeo S, Choi SH, Park JY, Kim SH, Cheon T, Lim BY, Kim S
9 - 13 Direct contact of indium tin oxide layer to Al(Ni) alloy electrodes for a-Si:H thin film transistors: Effects of Ni alloying on interfacial oxide growth and contact resistance
Han D, Jeong K, Nam HS, Lee K, Lee J, Jeong CO, Bae Y
14 - 17 Failure mechanism of copper through-silicon vias under biased thermal stress
Seo SH, Hwang JS, Yang JM, Hwang WJ, Song JY, Lee WJ
18 - 21 High-quality nonpolar ZnO thin films grown on r-plane sapphire by radio frequency-magnetron sputtering
Hwang DK, Kim KP, Kim DH
22 - 25 Effect of substrate temperature on the properties of electron beam deposited tantalum films
Arshi N, Lu JQ, Lee CG, Koo BH, Ahmed F
26 - 30 Dielectric functions of In-1 (-) xAlxSb alloys for arbitrary compositions with parametric modeling
Diware MS, Kim TJ, Yoon JJ, Barange NS, Byun JS, Park HG, Kim YD, Shin SH, Song JD
31 - 34 Low temperature Ga2O3 atomic layer deposition using gallium tri-isopropoxide and water
Choi DW, Chung KB, Park JS
35 - 37 Growth and surface treatment of TiO2 nanorods using stearic acid solution
Nam SH, Boo JH
38 - 41 Thickness dependence of microstructure and properties of ZnO thin films deposited by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition using ultrasonic nebulization
Lee CH, Kim DW
42 - 47 Growth and stuctural characterization of InGaN layers with controlled In content prepared by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Shin EJ, Lim SH, Jeong M, Lim DS, Han SK, Lee HS, Hong SK, Lee JY, Yao T
48 - 52 Electrodeposition of BixTey thin films for thermoelectric application
Yoo IJ, Myung NV, Lim DC, Song Y, Jeong YK, Do Kim Y, Lee KH, Lim JH
53 - 57 Electron emission from h-BN films codoped with Mg and O atoms
Ohtani S, Yano T, Kondo S, Kohno Y, Tomita Y, Maeda Y, Kobayashi K
58 - 62 Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the electrochemical properties of Prussian blue electrodes for transparent electrochromic devices
Kim AY, Park JH, Byun D, Lee JK
63 - 68 Temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics of Se Schottky contact to n-type Ge
Janardhanam V, Jyothi I, Ahn KS, Choi CJ
69 - 72 Effect of polarization of ultrafast laser irradiation on carbon nanotube film
Yoon JW, So HM, Cho SH, Chang WS
73 - 76 Random networked multi-walled carbon nanotube film as an upper electrode for high-speed capacitive humidity sensors
Hong HP, Lee MJ, Jung KH, Park CW, Min NK
77 - 80 The electrical and structural properties of carbon nanotubes grown by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition method for organic thin film transistor
Lee JH, Hong B, Park YS
81 - 84 The characteristics of carbon nanotubes grown at low temperature for electronic device application
Park YS, Yi J, Lee J
85 - 93 Atomic layer deposition of dielectrics for carbon-based electronics
Kim J, Jandhyala S
94 - 97 The structural and surface properties of carbon nanotube synthesized by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition method for superhydrophobic coating
Lee JH, Lee SH, Kim D, Park YS
98 - 103 Characteristics of MgO-coated alkaline Earth selenide phosphor prepared by spray pyrolysis
Chung W, Jung H, Lee CH, Kim SH
104 - 107 Microstructural analysis of InGaN/GaN epitaxial layers of metal organic chemical vapor deposition on c-plane of convex patterned sapphire substrate
Wan Z, He Y, Choi C, Suh E, Yu YM, Yi SN, Ahn HS, Yang M, Lee HJ, Shin K
108 - 113 Characteristics of a-plane GaN films grown on optimized silicon-dioxide-patterned r-plane sapphire substrates
Son JS, Honda Y, Yamaguchi M, Amano H, Baik KH, Seo YG, Hwang SM
114 - 117 Growth and characterization of polar and nonpolar ZnO film grown on sapphire substrates by using atomic layer deposition
Kim KW, Son HS, Choi NJ, Kim J, Lee SN
118 - 123 Growth of GaN layer with preserved nano-columnar low temperature GaN buffer to reduce the wafer bowing
Shin IS, Lee D, Lee KH, You H, Moon DY, Park J, Nanishi Y, Yoon E
124 - 127 Density functional theory calculations of adsorption of hydrogen fluoride on titanium embedded graphene
Song EH, Zhu YF, Jiang Q
128 - 131 Synthesis and characterization of a conjugated polymer with the long alkyl substituents: Poly(2-ethynyl-N-octadecylpyridinium bromide)
Gal YS, Jin SH, Park JW, Lim KT
132 - 135 Fabrication of nanopatterned metal sheet using photolithography and electroplating
Hwang SY, Park HH, Kang SM, Shin HB, Kang HK
136 - 140 Comparison of chlorine- and fluorine-based inductively coupled plasmas for dry etching of InGaZnO4 films
Park JC, Jeong OG, Kim JK, Yun YH, Pearton SJ, Cho H
141 - 146 Effect of gate electrode conductivity on operation frequency of inkjet-printed complementary polymer ring oscillators
Han H, Amegadze PSK, Park J, Baeg KJ, Noh YY
147 - 152 Surface energy control of soluble polyimide gate insulators by copolymerization method for high performance pentacene thin-film transistors
Kim JW, Yi MH, Ahn T
153 - 156 Gas diffusion barrier characteristics of Al2O3/alucone films formed using trimethylaluminum, water and ethylene glycol for organic light emitting diode encapsulation
Park M, Oh S, Kim H, Jung D, Choi D, Park JS
157 - 161 Electrical sintering characteristics of inkjet-printed conductive Ag lines on a paper substrate
Jang S, Lee DJ, Lee D, Oh JH
162 - 166 Control of surface wettability for inkjet printing by combining hydrophobic coating and plasma treatment
Park HY, Kang BJ, Lee D, Oh JH
167 - 170 Plasma polymerised thin films for flexible electronic applications
Jacob MV, Olsen NS, Anderson LJ, Bazaka K, Shanks RA
171 - 175 Ferroelectric properties of the organic films of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene blended with inorganic Pb(Zr, Ti)O-3
Lee WG, Park BE, Park KE
176 - 179 Operation voltage behavior of organic light emitting diodes with polymeric buffer layers doped by weak electron acceptor
Jeon HS, Cho SH, Seo J, Park Y, Suh MC
180 - 184 The effects of solvents on the properties of ultra-thin poly (methyl methacrylate) films prepared by spin coating
Tippo T, Thanachayanont C, Muthitamongkol P, Junin C, Hietschold M, Thanachayanont A
185 - 188 Surface characteristics of hydroxyapatite films deposited on anodized titanium by an electrochemical method
Lee K, Jeong YH, Brantley WA, Choe HC
189 - 195 Silicon-substituted hydroxyapatite coating with Si content on the nanotube-formed Ti-Nb-Zr alloy using electron beam-physical vapor deposition
Jeong YH, Choe HC, Brantley WA
196 - 199 Thermoelastic strain in polycrystalline Fe-Pd shape memory alloy thin film
Han JH, Yoon J, Jee KK, Vlassak JJ
200 - 204 Fabrication of thin silica layer-coated magnetite clusters (nFe(3)O(4)/silica) as anode materials for improved Li-ion batteries
Oh HD, Lee SW
205 - 210 Magnetic force microscope tips coated with FePd, FePt, and CoPt alloy films
Ishihara S, Ohtake M, Futamoto M
211 - 218 Temperature dependent spin injection properties of the Ni nanodots embedded metallic TiN matrix and p-Si heterojunction
Panda J, Chattopadhyay S, Nath TK
219 - 225 Fabrication and magnetic properties of In2O3/NiMnGa core-shell nanowires
Kim HW, Na HG, Kwak DS, Kwon YJ, Van Khai T, Lee C, Jung JH
226 - 230 Strain behavior of epitaxial Si1-xCx films on silicon substrates during dry oxidation
Kim SW, Yoo JH, Koo SM, Lee HJ, Ko DH
231 - 235 Effects of metal oxide as an anode interlayer for organic photovoltaics
Yu YY, Chan SH
236 - 241 Preparation and characterization of highly transparent epoxy/inorganic nanoparticle hybrid thin films
Yu YY, Rao YC, Chang CC
242 - 245 Influence of ternary elements (X = Si, B, Cr) on TiAlN coating deposited by magnetron sputtering process with single alloying targets
Jung DH, Moon KI, Shin SY, Lee CS
246 - 249 The effect of thermal annealing of graphene under ammonia atmosphere on its electrical properties and contact to p-GaN
Kim S, Lee JM, Lee DH, Park WI
250 - 254 X-ray spectroscopy study of ZnxSn1-xO2 nanorods synthesized by hydrothermal technique
Gautam S, Thakur A, Vij A, Suk J, Lee IJ, Park YJ, Shin TJ, Kim MG, Shin HJ, Lee JM, Chen JM, Song J, Chae KH
255 - 258 Synthesis and cysteamine functionalization of CoFe/Au/CoFe nanowires
Ramulu TS, Venu R, Sinha B, Lim B, Yoon SS, Kim CG
259 - 262 Growth of Eu-doped ZnO nanorods on silicon substrate by low temperature hydrothermal method
Jung YI, Baek SH, Park IK
263 - 270 Effect of bath additives on copper electrodeposited directly on diffusion barrier for integrated silicon devices
Im B, Kim S
271 - 274 Optical and electrical properties of transparent conducting gallium-doped ZnO electrodes prepared by atomic layer deposition for application in organic solar cells
Song YS, Seong NJ, Choi KJ, Ryu SO
275 - 278 Random reactive ion etching texturing techniques for application of multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Yoo J, Cho JS, Ahn S, Gwak J, Cho A, Eo YJ, Yun JH, Yoon K, Yi J
279 - 283 Synthesis of CuInxGa1 (-) Se-x(2) nanoparticles in organic solvent for thin film solar cells
Hahn JS, Lee SH, Seo MS, Choi DK, Lee J, Shim J
284 - 288 The improvement on the performance of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells with functionalized Si
Seo H, Wang YT, Sato M, Uchida G, Koga K, Itagaki N, Kamataki K, Shiratani M
289 - 293 Electrical and optical characterization of the influence of chemical bath deposition time and temperature on CdS/Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 junction properties in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Seo HK, Ok EA, Kim WM, Park JK, Seong TY, Lee DW, Cho HY, Jeong JH
294 - 298 Preparation of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films via electrochemical deposition and rapid thermal annealing
Lee KD, Seo SW, Lee DK, Kim H, Jeong JH, Ko MJ, Kim B, Kim DH, Kim JY
299 - 307 The growth of Cu2-xSe thin films using nanoparticles
Cho A, Ahn S, Yun JH, Gwak J, Ahn SK, Shin K, Yoo J, Song H, Yoon K
308 - 311 Structural and electrical properties of co-evaporated Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films with varied Cu contents
Kim MY, Kim G, Kim J, Park JH, Lim D
312 - 316 Oxide nanoparticle-based fabrication and optical properties of Cu(In-1 (-) Ga-x(x))S-2 absorber layer for solar cells
Choi YM, Lee YI, Kim BS, Choa YH
317 - 320 Improvement of the characteristics of chemical bath deposition-cadmium sulfide films deposited on an O-2 plasma-treated polyethylene terephthalate substrate
Lim D, Lee J, Song W
321 - 325 Selenization mechanisms of Sn and Zn investigated using in situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction
Han J, Jeon S, Kim WK
326 - 330 Enhancement of the light harvesting efficiency in a dye-sensitized solar cell by a patterned reflector
Kim JH, Kim DH, Kim KP, Jeon DH, Hwang DK
331 - 336 A buffer-layer/a-SiOx:H(p) window-layer optimization for thin film amorphous silicon based solar cells
Park J, Dao VA, Shin C, Park H, Kim M, Jung J, Kim D, Yi J
337 - 341 Sputtered CdTe thin film solar cells with Cu2Te/Au back contact
Park Y, Lee S, Yi J, Choi BD, Kim D, Lee J
342 - 346 Interfacial barrier height modification of indium tin oxide/a-Si:H(p) via control of density of interstitial oxygen for silicon heterojunction solar cell application
Ahn S, Kim S, Dao VA, Lee S, Iftiquar SM, Kim D, Hussain SQ, Park H, Lee J, Lee Y, Cho J, Kim S, Yi J
347 - 352 Fabrication of large-scale single-crystal Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 nanotip arrays solar cell by one-step ion milling processes
Wang YC, Yen YT, Liu CH, Chen CH, Kuo WC, Juang JY, Lai CH, Chueh YL
353 - 357 Scanning probe study on the photovoltaic characteristics of a Si solar cell by using Kelvin force microscopy and photoconductive atomic force microscopy
Heo J, Won S
358 - 361 Recombination in Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells containing ordered vacancy compound phases
Cho Y, Kim DW, Ahn S, Nam D, Cheong H, Jeong GY, Gwak J, Yun JH
362 - 366 Phase transition of hydrogenated SiGe thin films in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Yun SJ, Kim JK, Lee SH, Lee YJ, Lim JW
367 - 374 Effect of CdCl2 treatment on structural and electronic property of CdTe thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Islam MA, Hossain MS, Aliyu MM, Karim MR, Razykov T, Sopian K, Amin N
375 - 378 Catalytic growth of CdTe nanowires by closed space sublimation method
Yang G, Jung Y, Chun S, Kim D, Kim J
379 - 382 Impact of optical properties of front glass substrates on Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 solar cells using lift-off process
Tamura A, Abe Y, Minemoto T
383 - 386 Optimization of an i-a-SiOx:H absorber layer for thin film silicon solar cell applications
Sritharathikhun J, Inthisang S, Krajangsang T, Limmanee A, Sriprapha K
387 - 392 The effects for the deposition temperature onto the structural, compositional and optical properties of pulsed laser ablated Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films grown on soda lime glass substrates
Byeon MR, Chung EH, Kim JP, Hong TE, Jin JS, Jeong ED, Bae JS, Kim YD, Park S, Oh WT, Huh YS, Chang SJ, Lee SB, Jung IH, Hwang J
393 - 397 Comparison of thin-film and bulk CuIn1-xGaxSe2 samples by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Kim CK, Lee SH, In JH, Shim HS, Kim DS, Jeong S
398 - 403 Development of thin film a-SiO:H/a-Si:H double-junction solar cells and their temperature dependence
Sriprapha K, Hongsingthong A, Krajangsang T, Inthisang S, Jaroensathainchok S, Limmanee A, Titiroongruang W, Sritharathikhun J
404 - 409 Electrochemical characteristics of ZnO patterned column/SnO2 films for anodic electrodes of lithium ion batteries
Park JH, Hudaya C, Kim AY, Lee JK
410 - 413 Si film electrodes prepared on discontinuous current collector
Cho GB, Im YM, Lee WR, Lee SH, Ji SY, Kim GT, Nam TH, Kim KW
414 - 417 Influence of the substrate texture on the structural and electrochemical properties of sputtered LiCoO2 thin films
Jung KT, Cho GB, Kim KW, Nam TH, Jeong HM, Huh SC, Chung HS, Noh JP
418 - 422 Low temperature preparation and characterization of (La, Sr)(Ga, Mg)O3-delta electrolyte-based solid oxide fuel cells on Ni-support by aerosol deposition
Choi JJ, Choi JH, Ryu J, Hahn BD, Kim JW, Ahn CW, Yoon WH, Park DS
423 - 430 Controllable deposition of gadolinium doped ceria electrolyte films by magnetic-field-assisted electrostatic spray deposition
Ksapabutr B, Chalermkiti T, Wongkasemjit S, Panapoy M
431 - 435 Properties of composite membrane based on sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone): effect of functional groups in phosphotungstic acid particles prepared by sol-gel method
Kim DJ, Lee BM, Nam SY
436 - 438 Electronic structure of topological insulators with MM' X half-Heusler compounds using density functional theory
Li C, Wen Z
439 - 442 Band gaps of Lamb waves propagating in one-dimensional periodic and nesting Fibonacci superlattices thin plates
Zhao M, Xie YZ, Zhang XG, Gao J
443 - 447 Effect of temperature on electrical conductance of inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle ink during continuous wave laser sintering
Lee DG, Kim DK, Moon YJ, Moon SJ
448 - 452 Uncertainty compensation methods for quantitative hardness measurement of materials using atomic force microscope nanoindentation technique
Lee J, Kim CY, Joo M, Park K
453 - 456 In situ high resolution electron microscopy observation of amorphous phase formation in isolated nanometer-sized alloy particles
Lee JG, Mori H
457 - 460 Defects of diamond single crystal grown under high temperature and high pressure
Su QC, Zhang JH, Li MS
461 - 466 Effect of Cu-doping on the microstructural and optical properties of Mg0.2Zn0.8O thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating
Moon JY, Kim H, Lee HS
467 - 471 Epitaxial growth of cerium oxide thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Balakrishnan G, Sudhakara P, Wasy A, Ho HS, Shin KS, Song JI